14 Best Gadgets for Students for Online Classes

Effortlessly sailing across, longing for, yet fascinated by the secret of the Dead Sea that because of its high concentration of salt creates a buoyancy force that pushes upwards and never lets you sink. What if I wanted to be immersed in this salt lake poetry? Will it let me? Abruptly, I’m awake, the buzzer shattered my dream but saved my class. How about you? Do you too attend online classes, and bargain your 8 am sleep for grades and academic goals? Let us make it convenient and pleasurable with the best gadgets for students for online classes. Following this article, let us add to the cart some of the essential gadgets for online classes that might prove to be a savior for you.

Best Gadgets for Students for Online Classes

Best Gadgets for Students for Online Classes

Let’s take a look at essential gadgets for online classes you can add to your study table or in your room to make your academic experience from home smoother.

1. Portable Monitor


Let’s say you do not want to buy a tablet, rather invest in a whole computing stack. A portable monitor is what you need to stay on the go. A portable monitor is rid to the big and heavy desktops. Often chosen as an additional screen to expand the view and multitasking functionality, a thin & light display is also used as a monitor for streaming with camera attachments.

  • Improve productivity factors for those who need a secondary display.
  • Are used as preview screens, connecting multiple displays together to scale up the abilities of tablets and smartphones.
  • Can be carried easily in comparison to the clunky ones.
  • Some also come with a touchscreen and that always is a plus.

Features to consider before buying a portable monitor:

  • Screen size and Resolution: The size range between which portable monitors are available generally ranges between 13 and 17 inches. Anything too small can be inadequate and anything too big for you might seem inconvenient and a waste of money. Moreover, the resolution refers to pixel density that impact clarity on your PC. A basic 1080p will do the work. But if you are a creator and can afford, go for something like a 1440p or a 4k display. Buy what fits your feet right.
  • Ports: Portable monitors are widely used as extended displays and availability and compatibility with ports in such cases matter the most. The ports must include a USB-C and an HDMI port. Additionally, a DisplayPort, USB-A ports, 3.5 mm earphone jack, card readers, etc will be appreciated.
  • Refresh Rate: Refresh rate is not something that matters a lot if you are a student who only needs it for academic purposes. But for additional and demanding tasks, like content creation or gaming, a higher refresh rate always serves better experience. In that case, instead of 60Hz, you should look for 120Hz or 144Hz supporting monitors.

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2. Tablets


It’s subtly peaceful with the freedom to move around without being tethered to cords. We understand the torment of sitting for long hours in a chair in a single day drives you insane. A reliable tablet is a solution you need. Moreover, like we discussed earlier that a tablet works as smooth with other computing accessories as a laptop and is used professionally for many of those involved in creative work, it is undoubtedly one of the best gadgets for students for online classes.

  • Portable and intrusive, of course.
  • Works like a smartphone but with a larger screen, much more capable than a phone.
  • Tablet with a high-performance SOC can handle all the multitasking and demanding tasks like video editing, graphic designing, etc.
  • Wide range of apps and software available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Touchscreen and stylus support for note-taking, a rear camera for clicking images, and a front camera for video calls.

Features to consider before buying a tablet:

Apart from the wallet, which ultimately is a factor for most of our readers who are students, size, and weight, these are the few things you need to check on before buying a tablet:

  • Processor: As we said, a tablet can get the most out of it. However, having a powerful processor is an absolute requirement to have the device perform smoothly. Additionally, if your requirements are greater, be prepared to pay a little more.
  • Operating System: Apple’s iPad has always been known for the technology they incorporate into its products, targeting the masses who use it for a variety of purposes. While Android has just started to gain a name in the tablet market, Samsung leads the market, delivering some top-of-the-line tablets.
  • Storage, Battery life, and Camera: Availability of storage space is very important for users who use lots of apps and save huge data on their devices. You don’t want to keep your tablet plugged into the charger entirely and decent battery life is also mandatory and void what the tablet’s purpose of portability and a reliable camera to take pictures of your notes.

3. Electronic Writing Pad

electronic writing pad. 14 Best Gadgets for Students for Online Classes

In the list of essential gadgets for online classes, having talked about tablets and portable monitors, an electronic writing pad or an E ink tablet is a note-taking device for those who do not want or need a tablet but are still looking for something that serves their basic purpose of writing notes, annotating, handwritten note making, etc. While we still think E-ink ones are less value for money than any mid-range tablet, one thing to consider is caution towards distraction for obvious reasons.

  • Reduces Distraction: Unavailable apps, connectivity or any such extended feature of a tablet ensures that the app sticks to its principle of reading and writing.
  • Gentle on the eyes: E-ink readers do not reflect harmful UV radiations and that too with high intensity. They are nearly mimics of printed papers and therefore do not put a strain on eyes for long hours of writing. If you are doubtful about the display brightness, let us inform you that the content on these pads can be read directly under the sun, because the screen on them is not emissive rather reflective. This solely is why this gadget is on our list of best gadgets for students for online classes.
  • Sustainable and Efficient: The limitations to colors and the fact that they do not need a backlit to display content in E-ink tablets results they do not consume a lot of power. Moreover, it only consumes a little power while refreshing the page or displaying an image. Henceforth, a single full charge on such devices fuels them enough for a long period. Moreover, a reusable notebook also helps in digital note-taking while keeping loss of papers at a bay.

Features to consider before buying an e-ink tablet:

  • Screen Size: A bigger size provides ample area for writing just like a copy. Additionally, a user would also require some space as the palm rest area while writing. Thus, a bigger size always has an advantage.
  • Hardware: Now hardware in the case of e-note taking devices like these does not refer to the performance of processors because these require very less power to operate. The hardware requirements to consider is:
    • Third-party Stylus Support
    • Front light for reading in dark
    • A speaker and a microphone would be appreciated.
    • Functional buttons to save or highlight text using the stylus are helpful.

4. eReader

I saw her in the corner seat of the café, sipping the last sip of coffee. Yes, perhaps I was gazing at her, but the insatiable hunger for literature in her was a testament to the solace that books provide to her. Unquestionably the smell of books savour me but it is true that carrying lots of books around to multiple places is not always convenient. An e-reader is designed specifically for bookworms who love to read in bundles. Despite that it is not one to be called as best gadgets for students for online classes, it is for those times you do not attend classes from your home itself and for the leisure times you love to spend reading things that do not fit your academics, eReader like Amazon Kindle series and more uplift the reading experience.

  • A mini digital library of books
  • Anti-glare screen for reading under the sunlight and built-in night light for bedtime literature.
  • Battery on a single charge can last for several days
  • Categorize books and create collections.
  • Highlight to bookmark, make notes, add annotations
  • Tries to mimic a real book with its turning page features and so.

Features to consider before buying an eReader:

  • Screen Size: Screen size optimally should fit your requirements and should also be comfortable to hold for long at the same time.
  • Connectivity and Storage: Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi plus Cellular models are available in the market. We suggest you opt for the Wi-Fi plus Cellular option. In most cases, an 8Gb storage version is sufficient. But you may also go for medium to higher storage variants if you are that avid reader who does not want to compromise on shelves.
  • Available Built-in Light: This is very important for night-time reading sessions and if you love to read before bed, consider this as a necessity.

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5. Wireless Keyboard

wireless keyboard. 14 Best Gadgets for Students for Online Classes

Comfort is invaluable, and investing in it is always worthwhile. Wireless devices are an excellent example of such comforting innovation that eliminates the inconvenience of tangled wires and provides a more seamless experience. If you are a student who pursues online classes, we would suggest you opt for a wireless keyboard. It would not only improve accessibility but also productivity and efficiency.

Features to consider before buying a Wireless Keyboard:

  • Form Factor: Wired keyboards usually offer a full-size layout with numerical and function keys, but in the case of wireless keyboards, the form factor most preferred is a smaller one. They are suitable for portability as they are lightweight and fit into most bags.
  • Connectivity: Wireless keyboards either connect via Bluetooth or a USB dongle. USB dongles are often more reliable than Bluetooth ones.
  • Power Source: Typically, wireless keyboards are charged like other electronic gadgets or have AA or AAA batteries inserted. You can choose either option based on your comfort.

6. Wireless Mouse

wireless mouse

Wireless mouse is another category of wireless devices in our best gadgets for students for online classes that you can choose to add to your study table. Ultimately, as wireless devices are becoming the trend of the hour with a visible future ahead, the number of ports in laptops is shrinking. A wireless mouse saves you from being snapped by the nuisance of unplugging one device from your laptop and plugging in another. Moreover, if you are into productive work like designing or content creation and prefer to work on a tablet, a wireless mouse definitely assists you.

Features to consider before buying a Wireless Mouse:

  • Speed and Latency: Wireless Mouses render a lower speed than wired ones but for most suit perfectly fine if not interfered with by any surface. Consider the ones that offer higher precision and lower latency.
  • Compatibility with multiple devices: A Wireless Mouse that requires a USB receiver is only compatible with PCs while Bluetooth ones also work with tablets and smartphones.

7. Wireless Router

Wireless router. 14 Best Gadgets for Students for Online Classes

Online classes by their name imply the fact that everything processes through the internet and to avoid any kind of interruptions, you need good internet connectivity and speed. Wireless Routers are essentially the must-have because, in addition to boosting the speed of the internet, wireless routers ensure the portability of the device without tying you to wires. This is especially true if you shift from one room to another, which might limit its connectivity. So, it is also one of the essential gadgets for online classes.

  • Wireless routers are convenient and mobile.
  • Simple installation and lesser costs

Note: You can also go for a Wi-Fi extender or booster.

Features to consider before buying a Wireless Router:

  • Dual-band support and speed: Support of both the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz frequencies ensures continual stability of connection. A 5GHz is faster but a 2.4GHz covers more area and both together ensure that the device it connects to never runs out of signal. Moreover, make sure to check the maximum and minimum speed a router offers.
  • Guest Wi-Fi or Parental Controls: A guest network support ensures that any outsider who wants to use your router carries its own SSID to connect to and not connect to the main network. This will safeguard an invasion into the local network resources.
  • WPA Security: WPA/WPA2 PSK, WPA enterprise are the security levels a Wi-Fi router adds to its system. For most WPA/WPA 2 Personal does the job but if you are looking for something more secure, check for the ones who come with WPA enterprise security level.

Other essential features of a Wi-Fi router like available WAN/LAN ports, antennas, work modes, and so on.

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8. USB Hub

We have already talked a lot about wireless devices while listing down essential gadgets for online classes, but this is what can help if you already have a wired setup. A USB hub ensures that you never run out of connectors. As we said, laptops these days are cutting down on ports with the excuse of making their devices sleek and light. A USB hub could compensate for that, and you can connect multiple devices to the laptop or PC with no hassle.

  • Expands connecting abilities against the limitations of ports
  • Helps in charging multiple devices at the same time.
  • Improves productivity and multitasking.
  • One of the best gadgets for students for online classes and for office and professional activities

Note: You may also look at multi-outlet wall chargers or a power strip.

9. Power Bank

As you run multiple devices and gadgets for your academic needs and professional requirements, keeping the devices charged is a necessity to avoid them running out of fuel when they are most needed. A power bank provides power when there is no electricity at your home or there is no available port to power that device. In addition to that, because power banks are portable, they can be carried along amidst traveling and the inaccessibility of a dock or a charging station, especially if you do not want to stand somewhere to recharge your gadget.

Features to consider before buying a Power Bank:

  • Charging capacity: A minimum of 10000 mAh is advisable in most cases. Alternatively, larger capacities like 20000 mAh, 25000 mAh, or 30000 mAh can be considered as well. However, you need to be aware that the bulkiness of these bricks makes them too heavy to carry around. Forget about sliding them into your pockets.
  • Build quality and safety standards: Build quality for the outer surface and battery is very paramount. Power bricks should be made from reputed brands that provide high-quality lithium polymer batteries and tested safety layers.
  • Ports: Consider the number of ports and types of connector compatibility offered by a power bank.  

10. Wireless Charger

It’s not our fault if it seems like you cannot keep us away from wireless gadgets. They are so commensurate with delivering ease that we have to include them in the fashion. In case you do not want to invest in a power bank or a USB hub, although they have more apt usability, you can choose a wireless charger for yourself. However, make sure you own devices that support wireless charging.

Features to consider before buying a Wireless Charger:

  • Form: Wireless chargers in the market are available in the form of either a pad or a stand. A stand stands better to keep the device aligned and in constant contact with the magnetic coil while a pad risks unaligned placement that leads the device to receive no charge. However, pads are better in case you want to charge multiple devices at the same time with duo or trio pads.
  • Charging standard and speed: Qi charging standard offers maximum efficiency, safety, and compatibility. Wireless chargers do not charge as fast as cable chargers that offer higher wattage like 67W, 100W, 120W, and even 200W.

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11. Wireless Headphones or Earbuds

airpods pro. 14 Best Gadgets for Students for Online Classes

As we can see, the wearable audio devices market is flooded with products such as neckbands, truly wireless headphones, earbuds, and so on. Despite the fact that laptops and tablets usually have earphone/headphone jacks, it’s not always easy to unplug the device once moving. In addition to comfort and convenience, wireless audio wearables do not lack quality either. Listen to the professor while you walk around your room with your headphones in, enjoying this to be the best gadgets for students for online classes you can use.

  • Tug and moveability are crucial during workout sessions like jogging, gymnastics, dancing, etc.
  • Tangle-free and no-wire breakage solutions
  • Touch, tap controls

Note: Bluetooth speakers count as a great option too.

Features to consider before buying Wireless Headphones/Earbuds:

  • Codecs and Sound quality: Most base budget models support SBC codecs, which is not for you if you are looking for high-resolution professional quality input. For Apple users, check for AAC (high-quality) and SBC codecs. Android users can check for SBC, LDAC, and high-resolution aptX HD codecs.
  • Noise Cancellation: Noise-cancelling audio wearables obstruct any outer noise from reaching your ears. Budget category products usually come with a passive form of noise cancellation, whereas premium products usually come with active noise cancellation. Nowadays, ANC is also targeted at budget and mid-range products.
  • Battery Life (With and Without Case) and Charging Speed: It is imperative to check the hours of fuel in wireless earphones both with and without a case. Headphones do not come with a case, so check the battery life they provide you with. Moreover, be sure to ensure the charging speed, since earbuds with 60-70% volume can last for two hours or more on a 10 to 15-minute charge, provided noise-cancellation is off.

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12. Webcam

You don’t want your video to look blurred, hazy, dull, and cropped during all those classes when you need to keep the video turned on or during class meetings or video call sessions. Keeping a MacBook aside, in-built cameras in Windows laptops have scope for lots of improvement and refining. Talking about the very essential gadgets for online classes, for improved clarity and confident interactions that protect the smile on your face, spend some on a Webcam.

Features to consider before buying a Webcam:

  • Resolution & Lens: High-resolution cameras are important to improve the definition of video. Invest in a Full-HD (1080p) webcam. Additionally, make sure to buy those with a glass lens and not plastic.
  • Frame Rate: Higher frame rates ensure the videos do not lag, sip frames, and freeze on the screen. Look at the fps (frames per second), a minimum of 15 fps.
  • Microphone: An in-built microphone helps in recording audio output from every direction, reduces latency and ultimately improves voice quality as well. Choose the ones with two or more microphones built-in.

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13. Storage Solution

In the event that you haven’t been able to attend a class or found yourself asleep or inattentive during a session, having a copy of the same helps in learning later. In addition to that, documents, PDFs, assignments, projects, study materials, etc., occupy a lot of device’s storage space over time. To fix this, either you would have to install an SSD in your laptop or you can buy an external hard drive as well. And no cloud storage is not always an efficient solution, considering peripheral factors. So, having a storage device is also one of the essential gadgets for online classes.

  • External Hard Drive: As the name suggests, an external hard drive is a portable storage disk that can be attached to the PC through a USB. Usually high in storage capacity, they serve the purpose of best gadgets for students for online classes perfectly and help to access data offline.
  • Solid-state Drive (SSD): An SSD is a storage device integrated inside the PC along the circuit and uses flash-based memory that gains access to data even when no power runs through them. In comparison to HDD, an SSD is faster. If your laptop has a slot for installing an SSD, you can do that already. Keep in mind before you opt for an SSD that to install one, your laptop should have an empty slot available. Not each one might have that.

14. Printer

Printer and scanner

Last but not the least, printers have not been much in fashion since devices have had solutions against them now, in the form of bigger screen, improved space, and much more that lets a user keep constant access to soft copies and read on-device already. However, there might be cases where a printer could take a place for you among essential gadgets for online classes.

Features to consider before buying a Printer:

  • Configuration: Choose the type of printer that best suits your budget and needs. An Inkjet printer might work fine for you considering the cost per print, the ease of refilling or replacing ink cartridges, and so forth. If you are someone who loves sharp details and uses a printer for professional purposes, you should opt for a laser printer. Check out the cartridge configuration as well. For printing text documents with minimal images, a two-ink cartridge is absolutely sufficient.
  • Paper format, print quality, and speed: Ensure that the printer supports paper format of your preference as most of the printers work with A4-sized papers only. Also, check the PPM (print per minute) to gain insights about the pages of black text the printer prints in one minute. The usual PPM stands from 5PPM to 225PPM. Now is the time to also give attention to the quality of the print, i.e., the accuracy. This is measured in dots per inch and ranges somewhere from 600*600 DPI to 4,800*4,800 DPI.

Read the next section to know about other essential gadgets for online classes.

Miscellaneous Essential Gadgets for Online Classes

In addition to tech products, our carefully curated list of best gadgets for students for online classes also features the finest non-tech essentials that can prove invaluable for any student in the long run.

  • Blue light-blocking glasses: Spending long hours in front of a screen can result in retinal damage and vision loss over time. Do not compromise on your eye health and invest in a pair of blue light glasses.

Note: Choose an LED reading light or a desk lamp with a night light if you love reading at night or in the dark.

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  • Laptop stand or desk: With so much time spent sitting and studying, it’s easy to develop an improper posture and experience body aches. A laptop stand or desk can help in two ways: it keeps the device relatively cool and prevents blocked air vents, and it helps users sit in a better posture by positioning the screen at eye level. Moreover, if you use the laptop for demanding tasks like playing games or video editing and so forth, look for a laptop tray with fans to provide an extra source of cooling to your PC.

Note: For issues related to posture, an ergonomic chair or a standing desk can also work.

  • Heavy-duty alarm clock: If you struggle to wake up at the right time, you need an alarm clock to start your day off on the right foot. Not technically best gadgets for students for online classes, but practically useful so that you attend them.
  • Cable protectors: If you prefer all wired devices, or use multiple monitors and devices on your desk, you’ve likely experienced the frustration of tangled cables. Cable protectors offer individual channels for each cable, preventing tangles and ruptures over time.
  • Monitor clips: Monitor clips are quirky and practical tools to plug in a phone or similar device along with the PC, at the times you work using both.
  • Folding Keyboard: It is for those who do not own a PC and attend all their classes on a phone or tablet. A keyboard is efficient for typing notes and assignments. If you own an iPad or a Samsung tablet, you might have acquired a proprietary keyboard. If not, or if you use any other tablet or smartphone, a third-party folding keyboard is a great deal.


Although there are still a lot of gadgets that can help you or your child with online classes, we pause here by pointing out some of the must-have ones. We hope that this doc could guide you on the best gadgets for students for online classes. If you have any queries or suggestions, then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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