Does WhatsApp Give You Phone Number?

WhatsApp operates and is based on concepts such as end-to-end encryption and a centralized network system. The message sent via WhatsApp is stored in its database for 30 days if the recipient has not yet received it. Hence, WhatsApp is a versatile online messaging platform. WhatsApp only uses the user’s contact number to create an account. Hence, WhatsApp shows your phone number to every other user. In this guide, we will let you know if WhatsApp gives you a phone number.

Does WhatsApp Give You Phone Number?

Does WhatsApp Give You Phone Number?

No. WhatsApp creates a user account on its portal by linking to the unique number or phone number of a user. It never generates any kind of unique number or phone number for any individual, since it just acts like a messenger connecting one person to another using their phone numbers. Therefore, WhatsApp can never create or give you a phone number as it does not have any authority to do so.

Is a WhatsApp Number a Real Phone Number?

Yes, the WhatsApp number is a real phone number or contact number of an individual. WhatsApp is just a messaging platform that lets you connect with your knows ones and send them messages, photos, etc. Hence, WhatsApp does not create a unique number for any individual; rather, it only uses your phone number to create a user account, thereby connecting your number to the centralized network of WhatsApp.

Is a WhatsApp Phone the Same as a Regular Phone Number? Is Your WhatsApp Number the Same as Your Mobile Phone Number?

Yes, the WhatsApp phone number is the same as that of a regular phone number. WhatsApp is unauthorized to create any kind of contact numbers. WhatsApp number is the same as that of a mobile phone number since you must use your phone number only to log in to WhatsApp. 

Does WhatsApp Use Phone Number or Email?

Yes. A WhatsApp account is always connected or linked to the individual’s contact or phone number. It works just like normal SMS messages, but unlike SMS, it is not tied to the bill of the contact number. It uses the mobile data and network of the device to send and receive messages. It also provides a huge number of additional features as compared to normal text messages, such as the transfer of files, multimedia messages, and emojis. And it has recently added a new feature of posting stories taking inspiration from Instagram. It does not use email to create a user account.

Does WhatsApp Show Your Phone Number?

Yes. Since WhatsApp is connected to your phone number, any user on your contact list or any user who has saved your number on their devices and is available on WhatsApp will be able to view your phone number. Sometimes, your phone number will also be visible to those who are not even on your contact list but are included in the same WhatsApp group as you. Therefore, WhatsApp show your phone number to anyone who is available on this online platform and is connected to you in some way.

Can Someone Get Your Real Number from WhatsApp?

Yes, anyone can get their real number from WhatsApp. If WhatsApp was linked to your email, it could have had some features to hide or encapsulate your number from other users. Unfortunately, it does not provide any such features for improving your privacy. In some cases, if you see your previous WhatsApp number online, even though you have stopped using that number, you need not worry since your old number might have been recycled and given to other users.

How Can I See My WhatsApp Number Online?

Your phone number will be visible to everyone other WhatsApp users. WhatsApp shows your phone number on your profile. If you want to see your WhatsApp number online, follow the upcoming steps on your WhatsApp app:

1. Open WhatsApp app on your phone.

2. Tap on the three-dotted icon > Settings from the top right corner. 

Tap on the three-dotted icon - Settings from the top right corner

3. Then, tap on your profile name from the top.

4. You will see your WhatsApp number under the Phone section.

You will see your WhatsApp number under the Phone section

Once You go to my profile section you will get your phone number along with my name, profile picture, and status. WhatsApp also provides an edit option to change them.

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How Do You Check If You Have a WhatsApp Account?

You will not be able to verify whether a number is on WhatsApp until and unless you save that number. Here are some steps which you should follow to check whether the number has a WhatsApp account:

1. Open the WhatsApp app on the other phone.

2. Tap on the chat icon from the bottom right corner.

3. Tap on the New contact option.

Tap on the New contact option

4. Type your phone number in the box and tap on the checkmark icon from the top right corner.

Type your phone number in the box and tap on the checkmark icon from the top right corner

If you are on WhatsApp, it will show the green WhatsApp icon below the user’s number. Else, it will not show the WhatsApp option. Instead, it will show an option INVITE to WhatsApp.

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How Can I Use WhatsApp without Showing My Number?

WhatsApp can create a user account only if it is linked to the contact number of the user. Unfortunately, everyone in your contact list and those who are not can view your profile along with your phone number. There is no option provided by WhatsApp to hide your number from users. WhatsApp has a lot of benefits over traditional texts. Still, the one major disadvantage is that it has no features to hide your contact number and it is unable to provide anyone with contact numbers. 

But, there is one method that will help you hide your current contact number from users. You can change the old number with a new contact number.

1. Buy a new SIM card to get an alternate phone number.

2. Uninstall the WhatsApp application from your device.

3. Remove the old SIM card which contains your old number and insert the new one.

4. Again, install the WhatsApp app on your device.

Note: Once you install WhatsApp, it will ask for your contact number to continue further.

5. Launch WhatsApp and tap on AGREE AND CONTINUE on the welcome page.

6. Enter your old phone number along with your state code. Then, tap on NEXT.

Note: Place your old SIM card into another phone to access the messages received for the verification process.

7. On the confirmation popup, tap on the OK option if the displayed number is correct.

Note: Otherwise, you can tap on the EDIT option to add your number again. 

On the confirmation box, tap on the Ok option | Does WhatsApp Give You Phone Number?

8. Enter the code received on your old phone number to verify the number

Once you enter the code, you will be able to operate WhatsApp using your old registered number. And your new number will remain hidden from everyone.

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