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How to Reset ATT Router

Broadband internet service offered by AT&T ranks third in terms of mobile phone service providers in the United States and is the largest telecoms corporation in the world by revenue. Before 2021, U-verse TV, which was separated into the newly independent DirecTV and rebranded as U-verse TV, was combined with AT&T Internet under U-verse Internet. High-speed internet technology is AT&T Fiber, and it is sent to the location through a fiber optic link. Otherwise, it may be sent to certain Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU) as there are symmetrical levels of speed. Factory resets of your router or modem are occasionally required, whether you’re troubleshooting or configuring a new network. If you are someone looking for tips about the same, we are bringing you a helpful guide that will teach you how to reset ATT router and what does the reset button do on a router. Moreover, you will learn how to enable WPS on your ATT router and what happens if you reset your ATT router.

How to Reset ATT Router

How to Reset ATT Router

Read this article till the end to learn the steps demonstrating how to reset ATT router in a detailed manner.

What Does the Reset Button Do on a Router?

The reset button will reboot the router if you press it for less than 10 seconds and completely reset the router if you press it for more than 10 seconds. With a reset, your modem’s settings are returned to their original state. Additionally, it will remove all customized settings you may have made changes to, such as DNS, a unique password, Wi-Fi settings, routing, and DHCP settings.

What Does WPS Mean on ATT Router?

Wi-Fi Protected Setup is what WPS on an ATT router stands for. Your WPS-capable devices may join your hotspot Wi-Fi network quickly and easily using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), eliminating the need to manually type the password.

What Does the WPS Button Do?

Your WPS-enabled device’s WPS button enables you to connect to the hotspot. In order to join your WPS-capable devices to your hotspot Wi-Fi network without manually entering the password, use Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). Read this article further to learn how to reset ATT router.

How Do You Enable WPS on Your ATT Router?

Here is how you can enable WPS on your ATT router:

1. Turn on the WPS-capable ATT router to check if it operates normally.

2. Press the WPS Push Button under Advanced Wi-Fi Settings on that device.

3. Press the WPS button on your ATT router wireless internet device.

Note: After finishing Step 2, there is a 2-minute timeframe to accomplish step 3.

4. As the connection completes, wait a short while. At this point, the device will be linked to the AT&T Wireless Internet network.

5. Verify the connection by going to the Connected Devices area of the AT&T Wireless Internet Manager.

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How to Reset ATT Router?

You can reset ATT router with the help of the following steps:

Note: Make sure to write down any unique settings you may have, such as your Wi-Fi network name or, if you have one, your static IP address (SSID). After the factory reset, you could then change them back.

1. Press and hold the gateway Reset button for at least 10 seconds. The gateway will reboot but not reset if you release the button before 10 seconds have passed.

2. Wait until the gateway restarts and all of the status lights are on.

3. The Service or Broadband status lights will turn completely green if the reset is successful.

Hopefully, you now know how to reset ATT router.

How Often Should You Reset Your ATT Router?

Reset your router at least once every three months. But if you think you would gain more from doing so often, then go ahead as it’s crucial to reset your router. Resetting your router is the first and simplest thing you can do, whether your internet is operating more slowly than usual or you’re just attempting to prevent it from being that way. Companies advise resetting your router at certain intervals but a particular time limit has not been mentioned. Rebooting your router is generally advised to be done at least once every few months by several internet companies.

What Happens If You Reset Your ATT Router?

Now, that you know how often should you reset your ATT router, let us know what happens if you reset your ATT router. The settings on your AT&T Wi-Fi gateway or modem will return to their factory defaults after you reset them. The following information is deleted during the reset process:

  • Individual network configurations
  • Router configurations that are specific to you
  • Manual settings

How Do You Reboot Your ATT Router?

Rebooting your ATT router is easy as it might take around ten minutes. Here is how to reboot your ATT router:

Method 1: Manually Reboot ATT Router/Modem

1. Turn off your gateway or modem by unplugging the power cable from the back of the device.

2A. If it has DSL, disconnect the phone cord from your router or gateway.

2B. If it has an internal battery, remove it.

3. Wait for 20 seconds.

4. Then, reinsert the internal battery or DSL phone cable.

5. Reconnect the power cable to the ATT router/modem.

6. When the Broadband indicator turns green, the gateway or modem has finished rebooting.

Read this article further to learn how to reset ATT router.

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Method 2: Reboot Using Smart Home Manager

Note: These gateways are compatible with Smart Home Manager: BGW320, BGW210, NVG589, NVG599, Pace 5031NV, Pace 5168, Pace 5268AC, 2Wire 3600HGV, 2Wire 3801HGV, 2Wire 3800HGV-B.

1. Open the Smart Home Manager app on your phone.

2. Tap on the Network tab.

Tap on the Network tab

3. Tap on Network Hardware.

Tap on Network Hardware | what happens if you reset your ATT router

4. Tap on Wi-Fi Gateway > Restart.

5. Once again, tap on Restart.

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How Do You Pair BGW210?

For the BGW210 Broadband Gateway, a power adapter is used. Let’s see how to pair BGW210:

1. Attach the correct end of the Power adapter cable to the Power port on the BGW210 Broadband Gateway’s rear panel.

2. Connect the electrical outlet end of the power plug to the outlet.

3. When the BGW210 Broadband Gateway is turned on, the power light briefly blinks green before becoming solid green.

How Do You Reset Your ATT BGW210 Router?

Resetting the ATT BGW210 router is the same as the resetting method for other ATT routers. Here is how to reset the ATT BGW210 router:

1. For 10 seconds, press and hold the reset button.

2. Status lights will light as soon as the router restarts.

3. The reset will be successful when the stable green light is on for Broadband or Service status.


We hope that you learned about how to reset ATT router and what does the reset button do on a router. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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