30+ Best Telegram Channels for Books

The knowledge that you gain from reading books remains with you for a lifetime. So, I always prefer reading books. There was a time in my life when the only thing that I used to order from Amazon was books. Even if I open my Amazon today, I will get a book recommendation. Many of you must be like me, who love reading books because reading books gives a mental peace that nothing else can provide. So, here we will be telling you best Telegram channels for books, motivational books Telegram channel, and many other things. But please note that we do not endorse any channels that offer such content due to copyright infringement. Due to copyright infringement issues, these channels might eventually get blocked.  

30+ Best Telegram Channels for Books

Best Telegram Channels for Books

It is my recommendation to purchase the book from authentic sources. If you love to read books online, you can consider reading books on kindle and other authentic sources. But still, we have provided best Telegram channels for books, english books channel, motivational books Telegram channel, self help books Telegram channel and free books channel. So, please keep reading to learn about it.

Free Books Telegram Channel

Booksthief on telegram

Here we have provided free books Telegram channel. So if you want to know about these channels refer to the table presented below:

Free books Telegram channelNumber of subscribers as on January 10, 2023Description of channel
eBook Room60654You can get books related to biography, self-help, philosophy, humour, fiction, and business on this channel.
Premium Ebooks and Audiobooks49692If you are looking for free books channel on Telegram, then this will be one of best channels for books for you.
Amazon kindle and ebooks -Audiobooks69745It is one of the free books channel. On this channel, you will get all genre Amazon Ebooks and audiobooks. You will get these books for free.
Official Books1246It has a comprehensive collection of the best books. You can get the book that you need easily here.
Novel Books Comics Pdf Free99170The number of subscribers that this channel has shows that it is one of the best channel on Telegram for books
Tamil pdf books5993It has a Tamil pdf collection.
Telgu books n magazines20273The channel has not described much about it in the bio.
eBooks for IAS13072You can get the ebooks here if you are a civil aspirant looking for books for UPSC preparation.
eBooks Cafe50873This channel share insights and quotes from the books. It has also mentioned in its bio that it respects copyright laws.
Trading PDF library1176On this channel, you will get trading books.
@BooksThief68472On this channel, you will book recommendations and motivational quotes. Apart from this, discussions are on topics such as which book you are reading and which is your favourite book.
Non-Fiction business ebooks9349Nothing has been written in its bio. So, we cannot provide details about it.
EBOOKS IND7211It is a channel for only backup.
The Kingdom of Paid books12132You can get science books, English books, video courses and other books on this channel.
Stock Market Library6658It provides free study material on the stock market.
Forex Books25832This group is related to forex trading books.

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English Books Telegram Channel

english books on telegram

English is a language that allows you to connect with people from a different cultures. From childhood, I have been told to be fluent in English. For this, I went to English medium schools and read good novels to improve my vocabulary. I also read grammar books to ensure that what I speak is correct. So, if you also want to learn English, you can start by reading basic books written in English. Here we will be telling you about channels that provide English books.

English books Telegram channelNumber of subscribers as on January 10, 2023Description of channel
English books for kids26527On this channel, you can get teaching material for kids.
English Books7035It is one of the best English books Telegram channel.
Fiction Land 18+6004The books posted on this channel are for those who are above the age of eighteen.
Fiction_Non Fictionbooks675It is one of best channels for people who love reading books.
Nobel repo866It is one of the channels on Telegram that is related to books.
Books Hub: Ebooks & Audiobooks117110It is one of best Telegram channels for books, and it is also one of the free books channel on Telegram.
Movies & Books in English50305It has movies and books in English.
PDF BOOK’S Channel33833On this, you can download bestseller books for free.

Engineering Books Telegram Channel

ABCDE IN on telegram

We have provided some of the famous engineering books channel. So, keep reading to learn about these Telegram channels.

Engineering books Telegram channelNumber of subscribers as on January 10, 2023Description of channel
ABCDE_IN42It is one of the engineering books channel. So you can consider it as a one-stop destination.
Mechanic Engg786It is a group for mechanical engineers.
Mechanical engineering4724It is a channel for those who are from a mechanical engineering background.

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Self Help Books Telegram Channel

Self help books channel on telegram

Self help books are one of the best genres I have ever read. I have a collection of self-help books at my home. And I consider self-help books as life-changing. I ordered Sapiens, Atomic Habits, and many other self-help books from Amazon, and these books have changed my attitude towards life. I am better at organizing things, grateful for even little things in life, and whatnot. You can also order books from authentic sources such as Amazon and other sites. Here are some motivational books Telegram channel that you can refer:

Self help books Telegram channel & motivational books Telegram channelNumber of subscribers as on January 10, 2023Description of channel
Success books3561Here, you will get books that motivate you to give your best.
BOOKS 4 SUCCESS1670This channel has all the famous books that will help you achieve your life goal.
Books|Top, Summary, Self-Help61667The number of subscribers on this channel shows that it is one of the best self help books channel.
Books | Ebooks & Audiobooks | Recommendations Summary Lessons Quotes Archive Notes Kindle Top Listen Read Self-Help Fiction9522It claims it is one of the fastest-growing book channels on the app.
Self Help Books25460It has given a copyright disclaimer in its bio.
Books on Personality Development10225It has non-fiction books.
BooksBag25831It has books related to self-help, development and education.


We hope our doc has guided you well in telling you about best Telegram channels for books. So let us know about your favourite alternative, and leave your queries or suggestions in the comments section below. 

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