Poeltl Game: NBA Player Guessing Game

Sports fanatics are always enthusiastic about exciting and skillful games. Poeltl is one such game that is inspired by Wordle. Also, the game is influenced by National Basketball Association (NBA). Developed by California-based web developer Gabriel Danon, Poeltl gives the blueprint of the players and also inspires the players. Poeltl is also commonly known as NFL Wordle. If you are someone who loves to play games, especially the ones based on sports, then Poeltl game is a perfect choice for you. In our today’s guide, you will get to know everything about all-time Poeltl game. Moreover, we will also discover how to play Poeltl game NFL and what makes it different from other puzzle games. So, let us get started with this NBL players-inspired game right away.

Poeltl Game: NBA Player Guessing Game

Poeltl Game: NBA Player Guessing Game

In this article we have explained about Poeltl game, tips & tricks and how to play the game in detail.

What is Poeltl Game?

Poeltl is a web-based free-to-play puzzle game that revolves around NBA players. Also, you can play this quiz game with NFL players too. There are NFL Poeltl games as well as NBA ones. It is a daily guessing game in which you have to guess the players from NBA or NFL. It is just like Wordle which is also based on daily guessing. Here are a few more points to know regarding this game.

  • You get limited attempts (eight) to guess the player in the game that day.
  • It is a challenging game that is based on your knowledge of Basketball in general.
  • The game is popularly played in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.
  • You can play the game online and enjoy it every day.

Features of Poeltl Game

  • The ground rules of Poeltl are similar to that of Wordle.
  • With limited eight attempts a day, everybody gets the same mystery player.
  • It lets you compete with your friends and NBA fans from all around the world.
  • Poeltl also helps the players by giving them hints.
  • The guessing game with hints helps you to narrow down your choices.
  • The game also considers the height, jersey, age, and the number of both the players that you have already guessed and the one you are trying to guess.
  • One of the most important features of Poeltl game is that it lets you look at the silhouette of the player which helps greatly in guessing them.
  • It also displays the similarities or gives hints about the mystery player’s current team, division, position, conference, and age, and also informs about if the jersey number of the player is higher or lower.

Tips and Tricks in All Time Poeltl Game

Before you start with the game, you should know about different tips and tricks that can help you play Poeltl in a better way.

  • Silhouette: You can always check the silhouette of the player that you are trying to identify.
  • Narrow Down: You can also use the narrow down option in Poeltl by entering the name of the player which will help you even if there are no correct matches. You can narrow down your results for the mystery player using the following basics:
  • 30 Teams: The game involves divisions in which each has 5 teams.
  • 2 Conferences: There are only 2 conferences in NBA (East and West).
  • 6 Divisions: Each conference in Poeltl game NFL has 3 divisions, West has Northwest, Pacific, and Southwest whereas East has Atlantic, Central, and Southwest.
  • 3 General Positions: There are 5 positions in a basketball game which include point guard (PG), shooting guard (SG), power forward (PF), small forward (SF), and center (C). For Poeltl, you can use guard (G), center (C), and forward (F) as an identifier.
  • 15 Maximum Players: There are a maximum of 15 players in the NBA of which 13 are active and 2 are reserve players.
  • Cover All Bases: When you are playing Poeltl, make sure you do not reuse non-highlighted details and name a player who is different from your missed guess.

Hence, these were the tips & tricks to play all time Poeltl game.

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How to Play Poeltl Game

Now that you are aware of all the important features of Poeltl and tricks you can use in it, it is time to know how you can play it.

1. First, go to the official page of Poeltl.

2. Now, click on SHOW SILHOUETTE.


3. Once you have seen the silhouette of the player, enter their name in the box.

Enter the name in the box

4. If any of the columns turn into green color, it indicates the correct answer to the game match.

5. If your guess is not right, you can see the details about the player including their team, conference, position, division, players’ age, height, and number.

You can see the details about the player

6. Now, you can take the hint and pick up the clues from the highlighted and non-highlighted player details.

7. One of the highlighted colors in Poeltl game NFL includes yellow which highlights the team for which the player has played in the past.

8. The position represents different positions that the player has played like guard, forward, and center.

9. Other columns include plus or minus two in terms of height, age, and jersey number.

Other columns include plus or minus two

10. If there are no highlights, it means there are no matches played by the player.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I play Poeltl more than once a day?

Ans. Even though you can only play Poeltl once a day there are some ways that you can try to play it more than once a day which includes playing Poeltl in incognito mode.

Q2. What does yellow in Poeltl means?

Ans. The yellow color in Poeltl indicates that the mystery player you are trying to guess has played for the team at one point but does not currently play for it.

Q3. How many total players can there be in an NBA team?

Ans. A total of 15 players can play in active roaster with replacements for injuries or poor performances in a team.

Q4. Can I play old Poeltl games?

Ans. To play old the game in Poeltl, you can use a Wayback machine which keeps archives of almost all websites on the internet.

Q5. What do colors mean in Poeltl?

Ans. Colors in Poeltl indicate different scenarios. The categories of colors include green, yellow, or no color. If the displayed color is green, it means that your answer is right, yellow indicates the answer is close, and if there is no color, it indicates that the answer is completely off.


We hope that our doc on how to play Poeltl game was successful in teaching you all about the game. Let us know what part of the guide helped you the most in playing this all time Poeltl quiz game. If you have more suggestions or queries then drop them in the comments section below.

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