Is it Safe to Press the WPS Button on My Router?

Nowadays, everyone is connected through the Internet. A day without the Internet would be dreadful for most of us. Almost everybody in the modern world has a Wi-Fi connection for Internet usage. There might be no wonder if you are reading this article with the help of such a connection. Usually, we use a router to get Wi-Fi. There are five basic types of routers: wired, wireless, core, edge, and VPN. Have you ever wondered what is WPS on router? As you continue reading the post, we will determine whether is it safe to press the WPS button on my router or not. Also, you will learn what happens when I press the WPS button on my router.

Is it Safe to Press the WPS Button on My Router?

Is it Safe to Press the WPS Button on My Router?

Yes, it is safe to press the WPS button on your router. Here, we have explained about WPS on router, its advantages and disadvantages and many more.

What is WPS on Router?

JAN23 Is it Safe to Press the WPS Button on My Router?

Wi-Fi Protected Setup, abbreviated as WPS, wireless network security standard. This is designed to speed up and simplify connections between wireless devices and routers. In simple words, you don’t have to enter a password to connect to the network. Wireless networks with only WPA Personal or WPA2 Personal security protocols and using passwords will support WPS. However, WPS does not function if WEP is being used as the security protocol. This is because WEP is insecure and easily breached.

Although there are several techniques for WPS, the press button method is by far the most popular. So, using this strategy, connecting would only require a few button presses. For instance, the majority of modern routers come with a physical WPS button that you may press. But what happens when I press the WPS button on my router? Will find out soon. Also, if you want to know in detail about how WPS works check out How does WPS works.

Advantages and Disadvantages of WPS Router


  • It connects all the new devices within the range automatically with less amount of effort.
  • It bypasses the requirement of entering passwords.
  • It is not easy to hack as the connection will close once the connection is made.
  • It is easy to use, especially in closed areas such as homes.
  • WPS uses an extensible authentication protocol for a safer connection between the device and the access point.


  • It only supports WPS-certified devices and not WEP.
  • Users will face connectivity issues with non-WPS devices.
  • It has many security concerns.
  • WPS won’t support any ad hoc requests.

Keep reading further, if you want to know whether is it safe to press the WPS button on my router.

What Does the WPS Button Do?

WPS, which stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup, may have caught your eye if you looked closely at your router. By using WPS, which is a handy tool, you may connect devices to your router without entering a username and password. It is an awesome technique to get rid of noting down or recollecting those bothersome string of letters or numbers.

For a home router, using a WPS button is most likely the situation. When you press the WPS button, the router will start searching for devices within the range to pair. If it can’t find any device within two minute time period, the router will stop searching for the device. Before pressing the WPS button, you need to enable the Connect to WPS option on that WPS-compatible device.

Note: Not every gadget supports WPS since many manufacturers have stopped placing WPS buttons. Therefore, some modern equipment might not even support it.

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Where is the WPS button on My Router?

So, if you may have been thinking where is the WPS button on my router? The location of the WPS button varies depending on the router model and manufacturer. In some models, it is present at the back

Some model routers will have the WPS logo, which consists of two arrows in the same direction forming an oval shape. While in some router models, it will be written Wi-Fi Protected Setup next to the button. You no longer need to worry about where is the WPS button on my router as it will be indicated by any means as said above.

What Happens When I Press the WPS Button on My Router?

If you’re curious about what happens when I press the WPS button on my router, continue reading below.

It establishes a connection between the devices and the router within the range. To connect via WPS, press the WPS button on the router and connected devices. These gadgets remember the network password for future use because WPS automatically transfers it. So, you don’t have to press the WPS button again to connect to the same network in the future.

Connect to a Wi-Fi Network with WPS

If you want to connect to a Wi-Fi network with WPS, you may be disappointed because not all Wi-Fi devices support WPS. If a device gives you the choice to utilize WPS during setup, it is compatible with WPS. You can connect to the router either using a password or the router’s WPS button.

Remember that all WPS-enabled devices will force reboot when you change your router’s password. To avoid any connectivity issues, you can change your password to its original setting to reconnect. Also, you can forget the router on your device and then reconnect via WPS again.

Nevertheless, there are two ways to connect to a Wi-Fi network using WPS. Both the WPS button and the Pin option can be used.

How to use the WPS Button to Connect

1. On your router, press the WPS button.

2. Enable the device’s Wireless Network Settings.

Wireless Settings

3. Then, decide on a network.

How to use the Pin Option to Connect

1. Open your device’s Wireless Network Settings.

2. Choose the Network that you want to join.

3. Enter your router’s WPS PIN.

Note: The router’s WPS PIN will be given at the back of the router by default.

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How to Disable Wi-Fi (WPS) in Your Router?

The options to disable WPS vary depending on the router’s model and manufacturer. Usually, there are two WPS ways: PIN and button.

  • Using the WPS button is safer. This is because WPS cannot function without pressing the router’s WPS button. Also, it will turn off on its own after 2 minutes.
  • You can also use the PIN, which is commonly used. But it is incredibly dangerous. Using this, you can disable WPS completely.

What will happen when WPS is Turned Off on Your Wireless Router?

JAN23 Is it Safe to Press the WPS Button on My Router?

WPS was made to make her work easier, but it also puts your security at risk. Sadly, WPS is incredibly vulnerable and can be used by intruders to access your network. So, it is recommended to turn off WPS. After disabling it, your router won’t be susceptible to any attack. Hopefully, now you might have got a brief idea as to whether is it safe to press the WPS button on my router after analyzing all its counterparts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why does WPS pose a security hazard?

Ans. Attackers may be able to access an encrypted Wi-Fi network by using brute-force techniques against the external registrar PIN exchange process.

Q2. What is a router?

Ans. A router is a piece of hardware that enables many devices to join the same network. Over a local network, routers are frequently used to share internet access.

Q3. Is it possible to disable WPS?

Ans. Yes, most routers will offer the option to disable this on the Wi-fi settings page.

Q4. What is the turnaround time for WPS?

Ans. The wireless router’s WPS button must be pressed and held down for roughly 2-3 seconds. Your device will eventually establish a connection with the wireless router.

Q5. How do I find out if my WPS is on?

Ans. A virtual WPS button might exist in the device’s software if there is no button on the router. The button will flash amber or orange to indicate that it is turned on.

Q6. Where on Android can I find WPS?

Ans. Due to security concerns, Android 9.0 and newer versions do not support WPS. In older models, you can find WPS settings by going to Network Settings > Wi-Fi > More Options > WPS.

Q7. In Windows, where can I find WPS?

Ans. WPS has not given its own settings menu in Windows. As we have read earlier, your device will connect automatically when you press the WPS button on the router.

Q8. What happens if the WPS button on my router is missing?

Ans. Some router models do not have a WPS button. But you can still set up your Wi-Fi network using a web browser.

Q9. How can I tell if my Wi-Fi is WPS compatible?

Ans. Follow the below rules to check the compatibility

  • Check to see if the WPS option is supported by the router.
  • Check if your modem or router has a WPS button.
  • Also, check your Internet-capable device’s Network menu to determine if the WPS option is present.

Q10. How does WPS vary from Wi-Fi?

Ans. WPS just implements Wi-Fi security standards in an easier and more user-friendly way. Due to this, the home user can enjoy the advantages of secured Wi-Fi access. Also, WPS itself does not advocate any security standards.


We sincerely hope that you can comprehend whether is it safe to press the WPS button on my router. If you have any doubts or suggestions, leave them in the comment section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn next.

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