What are the Tips for Fake Blocked Text Message?

Nowadays, texting is a very popular form of communication. Particularly for introverts, this has proved quite effective. Specialized programs like What’s App, Telegram, and Snapchat have made text-based communication more prevalent. However, they come with their own drawbacks, such as the possibility of misinterpretation from those on the other side of the text because they cannot see how you are feeling. Here are some intriguing solutions for Fake blocked text messages that you might use depending on the circumstance. Continue reading with us to get fascinating advice about fake blocked text message Android features and what is the blocked text message response.

What are the Tips for Fake Blocked Text Message?

What are the Tips for Fake Blocked Text Message?

When someone texts you whom you’ve blocked, their text message is ignored. Their messages will still appear to have been sent, and they won’t be informed that they have been blocked. However, none of them will reach you, and you are unable to reply. The fake messages can be blocked over Android to ensure that spammers and other fraudsters don’t reach you. You will get to know what are the tips for fake blocked text message and how does the fake blocked text message Android appear. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

Is Fake Blocked Text Message Necessary?

Yes, blocking fake messages is vital for your safety. We now use our phones far more frequently than we did in the 1990s. Text messages are a feature of several phones, and more platforms-based businesses have started to offer text messaging functionality. Since a lot of fraudsters and scammers send you text messages, it might be difficult for some people to ignore these features of text messages, which is why fake blocking is sometimes necessary.

What are the Tips for Fake Blocked Text Message?

You can use the fake error text message like:

  • Error 20002 you have been blocked by the user
  • Message not sent on the User number XXXXXXX
  • The number you are trying to reach is in trouble
  • Message Error: The recipient has blocked the incoming SMS
  • Error 104 you have been blocked by the user
  • Service Error 109 your phone has been blocked for any incoming SMS
  • Error 404 the number you are reaching has been blocked for 24 hours of service
  • Message Error the number you are dialing is out of service

How Would You Prank Someone with Fake Blocked Text Message?

Below are some suggestions for pranks of fake blocked text messages.

  • Send a Message that Looks Real: Sometimes your only thought is to block an annoying person. However, you can prank someone by sending them a fake blocked text message that appears genuine. The user might believe they have been blocked if you do this. If the initial error notice doesn’t deter them, they should continue to copy and paste.
  • Keep Sending Error Messages: You could, of course, follow suit. The best action is to flood their phones with several error messages if they bother you with bogus messages. There is no other option but to sometimes pay the price for doing this.
  • Ask Others to Do So: Now that the level of fake messages keeps increasing, you better ask someone else to do the same thing and send error messages to the person.
  • Divide Text: This could sound a little annoying, however, while sending, always divide messages as this could be annoying to them. And eventually, they might stop texting you.

JAN23 What are the Tips for Fake Blocked Text Message?

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How Does Fake Blocked Text Message Android Appears to be?

The unique function of banning spammers, scammers, and telemarketers has been added to Android. However, some of us also use this tool to exclude people we know. When someone calls you on the phone or attempts to text you but is unsuccessful, they have likely been blocked, according to the Android blocking feature.

How to Know If You are Blocked on Android?

If you are blocked, Android will not transmit your calls or messages to that specific contact.

  • You will see your messages left on unread, or
  • Your calls will not be connected with that conatct

Keep in mind that this would occur more frequently, indicating that you have been blocked.

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Can You Use Other Number to Unblock Yourself?

Yes and no. You can ask someone to call the other person on your behalf to unblock your number by sending them emails, text messages, or messages on the social media networks that you both use. If this does not happen successfully, you will not be able to get yourself unblocked.

How Would Identify the Fake Error Text Message?

Let’s see the ways to identify fake error messages:

  • You would receive spoofed or fake error text messages.
  • The fake links are short.
  • The text might contain grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • It could ask you for a reward if you click on the link.
  • Pretends to be your colleague but doesn’t sound like them.
  • They would always ask for a call back.
  • They would ask you for your device visibility.

What is Possible Blocked Text Message Response?

When you send a message to a contact who has blocked you, it will return the 30004 error code response.


We hope that you learned what are the tips for fake blocked text message and learned what is blocked text message response. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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