How to Perform Resetting Harmony Hub

How to Perform Resetting Harmony Hub

Harmony Hub is one of Logitech’s most novel innovations, allowing the user to have seamless control over appliances and commodities they use at home. It is downright resplendent and creates an environment of sheer accessibility. It can be installed anywhere in unobtrusive positions and conduce a seamless electronic experience for whoever intends to use it. It is gaining in popularity and has a lot of things going for it. But for now, it remains slightly obscure and beyond the mist for those who want to use it. Do you wonder how resetting Harmony Hub can be done? Then, you are at the right place. This article will help you how to reset Harmony Touch remote and reset Harmony companion remote. Also, you will learn whether you can use Harmony Hub without remote.

How to Perform Resetting Harmony Hub

How to Perform Resetting Harmony Hub

Continue reading this article further to learn how to perform resetting Harmony Hub in detail.

Does Harmony Hub Need Line of Sight?

No. Harmony Hub usually does not require the provision of a line of sight.

How Many TVs Can Harmony Hub Control?

Harmony Hub can control up to 8 TVs without much fuss, provided they are close to each other. It supports Apple TV, Roku, Sonos, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Wii.

How Can You Remove a Remote Control?

Follow the below steps to remove a remote control:

1. Open the Harmony Software on your desktop

Note: Sign in to your account, if not already.

2. Go to the Remote gallery and choose the desired remote you want to remove.

3. Click on Settings from the left pane.

Note: Click on More if it is found near the remote image. If not, skip.

Click on Settings from the left pane

4. Click on Remove your Harmony Remote.

Keep reading to learn how to perform resetting Harmony Hub.

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Can You Have 2 Harmony Hubs?

Yes, you can have two Harmony Hubs, but the result wouldn’t be so impressive.

Can You Use Harmony Hub Without Remote?

Yes, Harmony Hub does not always use a remote, and you can easily control your devices via the app.

How Can You Reset Your Harmony Account?

The procedure for resetting Harmony Hub is quite simple. Press the Menu and Off buttons simultaneously for 20 seconds. This will bring about a factory reset.

How Can You Reset Your Harmony Touch Remote?

To reset Harmony Touch remote, press the Menu button and Off button together for about 20 seconds.

How Can You Reset Your Harmony Companion Remote?

Press Menu and Off buttons on the remote simultaneously for 20 seconds. After a few seconds, this will reset the Harmony Companion Remote.

How Can You Reset Your Harmony Hub to Factory Settings?

To perform resetting Harmony Hub to factory settings, below are the steps you should follow:

1. Remove the plugs and detach the device.

2. While re-plugging the cables, press and hold the Pair/Reset button back of the device.

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How Can You Uninstall Harmony Hub?

After learning how to perform resetting Harmony Hub, follow the below steps to uninstall Harmony Hub:

1. Launch the Harmony app.

2. Tap on the hamburger icon from the top left corner.

Tap on the hamburger icon from the top left corner

3. Select Harmony Upgrade.

4. In Harmony Setup, select Remove Home Hub Extender.

5. Tapon Yes.

6. Go back to the MENU page.

7. Choose Harmony Setup > Sync.

8. Then, tap-hold the Harmony app from the app drawer.

9. Tap on Uninstall.

tap on Uninstall to remove the app from your Android phone. | How to Perform Resetting Harmony Hub

10. Finally, tap on Uninstall in the pop-up.


We hope you have understood the steps to perform resetting Harmony Hub and were able to perform the procedure successfully. You can drop your queries and topic suggestions for future articles in the comments section below.

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