22 Best Free Fake Phone Number App for iphone

Are you looking for free burner phone number apps for iPhone? It seems as though we have no longer any privacy in our daily activities in the age of communication. Often just to register, we have to give our phone numbers to several websites but that is unnecessary. Additionally, smartphones are already delicate enough to handle the spam, notifications, and other garbage the internet has to offer. We respect your right to privacy, which is why we will assist you in locating the top free fake phone number app for iPhone.

22 Best Free Fake Phone Number App for iphone

Best Free Fake Phone Number App for iphone

Giving our real phone number to any website is not ideal, as we have previously stated. If you reveal your true phone number, you run the risk of scams, hacking, and spam, to name just a few. However, you can use any online service without worrying about your privacy if you use a fake number app. Here is list of free fake number apps for iPhone.

1. Second SMS

Second SMS App Store

The first app that we have chosen for best fake number apps for iPhone is the Second SMS. Avoid using the app based solely on its name because it also allows you to use a second phone number when necessary and is not just limited to SMS. With just the main phone number, you can reach numerous numbers anywhere in the world. With the help of this app, online callers and e-traders won’t be able to reach your primary phone number. With the help of the app Second SMS, you can keep a second virtual phone number active and decide at any time to stop using it once your workday is over.


  • Virtual second number for sending texts and calling.
  • Easy to activate a second number anywhere in the world.
  • Simple to cancel or eliminate the number after use.
  • Maintain logs of past activated numbers.

2. Line2 – Second Phone Number

Line2 App Store. 22 Best Free Fake Phone Number App for iphone

Install Line2 on your iPhone and iPad to take advantage of unlimited SMS and MMS as well as VOIP calls. This app is considered as a complete solution if you are searching for free fake phone number app for iPhone. You can choose your own private number with this app, which is superior to other top-tier apps in this category. After using it a few times, you can use and remove numbers. Additionally, this app provides a great blocking and screening system, a voicemail library with messages for every occasion, group calling capabilities, and a voicemail library.


  • Unlimited MMS, SMS, and group call service.
  • Pick your own phone number to use for calls or texts.
  • After using, delete the number.
  • Voice call service, call blocking, call recording, and call screening.

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3. Hushed – 2nd Phone Number

Hushed App Store. 22 Best Free Fake Phone Number App for iphone

You can protect and hide your real phone number from telemarketers and online spammers. Utilize Hushed – 2nd Phone Number to create fake disposable numbers. This app is considered to be one of the best free fake phone number app for iPhone. You can benefit from encrypted calling and texting features if you have this app installed on your iPhone and iPad. With the help of this app, you can protect your privacy, stay anonymous during all conversations, and select from a variety of international phone numbers. With this app, you can choose a temporary phone number for calling and texting from more than 3000 area codes around the world.


  • Trustworthy second numbers for texting, calling, or e-trading.
  • Text messaging with encryption for safe international communication.
  • Functions for texting and calling anonymously.
  • Select a number range that is disposable.
  • With certain numbers, more than 300 area codes are available.

4. Phoner 2nd Phone Number for Me

Phoner 2nd Phone Number for Me App store

You must include Phoner in your considerations when choosing a free fake phone number app for your iPhone. The powerful Phoner app will provide you with a lot of helpful features and backup phone numbers. While making a call or sending a text, you can now remain anonymous. Additionally, when needed, the integrated reverse contact number lookup is convenient. You can now prevent telemarketers, spammers, e-traders, and other unwanted callers from seeing your primary number. The app also incorporates options for numbers selection, comfortable dark modes, fax sending and receiving, as well as comprehensive call and text log management features.


  • Real second phone numbers for simultaneous calling and texting.
  • Lookup of reverse phone numbers.
  • Options for anonymous texting, calling, and call recording.
  • Choose various revocable numbers all over the world.
  • Recognize and block spammers and telemarketers.

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5. Text Me – Second Phone Number

Text Me - Second Phone Number App Store

The another one that comes in list of free fake number apps for iPhone is the Text Me app. Since you can make and receive unlimited calls and texts, this app is regarded as the best available. You can have a genuine second contact number if you’ve installed this app on your iPhone and iPad. You can make calls, send texts, and MMS using the network. WIFI can be used for video sharing as well. If you want to switch from one contact to another, you can use multiple disposable numbers provided by the app, which also provides cheap international calls. To get the most out of the app, you can also change the theme and modes.


  • United States to Canada free international calls and texts.
  • Affordable international calling.
  • Dial, Text, SMS, MMS, leave voicemail Send videos and stickers.
  • Use several numbers and then remove them once your goal is accomplished.
  • For the best user experience, change the themes, colors, and modes.

6. Cloud SIM: Second Phone Number

Cloud SIM App Store

Another app that appears in the list of free fake phone number app for iPhone is Cloud SIM. This app will provide you with a virtual SIM, as the name of the product suggests. You can now use a second number on the same phone without having to physically insert a SIM card, so to speak. Additionally, this app offers options for private phone calling, texting, and selecting between multiple phone numbers. Additionally, you receive personalised incoming and outgoing calls, caller and texting log management, cost-effective international calling, free local calls, and texts.


  • Free local calls, cheap international calls, and SMS messaging.
  • Dedicated voicemail and a variety of virtual number options are available.
  • Incoming and outgoing caller data that is customizable, as well as secret texting.

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7. Dingtone: Calling & Texting

Dingtone App Store

The next one in the list of best free fake phone number app for iPhone is Dingtone. Users of the application can select multiple numbers for various purposes. You can send as many SMS messages as you’d like and make as many internet calls as you’d like with this app. To meet the needs of each user, it offers phone numbers with a range of country codes. To ensure they never miss a crucial call, users can also enable the voicemail and call forwarding features.


  • Option to activate caller blocking to block telemarketers and other unwanted callers.
  • Calls from Dingtone to Dingtone are free.
  • It provides phone numbers with numerous different country codes.

8. Numero eSIM: 2nd phone number

Numero eSIM App Store. 22 Best Free Fake Phone Number App for iphone

It is a remarkable choice because it can produce figures from as many as 80 different nations. You can select the subscription that best suits your needs with this app. You can always find the perfect package because there are options for both personal and professional needs. Numero eSIM includes a voicemail feature so you can receive voice messages even when you aren’t available to talk, like the majority of the apps on this list.


  • You can call, send messages, and receive messages without running the risk of disclosing your primary phone number.
  • It has a call forwarding feature that enables you to receive calls even when you are not using your primary device.
  • You can always contact the company’s 24-hour customer support center if you run into any issues while utilizing the app.

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9. 2Number – Second Phone Number

2Number App Store

Another free fake phone number app for iPhone is 2Number. With this specific app, you can have phoney numbers in addition to your existing real contacts. You can use the app and select local numbers whenever you want, regardless of where you live—in the US, the UK, or Canada. You can also use the app’s calling, texting, recording, and forwarding features privately.


  • 25 countries can use fake numbers.
  • Features for call forwarding, MMS, and texting.
  • Separate dialers with history for the office and the home.
  • Separate call and text logs to manage.
  • Utilize reusable numbers to place calls abroad.

10. Numbr: Get Second Phone Number

Numbr App Store. 22 Best Free Fake Phone Number App for iphone

For online billing, e-Trading, and other online activities, keep your real number private and use a fake one. Use Change Phone Number by Numbr to accomplish all of these things and more. This app is among the best iPhone fake number apps thanks to a tonne of useful features. The ease of use of this app is why we chose it. Additionally, it is comparatively simpler to choose and swap fake numbers here. For simple texting and calling functions, the uncomplicated interface is bug-free. The streamlined call history interface of this app is another plus.


  • Easy-to-use number selection tool.
  • Change or discard any number you have used.
  • Interfaces for texting and calling that are simpler.
  • Interface for managing call histories.

11. Fake Call

Fake Call App Store

The next one that comes under the list of best fake number apps for iPhone is Fake Call. The app you need if you want a completely false contact ID on your phone is this one. You can have a mock number with a fake ID wherever you are if you have this app on your iPhone or iPad. If necessary or whenever you need to, you can also record and save the conversation. For voicemail, there are many audio templates available. With this app, you can create a name and phone number that will keep your identity a secret at all times.


  • For pranks, create a fake name or phone number.
  • Fake identification to create your number or identity.
  • Secretly capture conversations.
  • Voicemail box with multiple voicemails.

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12. Movius MultiLine

Movius MultiLine. 22 Best Free Fake Phone Number App for iphone

Movius MultiLine is another free fake phone number app for iPhone. It is one of the best apps for your iPhone or iPad that gives you a second phone number without adding unnecessary hassle. You can always use this app to add a secondary phone number, regardless of the primary carrier you can use with your iPhone. The fake phone number works well for calls, texts, and voicemails. They are also fantastic for waking up with social activations. Additionally, Movius MultiLine offers extra features like call recording, scheduling, log checking, and other call and text management tools.


  • Professional virtual numbers.
  • Send texts, voicemails, and phone calls.
  • Call history, contact management, and log.
  • Call management and scheduling.

13. Tossable Digits Phone Numbers

Tossable Digits Phone Numbers App Store

The Tossale Digital Phone Numbers are a powerful second number feature with over 60 included features. This app, which was created specifically for the iPhone and iPad, is prepared to hide your real contact information from telemarketers. You can avoid spending time manually switching calls by using the app’s simple number sync and swap features. The app also offers virtual numbers for texting and calling. Additionally, it can track phone numbers used by spammers and telemarketers. Additionally available are call recording, call reversing, unlimited voicemails, and a number of other helpful features.


  • For use in texting and calling, fake numbers.
  • Privacy features and unlimited SMS.
  • Countless voicemails and call recording features.
  • Number portability for international calls.
  • Call forwarding to all phones, including international calls.

14. iPlum: Business Phone Number

iPlum App Store

Another on list of free fake number apps for iphone is iPlum. You can easily make HD calls with the help of this app. It can also be used to make numerous extensions. AES data encryption is already present in this program. You can send pictures, audio, and video. Call forwarding to multiple phone numbers is supported by iPlum.


  • Both your landline and current mobile number can be ported to this software.
  • Messages are supported by this app for temporary phone numbers.
  • A customer’s call response can be recorded.
  • With the help of this free second number app, you can forward calls to a specific person’s email.
  • This app works with Wi-Fi and carrier signals.
  • Supports call forwarding, call conferencing, and call recording.

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15. Ring4 – Second Phone Number

Ring4 App Store

Ring4 is another free fake phone number app for iPhone. You can create a second phone number to text and call using the Ring4 tool. Both private and professional use is possible. Voicemails, call recording, and other features are supported by this application.


  • You can easily set up and control multiple phone lines.
  • You can choose a number with your own local area code.
  • A dial pad and contact list are available.
  • Emojis and picture messaging are available for texting.
  • You can use it to record any call.
  • Unwanted call blocking is an option.
  • Custom voicemail greetings are available.

16. OpenPhone: Second Phone Number

OpenPhone App Store. 22 Best Free Fake Phone Number App for iphone

Through the use of specific phone numbers, OpenPhone software enables you to talk and text. OpenPhone is one of the best free burner phone number apps for iPhone. You can easily record calls with the help of one of the best free second phone number apps. Slack and Email are both compatible with it. All of these features are the reason that OpenPhone comes in list of free fake number apps for iPhone.


  • You can capture calls on tape.
  • You can easily forward calls to other numbers.
  • Your business hours can be set using this tool.
  • Supports Call Forwarding, Call Routing, Call Recording, and Call Conference.

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17. Phone.com

Phone.com App Store

Phone.com is another free fake phone number app for iPhone. Phone.com is an application that makes it quick and simple to configure your phone system. By adding the number to your phone account, you can block calls. Call blocking, forwarding, and screening are all supported by this tool. You can call any number using the Phone.com name dictionary. The music starts when you hold the phone.


  • You can instantly set up Phone.com.
  • You can make your own schedules using this tool.
  • Every time an incoming call comes in, you’ll get notification.
  • With the help of this app, you can route calls based on the time and day they are received.
  • Your address book can be synced with the Phone application.

18. GoTo

GoTo App Store

GoTo is a business phone system that combines GoToMeeting, LastPass, and the hosted PBX system from Jive. The platform provides messaging, virtual voicemail, a support centre, and video meeting features. It was formerly known as Jive and is now a component of LogMeIn’s GoTo software line. GoTo promises no-cost international calls. Additionally, it can view up to 25 video feeds, is less expensive, and has a reliable conferencing setup.


  • It has a drag-and-drop call routing system and customizable dial plans.
  • For calls made after business hours, you can design visual patterns using call flows.
  • GoTo provides call analytics that track calls by weekday, hour, duration, place, and problem.
  • You can program personalized greetings and messages to play when you open and close your business.
  • Calls can be transferred to other devices and numbers can be port using GoTo.

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19. Zoho Voice

Zoho Voice App Store

Zoho Voice is one of the best free fake phone number app for iPhone. A cloud-based VoIP phone system called Zoho Voice allows users to manage business calls from any device or location. You can port existing numbers or purchase local, toll-free, and international virtual phone numbers. This VoIP software has a web application and softphone that allow users to place and receive calls from any device. With Zoho Voice, you can customise call preferences and dial random numbers using the dial pad. Call blocking, live call monitoring, call transfers, and call queues are additional features available. Additionally, you can get customizable sidebars, call pop-ups with caller information, and historical call statistics.


  • You can listen in on calls covertly using the call listening, whispering, and barging features.
  • Customers are automatically welcomed and directed to the appropriate department by interactive voice response.
  • Each phone number’s working hours can be specified by time zone.
  • Viewing the call logs of particular contacts allows you to keep track of call records and gain insights.
  • You can bulk import, centralise, and manage contacts using the contact module.
  • It can simultaneously send promotional messages to a number of customers.

20. TalkU: WiFi Phone Call + Texts

TalkU App Store

TalkU is one of the best free burner phone number apps for iPhone. You can use the app TalkU to send an unlimited number of free texts and calls both domestically and internationally. Using the phone number you receive from this app, you can also share your pictures, audio files, and video files for no cost.


  • Receive calls and messages from those who do not use this app.
  • One of the best apps for free second phone numbers that provides voicemail and screening is this one.
  • Easy to use TalkU.
  • Provides a means of making international calls.
  • Supports call forwarding, call conferencing, and call recording.

21. Swytch – Multiple numbers

Swytch App Store. 22 Best Free Fake Phone Number App for iphone

Swytch exists to assist you in separating your personal list from your professional contacts. We highly recommend Swytch this tool to businesses because it saves them money on pricey handsets. The phone numbers assigned to the company’s employees will remain entirely under the company’s control and ownership. Additionally, the app enables you to call abroad at local rates that is why it lies under the list of free fake phone number app for iPhone.


  • Countless phone numbers.
  • Simply add and subtract numbers.
  • Port in and out numbers.
  • External Caller ID.

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22. RingCentral

RingCentral App Store

A tool called RingCentral gives companies collaboration options for virtual phone numbers and is one of best fake number apps for iPhone. With all-in-one video conferencing, a cloud phone, team messaging, etc., it helps you to serve customers more effectively. Without purchasing new hardware, you can use a virtual phone service thanks to this application. RingCentral makes installation and configuration easy.


  • It offers a call-forwarding service.
  • This tool provides web conferencing and HD video.
  • A meeting online can have a maximum of 100 participants.
  • It gives you the option to manage incoming and outgoing faxes online.
  • RingCentral offers local dialling plans and international virtual numbers in more than 100 different countries.
  • You can share files online and perform tasks with them.


The benefits of having a free fake phone number app for iPhone are numerous. You shouldn’t carry two mobile devices for business and personal communications. When using Craigslist or dating websites, keep your personal information private. You might also want to use a cheap international calling service. The aforementioned apps will familiarise you with a real number that will serve as your second phone number, regardless of the motivation. Hope this article was helpful, feel free to leave your queries and comments in the comment section.

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