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12 Best Photo Collage Apps for iPhone (2022)

A picture collage app is ideal for displaying a selection of your best iPhone images. Creating a collage from a collection of photographs may help you accentuate a topic or tell a compelling photographic tale. Photo collage applications include grid and other layout patterns, making it simple to make attractive collages from your photos. In this article, you’ll learn about best free photo collage app for iPhone.

Best Photo Collage App for iPhone

12 Best Photo Collage Apps for iPhone

Following is the list of free photo collage app for iPhone.

1. Diptic App

Diptic App. Best Photo Collage App For iPhone

Diptic is a picture collage program that comes with a variety of grid patterns to choose from, including Classic, Bordered, and Fancy Designs.

  • There are also dynamic grids that rotate through each photo in the grid.
  • To utilize a canvas cover, go to the Size section and allow square padding or apply outside rounding.
  • When you’re happy with your collage, hit the Publish button in the upper right corner of the screen to save it.
  • After you’ve added photos to your collage, you may adjust the borders, frames, and aspect ratio, as well as add text.
  • The Aspect option allows you to make collages that aren’t square, but it’s only accessible as an in-app purchase.
  • You may add text to your collage using the Text option, and you can choose the font, size, color, and style.
  • You’ll need to know a few touch gestures to make some basic tweaks to your collage.
  • This is a fantastic technique to get a close look at each photo in your collage while still displaying them as a group.
  • From the bottom of the screen, you may access a variety of settings.

2. Layout App

Layout App

Instagram’s Layout is a straightforward photo collage software that lets you add up to nine photographs to your grid.

  • Your images will appear in the Photo Booth area of the app when you first launch it.
  • Tap the photos you’d want to include in your collage to choose them. You’ll see them instantly set up in a variety of combinations in the Choose Layout section at the top of the page.
  • To resize the frames, utilize the handles around the image’s edge.
  • You may also exchange photographs by holding down the button for a long time and then sliding it to the desired location.
  • You may mirror your image horizontally using the Mirror option at the bottom of the screen.
  • To change a photo in your collage, go to the bottom of the screen and touch Replace, then choose a new photo.
  • Although the Layout program lacks Diptic’s sophisticated border settings, you may utilize the Borders option at the bottom of the screen to hide or show borders between each image.
  • If you like, you can make some little changes to it.
  • Each photo in the layout may be moved about by simply sliding it up or down, side to side, or pinching it in or out.

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3. Moldiv App

Moldiv App. Best Photo Collage App For iPhone

Moldiv is a photo collage program that includes professional picture editing filters, design tools, a collage option, and magazine-style layouts.

  • You can access 312 layouts by tapping the Collage option, which includes Free Style, which lets you add photographs to a pinboard, and Stitch, which creates a filmstrip layout.
  • If you want to make a more distinctive collage, go to the Moldiv app home screen and select the Magazine option.
  • When you press on a photo, a pop-up menu appears, enabling you to modify things like switch photos, rotate them, tweak their filter, and delete them from the collage.
  • Using the Background option at the bottom of the screen, change the style and color of the backdrop frames.
  • Using the app’s 135 accessible templates, you may build popular magazine layouts.
  • You may add up to 16 photographs to the collage layouts.
  • If desired, you may then make changes to the collage.
  • You may modify the aspect ratio of the frames, the form of the photo, and the size of the inner and outside frames by tapping Frame Adjust at the bottom of the screen.

4. Photo Grid App

Photo Grid App

The Photo Grid app is a photo collage tool featuring a variety of collage layouts ranging from simple grids to customizable scrapbook pages.

  • Text, as well as a colorful assortment of stickers and filters, may be added to your collages if desired.
  • Text, Filters, and Stickers are among the other choices available at the bottom of the screen for editing your images.
  • You may also change the size and color of the collage frames by using the Border option.
  • You may pin your images to a customized background using the scrapbook templates.
  • You may add text, stickers, and other cool effects like curling an image’s edges:
  • You can also use the Photo Grid app to cut out a certain shape from a photo and put it into a scrapbook or grid.
  • Slideshows can include up to 15 images and last up to one minute.
  • The Filmstrip option is ideal for presenting a visual tale using several photographs, text, and stickers in a lengthy picture.
  • In addition, the Poster option allows you to turn your images into eye-catching posters.
  • You may either design your shape or choose one of the template shapes:
  • Slideshow, another display option in the Photo Grid app, converts your photographs into a little movie tale.
  • You can rapidly combine many photographs into a gorgeous collage by selecting one of the basic grids from the Layout area at the bottom of the screen.
  • A grid can contain up to 15 pictures.
  • You may make non-square collages by selecting from a variety of aspect ratios.
  • You may choose the best Layout and Ratio for your photos.

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5. PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector. Best Photo Collage App For iPhone

The user-friendly PhotoDirector software has an intuitive design and a robust set of editing tools that let you change, merge, and share photographs in seconds.

  • In the PhotoDirector app, you can choose from hundreds of themed collage layouts, including fun alternatives for holidays, birthdays, and more.
  • After you’ve chosen a design, just drag and drop your favourite photographs onto it, alter their size and orientation, and add text or stickers to create a unique piece of art.
  • You may also use beginner-friendly guided modules to check out PhotoDirector’s complex visual effects, such as picture animation, sky replacement, and dispersion effect.
  • Preset picture collages that may be customized.
  • A large, ever-expanding library of filters, stickers, and movable decorations.
  • Simple picture animation
  • Editing interface that is simple to use.
  • Tools for advanced editing.

6. Canva

Canva. Best Photo Collage App For iPhone

You may assume Canva is primarily renowned for its attractive, though rather generic, Instagram story designs, but you’d be wrong. Canva is a picture editing app for mobile devices that makes it simple to combine photos.

  • For rapid editing, use a drag-and-drop layout.
  • You may either start from scratch or utilize a pre-made design using this program.
  • There are dozens of templates to pick from in Canva Pro.
  • It allows you to send your design on WhatsApp, Instagram, or your device in real-time.
  • It enables you to collaborate.
  • Themed collage templates that may be customized.
  • Choose from premium library photos or upload photos from your collection.
  • Images may be edited and text can be added.
  • You will be able to finish your design in a reasonable amount of time.
  • The software includes a variety of themed collages and design components that you can buy separately or use in conjunction with the Canva Pro subscription plan.
  • Several photo-enhancing programs are available.

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7. piZap


You may make a picture collage with the piZap image collage application.

  • This application features a wide range of vibrant and colorful effects that will make your photo stand out.
  • It’s one of best photo collage app for iPhone.
  • Collage layouts such as mixed shapes and hearts are included in this program.
  • PhotoDirector’s premium edition lacks the editing and creative features present in the free version.
  • A cutout tool in piZap is used to combine photographs and make collages.
  • For social media sharing, there are several fun editing tools.
  • Filters and visual effects in a compact package.
  • Photo effects and filters that are one-of-a-kind.
  • This application helps you become more creative by enhancing picture collages.
  • There are 367 typefaces and over 1.6 million stock pictures to choose from.
  • This software allows you to decorate photos with colorful stickers.
  • Filters, effects, and stickers are among the editing tools available in the app for social media photographs.
  • Other modification tools are included with the piZap premium package, however.

8. PicMonkey


PicMonkey is a Windows 10 application that lets you create photos, social media graphics, Facebook covers, and more.

  • PicMonkey app has almost 6000 textures and images.
  • This program has a complex text editor, as well as effects, vector graphics, and other tools.
  • Over a hundred templates for social media posts, cards, and flyers, among other things, are included in this software.
  • Your photos may easily be embellished with graphics and text.
  • You may construct a collection of images using blank collage templates.
  • Picmonkey offers a total of 100 fonts.

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9. PicCollage

PicCollage. Best Photo Collage App For iPhone

PicCollage is a free picture collage app that comes with pre-made templates to get you started. It is a free collage builder program that is among the best free photo collage app for iphone.

  • A blank canvas option is available in this application, giving you total creative freedom over your collage.
  • PicCollage is a terrific collage maker with layouts and grids for assembling photographs from your photo album quickly.
  • Arrange your photographs in the order that you want them to display on the page.
  • You may resize and filter your picture collage using it.
  • This program may be used to share your design on social media sites.
  • Stickers may be added to images and collages to make them more interesting.
  • Produce one-of-a-kind visual messaging.
  • You may draw on your collage if you want to.

10. Adobe Express

Adobe Spark

Adobe Express is a smartphone app that allows you to create picture collages. It is a free collage builder program that is among best free photo collage app for iPhone.

  • This app allows you to personalize stickers and graphics.
  • You may share your collage on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking sites.
  • Adobe Photoshop Express can work with raw and TIFF files.
  • You may contribute photographs from a variety of sources with this app.
  • It has a straightforward initiative interface that is simple to use.
  • You can quickly put together a photo collage.

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11. PicsArt


PicsArt is an application that allows you to create collages.

  • Its user interface is very simple.
  • You may create grid-style and freestyle collages with this best photo collage app for iPhone.
  • This application includes more than 100 free and simple-to-use templates.
  • It’s one of best photo collage app for iPhone, allowing you to easily build a collage.
  • PicsArt features a vast number of photo frames to choose from.
  • It includes a large number of free images and stickers.
  • It allows you to go back in time and relive memories that you may share with others.

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12. Fotor


Fotor is a website that allows you to edit photos online.

  • You can submit PNG and JPEG files to the footer.
  • Fotor is very simple and easy to use this program.
  • It enables you to drag and drop images.
  • It allows you to share your altered images on Facebook and Twitter.
  • It saves you time and work when it comes to framing your photograph.
  • This best free photo collage app for iPhone may help you enhance your facial attractiveness.
  • Stickers may be used to embellish your shot.


We hope that this guide was helpful about best photo collage apps for iPhone. Let us know which app you find good for you. Keep visiting our page for more cool tips & tricks and leave your comments below.

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