How to Know if Someone’s Phone Died

Discover if their phone is just out of juice!

Mobile phones have grown into a fundamental element in our lives as we rely on them to stay connected with our loved ones.

However, are your calls unable to go through and messages getting undelivered?

Well, you may suspect that the battery of their phone might have died or probably they’ve blocked you. But how do you confirm the same?

We will tell you some tricks for it so you can get in touch with them before jumping to any wrong conclusions! Let’s begin.

how to know if someone's phone died

How to Know if Someone’s Phone Died

Sometimes, the sudden silence of a friend’s or family member’s phone can trigger a bunch of questions. 

And for both personal as well as safety reasons, it becomes highly important to get a specific clue so you know if they are available or not. 

Quick Answer

You can directly call or send a text to the person. Additionally, check their last seen status to see if they are active on social media.

Note: The following signs are not definite proof. However, they can help you get some idea whether the recipient’s phone is switched off.

Method 1: Call them Directly

Well, the most straightforward way is to just call the person directly. If you hear your network provider saying that the number you’re trying to reach is currently switched off, this indicates that their phone might be dead.

Method 2: Abrupt Cuts in Calls

If you’re already on a video or voice call with someone and suddenly their call gets cut in between, or your call ends immediately after dialing, their phone probably ran out of battery.

However, it’s hard to confirm as this can also happen if their network drops suddenly. 

Method 3: Your Call Goes to Send Voicemail

Voicemail asks you to leave a recorded message for the recipient when they are unable to answer their phone.

If you just placed a call that goes straight to the voicemail box, it gives an indication that the recipient’s phone is dead. 

Method 4: Your Call Gets Forwarded

Your call will be immediately rerouted to the designated forwarding number if the call forwarding service is activated on their number and their phone is off.

Consequently, you know that their phone has died.

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Method 5: Send SMS

Send an SMS to their number and see if it gets successfully delivered or not.

However, for that, you must have requested a delivery report for SMS on your Android phone.

If it shows Undelivered or No Status, that means that their phone might be off or maybe out of network.

Method 6: Check the Last Seen Status on Social Media Platforms

You can check their last seen on WhatsApp and other platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook to gain an idea about when were they last active.

If the last seen shows a recent time, it means their phone is not switched off.

It is also possible that they may be active via their PC or tablet.

So, just call or text them and ask if their phone has died or if they have switched it off intentionally.

Method 7: Use Location Tracking Apps

Another way to know if someone’s phone died is to use in-built apps like Find My for iPhone or other cell phone tracking apps like mSpy for Android. 

Many apps allow users to view the battery status of the tracked device.

Moreover, the last recorded whereabouts of the phone number will give you a rough idea of where it was before it might have turned off.

How to Know if Someone Has Blocked You

There’s a thin line that can help you differentiate and tell if someone has blocked you or their phone is dead.

We will help you find out the same.

Method 1: Call from Another Number

Call the person directly. If it gets disconnected after a half-ring every time, it seems that you could potentially be blocked.

To confirm the same, call or send them a text from a different number

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Method 2: Use Fake Number

Several third-party fake phone number apps provide users with unlimited call service.

You can use one such app to call them and if it goes through, that means they have blocked your original number.

Method 3: Call Goes Directly to Voicemail

If your calls are directly sent to the voicemail box after one ring or without ringing at all, it indicates that probably your number has been blocked. However, you cannot confirm the same.

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Method 4: Use Mask Phone Number

If you are unsure if the person has blocked you or not, it is a good idea to get in touch with them using a masked number as they won’t be able to view your caller ID.

Just dial *67 before the caller’s ten-digit number and hit the call button.

If you are not blocked beforehand, the call with go through. If not, then their phone might be dead, switched off, or you are blocked by the user.

Why Can’t I Contact Someone?

There can be multiple reasons why you are unable to get in touch with someone apart from their phone’s battery being dead like:

  • They have switched off their phone.
  • Recipient is in a low reception area or their phone has no service.
  • They have turned on Do Not Disturb Mode.
  • The person is intentionally ignoring your calls or texts.
  • Airplane mode is enabled on their phone.
  • The number no longer exists or has been changed.
  • The user has blocked your phone number.

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Reasons Why is Someone’s Phone Dead?

It could be because the battery has run out of charge, or there is some hardware issue probably caused due to physical damage to the device, which is why their phone is off.

In rare cases, it could also be network-related issues that can cause call failures.

We hope our guide helped you figure out the ins and outs of how to know if someone’s phone died.

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