How Many Reports are Needed to Delete TikTok Account

TikTok has been banning accounts since the number of users started increasing at a rapid pace, and the abusive videos started taking space on the platform. TikTok has a set of guidelines that all users should follow to keep their accounts away from getting banned. When it comes to banning accounts, TikTok doesn’t care who the users are or how popular they are. If they have violated the community guidelines or if their account has been reported by other users, the account will receive a ban, which can be temporary or permanent, depending on the severity of the violation. If you want to know when and how your account gets banned, this article will help you with that. It will help you understand how many reports are needed to delete TikTok account and how do you get someone’s TikTok taken down. Also, you’ll get to learn how many times do you have to report someone on TikTok to get them banned and why you get permanently banned from TikTok.

How Many Reports are Needed to Delete TikTok Account |

How Many Reports are Needed to Delete TikTok Account

You will get to know how many reports are needed to delete TikTok account further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

How Do You Delete a TikTok Account That is Not Yours?

First of all, you can’t really delete a TikTok account that doesn’t belong to you until the user asks you to delete it. You can report a TikTok account if and only if it violates any community guidelines. So, the support team of this platform considers a case and might ban that specific TikTok account if they find any violation occurred. If the severity of the violation is too much, the account will get a permanent ban, and the device on which the person was using this platform or app. Once the account gets banned permanently, it will become an inactive account, and after a few days, the account will get deleted permanently.

How Do You Get Someone’s TikTok Taken Down?

To get someone’s TikTok taken down, follow these steps:

Note: You can only report those accounts which infringe your rights or violates TikTok’s guidelines.

1. Open the TikTok app on your Android or iOS mobile device.

Open the TikTok application on your phone.

2. Navigate to the desired video that you want to report.

3. Tap on the share icon on the right of the screen.

Tap on the Share icon | How Many Reports are Needed to Delete TikTok Account

4. Tap on Report.

Tap on Report | get permanently banned from TikTok

5. Tap on the appropriate reason from the reasons listed.

Tap on the appropriate reason from the reasons listed | get permanently banned from TikTok

6. Write a descriptive explanation and, if you want, upload photos when reporting for any specific reason.

7. Then, tap on Submit.

tap on Submit | get permanently banned from TikTok

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Can Reporting a TikTok Account Get It Deleted?

Yes, reporting a TikTok account can get it deleted. If an account infringes on someone’s rights or violated community guidelines or if some users reported their account, that account can get banned. And if the severity of the violation is too serious, their account can get deleted permanently and their device might be banned from creating a new account. You can visit the below heading to find out how many reports are needed to delete TikTok account.

What Happens If You Report a TikTok Account?

When you report a video, the report will be received by the support team in an anonymous form. Meaning, your report will be submitted but your identity will be shown as anonymous. After receiving the report, the support team will examine and check if it violates any guidelines. If they do find any, they will send a warning to that account and will be asked to remove the content that they’ve posted or it will be removed by TikTok itself. If that account has already received multiple warnings, it will receive either a permanent or temporary ban.

How Many Times Do You Have to Report Someone on TikTok to Get Them Banned?

You can report a video as many times as you want but it will be counted as one as every reporting user must be unique. It takes at least 10 reports to get an account banned. And the ban can be either permanent or temporary, depending on the severity of the violation done by that account.

How Many Reports are Needed to Delete TikTok Account?

There’s no exact number that when met will delete a TikTok account. This all depends on the severity of the violation of that account. If TikTok found a user violating the guidelines, it won’t need to be reported as they will immediately ban that account. If an account receives at least 10 reports of violation, TikTok will take action against it by applying a temporary ban on that account. And if the violation is found to be more intense, the account will have to face a permanent ban, which then results in the deletion of the account.

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How Long Does It Take for TikTok to Ban an Account?

It can take a few hours or days as the process of banning an account is not in anyone’s hands. If TikTok found any account violating their community guidelines, they immediately ban that account. Suppose some user has posted an inappropriate video, and the representative receives two or three reports regarding that account. In that case, they will send a warning message to that account, and the video will get removed. If an account already has multiple warnings and violations, depending on the severity, they will ban that account. If they receive a permanent ban, their device will also get banned, and they won’t be able to create a new account from that device.

How Can You Get Your TikTok Account Banned Fast?

Note: We do not support the improper actions mentioned in the answer below. But to answer this commonly asked question, we have mentioned the activities that TikTok finds objectionable on their platform and punishes the violator justly after finding guilty.

The only way to get your TikTok account banned fast is by repeatedly sharing content that violates TikTok’s guidelines, such as nudity or sexual content, bullying, violence, drugs or alcohol, spam or misleading content, and copyright videos. By posting such content, TikTok will ban your account for a lifetime. If TikTok fails to notice your account, the users to whom your videos have been recommended will report your videos, and you will receive a permanent ban.

How Do You Get Permanently Banned from TikTok?

A TikTok account will get permanently banned when several users report the content of the account or the support team finds the account to be violating their community guidelines. Suppose you post videos related to nudity or sexual content, drug-related, spam or misleading, violent, infringing someone’s right, copyright content, or promoting terrorism. In that case, you will receive a sure ban. If the severity of the violation is minimal, you might face a temporary ban. But if it’s intense, there’s nothing that can save your account from receiving a permanent ban.

Will TikTok Delete Inactive Accounts?

Yes, TikTok will delete inactive accounts. TikTok encourages its users to actively use their accounts. If an account remains inactive for more than 180 days, the username of that account will be reset to a random numeric value. And if an account stays inactive for a month after those 180 days, that account will be deleted from the database to save some space.


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