Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a DM?

Instagram is the first thing that comes to mind when posting a photo or video on social media. Over the past five years, its users have increased daily, as it offers many exciting features. Instagram has cool filters, auto-generated editing features for your posts and stories, paid partnerships or collaborations, and reels. The best part about Instagram is that it is a great platform to market your content, build your brand, and make money through paid promotions. Invasion of privacy is a major concern even on the internet, and you must know about cautions to take. In Snapchat, a sent message gets destroyed as soon as the receiver has seen it. Like Snapchat, Instagram has also launched vanish mode. It also has a feature for disappearing photo on Instagram. But can people see when you screenshot on Instagram? If you want to know more about this. We brought you a helpful guide that will tell you does Instagram notify when you screenshot.

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a DM?

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a DM?

You will get to know if does Instagram notify when you screenshot further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a DM?

Yes, Instagram notifies you only when the screenshot was taken in the vanish mode. But Instagram doesn’t let us know when someone screenshots any of our images, reels, or stories, even DMs. The messages those were sent in the private chat will disappear after the viewer sees the messages. So, if you take a screenshot of those private chats, Instagram does notify you that you have taken the screenshot of the page or image. Other than that, the normal DMs don’t have this feature, and they won’t be notified about any screenshots.

Can I Take a Screenshot in Vanish Mode?

Yes, you can take a screenshot in vanish mode. When you communicate through DMs, whatever you send, be it text, gifs, photos, or videos, everything stays in the chat. If you enable vanish mode, you can send disappearing messages. Disappearing here means as soon as you come out of the chat, the messages disappear. So this way, you can send disappearing text and disappearing photo on Instagram. And you can take screenshots of the DM in the vanish mode.

Screenshot in Vanish Mode

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Does Instagram Notify You When You Screenshot in Vanish Mode?

Yes, Instagram does notify the user whenever you screenshot in vanish mode. It gives you a notification saying you took a screenshot. So, if you have taken consent from the sender. You can screenshot the disappearing text or disappearing photo on Instagram. In any other case, if you take screenshots without consent it is a violation of privacy. Though messages do disappear as soon as you close the chat. But they can be used while reporting to Instagram.

What Happens If You Screen Record in Vanish Mode?

Whenever you turn on Vanish mode you can now send disappearing messages. The main goal is to protect the privacy of both parties. The text or media may contain sensitive information that you do not want to store. Screen recording in vanish mode is an attempt to save the information that is not meant to be saved. Now you may ask, does Instagram notify you when you screenshot or screen record? Yes, as you are attempting to save information that is not meant to be saved. So, Instagram will notify the sender about it. The messages still disappear. But in place of the message, Instagram will show a permanent text saying You took a screenshot. Notifying both the sender and receiver about it.

Does Instagram Notify When Someone Screenshots a Disappearing Photo on Instagram?

Yes, Instagram does notify the sender. When the receiver screenshots a disappearing photo on Instagram. Disappearing text or media can be sent when you turn on Vanish Mode. If you send any text or media while the Vanish media is enabled, it will disappear after it is seen. It means as soon as you come out of the chat box, the message disappears. If you send any personal message or an image that the receiver screenshots, you will get a notification saying [username] took a screenshot.

[username] took a screenshot | Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a DM?

Can You Know If Someone Screenshots Your Instagram Story?

No, you cannot know if someone screenshots your Instagram Story. This feature was launched back in 2018 but rolled back due to criticism. Instagram provides different insights about your Instagram story. You can see who saw your story. You can know how they engaged with it. But these insights won’t help you to know whether someone has taken a screenshot of your story. So, until Instagram brings a dedicated feature to tackle this scenario, like when Instagram notify when you screenshot vanish mode DMs, you have to be cautious on your part.

If you have a public account, you can make your account private. So that all your posts and stories can only be viewed by your trusted followers. Instagram has provided a Close Friends filter on stories. If you apply this filter your story will be viewed by only those whom you have chosen.


Now, we have seen how you can safeguard your privacy while using Instagram. We hope that you learned about does Instagram notify when you screenshot. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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