What Does Delivery Report Not Requested Mean on Android?

Whenever you send a message to any of your contacts, you receive an SMS delivery report. This report reflects the status of your text message such as whether it has been delivered or read by the recipient. However, there are chances that you may not always understand what does delivery report not requested mean. If so, keep on reading to know more about reasons why text message didn’t delivered on Android. You will also get the answers to the query on does delivery report mean they read it or not.

What Does Delivery Report Not Requested Mean on Android?

What Does Delivery Report Not Requested Mean on Android?

Different SMS delivery reports reflect different meanings which may not always be comprehensible for users. This in turn can create unexpected confusions and misunderstandings. Stay tuned till the end to find out about what happens if you text someone and it says not delivered.

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Does Delivery Report Mean They Read It?

No. The answer to does delivery report mean they read it does not mean that the recipient has read your text.

Why does my Text Message say Delivery Report not Requested?

It means that the said text message has left sender’s phone but not received by the receiver. Accordingly, it is still on the receiver’s server waiting to be received. There can be numerous reasons to this which will be discussed later in the article.

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Reasons why Text message didn’t Delivered on Android

Now that we have discussed why does my text message say delivery report not requested, let us move on. There are various reasons why your text message didn’t deliver on Android device such as:

  • You are sending the message to an invalid mobile number.
  • Recipient’s phone is switched off.
  • Recipient might have blocked your number.
  • The mobile phone is roaming in a different country.
  • SMS delivery is sometimes subjected to time restrictions.
  • Another reason can be anti-spam blockers and network filters.
  • Your mobile phone is currently facing network issues.
  • The text message contains some non-permitted characters.
  • Your mobile service is currently suspended.
  • The recipient has no service.

What happens if you Text Someone and it Says Not Delivered?

In this case, the mobile phone will keep trying to send the message again and again at certain intervals. Therefore, when the recipient’s phone finally becomes available, your text message gets delivered.


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