Does Amazon Check Serial Numbers on Returns?

Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce companies, offering customers every kind of product. Mostly all Amazon products are of good quality, but sometimes customers get a defective product and return it. When you return the product, Amazon will cross-check in many ways, like scanning the barcode and checking the defect or original bill and serial number. While returning a product, many people have questions in mind, like, does Amazon check serial number on returns? The answer is yes, but at the same time, no, because it is not fixed how often does Amazon check returns? So, if you have questions like, does Amazon track serial numbers on electronics and does Amazon really inspect returns, this article is for you!

Does Amazon Check Serial Numbers on Returns?

Does Amazon Check Serial Numbers on Returns?

You will get to know if does Amazon check serial numbers on returns further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

Does Amazon Check Returns?

Yes, Amazon checks returned products and determine whether the given product is in the right condition. They then examine the product’s overall condition and the defect area. It is done primarily to determine whether or not the product has been damaged intentionally by the consumer.

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Does Amazon Really Inspect Returns?

Yes, Amazon really inspects returns of products just to know where and how the product is damaged. Also, it checks whether the returned product is original or not when you return it. Amazon’s inspection process takes two to three days, after which they decide whether or not to issue a refund.

Does Amazon Check Serial Numbers for Returned Items? Does Amazon Check Serial Numbers on Returns?

No, Amazon does not check the serial numbers for returned items; they only scan the barcode of the product.

But the sellers do check the serial number of the product, and then they send the returned product to the company. Serial numbers are checked just to ensure whether the product is original or if it has been replaced by any other product by the consumer.

Does Amazon Track Serial Numbers on Electronics?

No, Amazon does not track serial numbers on electronics; it only tracks the barcode of returned products. But sellers do track serial numbers on electronics, and then they send the product to the respective company.

Does Amazon Keep Track of IMEI Numbers?

Yes, Amazon records the IMEI number from the time your order is shipped. The IMEI number is scanned for the first time, and then it automatically registers in the database.

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Will Amazon Flag You If You Return Too Much?

Yes, Amazon flags you if you return too much, like if you return your product 5-10 times per month. First, it will give you a warning through an email, and after that, it will suspend your account for a few days.

But if you frequently return products without any solid reason, your account will be flagged by Amazon.

Does Amazon Ever Reject Returns?

Yes, Amazon can reject your returns if they find any duplication in a document or on the product. When the original product is replaced by another, Amazon rejects the returned product.

Also, if you show the wrong bill or if the barcode is found to be incorrect, your return will be rejected.

How Often does Amazon Check Returns?

Once you know if does Amazon check serial numbers on returns, you should know that Amazon checks every returned product, and every product is inspected very carefully. Amazon inspects the returned product to determine whether it is original or has been replaced by the customer. Also, it checks where and how the product is damaged, and other documents and the bill for the returned product are checked.

What Happens If Amazon Return has Different Serial Number?

You may not receive money if your returned product serial number does not match what you ordered from Amazon. Also, you may not even get the option of a refund, so you must have a serial number that matches Amazon’s.


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