How to Find IP Address from Xbox Live Gamertag

All IP addresses are revealed when an activity is done online. For Xbox online gaming, an IP address needs to be shared. So, if you want to find your friend’s or someone’s IP address, you can do it quickly. We can do the mentioned task by using different tools or just through social media engineering. In the Xbox platform, if you need to find someone’s location, you can do so through their IP address. As soon as you get their IP address, you can search for their location, which is their residence. There are different options, you can try to find IP address from Xbox live Gamertag. There are also a lot of Xbox IP address finder tools, IP tracker Xbox live available. Read more to find out.

How to Find IP Address from Xbox Live Gamertag

How to Find IP Address from Xbox Live Gamertag

Here are the methods to find IP Address from Xbox Live gamertag.

Method 1: Search GamerTag on websites

If you have the GamerTag of a person, then you can easily search different websites for their complete details. Some info-searching websites offer IP address and more tracking by providing them with a Gamertag. This method is a good solution for people searching on how to find IP address from Xbox live Gamertag

1. BeenVerified

BeenVerified is a good reverse user searching engine, which can be used to find details of anyone by entering a minimal amount of information.

  • It collects enormous amounts of data from 50 and more social networks and performs a cross-reference check with billions of public records and provides you with the results.
  • By using a Gamertag to find the person, you will be provided with the person’s real name, location, phone number, and current residential and IP address.


2. Spokeo

Spokeo is yet another people-searching tool, it finds and displays enormous amounts of information by just providing the Gamertag, the website also finds users through online usernames. Spokeo helps find IP address from Xbox live gamertag.

1. Visit the Spokeo official website.

2. Enter the Gamertag of the person and click on the SEARCH NOW button to perform an extensive search.

enter username and click search

3. Wait for the Spokeo engine to search the database, this may take a moment, once the website finds a match, you will receive a report which contains all the information including the Xbox Gamertag.

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3. Social Catfish

Social Catfish is a locator which helps to find the IP address from Xbox live Gamertag. There is a dedicated page on how to find IP address from Xbox live Gamertag on the website itself. Social Catfish reverse username search allows people to search for any people through username, not only Xbox but you can also search for any other username and Social Catfish will fetch the information from its database for you.

1. Visit the Social Catfish page and click on Username.

SocialCatfish official website

2. Search for an Xbox live Gamertag and click on the Search button to initiate a search to locate the person’s IP address.

enter gamertag and hit search. How to Find IP Address from Xbox Live Gamertag

Method 2: Use XResolver Tool

Xbox resolver is a tool to find IP address from Xbox live gamertag. The only requisite before using this tool is that you need to know their Xbox Gamertag. Only then you can use that Gamertag to perform a search.

1. To get full access, Xresolver needs the user to be registered and go to the Xresolver website.

2. Click on Register to unlock full access option to register.

click register to get full access

3. Now, enter the desired username and enter your Email Address, create a password and enter the password again in Confirm Password section.

4. Now, click on the Register button to register with the details you have just entered.

enter details and click register

5. The website will automatically log you in after you register, click on the Menu bar and click on Xbox Resolver.

click menu and click xbox resolver. How to Find IP Address from Xbox Live Gamertag

6. Enter the person’s Xbox Gamertag and click on the Resolve button, this will reveal their IP address which you can use to find their IP Address.

Note: You can also find an Xbox Gamertag by using their IP address, just enter the IP address and click Resolve to find their Gamertag.

enter gamertag and click resolve

7. Sometimes, Xresolver fails to find an IP address. If this is the case, you may need to use another technique to find out the IP address.

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Method 3: Find IP address using Wireshark

Wireshark is another option when trying to find the IP address of another Xbox player. The pre-requisite for this service is that you must be playing the game together with the person you are trying to find the IP address of.

The nature of this connection is peer-to-peer. This tool relies on this technology to find the IP address, this tool does not work on Xbox so you need a PC to find IP address from Xbox live Gamertag

1. Navigate to the Wireshark website.

2. Click on the Download button to download the Wireshark app.

click download. How to Find IP Address from Xbox Live Gamertag

3. Click on the Windows Installer (64-bit) option to download the installation version of the Wireshark app.

click windows installer

4. After downloading, install the app and open it.

wireshark interface

5. Now, connect your computer to a router, and then link the connection to your Xbox console through an Ethernet cable.

6. Whenever the peer-to-peer network information is sent through and from the console, all the details of the players in the game along with their IP addresses, and other data can be viewed in the Wireshark interface, this is a reliable method and acts as an Xbox IP address finder.

Method 4: Find IP Address Through Command Prompt

You can also try using the Command prompt to track the IP address of their Xbox system. The pre-requisite for this is that the target and you need to be on a chatting connection. You may also need to be on a shared connection. This is a reliable method to find an IP address from Xbox live Gamertag.

Note: You need an Xbox to perform this method.

1. Power on the Xbox and go to the person you wish to track their IP address.

2. Follow the person and find their Gamertag in your friend list.

3. To establish a connection with them, you need to start a chat with them, this can be done by Parties and chat feature on your Xbox System.

4. Now, on your PC search for Command Prompt and click on Run as Administrator.

Type Command Prompt and click on Run as administrator

5. Enter netstat-an command and then hit the Enter key.

enter netstat an command. How to Find IP Address from Xbox Live Gamertag

6. In case you want to find the location of the person, go to to track.

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Method 5: Use Grabify

Grabify is another tool for finding the IP address of a person through Xbox. It essentially acts as an IP grabber. Grabify is also a free tool that can grab you an IP address. The tool works by generating a link, you need to share this link with the person who you need to find the IP address. As soon as the target clicks on the link, Grabify will grab their IP address for you.

1. You need to guess what your target is most interested to click on, for example, social media or any website and copy that URL.

copy address from any desired address

2. Now, go to the Grabify page.

3. Paste the link on Enter a valid URL or tracking code… section.

4. Click on Create URL to create a short link from the link you have just pasted.

enter URL and click on create URL

5. Along with the shortened link, you will also be provided a code for tracking the target’s IP address.

6. Now, you may need to send this link to the target so they can click on it.

7. As soon as they click on it you may need to now enter the code on the Grabify website, enter the code in the Enter a valid URL or tracking code… section, and click on the Tracking code option.

enter the tracking code and click on tracking code. How to Find IP Address from Xbox Live Gamertag

8. This will display all information about the user who clicked on your link; Grabify also displays all the info about the user and their operating system, geolocation, and their details.

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Method 6: Use LANC Remastered IP Puller

LANC Remastered connects you with other participants through gaming or chats and finds the info for you. You can use this to find the IP address without Gamertag, so this acts as an Xbox IP address finder. To use this tool, follow the below steps

1. You need to install some programs before using LANC Remastered

2. Before downloading LANC Remastered, you need to disable the IPV6 from the network menu.

3. To do that, search for Control panel and click on Open.

Search for Control Panel in the Windows search bar and click on Open

4. Click on Network and Internet.

click network and internet. How to Find IP Address from Xbox Live Gamertag

5. Click on Network and Sharing Center.

click on network and sharing center

6. Click on the network name next to Connections.

click on the link next to connections. How to Find IP Address from Xbox Live Gamertag

7. Now, click on Properties.

click properties

8. Uncheck the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) option.

disable ipV6 protocol

9. Download LANC Remastered and open it using 7Zip and extract it.

extract lanc remastered. How to Find IP Address from Xbox Live Gamertag

10. Run the program and enable ARP Spoofing and Filter.

turn on arp spoofing and filter

11. Now, go to Xbox and find your IP address which is found in the Settings menu.

12. Copy this IP address in the ARP Spoofing To: section, Also Type the Xbox port which is 3074.

enter ip address in to section

13. Go to the Xbox homepage and create a party or invite your target to a game.

14. After your friends join the game, click on Enter. After clicking Enter your target’s IP address will pop up in the LANC Remastered Interface.

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Pro Tip: How to Find an Xbox One IP Address

To Find the IP address of your Xbox, follow the steps below.

1. Go to Xbox Settings in Profile & system menu.

select Profile and System and click on Settings

2. In the General option, select the Network settings option.

select the Network settings option

3. In network settings, go to the Advanced settings.

Select Advanced settings. How to Find IP Address from Xbox Live Gamertag

4. Here, you can see your IP address which is your Xbox IP address.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Might there be a problem if someone tracks my IP address?

Ans. Yes. Apart from your identity, if someone found out your IP address, they can use it to slow the internet connection down via a DDoS attack. The distributed denial-of-service attack is an attempt to disrupt the normal traffic of a server or network by inserting so much traffic. Only this action is needed to defeat you in an online game.

Q2. Is a VPN good for hiding my IP address?

Ans. Yes. A premium paid VPN is best for hiding any IP address. You can find a low-cost VPN that offers the same protection too. Using an IP address not only prevents a DDoS attack but also masks your identity when you are connected to an Xbox online gaming session.

Q3. Is it illegal to find an IP address without consent?

Ans. No, finding an IP address is not illegal as no law says so. Likewise, the IP address is not private because each time a request is made by a computer through the internet. Its IP address can be logged in by the website, this can be prevented by using a VPN.

Q4. Is free VPN reliable?

Ans. No. You can try using the free VPN available, but you are assured that they can be no match for the premium VPN since their connections are not very secure, offer only limited data to be sent, and other issues if you wish to game in high-speed internet and to make sure your gaming session is less susceptible to DDoS attacks consider upgrading to a premium VPN for a smooth experience.

Q5. Is Xresolver illegal to use?

Ans. Extracting an IP address from a person is not illegal as long as the person extracting it uses it for non-illegal purposes.


We hope the above article on how to find IP address from Xbox Live gamertag was helpful and you were able to find the IP Address of your friend’s Xbox. Let us know which one of the methods worked well for you, and don’t forget to drop a comment on any suggestions for the article.

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