Fix Xbox One Game Invites Not Working

The Xbox One provides users feature to invite friends to play games in real-time multiplayer mode. This feature has revolutionized the gaming experience for people who enjoy computer gaming. However, sometimes the users complaint that Xbox One game invites not working and they were not able to use real-time multiplayer feature. This error can be very annoying as it prevents users from sending or receiving game invites. However, Xbox invites not working is a common error and can be fixed by following a few simple methods. In this guide we will discuss the reasons and methods to fix Xbox game invites not working issues in the Xbox One.

Fix Xbox One Game Invites Not Working

How to Fix Xbox One Game Invites Not Working

There can be multiple reasons for Xbox One game invites not working error; some of the possible reasons for this error are listed below.

  • A network connection error due to an unstable internet connection is a common reason for this error
  • Xbox service issues are also often responsible for several issues, including game invite errors
  • Improper NAT-type settings are a major reason for invite errors to trigger on Xbox
  • Outdated Xbox One can also cause several errors including a game invite error

The following guide will give you methods to resolve the issues with the Game invite feature on Xbox One

Method 1: Restart Xbox One

Most of the time Xbox One game invites not working error is a temporary issue within the Xbox console, and you can deal with it by simply waiting around for a few minutes. If the issue is temporary, usually it will resolve on its own within 10-12 minutes. Follow these steps to restart the console.

1. Hold the Xbox button in the controller to open the Power Center.

xbox controller xbox button. Fix Xbox One Game Invites Not Working

2. Now, choose Restart console as highlighted in the pic below.

click on Restart console

3. Finally, select Restart to start the process.

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Method 2: Troubleshoot Network Connections

You need an active internet connection to use the game invite feature on Xbox One consoles. Generally Xbox invites not working issue occurs when the Xbox console doesn’t get a stable connection to send or receive invite requests to other players. Therefore, the first thing you should do to resolve Xbox game invites not working is to ensure that you have a stable and working internet connection. You can try to restart your WiFi router or check with your network provider. Follow these steps to troubleshoot network connectivity.

1. Press the Xbox button from the controller.

2. Then, select Profile & system > Settings as shown below.

select Profile and System and click on Settings. Fix Xbox One Game Invites Not Working

3. From the General section, select the Network settings option.

select the Network settings option

4. Here, choose the Test network connection option to run a speed test.

choose the Test network connection option. Fix Xbox One Game Invites Not Working

5.. Then, go to Network settings again and select Advanced settings, as shown below.

Select Advanced settings. Fix Xbox One Game Invites Not Working

6. Now, select Alternative Mac address > Clear option.

7. Lastly, restart your Wi-Fi router as the Xbox console is restarting.

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Method 3: View Recent Xbox Notifications

When you receive an Xbox One game invite, generally you should be able to join the game by pressing the home button, however, often due to various reasons pressing the home button does not let you in the game. You can try to join the game by going to the recent Xbox notifications. Follow the steps below:

1. In your game controller locate and press the Guide Button.

2. Now, locate Messages, and here, select Notifications.

Xbox One Messages Notfications

3. Locate the notification for the game and press the Home Button to accept the invite.

Note: if pressing the home button once does not accept the invite, try pressing it multiple times.

Method 4: Verify Xbox Service Status

Many times the console experience with Xbox can be interrupted by inactive servers and Xbox service issues. When Xbox one game invites not working issues are caused by inactive Xbox servers, you can’t do anything except wait until the server issues are fixed by Xbox. However, you can always check the status of Xbox servers to ensure that Xbox invites not working issue was indeed caused by Xbox service issues. Go to the Xbox live status page to check if the server is running or not.

xbox status. Fix Xbox Live Error Code 80072ef3

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Method 5: Relogin to Xbox

Sometimes when the Xbox console has not loaded properly, it may cause Xbox game invites not working issues while running the games and sending or receiving game invites. To resolve this, you may want to perform a power cycle with your Xbox One console.

1. In your Xbox controller, press the Xbox button.

2. Now, navigate to Profile & system menu.

3. Here, select the Sign Out option.

select the Sign out option

4. Once you have signed out, go to the Sign in! menu in Xbox console.

Navigate to the Sign in menu of your Xbox console. Fix Xbox One Game Invites Not Working

Method 6: Test NAT Type

Network Address Translation or simply NAT is a system that connects multiple local networks and makes real-time gaming possible. If there are improper NAT settings, you will have problems connecting to game invites which can cause Xbox invites not working issues.

1. Navigate to My Games and Apps on your Xbox One console.

2. Select General then, Network settings as shown.

select the Network settings option

3. Navigate to Current Network Status and locate the NAT Type.

4. Locate and select the Test NAT Type option.

select the Test NAT Type option in Xbox Network setting. Fix Xbox One Game Invites Not Working

5. Wait for the test to finish.

6. If your NAT Type is open, select continue.

7. If your NAT Type is Moderate or Strict then you will have to use NAT Type troubleshooting options.

Note: To perform troubleshooting visit the official website of Microsoft to troubleshoot NAT type issues.

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Method 7: Update Xbox One

If none of the previous methods resolves Xbox game invites not working issues, you can try to update your Xbox console; you can check the official Xbox website to see if there are new updates available for your console. If there are not any new updates, you will have to wait for the updates. Here are the steps to update Xbox One.

1. Navigate to Xbox Settings > All Settings from the drop-down menu.

2. Then, go to System > Updates & Downloads, as highlighted.

select Updates and Downloads. Fix Xbox One Game Invites Not Working

3. Finally, select the Update console option to check if any updates are available.

Method 8: Restore Factory Defaults

This method should be the one to be performed if nothing of the above has worked. Restoring your console to the factory defaults will reset the settings and further fix Xbox One runtime error or Game invites not working.

1. Press the Xbox button from the controller to open the Guide menu.

xbox controller xbox button. Fix Xbox One Error 0x807a1007

2. Now, choose Settings > System > Console info, as shown.

select system option and then console info in xbox one

3. Select Reset console.

Select the Reset console option

4A. Choose the RESET AND KEEP MY GAMES & APPS option, as this only resets the firmware and settings.

Note: The game data remains intact and you don’t need to download everything again.

Select RESET AND KEEP MY GAMES and APPS. Fix Xbox One Error 0x807a1007

4B. If you still face the issue, select the RESET AND REMOVE EVERYTHING option.

Note: The entire game and app data gets erased,

Select RESET AND REMOVE EVERYTHING. Fix Xbox One Error 0x807a1007

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why can’t I invite users on my Xbox One console?

Ans. Improper NAT settings results in the issue. You can try changing the NAT settings to fix this problem.

Q2. How to invite other players to Xbox One console?

Ans. Through the Multiplayer option, you can invite other players to play games.

Q3. What to do if my Xbox console doesn’t load a game?

Ans. Try to restart the console if the particular game doesn’t load. Also you can update or reset the console.


We hope this guide was helpful to you and you were able to fix Xbox one game invites not working issues. Let us know which method worked for you the best. If you have any suggestions or queries, please let us know in the comment section.

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