How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number on iPhone Without Calling

Getting blocked might be embarrassing but what is more mortifying is that when you are not even aware of it. Yes, you can get blocked too. If someone has blocked you on an iPhone and you have no idea about it then we are here to help you out. Our guide on how to know if your blocked on iPhone without calling will get you familiar with some different ways with which you can find out if your friend or acquaintance has blocked you from contacting them. So, let us get started and dive straight into knowing who might have blocked you!

How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number on iPhone Without Calling

How to Know If Your Blocked on iPhone Without Calling

If you are trying to contact your friend or someone you know and they are not responding to you, there are chances that you have been blocked by them. Whether calling is a general way to get clear answers on it, you can also try out some other tested and tried ways.

Quick Answer

To know if you’re blocked on an iPhone, you can try sending a simple SMS or iMessage and check if it shows delivered notification or not. You can also try sending texts using different number and/or device.

Here are various ways you can know if your number is blocked on iPhone.

1. By Sending an iMessage

To start with, it is easy to determine if your contact has blocked you on their iPhone by sending them an iMessage. iMessage is a service for iPhone users that helps them send encrypted messages, images, and videos to their contacts. In case the targeted device has blocked you, it won’t receive your texts and calls. But, the iMessage application still can be used to send them messages as they will go straight to their iCloud account. So, if you don’t want to call the person, you can use iMessage to send them a text and know if they have blocked you or not.

1. Open the iMessage application on your iPhone.

Open iMessage. How to Know If Your Blocked on iPhone Without Calling

2. Now, tap on the box icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Tap on the box icon

3. Next, tap on the + icon to enter the phone number or Apple ID of the contact who has blocked you.

Tap on the + icon

4. Then, write the text you want to send and tap on the blue arrow to send them the iMessage.

Tap on the blue arrow. How to Know If Your Blocked on iPhone Without Calling

If the status of the sent message is Delivered or Read, you are not blocked. However, if the status of the message is Not Delivered, you might have been blocked by the targeted user.

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2. By Sending an SMS

Sending an SMS also answers the query, how do you know if you’re blocked on an iPhone? Sending an SMS message is similar to sending an iMessage. The only catch is that you can send an SMS without the internet connection. Once you send the text message to the user, a notification like Not Delivered or no notification at all is a potential sign of block.

1. First, follow Steps 1-3 instructed above.

2. Now, type a message and tap on the green arrow to send your SMS message.

Tap on the green arrow

3. By Checking Text Color

The color of the text bubble can also be of great help to you. So, if you are wondering, how to know if your number is blocked iPhone, then take into consideration the color of the text. On sending an iMessage from your phone, you will see a blue text bubble, however, on sending an SMS message, a green text bubble will appear. You can turn the SMS feature on in iMessage with the help of the following steps:

1. Launch the Settings of your iPhone and open Messages in it.

Open Messages

2. Then, scroll down and toggle on Send as SMS.

 Toggle on Send as SMS

On sending a message from your iPhone, if the message bubble goes from blue to green, the recipient has not blocked you.

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4. By Turning Off Caller ID

Being unaware of how to know if your blocked on iPhone without calling is common because usually calling is the one method that can help justify it. However, you can even take the help of the caller ID feature of your iPhone to determine the same. By turning off caller ID from your phone’s settings, you can check if it’s just your number that is having issues connecting to the other device. You can turn off caller ID by following the steps given below:

1. First, open the iPhone Settings and access the Phone option in it.

Tap on Phone

2. Now, tap on Show My Caller ID.

Tap on Show My Caller ID. How to Know If Your Blocked on iPhone Without Calling

3. Finally, toggle off Show My Caller ID.

 Toggle off Show My Caller ID

5. With Automated Responses

Another tip that can help you know if someone has blocked you or not is by noticing an automated response. If the recipient of your text has an automated text response set to send during Do Not Disturb mode or during Driving Focus mode, then it calls off the possibility of you being blocked. This is because these automated responses don’t go through to numbers that are blocked on iPhones.

6. By Checking Other Messaging Apps

You can also take the help of other messaging apps if you are still unsure about, how do you know if you’re blocked on an iPhone? If the person has blocked you on iPhone, there are chances that they have blocked you on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or WhatsApp as well where you can contact them. If you cannot find them on any of these platforms, chances are they have blocked you on the iPhone.

7. Bypassing Do Not Disturb Mode

It is extremely difficult to determine whether someone has blocked you or has enabled Do Not Disturb Mode on their iPhone since your calls go straight to their voicemail and they are not responding to your texts. Therefore, if you don’t want to call the person and still want to know if they have blocked you or not, try bypassing the Do Not Disturb mode. This is possible by sending the user a text. In the case of Do Not Disturb mode, the text will be delivered and you will be notified about it, however, if you are blocked on iMessage, you will not receive any delivery notifications.

tap on the Do Not Disturb

8. Bypassing Caller ID

The next great tip for how to know if your number is blocked iPhone is to bypass the caller ID on iPhone. This can be done by masking your number. You can enter *67 before you type in the phone number of the caller who has blocked you. On calling with this masked number, if it rings normally, then most likely your number had been blocked by the receiver on the other side.

9. By Using Different Device

Finally, the last tip for how to know if your blocked on iPhone without calling is by using a different device. You can also use a different phone number for this purpose. On changing your device or phone number, if you are still not able to contact the person, then there may be a technical fault behind it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can I call someone who has blocked me?

Ans. To call a person who has blocked you, you can enter *67 before dialing the other party’s number and then call to mask your number. You can also use a different device or number to contact them.

Q2. What to do when someone blocks your number?

Ans. If a person has blocked, it is best to respect their decision and boundaries. Calling them or contacting them in any other way might be intrusive. Therefore, you should not contact the person if they have blocked you. However, in case of an emergency or other situation, you can borrow someone else’s phone to contact them.

Q3. What are the false positive signs of being blocked?

Ans. It is possible to receive false positive signs that indicate, you are blocked. Some of these include calls going straight to voicemail, no response from the other party, or not getting a delivery notification after sending a text message.

Q4. Can I leave a voicemail if my number is blocked?

Ans. Yes, you can leave a voicemail if your number is blocked but your message will appear under the Blocked Messages section.

Q5. Will iMessage say Delivered if the sender is blocked?

Ans. No, if the sender is blocked, the iMessage will not say Delivered.


This brings us to the end of our guide on how to know if your blocked on iPhone without calling. We hope that with the help of some tips given above, you were able to find out if you are blocked or not. Also, if you have more queries to ask, please leave them in the comments section below.

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