What to do When Amazon Says Order Not Yet Shipped?

No matter how many times you’ve placed an order on Amazon, there’s a special exciting feeling every time whenever the package arrives, and you can’t wait to unbox it. Sometimes it arrives within a day, other times in a week or a few days, the period between placing an order and receiving the package is the hardest. Constant checking on the tracker, whether it has been shipped yet, where it has reached, and so on. And then sometimes the order gets confirmed but never delivered, and it’s stuck somewhere in between. If you are also facing a similar issue of an Amazon order not shipped yet, then you are at the right place. We bring to you a perfect guide that will help you solve the problem of not yet shipped Amazon order.

What to do When Amazon Says Order Not Yet Shipped?

What to do When Amazon Says Order Not Yet Shipped?

Not yet shipped means that the order that you have placed has not been processed yet. This means that Amazon has not yet started preparing the order, which includes packaging, scanning, transporting, and pick-up from the seller or warehouse.

What Causes Amazon Order Not Shipped Yet Issue?

  • Sometimes your order is delivered and yet on the tracker, it shows that it hasn’t been dispatched, which could be because of the system or due to any human error. Though it’s very rare and may occur due to any technical glitch. As Amazon’s delivery system is not that faulty, as it delivers thousands of packages.
  • Another reason behind Amazon order not shipped yet could be because the product you ordered is out of stock and yet Amazon has taken the order. Or the seller hasn’t provided the correct information regarding the inventory, which could lead to confusion.
  • The ordered product has to be picked from a far remote location which most transportation or delivery companies avoid. Hence, you see Amazon delayed not yet shipped tag on the tracker.
  • Due to any natural disaster or emergency, Amazon shifts its focus to first providing all the essential products to the consumers and may halt or delay other product shipments. Or, they are delivering first to their Prime members.
  • Also, there could be some personal or internal issues within the company or with their affiliates. This halts the delivery process due to price negotiations or workers strike at the warehouse.

How to Solve Amazon Order Delayed Not Yet Shipped Problem

We’ve listed a few solutions below that can assist you with your Amazon order problem.

Step 1: Track Order

The very first thing you need to do is track your order to know where the order has been stuck. Amazon has a nice tracker option that provides all the information on every stage of delivery from the order being confirmed, shipped from the seller, out for delivery to when it will arrive. In some regions, you may even get a free SMS regarding order status on your mobile. Here are the steps to track your Amazon order:

1. Go to Amazon website and sign in with the account on which you have placed an order.

2. Then, click on Returns & Orders.

click on Returns and Orders. What to do When Amazon Says Order Not Yet Shipped

3. Select your order and click on Track package.

click on Track package

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Step 2: Contact Amazon Customer Service

If it’s been a few days and you don’t see any changes in the tracker and it still shows Amazon order not shipped yet tag, then you should contact Amazon’s customer care. Describe the problem you are facing, so that they can take further action and fasten your order process or refund your money back to your account. Do the following actions:

Note: The steps may slightly differ from region to region, so make sure you choose the right option accordingly.

1. Visit Amazon Customer Support page.

2. Now you can select start chatting or select call me.

start chatting or select call me. What to do When Amazon Says Order Not Yet Shipped

3. If you select call me they will ask you what can we help you with. Select My orders and Bookings.

Select My orders and Bookings

4. Select the order that you need help with.

5. Scroll down to the bottom and click on select an issue. Then select issue details.

click on select an issue Then select issue details

6. Finally, select the language in which you want to communicate and click on Phone.

click on Phone. What to do When Amazon Says Order Not Yet Shipped

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Step 3: Contact Product Seller

If you certainly need the product which you’ve ordered and it has been stuck in order confirmation phase, then you may contact the seller to know more about where the product has been stuck or what’s the problem. Follow these steps to contact the seller:

Note: The steps may slightly differ from region to region, so make sure you choose the right option accordingly.

1. Navigate to the Returns & Orders menu.

2. Select the order that is not yet shipped.

3. Then click on sold by.

click on sold by

4. Then click on Ask a question to contact the seller.

click on Ask a question. What to do When Amazon Says Order Not Yet Shipped

Step 4: Cancel Order

Hopefully contacting customer service might have resolved your issue. However, just in case they responded that the order will be delivered within a few days and you still see Amazon order not shipped yet message on the tracker, then you can opt to cancel your order. Follow these steps to cancel your Amazon order:

1. Go to the Amazon Returns & Orders menu.

2. Here, select the order which you want to cancel and then click on Request Cancellation or Cancel items.

click on Request Cancellation or Cancel items

A refund process will soon be initiated after that.

Other Ways to Connect to Amazon

For additional help, you can also connect to Amazon on various social media platforms, the popular being Twitter for such complaints and issues. The best thing about complaining or reporting an issue on social media is that the companies take it very seriously as it is out in public and will respond quickly. Here are Amazon’s social media handle details:

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How to Avoid Not Yet Shipped Amazon Order in the Future?

Here are a few things to keep in mind before ordering on Amazon, so that you receive your package within the estimated time and your money won’t be stuck in the process.

Step 1: Check Amazon Fulfilled Tag

Before placing any order, make sure to check whether the product has a Fulfilled by Amazon tag on it. This means that the product you purchase will come through Amazon Fulfillment Center, where it is stored, packed, and dispatched. It allows users to track the order through Amazon’s website. It also has a free delivery option after a certain amount, easy returns, and get a free replacement if the product has any defects. Also, all customer services are handled by Amazon.

Fulfilled by Amazon tag on the product page

Step 2: Ensure A-to-Z Guarantee Protection

If you are purchasing a product from a third-party seller and it is not fulfilled by Amazon, then also the company provides order protection with its A-to-Z Guarantee protection. This provides protection if you are not happy with the product condition and delivery process duration, which allows users to make a claim directly to Amazon, and their team will decide on the refund claim. Below are some of the cases which come under A-to-Z guarantee protection and if you are eligible then you can get a refund:

  • The ordered product arrived 3 days after the estimated delivery date.
  • Product didn’t deliver yet showing delivered on the tracker.
  • Returned the product and didn’t get a full refund.

You can read the complete information from A-to-z Gurantee Amazon help page.

Step 3: Check Seller’s Ratings

People are being scammed as the seller list a product at a lower rate than the market price, and once the payment is done, they close their Amazon Seller’s account and disappear. Therefore, before placing an order, check the seller’s history, the product they sell, and their ratings & reviews to prevent from not yet shipped Amazon orders problem. This way you can easily identify the seller’s authenticity by seeing its history and ratings. Do the following to check the feedback score of any Amazon seller:

1. Navigate to Amazon homepage.

2. Open the product page that you are planning to purchase.

3. Under the info column about the product price and delivery details, the seller’s name will be mentioned next to Sold by. There click on the Seller name.

Click on the Seller name to know seller's ratings and reviews. What to do When Amazon Says Order Not Yet Shipped?

On the Seller’s Feedback page, you can read all the reviews and see the rating for the last 30 days up to a lifetime.

Sellers info ratings reviews and feedback page

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Step 4: Use Pay on Delivery Feature

If you are not sure about any product listed on Amazon, due to fewer ratings or reviews, or if the product is niche or launched recently and has very limited information. All these doubts raise questions regarding delivery and product. So, it is advisable to choose the Pay on delivery option while placing the order so that your money is not stuck in the process. In case there’s a delay in shipment or due to any other reason you never receive the package.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do I get an additional discount on Amazon by using the Edge browser?

Ans. Edge browser has many interesting features. One such is regarding online shopping price graph which shows the product’s price history and it also provides free discount coupon codes which it applies automatically on the checkout page with a single click. To turn on this feature, Open Edge browser > Go to Settings > Click on Privacy, Search and Services > Scroll down and toggle on Save time and money with Shopping in Microsoft Edge option. Also, you can earn free Amazon gift cards with the Microsoft Rewards program just by searching for anything on the Bing search engine.

Q2. Is Amazon Prime membership worth it?

Ans. If you regularly order on Amazon, then it’s a big yes, Prime membership is definitely worth it. With Prime, you get additional discounts, no delivery charges, fast and same-day delivery, access to amazing offers before the sale, and a whole range of entertainment from Prime Video and Prime Music. But if you order once in a while, like in months or very rarely, then it’s not going to be useful unless you want to use Prime Video or Music services.


We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to solve not yet shipped Amazon order problem. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding any tech-related issues, then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

5 thoughts on “What to do When Amazon Says Order Not Yet Shipped?”

  1. You said to contact or reach the seller right? But in my case the seller is Amazon Export LLC. And I don’t see any contact seller option. Any chance you could help, its been 5 days now since I placed the order for a Ryzen 9 5950x Processor and still hasn’t ship.

    Before placing the order I saw the item was In Stock and will be fulfilled by Amazon too. Any idea how do I contact the Amazon Export LLC?

    1. What happened with your order? I have similar issue. I ordered Pixel 7 phone, seller was Amazon and item was in stock when I ordered it. Still, it’s not dispatched yet. Did you get your order in time? Did you contact them?

    2. Any update?

      I’m in similar situation as you. I ordered rtx 3070 on January 23rd, 2023 & asus rog strix x570-i motherboard on 25th January, 2023. So far no update from Amazon for a shipping date nor is there ability to track. Payment has already been deducted from my bank account. Items are sold & shipped by Amazon. Customer service state that these items are being shipped from farthest fulfillment warehouse, which I call BS. Why would they show items in stock if they don’t have them? Totally disappointing.

  2. Three times had to cancel the orders after failure to process. Even with prime membership. One order with over 15 days to process and another over 20 days. Unacceptable.

  3. Couple of errors in this article.
    #1 You cannot cancel an item if it is already in “Preparing your order” believe me i have tried several times.
    #2 You cannot cancel an order that is delayed even if it has not shipped. Yes again i have tried. Even contacting customer service and having the request ungraded and prioritized does not work. Customer service tells you that it takes 72 hours to process a cancel request. well guess what. even after 72 hours.. nothing happens. Amazon tries everything in its power to get your payment.
    #3 having prime has no bearing what so ever on whether or not an item ships on time.
    #4 It doesn’t matter if the items page says “In Stock” that may be a lie. Don’t count on that when ordering. Yet again i learned this from personal experience.
    I have found that as of late Amazon is failing to fulfill orders more than they used to. They seem to be lacking in professionalism. Yes i know they have good deals.. but if your work depends on you having the proper equipment in time, you are better off using a more professional merchant even if it means paying more.

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