How to Play Swiftle

Almost everyone in the world has some interest in music while having all-time favorite songs and artists in their playlists. And die-hard fans always want to prove their love for their favorite music idols. They don’t want to miss a single chance to get hit with excitement when they listen to their idols singing the very first hum or words of their favorite song. It is indeed a very unique experience as the intro music or humming of any song can make us remember the entire song within a split second and our emotions to that specific melody. Be that the songs from renowned artists like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Elton John, Justin Bieber, or Taylor Swift. However, there is a Wordle and Heardle game for Swifties (Taylor Swift fans), based on their beloved pop star’s discography, called Swiftle. Further in this article, you will learn what Taylor Swift and Taylor Swift Heardle are in detail. Also, you will get to learn how to play Taylor Swift Wordle and Swiftle.

How to Play Swiftle | Taylor Swift Wordle Heardle

How to Play Swiftle

Keep reading further to find the steps explaining how to play Swiftle and Taylor Swift Wordle in detail.

What is Swiftle?

Swiftle is a Wordle/Heardle game in which you get to listen to a small section of a song and have to guess that song correctly in six tries or less. A software engineering student developed Swiftle, Sparsh Tyagi who is also a Swiftie, to test the entire Swiftie fan base in a possible fun way.

Where Can I Play Swiftle?

You can play Swiftle on the Swiftle Techyonic official website. On this site, you can also set the different modes as per your requirements to show off your passion and love for Taylor Swift songs.

Swiftle Techyonic official website

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What is Taylor Swift’s Wordle?

Taylor Swift’s Wordle game is also known as Taylordle, which you can play on the Wordle website. In this game, you have six tries to guess a word that is associated with the Taylor Swift song. But in Taylordle, you can have 4 to 8 letters to enter to guess the word, which is not the same in Wordle.

Wordle website Taylordle

What is Taylor Swift Heardle?

The Taylor Swift Heardle is different from the Wordle version, as the name suggests. Unlike Taylor Swift Wordle, you get to listen to a tiny section of a Taylor Swift song and identify it in as few tries as possible in the Taylor Swift Heardle.

Taylor Swift Heardle

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How to Play Swiftle?

You can play Swiftle with the help of the steps mentioned below:

1. Visit the Swiftle Techyonic official website on your browser.

2. Then, click on the Play icon from the top to listen to the song clip.

Note: You can play the clip as many times as you want to listen to it carefully.

3. After guessing the song, enter the song name in the box below the Play icon and click Enter, as shown below.

Note: You can also enter the first letters or words of the song in the box. It will automatically show you the suggestions and the song you are looking for.

4A. If you didn’t guess the song correctly on the first try, you can still use another try till you exhaust the six tries provided to you.

Note: You can identify a wrong guess by looking at the previous try. If it’s red, it is wrong.

4B. If you guessed the album of the given song, it will be marked in yellow but still not entirely correct.

4C. If you guessed correctly, the box will turn green indicating the correct answer.

5. Then, a Statistic window will appear on your screen sharing all your try details and streaks.

Swiftle Techyonic official website incorrect and correct answer

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How to Play Taylor Swift Wordle?

After learning how to play Swiftle, let’s see how to play Taylor Swift Wordle:

1. Navigate to the Taylordle Wordle website.

2. Now, enter the word related to Taylor Swift in the given boxes and press Enter.

Note: You have six guesses for every new game.

3A. If the entered letter is not in the word in any spot, the box will turn grey.

3B. If the letter is in the word but not in wrong spot, the associated box will turn yellow.

3C. If the letter is in the word and correct spot, the related box will turn green.

enter the word related to Taylor Swift in the given boxes and press Enter


So, we hope you have understood how to play Swiftle with the detailed steps to your aid. You can let us know any queries or suggestions about any other topic you want us to make an article on. Drop them in the comments section below for us to know.

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