29 Best Chrome Extensions for Students

Lately, the internet has taken over almost everything we do. This includes learning as well. Virtual learning has become an amazing concept that has been well-received by students as well as teachers around the world. Online learning is easy and extremely informative. This accessible way of learning is made available to students via certain apps. To be precise, Google Chrome is home to thousands of such extensions that help students regulate their studies in an efficient and guiding manner. To help you find a perfect extension, we have come up with our dedicated guide on best Chrome extensions for students. This doc contains extensions for high school, college, and even graduate students that can make the most out of them. Our list of best Chrome extensions for college students will help you with better studying, quick research, better writing, better note-taking, and high productivity. So, let us get started with our guide and help you find a suitable Chrome extension for studying.

28 Best Chrome Extensions for Students

Best Chrome Extensions for Students

Not every other Chrome extension can be a perfect match for you, while some may lack certain features, others might be difficult to use. Therefore, we have gathered some of the top Chrome extensions categorized by their features that will help you differentiate them and choose the best for yourself.

1. Grammarly


Grammarly is the first Chrome extension that we are going to discuss. This well-known extension is mostly used by writers and editors. Especially for students who want to make their assignments and notes grammatically appropriate, Grammarly is a perfect choice. This amazing tool help students identify and rectify mistakes in their content easily.


  • The free version of the app offers essential features that are enough to help students.
  • Grammarly offers plagiarism detection.
  • Advanced suggestions like clarity, engagement, and correctness are offered by the app.
  • Grammarly also checks word choice.
  • The app also checks the readability score.
  • The app is extremely useful for non-native speakers.
  • The online grammar knowledge base of the app is excellent.
  • One of the cons of using Grammarly is that it can pick up some non-existing errors.
  • The paid version of the app can be a bit pricey for students.

2. SwipeNote

SwipeNote Extension

SwipeNote gives you control of saving time and organizing everything online in a single, connected searchable location. With a customized workspace, it allows you to collaborate, manage documents, and assign tasks. SwipeNote Chrome Extension works like a notepad that lets you categorize your notes as important or trivial before presenting them making it one of the best extensions for students. The following are some of the key features of SwipeNote.

  • Extension to Save: download and save all online information in a single, searchable location.
  • Organize with web apps: card templates to organize saved content, add tags and make notes.
  • Simple work: Gather everything in one location to make tough tasks simple.

As one of the best Chrome extensions SwipeNote offers you three different plans to subscribe to their services, each plan is created keeping your particular needs in mind.

SwipeNote Plans are available and can be purchased at discount prices at MyAppDeals. You can get the following options at very affordable prices:

  • 3-Year Plan: Get SwipeNote for up to 10 members for just $69 for 3 years.
  • 5-Year Plan: Get SwipeNote for 10 members at only $129 for 5 years.
  • 7-Year Plan: Finally, MyAppsDeals offers you SwipeNote for only $199 for 7 years.

3. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper

The web is an important part of online learning, especially for college students who take most of their notes from the internet. To keep those notes intact, you can use one of these best Chrome extensions for college students, Evernote Web Clipper which also lets you save interesting things that you find on the web.


  • Evernote Web Clipper helps students in capturing ideas and inspiration from anywhere with ease.
  • Students can save articles, screenshots, and web pages directly to Evernote Web Clipper.
  • You can also customize your clips by adding highlights, text, and other annotations to them.
  • There are several annotation tools provided by Evernote.
  • Evernote offers automatic sync as well.
  • Content clipped by students is searchable.
  • One con of the Evernote Chrome extension is that some websites cannot be clipped by using it.
  • Another drawback of this Chrome extension is that its premium version pricing is very high.

4. Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary | Best Chrome extensions for college students

Google Dictionary is the next one of best Chrome extensions for students as it helps them to easily view definitions while browsing the web. Google Dictionary helps users to enhance their vocabulary.


  • Google Dictionary helps students to view the complete definition of any word or phrase.
  • Students can also store a history of words that they have looked up to practice them later.
  • You can easily download the history as a CSV file at any time.
  • This Chrome extension helps to automatically translate foreign words to the language of your choice.
  • You can also allow other Chrome extensions to access the history you have saved.

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5. Scribe

Scribe | Best Chrome extensions for college students

Scribe is also one of best Chrome extensions for college students who want to create a step-by-step guide just with a single click. This guide-generating Chrome extension is free to use and offers instant results.


  • Scribe saves a lot of time by processing the document 15X faster.
  • It saves time for students by eliminating the need for writing steps and uploading screenshots.
  • It helps spread knowledge by finding answers to your questions 67% faster.
  • Scribe is known to boost productivity by 25%.
  • Scribe offers one-click sharing.
  • It provides auto-redaction for sensitive information.
  • Scribe offers enterprise-grade security and controls.

6. Lightshot

Lightshot | Best Chrome extensions for college students

Lightshot is a screenshot tool that is extremely beneficial for students in virtual learning while taking notes.


  • Lightshot is a simple and convenient screenshot tool.
  • It is the fastest way to take a customizable screenshot.
  • Students can take screenshots in a few clicks with Lightshot.
  • It allows users to edit the screenshot in place.
  • Students can also copy their screenshots into the clipboard.
  • It also allows users to save the screenshot on a disk or upload it to the cloud.

7. Power Thesaurus

Power Thesaurus | Best Chrome extensions for college students

College students can use Power Thesaurus as a Chrome extension as it offers the best synonyms, antonyms, definitions, and results for any word. It is one of best Chrome extensions for college students as it is extremely helpful for their assignment work, project work, or thesis.


  • Power Thesaurus helps students rephrase their texts on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Medium.
  • It offers a toolbar button that helps in searching for synonyms, antonyms, example sentences, definitions, and other results.
  • It also offers a shortcut in the context menu.
  • Power Thesaurus provides synonyms on term selection.
  • You can also get extra results like related terms, narrower, and broader terms.
  • Power Thesaurus can be used to configure five or ten words.
  • This Chrome extension has a clean and minimalist interface.
  • Power Thesaurus is compatible with Google Dictionary.
  • Sometimes, a pop-up on word selection does not work.

8. Kami


Kami is the next one on the list of best Chrome extensions for college students. It is a well-known platform with 40+ tools and features that supports any learning style, drive engagement, and improve learning outcomes for all students.


  • Kami helps to annotate and edit PDF files on a browser.
  • It also allows users to add drawings and text to saved documents.
  • It is a full-featured tool that can enhance your document.
  • Kami offers live annotations, audio and video recordings, drawings, and more.
  • It also helps teachers to give feedback and access students.
  • Kami helps in keeping a class engaged and inspired.
  • It allows users to work with any document or file including slides, PDFs, spreadsheets, or image files.
  • You can auto-sync and save files to Google Drive with Kami.
  • Features offered by Kami include text-to-speech, markup, feedback, drawing, shapes, eraser, equation, and add media options.
  • You can also delete text on scanned files with built-in OCR in Kami.
  • Kami also allows users to split and merge documents easily.
  • One drawback of Kami is that its user interface is not very intuitive.
  • Kami is also very difficult to use on a mobile phone.

9. Dualless

Dualless | Best Chrome extensions for college students

Another one of best Chrome extensions for students is Dualless. Multiple screens while studying is a necessity and Dualless solves this problem in an efficient way. This Chrome extension helps in splitting your browser into two screens with just 2 clicks. It thereby offers the best experience in internet surfing by quickly splitting or merging browser windows.


  • The extension is completely free to use by students.
  • It helps in splitting the browser window into a pair and then resizing their position according to the ratio specified by the user.
  • Dualless also offers bookmark management.
  • This extension is extremely helpful during an online class or a seminar.
  • Dualless allows you to multitask.
  • Dualless also eliminates the need for an extra monitor.
  • The extension can also choose between horizontal and vertical splits.
  • The user interface of this extension is quite straightforward and easy.
  • One con of Dualless is that it resets pinned tabs to normal tabs.
  • When multiple windows are open, users don’t get to choose windows’ size.

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10. RightInbox


RightInbox is one of the widely used extensions by sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals. It is a Gmail extension which is also best Chrome extensions for college students as it allows them to upgrade their Gmail with some amazing features.


  • RightInbox allows you to send emails later, recurring emails, follow-up emails, notes, templates, signatures, CRM, and more.
  • It allows users to upgrade their Gmail with features like email tracking, reminders, sequences, email templates, private notes, mail merge, signatures, GIFs, and CRM sync.
  • The app’s free version has several features that users can enjoy.
  • It helps you to track emails and know who has opened them.
  • It also offers templates for email writing that saves time while writing the same emails over and again.
  • You can also use the mail merge feature with RightInbox to contact fellow students.
  • Students can also add a GIF feature to their emails and make them more creative with RightInbox.
  • Follow-up emails can also be sent by creating sequences with RightInbox.

11. Cite This For Me

Cite This For Me

Cite This For Me helps students create website citations in the MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard referencing styles and is thus considered best Chrome extensions for students. This Chrome extension is great for online bibliography.


  • Cite This For Me works with a single click of a button and instantly generates a perfectly formatted citation.
  • Users can easily copy and paste it into your document or save your citations to an online account.
  • Cite This For Me supports different styles including Chicago and Harvard.
  • It offers all popular reference citation formats.
  • The user interface of Cite This For Me is extremely simple and fast to use.
  • Users can save citations to an online account.
  • Auto-citation feature can sometimes miss some important details.
  • This Chrome extension has too many in-app ads that can be disturbing for students.

12. Memorize!

Memorize! | Best Chrome extensions for college students

Memorize! is the next best Chrome extensions for college students that help you to learn or memorize given answers to given questions. By setting an interval between each question, Memorize makes it easy to use the extension with its simple user interface.


  • The questions in Memorize are distributed in random order.
  • The random order of questions makes it difficult to cheat the system.
  • The app also removes questions that have been correctly answered.
  • Students of all ages can use this Chrome extension because of its simple interface.
  • Students can study and memorize a lot of information using Memorize.
  • You can learn a great deal on Memorize, from perfecting your knowledge in languages to learning other important stuff.
  • Intervals between each question help students to map out and construct study sessions.
  • The Memorize app also leaves no space for procrastination because of the time limit.

13. Noisli


While studying, students require calm surroundings where they can concentrate better. If you are looking for something that can help reduce distractions then Noisli is an option. It is best Chrome extensions for students which creates a digital surrounding where you can easily focus. It helps you by listening to the background sounds to mask the annoying noises which eventually lets you focus while you study, work, or relax.


  • With Noisli, you can listen to your own sound environment to help you focus on tasks, reduce stress, and to help relax after a stressful day.
  • Noisli lets users have quick and easy access to the main functionalities and features of the Chrome extension.
  • Noisli offers curated playlists to users.
  • It also helps users with a timer to work in sessions.
  • A Master volume control feature is present in Noisli.
  • You can also easily share combos with your friends and co-workers.
  • Pro users of this Chrome extension can enjoy unlimited streaming.
  • Noisli adds completed sessions to your daily Timer stats.
  • Pro and business users at Noisli can also use the shuffle and oscillation features.

14. StayFocused


As the name suggests, StayFocused helps students to avoid distractions and stay focused on their work. This one of best Chrome extensions for college students increases productivity by limiting the amount of time that is spent on time-wasting websites.


  • StayFocused works by making the blocked websites inaccessible once their allotted time has been used up.
  • Other features of this Chrome extension are that it is highly configurable, and allows users to block or allow certain websites, specific pages, specific paths, certain subdomains, and also in-page content like videos, photos, and forms.
  • It helps students by keeping them studying on schedule.
  • It completely restricts access to blocked sites.
  • It can also be used to restrict games.
  • StayFocused offers a timespan that can be adjusted.
  • One con of StayFocused is that in an emergency you cannot cancel the Nuclear Option to access a blocked site.
  • The user interface of the extension is quite complicated.

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15. Todoist


The next one of best Chrome extensions for students that we will be discussing are none other than Todoist. Todoist for Chrome helps to organize work and life. It is used by students to plan, organize, and collaborate on projects.


  • With the help of Todoist, you can add websites as tasks that help you to add an item to the wishlist, add a blog post to your reading list, and more.
  • Students can organize their tasks for the day by using this extension.
  • Students can easily complete tasks from the browser with Todoist.
  • Todoist offers reminders and a due date feature that helps students remember deadlines.
  • You can easily prioritize your tasks using Todoist.
  • Students can also collaborate on projects by assigning tasks to others.
  • With Todoist, students can easily track their progress with personalized productivity trends.
  • The free plan of Todoist offers all the basic features.

16. Postlight Reader

Postlight Reader | Best Chrome extensions for college students

The next one of best Chrome extensions for students is Postlight Reader which is great when it comes to clearing away the clutter from articles. This one is also a great extension for students as it helps them remove ads and distractions, leaving them with only text and images for a clean and consistent reading view on every site that they visit for studying.


  • Postlight Reader helps to disable page clutter and noise with just a single click.
  • It also helps to adjust the typeface and text size while toggling between light or dark themes.
  • It helps to send to Kindle functionality as well for offline reading.
  • Postlight Reader offers quick keyboard shortcuts to switch readers on any article page.
  • It provides printing optimization.
  • You can also share through Facebook, Twitter, and Email with Postlight Reader.

17. Zorbi


Zorbi is a perfect application for students who want to study faster and easier with the help of flashcards. Know more about the features of Zorbi below:


  • With Zorbi, you can create flashcards from any website or PDF.
  • Students can add screenshots, text, and pictures inside the extension.
  • To create a flashcard on Zorbi, select some text and right-click on it.
  • It also allows students to set reminders that help them brush up on a particular area.
  • It helps extract information from PDFs.
  • Zorbi is best known for creating predictions that help students know how well they know the topic.

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18. Reverso


Reverso is another Chrome extension that can be used by students around the world on the internet for the purpose of translation and learning languages while watching and browsing movies.


  • Reverso is completely free to use.
  • Reverso offers accurate translations that are illustrated by examples of real usage.
  • Reverso is known for its ultimate AI-powered translation.
  • Reverso uses powerful bug data algorithms and machine learning.
  • It offers accurate results that are based on millions of real-life multilingual texts.
  • You can translate the subtitles while watching movies on Amazon, Netflix, and more using Reverso.

19. Clockify


Clockify is a time-tracking application that is known as another one of best Chrome extensions for students as it helps improve their productivity.


  • Clockify helps students track time from anywhere on the web with just one click.
  • Clockify integrates with 50+ web apps.
  • This Chrome extension is known for idle detection.
  • Other features of Clockify are reminders and a pomodoro timer.
  • Clockify also offers a start/stop time shortcut feature.
  • Clockify also helps with default projects for new time entries.

20. ClickUp

ClickUp | Best Chrome extensions for college students

The next useful and resourceful Chrome extension for students is ClickUp. ClickUp is a great productivity platform that makes your personal and professional lives productive by saving you time.


  • ClickUp helps to create tasks and save websites as tasks.
  • It also helps with time tracking where you can easily attach time to ClickUp tasks.
  • ClickUp enables students to create tasks and attach emails to tasks.
  • This Chrome extension can also take, edit, and mark up screenshots.
  • The Notepad feature is also offered by ClickUp.
  • ClickUp offers free storage of up to 100 MB.

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21. Momentum

Momentum | Best Chrome extensions for college students

As much as apps for tracking time are required, it is as important for students to stay motivated and inspired. Therefore, Momentum is the next one of best Chrome extensions for college students who want to create a personal dashboard to stay focused, organized, and motivated to achieve their goals.


  • Features of Momentum include to-do lists, weather, encouraging quotes, and daily photos.
  • Momentum regularly gives friendly reminders of your most important tasks.
  • Its to-do list manager is extremely easy to use.
  • Search options for Momentum include Bing/Google/DuckDuckGo, and Ecosia.
  • You can show/hide features in Momentum as per your choice.
  • This extension is extremely secure and private.

22. Workona


If you are a student and are used to working on multiple tabs then Workona is the perfect Chrome extension for you to use. It is known as a tab suspender that saves your browser memory.


  • Workona helps your computer to run quickly.
  • It can suspend tabs automatically as well as on-demand.
  • It helps to reduce browser memory usage.
  • It also helps to keep more tabs open without affecting system performance.
  • Workona is safe and does not store your browser data.
  • It allows users to handle multiple tasks at one time and organize their projects.
  • It eliminates the need to use a dual-monitor setup for students.

23. Session Buddy

Session Buddy | Best Chrome extensions for college students

Session Buddy is another one of best Chrome extensions for students that help with managing browser tabs and bookmarks.


  • Session Buddy saves open tabs as collections to restore later.
  • It is a great extension to free up memory and avoid clutter.
  • It easily recovers open tabs after a system crash.
  • With Session Buddy, you can see and manage all open tabs in one place.
  • It also helps to search open tabs and collections to quickly find the results.

24. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is an amazing source of expert and computable knowledge across thousands of domains for students.


  • Students can access the Wolfram Alpha query box with just a single click.
  • You can also transform Chrome’s Omnibox into a Wolfram Alpha query field by typing the = sign.
  • Students can also highlight a text to create queries through a context menu entry with Wolfram Alpha.

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25. InsertLearning

 InsertLearning | Best Chrome extensions for college students

InsertLearning is again one of best Chrome extensions for college students that can be used to insert instructional content on any web page.


  • InsertLearning helps to save students and teachers time by keeping the students engaged.
  • It allows teachers to insert questions, discussions, and insight into a website directly.
  • Students can respond to these questions and take their own notes in InsertLearning.
  • InsertLearning offers an interactive way of learning.
  • Students can also use InsertLearning to highlight text and insert sticky notes.

26. Auto Highlight

Auto Highlight

Auto Highlight helps users to automatically highlight the important content on article pages and thus is known as one of the next best Chrome extensions for students.


  • The extension helps to highlight phrases and paragraphs in online articles.
  • It eliminates the need to read useless online data.
  • It helps in saving precious study hours in the process.
  • The yellow highlight is used for important sentences.

27. AlphaText

AlphaText | Best Chrome extensions for college students

AlphaText is a text readability-enhancing software that can customize and change the appearance of online articles for students.


  • AlphaText helps to improve online text readability, fix badly styled articles, and to read the article your way.
  • Students can quickly adjust the font size, style, and line spacing on websites with AlphaText.
  • You can add your favorite style sets with a single click.
  • AlphaText also offers automatic style adjustment.
  • It also provides a quick color adjustment feature.
  • AlphaText also supports clutter-clearing power tools.

28. SwiftRead


SwiftRead has also made our list of best Chrome extensions for college students who want to read faster and learn more.


  • SwiftRead uses Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) visual technique for faster reading.
  • SwiftRead enables students to read two or three times faster.
  • Students can work on new articles, blog posts, and emails with SwiftRead.
  • You can copy and paste any text to SwiftRead to speed-read it.
  • SwiftRead supports PDFs, Kindle books on Kindle Cloud Reader, and ePUBs.

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29. Visor

Visor | Best Chrome extensions for college students

Finally, to end our list with the best Chrome extensions, we have added Visor which is a screen dimmer and a reading aid for students to read even at night.


  • Visor helps with fluency, eye strain, concentration, and comprehension while reading.
  • Visor is extremely helpful for students who are Dyslexic, have Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, and are under Visual Stress.
  • Visor also aids in reducing visual noise and the tendency to skip lines.
  • Using Visor requires no special permissions.
  • One drawback of Visor is that it does not work on Chrome’s start page, option pages, or Chrome web store.


This brings us to the end of our article on best Chrome extensions for students. We hope that we were able to help you with finding a perfect extension for your use. Please leave a comment below to let us know about your feedback. You can also drop your queries or suggestions if you have any.

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