10 Best Android Browsers for Surfing the Internet (2022)

Google Chrome

An android phone usually has a default web browser, pre-installed in it. But there are several other web browsers and search engines that you can download from your Play store, for smoother and better user experience.

Web browsers are one of the most important pieces of software on your Android phones as they really help you access the World Wide Web, with no boundaries and limitations especially if you are using one of the good ones.

Therefore, being one of the most frequently used software, it should be one that suits your needs.

Just like, Apple Phones have Safari as a default web browser, Android phones mostly have Opera or Google as their default browsers. It basically depends on the device or the Android version.


Android phones also allow you to change your default web browser. SO, if you plan on downloading a third party application for browsing the internet, you can just set that as your default browser.

To do so, you will have to follow some easy steps, that will quickly help you change your default app for browsing:

1. Open Settings on your Android

2. Go to Applications, next

3. Look for the default browser among the applications on your screen and tap on the already default browser, that you have been using.

4. Press “Clear Defaults”, Under the launch icon.

5. Then, open a link and select the browser of your liking as your default.

This was the right way to alter the default settings in your Android phone for using a new Web browser for all necessary purposes, on a daily basis.

Now we will be discussing the 10 Best Android Web Browsers for surfing the internet and having a seamless and secure experience at the same time.

We will be telling you briefly about the good and the bad about each of these top-rated web browsers so that by the end of this article, you can quickly download the best one for yourself!

10 Best Android Browsers for Surfing the Internet (2022)

#1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome

When the name Google comes in, you know that there is no reason to even doubt the goodness of this browser. Google Chrome is the most highly rated, appreciated, and used web browser in the world. This universal browser for Android devices, as well as Apple devices, is the Fastest and Secure one on the market!

The interface cannot get any friendlier, and it is so simple to operate! The search results gathered by Google Chrome are so personalized that you barely have to spend moments in typing what you want to surf. In just a few letters in the search bar, then scroll down menu will suggest exactly what you want to see.

This browser gives you a lot more than just browsing. It provides you with Google-Translate built-in, personalized news material, quick links to your most favourite websites, and also the easiest downloading experience.

Something very important is the Incognito Window, which is obviously provided in this web browser. It will allow you to browse privately, without leaving any footprints behind in your history.

Using a single Google account, you can sync all your bookmarks, favourites, and browser history to all the other devices like your tab, work devices, etc.

The reason why I called Google one of the most secure third party applications is due to the “Google Safe Browsing”. The app has safe browsing, built-in by default, which keeps your information safe and shows you necessary warnings when you try to access dangerous websites, that might be a possible threat to your files and information.

Another reason for Google Chromes, thorough success is the Google Voice Search. Yes, a lot of browsers now have a voice assistance facility, but the difference is that Google can interpret your voice, very accurately. You can do hands-free searching and spend a lot less time to get a lot more information. The app shows a lot of personal interest, to give a great user experience with personalized recommendations to its customers.

Lastly, the app provides a Lite mode, where you browse high-speed internet with less data.

The Google Chrome Web Browser is available for download on the Play store with a 4.4-star rating.

There definitely could not have been a better start to our list for 10 best Android Web browsers, than Google itself!

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#2. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge | Best Android Browsers for Surfing the Internet

If you were wondering how anything else will top the Google Chrome web browser, think again! The Microsoft Edge, another big name on the Web market, has a 4.5-star rating and amazing reviews by its millions of users across the worldwide web. Although this app will provide you with a better experience on your PC, it will not disappoint you on your Android devices as well.

If you are big on Privacy and Control, Microsoft edge will make you happy, because it is so high on productivity and value. The app provides a set of security tools like Tracking prevention, Ad Block Plus, and just like the Incognito mode in Google- Microsoft edge offers an InPrivate mode for private internet surfing.

The Ad Block comes as a real blessing as it blocks all annoying pop-up advertisements,

The Microsoft browser provides a very customized and personalized browsing experience- it saves your favorites and stores all the passwords you want it to, and also keeps track of all your downloaded data. You can sync this browser through multiple devices to avoid repetition of work and copy-pasting of URLs, here and there. The password manager keeps all your passwords saved in a secure manner. So, you do not need to worry about forgetting your passwords again and again.

Something different here is the Microsoft Rewards system. Using their browser fetches you points, which you can later use to get good discounts and shopping deals.

Microsoft is incessantly trying to improve its user experience and keep up with time, by migrating from the Edge to Chromium base. Therefore, you can count on it to get better with time.

The app is available for free on the Google Play Store, so you can download it to your Android devices from there!

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#3. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser

Not a very popularly known one, like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, but the Dolphin browser is gaining new heights. This third-party web browser for android phones is available on Google Play store for download with a 4.1-star rating.

The browser has a fast loading speed, an HTML 5 video player, incognito browsing mode, and also a Flash player. The flash player will enhance your gaming experience like never before and also let you enjoy your movies and YouTube videos a lot more than usual.

Other basic features like Fast Downloading, Bookmarks, and Multiple Tab bars are also present in this web browser. The app also has a pop-up blocker – Ad-Block to block pop-ups, banners, and random advertisement videos.

Just like Google translate, Dolphin, it has a Dolphin-translate. But not just that, there are so many add-ons like Word to PDF and Video Downloader, that the app provides you with. Personalized search is made possible through several search engines like Bing, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc. that you can access through this web browser for Android phones. It is possible to do hands-free searching with Sonar, where you can use your voice to search for things on the internet in a faster manner. Easily share material to social media, like Facebook, Skype, and WhatsApp, through the Dolphin browser in just a couple of clicks.

To make access to your favourite websites quicker, you can assign them letters. On just typing one letter, you will then be able to quickly come to the page you desire and use so often.

Some more features that Dolphin will give you includes a barcode scanner, Dropbox facilities, Battery-saver mode, and an amazing speed booster, especially for Android phones.

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#4. Brave Browser

Brave Browser

Next on the list for the Best Android Web Browsers is the Brave Browser. They claim to have unmatched speed, privacy by blocking tracker options, and Security. The app specializes in its blocking facilities, as it feels a lot of your data is eaten up by these pop-up advertisements. They have a facility called Brave shields to help you prevent data wastage and also stop these data-grabbing advertisements.

The blockage of these ads will help you gain faster-browsing speed with the Brave Browser. The Brave browser claims that it can load heavy news sites almost 6 times quicker than Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. The app is not just meant for Android, but also for Apple devices and your computers, as well.

The private mode here is called “Tor.” Tor hides your browsing history, and also keeps your location unseen and undetectable from the sites that you surf in the private mode of the browser. To increase and improve anonymity, Brave encrypts these connections.

You can also earn rewards like frequent flier tokens, just by browsing – if you turn on the Brave Rewards and view their privacy-respecting ads patiently.

You can learn more about brave rewards by visiting their websites. They are updating the browser to help you earn better rewards like shopping deals and gift cards. You do not need to worry about battery and data, as Brave, helps you save both instead of eating it up quickly.

Some security features include Script blocking and 3rd party cookie blocking.

This third-party web browser holds a 4.3-star rating and is available for free download on the Google Play Store. You should definitely not have second thoughts about downloading this third party android browser to surf the internet.

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#5. Firefox

Firefox | Best Android Browsers for Surfing the Internet

Another popular name on the Web Browser market is the Mozilla Firefox web browser. The web browser gained large popularity and fame for its presence on computers. But Mozilla on Android is not something that you might be very familiar with people using. The reason why you might want to consider this as an option is the super cool large variety of add-ons offered by the app.

The web browser is fast, extremely private, and safe in all devices, be it an Android or a computer. So many trackers are constantly following you and slowing down your data speed. Mozilla Firefox for Android phones blocks more than 2000 of these trackers to retain good internet speed and provide you with secure surfing of the internet.

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The interface is simple, and all necessities like privacy settings and security are already set in place. You will not have to visit their settings again and again and confuse you. The enhanced tracking protection offered by Firefox blocks third-party cookies and unnecessary advertisements. You can sync your Firefox, across different devices for faster operations.

They also have a private browsing facility, like all other Web browsers. The password and download managers are some add-ons that you will definitely be thankful for. The quick sharing of links to your WhatsApp, Twitter, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, is indeed very convenient. The fast and intelligent searching helps to save a lot of time in typing and searching the web pages that you wish to surf.

You can mirror videos and web content, from your devices to your TV, if you have the required streaming capability in the above devices.

Mozilla wishes to make the internet easily accessible to its users, without compromising on speed and security. It has a 4.4-star rating on Google Play Store and gives strong competition to the Google Chrome Web Browser.

If you are a Google Chrome fan, you might not find this as personalized as that web browser, but the add-ons can help you customize the application in such a manner that they achieve a high level of personalization.

Also, sadly several users have complained about it crashing once in a while, but surely the browser is being upgraded frequently to help with such issues and bug fixes.

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#6. Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser

Google play store has great reviews with a 4.2-star rating for the Kiwi Browser Application. It is the latest Chromium and Web Kit based application for browsing fast and safe internet. The page loading speed and the super-strong ad-blocker will amaze you!

IT claims to be the first android web browser with crypto-jacking projection. It also allows you to access Facebook Web Messenger.

The browser has an amazing unique night mode, to reduce the strain to your eyes when you are surfing the internet during late hours of the night.

The download manager of the Kiwi Browser is extremely customized and helpful.

This third party web browser supports various extensions and will give you all the basics that you might need in a normal internet browser.

The interface is a little different from your normal web browser looks like the address bar is placed at the bottom instead of the top.

One drawback is the lack of syncing abilities across multiple devices and desktops. Other than that, maybe the KIWI browser is a little raw on the personalization and customization side. But, we sure do think that the coming updates will help improve on these pointers.

The browser is free of cost, so don’t hesitate to hit the Download button on this one!

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#7. Samsung Internet Browser Beta

Samsung Internet Browser Beta | Best Android Browsers for Surfing the Internet

Samsung is a well-renowned name; thus, we think you will find the Samsung Internet Browser Beta very trustworthy. The features that the application will bring you will make browsing fast and easy by leaps and bounds, keeping in mind the security and privacy and their importance at the same time.

The Samsung Internet browser Beta will give you access to the advanced features of the internet browser. Smart protection, being one of them. Samsung uses multiple protection techniques to keep your data safe and uncompromised. Blocking web pages with several pop-ups is one small example of it. You can toggle these security settings easily in the Samsung browser settings and change the default settings.

The customized menu with a toolbar and a range of useful options has been widely appreciated by the Samsung internet browser users. You can operate up to 99 tabs at the same time with this browser. Even the management of these tabs- reordering and locking them in has become extremely simple.

Some other Privacy settings are the content blockers, protected browsing, and also the Smart Anti-Tracking.

Extensions for shopping on Amazon, watching 360-degree videos support and other online shopping web sites have also been provided by the Beta version of this Android web browser.

The app has a 4.4-star rating on the Google Play store and is free for downloads.

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#8. Opera Touch Browser

Opera Touch Browser

Opera has multiple Android web browsers in the market, and surprisingly all of them are very impressive! This is the reason that Opera has made it to our list of the Best Android web browsers in 2022.

The Opera Touch – fast, the new web browser has a 4.3-star rating on the Google Play Store and stellar customer reviews. The user interface is super friendly, which is why the Opera touch won a Red Dot Award for it. You can single-handedly operate this browser because this app is meant for fast-moving browsing. It has all the basic features that an Android user could ask for in a basic web browser. But it stands out because of the stylish interface.

When your first begin using the application, it asks you to pick between standard bottom navigation or the Fast Action button. This can be changed later from the settings of the Opera Touch browser.

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It facilitates fast file sharing between devices with a smooth flow. To begin sharing files between your PC and your smartphone, you just need to scan the QR code on the browser, and the rest is done at lightning speed.

For security purposes, there is a native ad blocker that is optional in nature. This speeds up your loading of pages in return.

The app follows end to end encryption for safe and secure browsing and sharing. They follow Opera’s Crypto-jacking function to improve security and to overheat of devices.

Opera touch is one of Opera’s most powerful web browsers. It is free of cost.

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#9. Opera Mini Browser

Opera Mini Browser

Once again, an Opera venture- Opera Mini Browser, stands at 4.4-stars on the Google Play Store. This is a more lightweight and safe browser that allows super-fast internet browsing with the least possible data consumption.

The app provides you with super personalized news on your homepage of the Android Web Browser. It claims to save almost 90% of your data, and speeds your browsing instead of compromising it.

The Ad-Blocking is also available in the Opera Mini Browser. You can download videos and other data quickly and also enjoy the Smart-download feature that the third-party application offers to you. 

This is the only web browser for android phones, with an inbuilt offline file sharing feature. The interface is simple and easy to operate. Opening multiple tabs and shuffling between the multiple tabs is also easy!

Opera Mini also has a night mode for reading at night. You can bookmark and save your favorite websites. You can assign a favorite search engine to your Opera Mini Web Browser.

The app has a 4.4-star rating on Google Play Store.

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#10. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser | Best Android Browsers for Surfing the Internet

To beat them all with a 4.7-star rating on the Google Play Store, we have the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser.

The browser is completely private, i.e., it doesn’t save your history so that it can give you absolute safety and security. When you visit a page, it actually shows who it has blocked from taking your personal information. The app helps you escape ad tracker networks, provide increased encryption protection from prying eyes, and allows search privately.

The Duck Duck Go browser hopes to break free from the popular belief that no information can be left private on the internet and prove people wrong with its excellence in the field of private internet surfing.

Other than these points, I would say that this android web browser is an extremely fast and dependable one. The interface is a simple and friendly one. All necessary basic web browser functions will be made available to you once you download this application.

This excess dedication towards security might be the reason for such a high number of downloads and an impressive rating on the Play store.

It is completely free of cost too!

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We began and ended the list for the 10 best Android web browsers for surfing the internet on very high notes. We hope that the article was a helpful one, and you found the best fastest Android Browser to surf the Internet


If we have missed out on any of the good web browsers, don’t hesitate to point it out to us and leave your reviews in the comments section below!

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