What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Smart TV?

In this era of technology, we are constantly surrounded by technology blooming out of smartphones, televisions, PCs, and many more. Though we all have become immune to the new life of technology, this life can be pretty harmful to our human body and mind. TVs, though, are pretty valuable; we can never neglect the harm they can cause. In this article, we are going to discuss disadvantages of smart TV, how does a Smart TV work, what channels do you get on a Smart TV, and its features and benefits. If you are interested in learning, read along.

What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Smart TV?

What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Smart TV?

In this article, we will be telling you what is Smart Television, types of Smart Television, what channels do you get on a Smart TV, how do I know if I have a Smart Television, disadvantages of Smart TV, how does a Smart Television work and many other queries that you have in your curious mind.

What is Smart TV?

Smart Television is also known as internet TV. The reason for calling it Smart TV is that you can access online content if you connect it to the internet. You can connect it to the internet through an Ethernet cable or WiFi. We hope that now you know what is Smart Television.

What are Types of Smart TV?

There are different types of Smart TVs, and we can categorize these types under different categories, and these are:

1. On the Basis of Display Technology

So as per this, there are three types of Smart TVs, and these are:

  • LED: To give users a high-quality experience, it uses a backlight that emits light from behind the screen.
  • OLED: It uses an organic light-emitting diode to produce perfect colours.
  • QLED: The Q in QLED stands for quantum. So, it uses quantum dots to produce colours.

2. On the Basis of Screen Sizes

We can also define types on the basis of screen sizes, and these screen sizes vary from 24โ€ to 65โ€. Screen sizes greater than 65โ€ are also there.

3. On the Basis of Operating System

You can also classify Smart Television on the basis of Operating System.

How Does Smart TV Work?

smart tv

Since you know what is Smart Television. We will tell you how does a Smart TV work. Please keep reading to learn about it. Smart Television requires the internet to access the content online. This smart Television can either use WiFi or Ethernet. Once it connects to the internet, you must enter the login credentials to proceed with your Smart TV. After that, some apps will be displayed. You can choose the content from the apps displayed or can download the apps and play its content.

Note: If you connect your TV through an ethernet cable, you will get a stronger internet connection. So, if you have an ethernet cable, it is recommended to utilize it.

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What are Smart TV Features and Benefits?

We have listed the features Smart TV features and benefits here. Could you keep reading to know about it?

Features of Smart TV are listed below:

  • It can connect to WiFi.
  • You can watch movies online.
  • Some smart TV allows you to download apps also.
  • You can listen to music.
  • Some smart TV allows you to browse social media and play games.
  • It is user-friendly.

The benefits of Smart TV are listed below:

  • Connects your TV to the internet: This allows you to access content that is available online. You can also watch your favourite TV shows and series available online.
  • Watch as per your convenience: Since it is a smart TV and not your normal TV, you can watch as per your schedule.
  • High picture quality: You can have a great experience as the picture quality here is high. Also, if you purchase an Ultra HD and 4K resolution TV so you can enhance your experience.
  • Fast user interface: Since smart TV is more straightforward than Android TV, it is fast. Also, because it has limited features, it is user-friendly and offers high performance.
  • No need for antenna and cable connections: It has helped in the elimination of cable connections.

Note: Some smart TVs allow you to play games, browse the internet, and access compatible media content stored on your PC. Not only this, some Smart TV allows screen sharing. With the help of screen sharing, you can watch compatible content from your smartphone to a TV screen. Also, vice and versa function can be performed.

What Channels Do You Get on a Smart TV?

android smart TV

If you are wondering, what channels do you get on a Smart Television, then we have provided you with the answer to this question here. Famous entertainment channels are there on almost all Smart Television. Also, depending on the brands, more channels can be there. We have provided some of the channels that you will get on Samsung TV, and these are Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Brit Box, All 4, ITV Hub, My5 and BBC iPlayer.

What are Disadvantages of Smart TV?

Since we have discussed what is Smart Television, features, and advantages of Smart Television, we can now discuss disadvantages of Smart TV:

  • Poor picture quality: When WiFi speed is slow, poor picture quality can spoil your experience.
  • Unreliable: It can also crash like other devices. So, it is unpredictable.
  • Security concerns: Since you are using the internet to watch content, your privacy can be infringed due to cyber attacks. 
  • Inefficient interface: It has an inefficient interface, so you may not like it.
  • Not the best option in the market: Other options, such as Android TV and many more, offer more services than Smart Television.
  • Internet is required to access content: If you want to watch the content on Netflix or YouTube, you will need an internet connection. It is also one of disadvantages of Smart TV.
  • Expensive: It is costly when compared to other options.
  • Cannot be upgraded: Many Smart Television cannot be upgraded

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How Do I Know If I Have a Smart TV?

Before we begin with methods that require you to utilize external things to know about it, we have discussed some easy methods, and these are:

  • If your TV can connect to the internet and you can watch famous entertainment channels, then it is a Smart Television.

There are various ways to know whether you have a Smart Television or not, and these are listed below:

Method 1: By looking on Remote

If you are wondering, how do I know if I have a Smart television, then you can use this method. Many smart television has on its remote direct option for famous entertainment channels such as Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and others.

Some Smart Televisions have a microphone icon on the remote for voice control, so if this button is there, it is a smart television.

Method 2: Using Home Button

If you press the home button on your remote and see apps such as Youtube and Spotify, then it is a Smart Television.

Method 3: Using Google

google chrome

Still wondering how do I know if I have a Smart Television, then you can use this method. You can google the model number of your TV and check its description

Method 4: By looking at Packaging

On the packaging, you will see logos of famous entertainment channels such as Amazon Prime.


We hope that this article has made you understand the disadvantages of Smart TV. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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