What is Sedecordle? How to Play This Game

Puzzle games like Wordle have been enthusiastically played by people. The liking for these games is justified by their unique and engaging daily puzzle content that keeps the player attentive. Lately, these puzzle games have gained the interest of many. One such game is Sedecordle, which was created in 2022 and since then garnered many eyes for its 16 mysterious 5-letter words that the players have to guess daily. If you are someone who has recently started playing it or want to play it, then we have brought a perfect guide for you that will help you in doing so. In our today’s doc, we will learn everything about this amazing puzzle game and best words for Sedecordle that you can use. Also, you will get to know the tricks behind playing it and Sedecordle scoring as well. So, go through our descriptive guide and get to know how do you play Sedecordle game.

What is Sedecordle? How to Play This Game

What is Sedecordle? How to Play This Game

It is a word puzzle game in which the player has to find mysterious words. This game is just like Wordle, where you can solve multiple puzzles at once that are sometimes challenging. The game also resembles Nerdle, Dordle, Quordle, Tridle, and others with the same purpose. Following are the info to know to play this game.

  • The hidden words in the game are present on the grid of your screen.
  • Guessing each one gives you a count toward other words.
  • Your first guess in the game applies to all the words.
  • This means that the correct and wrong answers are displayed according to that.
  • Also, in it, you can use the feedback for the correct and wrong answers to guess your next word.
  • For 16 words, you get a total of 21 tries.
  • The greyed-out letters in the game mean you cannot use them again.

Where Can I Play the Game?

The best part about the game is that it does not have an application that you need to download in order to play it. You can play the game on its official website, which is compatible with both desktop and mobile phones.

What is the Difference between Sedecordle and Wordle?

  • One of the prominent differences between the two games is the number of guesses players get.
  • In Wordle, players are required to guess a single letter 5-letter word in 6 tries while in its counterpart, players get 21 tries to guess sixteen 5-letter words.
  • In Wordle, you cannot play previous or more puzzles, while in its counterpart, you can get a Free mode that helps you to play unlimited puzzles.

Here, we have shown a guide to play Sedecordle and the list of Best words for the game, rules and some of tips and tricks as well as scoring strategies to play this game.

How Do You Play Sedecordle

Just like you play Wordle, it is easy to play this game. You can learn about some quick steps below that will help you to kick-start it.

1. Open the browser on your desktop and launch the official Sedecordle official site.

Launch the official Sedecordle website

2. Now, you can either select daily sedecordle or free sedecordle on its home page.

Note: The daily option will let you play the game with sixteen 5-letter words while the free option will allow you to play unlimited puzzles and also lets you practice with the words.

Select daily sedecordle or free sedecordle. What is Sedecordle? How to Play This Game

3. Now, you will be presented with the chosen challenge on the screen where a grid is present.

Sedecordle grid

4. The puzzle numbers present at the top row of the grid are helpful for you as each number represents a hidden word.

Puzzle numbers. What is Sedecordle? How to Play This Game

5. Once you solve the words, these numbers will turn green.

6. You can also move forward in the puzzle by clicking on its corresponding number present at the top.

7. You can click on the Fullscreen icon to play Sedecordle in the full screen on your desktop.

Click on Fullscreen icon

8. You can click on back to go back to the welcome screen or home page to choose a different mode of the game.

Click on back

9. In the free mode of the game, you can click on the new tab to open a new puzzle game. This option is exclusive to the free game.

 Click on new

10. Click on the question mark icon to get help and a tutorial about how to play the game.

Click on question mark icon to get help

11. Now, guess the first word to get a hint about constants and vowels.

Guess the first word

12. Finally, you can start making guesses and try to solve the full puzzle.

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List of Best Words for Sedecordle

If you are new to the game and want to start with some known and commonly used words, then the list of words given below will help you in beginning with your first words. These words are some of the best ones used in the game.

  • Alone
  • Arise
  • Artsy
  • Atone
  • Blunt
  • Clout
  • Early
  • Heart
  • Layer
  • Relay
  • Royal
  • Salty
  • Story
  • Stray
  • Style
  • Teary
  • Toils
  • Tray

These are the list of best words for Sedecordle.

Rules for Scoring on Sedecordle Game

There is a certain set of rules that need to be taken care of while trying to score well in the game. Let us look at these rules below:

  • There are a total of sixteen 5-letter words in the game that need to be completed.
  • You can only get 21 guesses per challenge.
  • The correct guesses will turn green in color.
  • The wrong guesses will turn grey in color.
  • Letters that are in the correct answer but are positioned wrong will turn yellow in color.
  • You can make repeated guesses in the game.
  • You can also use the greyed-out letters.
  • Words that are non-acceptable will turn red in color.

Some Tips and Tricks for the Game

If you want to play Sedecordle like a pro then you can look at some of the tips and tricks that are given below:

  • You can switch between the sixteen puzzle boards very easily by clicking on the numbers present at the top of the grid. For instance, by clicking on the number 8, you can solve the eighth puzzle.
  • Most of the words in the game have vowels in them, therefore it is important to get your vowels absolutely right which also helps in figuring out the rest of the words in the puzzle.
  • Once you have made the attempts, check all sixteen puzzle boards to check the green and yellow letters. This will help you in guessing the words faster.

Sedecordle Scoring Strategies

You can get the best possible scores if you follow some of the very helpful strategies in the game.

  • To start with, guess some of the most common words that do not have repetitive letters like AA or CC, this will help you to make a very good start. You can start with words like STORY or ARISE with all unique letters.
  • Until or unless you have three or more green squares, do not try to solve a word for the first two rounds. This is suggested so that you can get as many letters on the board as you can. You can also use a combo set of words, for instance, EARLY and TOILS.
  • Ensure to scroll down and check all the boxes so that you don’t miss any words. You can miss on the green square that is present at the bottom of the grid in a hurry thus, costing you many guesses.
  • Do not waste your guesses on one word. Remember to keep guessing other words as well in the grid.
  • To get some extra help, you can make use of scratch paper too. This will also help you to concentrate better and make good guesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I only play Sedecordle on its website?

Ans. Yes, you can find Sedecordle on its website, it does not have an application that you can download on your device.

Q2. What are some other games similar to Sedecordle?

Ans. Some other games that are similar to Sedecordle include Nerdle, Sweardle, Lewdle, etc.

Q3. Is Sedecordle a good game to play?

Ans. Games like Sedecordle that involve puzzles are great games to play, especially for children as these help in making the minds sharp and fast.

Q4. How can I start Sedecordle?

Ans. You can start the game with some of the common words that are listed in the doc above.

Q5. Is Wordle better than Sedecordle?

Ans. Both games are good on their own, while Wordle is an original puzzle game that has been a reference for others of its types, Sedecordle comes with its own advantages which include the Free game mode that allows its users to play unlimited puzzles in it.


We hope that our doc on how to play Sedecordle has helped you thoroughly in every way possible. All the details about the game, how to play it, its rules, tricks to score better in the game, and the list of best words for Sedecordle that you can use in the game are extremely helpful, especially for beginners who have just started playing it. If you have more suggestions or queries apart from it, you can drop them in the comments section below.

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