Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 5000

Bluetooth speaker technology has advanced in recent years. Several features that are technologically advanced have been added to these wireless speakers making them more useful than ever. Bluetooth speakers are used wirelessly by pairing them with smartphones, computers, iPods, laptops, or tablets which helps users to listen to music or their favorite podcasts on a speaker at home. While these speakers have many perks, you can burn a hole in your pocket while buying one from the market. If you want to get a suitable wireless speaker device without spending much money then our guide on the best Bluetooth speakers under 5000 will come in really handy. We will be discussing different wireless speakers under different price ranges, like best Bluetooth speakers under 3000. Our list has compatible, pocket-friendly, and easy-to-carry speakers, so if you want to know more, continue reading our informative article.

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 5000

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 5000

If you are looking for an affordable speaker with advanced features then the list of best Bluetooth speakers that you can get under 5000 will help you a lot. Each speaker listed below contains key specifications, configuration, speaker type, and more. So, let us begin with the list right away:

1. Sony SRS-XB13

Sony SRS-XB13

Sony SRS-XB13 is the first durable and portable wireless speaker that has made it to best Bluetooth speakers under 5000. Not only can you portably carry this speaker anywhere using its strap which makes traveling easier but also comes with extra bass due to the diffusion processor.


  • Sony SRS-XB13 works with a passive radiator to enhance the low-end tones which gives speakers a boost.
  • The speaker works with DSP technology.
  • It is a waterproof and dustproof speaker with an IP67 rating.
  • It has up to 16 hours of battery life.
  • The built-in mic in Sony SRS-XB13 helps users to make hands-free calls via the speaker.
  • Bluetooth connection of the device offers fast pairing with Android devices.
  • It has USB Type-C input and output terminals.
  • The frequency transmission range of Sony SRS-XB13 is 20 Hz-20,000 Hz.
  • It is a bookshelf-type Bluetooth speaker.

2. boAt Stone 1200

boAt Stone 1200. Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 5000

The next one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 5000 is boAt Stone 1200. This portable wireless speaker can be used for HD sound and uninterrupted music for a long time without spending a lot of money.


  • boAt Stone 1200 wireless Bluetooth speaker offers an enjoyable playback experience with RGB LEDs.
  • boAt Stone 1200 connects instantly to devices wirelessly with Bluetooth v5.0.
  • It comes with a passive bass radiator with a 14W thumping sound.
  • Along with wireless connectivity, the device also supports USB, AUX, and FM modes.
  • You can use the speaker for up to 9 hours for uninterrupted music without RGB LEDs and for 7 hours with RGB LEDs.
  • It also supports instant voice assistance with only a single tap.
  • The speaker also has IPX7 water-resistant technology.

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3. Tribit MaxSound Plus

Tribit MaxSound Plus

Another one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 5000 is Tribit MaxSound Plus. Tribit MaxSound Plus is a powerful wireless speaker that offers hours-long battery backup and clear sound-enhanced technology.


  • Tribit MaxSound Plus supports IPX7 waterproof technology that makes speakers durable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • The speaker comes with two passive radiators that release low-end bass.
  • It offers extended portability with 20 hours of battery life.
  • It also offers effortless connectivity with Bluetooth 4.2 up to 100 ft.
  • The speaker type of Tribit MaxSound Plus is bookshelf.

4. boAt Party Pal 60

boAt Party Pal 60. Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 5000

boAt Party Pal 60 is the next one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 5000 that offers you a new level of immersive and cinematic experience at home like never before. With its impressive sound quality and compatibility with almost all Bluetooth devices, boAt Party Pal is indeed the life of a party.


  • boAt Party Pal 60 carries 20W R.M.S powerful sound.
  • It also supports Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity.
  • It offers around 4 hours of playtime from the 2200mAh lithium battery with 80% volume.
  • This speaker also supports the karaoke feature.
  • You can easily tune into any mode like FM Radio, USB, AUX, or TF with integrated controls and a built-in mic of boAt Party Pal 60.
  • boAt Part Pal 60, as the name suggests, is a party-type speaker.
  • It takes up to 3.5 hours to charge fully.
  • One con of this speaker is that it does not come with a charger in the box.

5. Portronics Sound Slick II

Portronics Sound Slick II

Another great option if you are looking for the best Bluetooth speakers under 5000 price range with amazing sound quality is none other than Portronics Sound Slick II. With multiple buttons, Sound Slick II helps you access different features of this speaker quite easily.


  • Sound Slick II has a 3D sound and a Mode Change feature.
  • Sound Slick II offers Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity with multiple devices that support Bluetooth features.
  • The speaker has USB and pen drive connectivity port if you don’t want to use it wirelessly.
  • It also supports the Aux-In feature.
  • Operating Sound Slick II is easier with its remote control.
  • The design of this speaker is compact and easier to carry.
  • It can be easily placed with the TV or mounted up on the wall.
  • Sound Slick II offers pleasant sound quality.

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6. boAt Stone 1401

boAt Stone 1401. Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 5000

The best Bluetooth speakers under 5000 list contain yet another name which is boAt Stone 1401. It is a perfect mobile, laptop, or tablet-type speaker that lets you enjoy a loud and out-of-sound experience.


  • boAt Stone 1401 comes with a mic and is a great device for parties.
  • It supports a solid IPX 5 water-resistant technology with a compact dual color.
  • The speakers emit 30W of high-definition immersive audio.
  • boAt Stone 1401 supports type-C charging.
  • It also supports a 2500mAh Lithium battery.
  • With these speakers, you can go about 7 hours of uninterrupted audio bliss.
  • The outer driver size of boAt Stone 1401 is 70mm while the inner driver size is 30mm.
  • These speakers take about 4.5 hours for full charge.

7. JBL Go 3

JBL Go 3

JBL Go 3 is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 5000 as it is portable and even fits into the pocket while making sure you receive the best sound quality ever.


  • JBL Go 3 delivers big audio and bass with JBL Pro Sound.
  • This wireless speaker is not only IP67 waterproof but is also dustproof.
  • With JBL Go 3, you can also connect your phone or any other Bluetooth-enabled device to wirelessly stream music.
  • These speakers give you up to 5 hours of playtime on a single charge.
  • Vibrant color options are available in JBL Go 3.
  • It only takes about 2.5 hours to charge completely.

Read the next section to know about the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000.

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Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 3000

While wireless Bluetooth speakers listed under 5000 is pocket friendly as well as full-proof feature-wise, you might still want to buy something cheaper yet all-rounder. If you are looking for speakers under 3000 then our list provided below will help you out greatly:

1. boAt Stone 1000

boAt Stone 1000

First comes boAt Stone 1000 in the list of best Bluetooth speakers under 3000. boAt Stone is a preferred choice if you are looking for a cheap as well as durable speaker with thumping bass to light up the party.


  • This easy-on-pocket Bluetooth speaker offers 10 hours of uninterrupted music.
  • These speakers offer IPX5 water-resistant technology.
  • boAt Stone 1000 is a great travel and party companion.
  • It has a huge 3000mah battery.
  • The speaker output of boAt Stone 1000 is 14W.
  • It takes about 4 hours to get completely charged.
  • The speaker is compatible with all Bluetooth devices.
  • The speaker type of boAt Stone 1000 is stereo.
  • It also has multiple modes of connectivity.

2. MI Portable Bluetooth Speaker (16W)

MI Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 5000

MI Portable Bluetooth Speaker (16W) is another one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000 that you can use at your home or at an outing. This portable device is extremely durable and has superior bass. This trustworthy speaker is under budget for users who want a suitable speaker under 3000.


  • MI Portable Bluetooth Speaker offers 16W high speaker quality.
  • It has dual EQ modes that offer normal and deep bass modes.
  • This speaker also supports the voice assistant feature.
  • This MI speaker is also IPX7 waterproof.
  • It is a long-lasting wireless Bluetooth speaker with 13 hours of playback time.
  • You can also pair 2 different MI Portable Bluetooth Speakers to experience a stereo sound output.
  • With its built-in mic, you can now make hands-free calls.

3. F&D F210X

F&D F210X

F&D F210X is another name on the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000 list. F&D, known as Fenda Audio is a technology product company that provides audio equipment in India. F&D F210X is a wireless speaker by the company for users who want a flexible and portable Bluetooth device with advanced features.


  • F210X comes with a debossed subwoofer and satellite design.
  • Users can now experience full and clear sound with the help of a 2.5” full-range driver and 4” bass driver.
  • For low distortion bass, F210X has a 100% wood cabinet.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology of F210X has a working distance of up to 15 meters.
  • The USB reader of the speaker supports MP3/WMA dual format decoding.
  • A LED indicator is also fitted in F210X which shows blue light for Bluetooth, green for USB, white for AUX, and red for standby.
  • The speaker comes with a fluorescence full-function remote control which is easy to operate from a longer distance.
  • It also stores up to 100 FM stations.

4. Portronics SoundDrum P

Portronics SoundDrum P. Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 5000

SoundDrum P is another great wireless speaker that is portable as well as easy to carry. It comes under the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000 list for many reasons that you will explore below.


  • This wireless device comes with 20W bombastic audio that helps you in playing bass-perfect audio 24*7.
  • The device is extremely lightweight, only 740 gm, which makes it easy to carry it anywhere.
  • It also has a 4000mAh power-built battery which gives you 6-7 hours of enhanced playtime with a 2000mAh power-enhanced battery.
  • This speaker gives users multiple play options like an in-built mic, Bluetooth connectivity, USB slot, and Aux In port.
  • SoundDrum P also supports in-built controls which help you seamlessly connect to it.

5. Amkette BoomerFX Plus Bluetooth Speaker

Amkette BoomerFX Plus Bluetooth Speaker

Another great addition to the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000 list is Amkette BoomerFX Plus Bluetooth Speaker which offers multiple connection options including an SD card, AUX, FM Radio, and USB to help you listen to music from any device.


  • BoomerFX Plus delivers a hall-filling sound with springy bass.
  • The device supports 12W drivers with a powerful 4000mAh battery.
  • BoomerFX offers 16 hours of uninterrupted music playback.
  • BoomerFX also comes with a dedicated button for a voice assistant that helps you connect and control the device with voice.
  • It takes about 4-6 hours to get completely charged.

6. Tribit XSound Surf Bluetooth Speaker

Tribit XSound Surf Bluetooth Speaker

Tribit is another famous brand that is known for its quality products in the Bluetooth speaker range. One such device is Tribit XSound Surf Bluetooth Speaker which is one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 3000. XSound enables users to experience full, natural sound, and low bass.


  • XSound offers superior sound quality.
  • It also offers a brilliant connectivity range with Bluetooth 5.0 for up to 100 ft.
  • The device is IPX7 waterproof which makes it extremely durable.
  • XSound also offers TWS Stereo sound.
  • This device by Tribit supports USB-C charging.
  • It allows users to operate its microphone and make hands-free calls.
  • The charging time for XSound is of 3 hours.

Hence, these were the list of best Bluetooth speakers under 3000.

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000

There are some wireless speakers that not only offer supreme features and audio quality but also fit in the budget of a common man. The list below will uncover such Bluetooth speakers that will help find a perfect fit for you.

1. boAt Stone 650

boAt Stone 650

The first one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 is boAt Stone 650 which fits in the price range and offers premium quality music as well. Stone 650 is a sleek device that is surrounded by smooth secure silicon coated on the outside and has a diamond-gridded mesh.


  • Stone 650 offers uninterrupted music for about 7 hours.
  • Stone 650 supports IPX5 water-resistant technology.
  • The speaker also offers high-fidelity stereo sound.
  • The audio experience in boAt Stone 650 is enhanced with 2-inch X 2 drivers.
  • The speaker is backed by a 1800mAh capacity lithium battery.
  • It offers a great wireless experience with Bluetooth v5.0.

2. boAt Rugby

boAt Rugby. Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 5000

The next one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 is another boAt wireless device known as boAt Rugby. It is a portable wireless speaker that enables users to bring the party to their homes.


  • You can use boAt Rugby for about 8 hours without any interruption.
  • With boAt Rugby, you can seamlessly connect to different devices with its Bluetooth v5.0 technology.
  • You can use Rugby for thumping and super extra bass along with 10W HD sound.
  • You can enjoy high-fidelity sound with boAt Rugby.
  • Charging time taken by Rugby is around 4 hours.
  • The Bluetooth range for Rugby is 10m.

3. Portronics Dynamo

Portronics Dynamo

Portronics Dynamo is a great option if you like portable wireless speakers that you can use on the go. This one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 can be wirelessly daisy-chained with another Dynamo speaker for proper stereo output.


  • Dynamo offers clear & relaxed bass sound with 5W sound output.
  • Dynamo supports up to 12 hours of play time.
  • This speaker comes with a 2000mAh battery.
  • The speaker type of Dynamo is mobile, tablet, computer, or laptop.
  • Dynamo only weighs 266 grams and has a solid & stable shape.

4. boAt Stone 260

boAt Stone 260. Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 5000

boAt Stone 260 is the next one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000. Stone 260 is a portable speaker that can be wirelessly connected to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers.


  • Stone 260 has a powerful battery backup of about 5 hours that offers uninterrupted music.
  • Along with trendy looks, Stone 260 is also IPX5 waterproof certified.
  • It also offers high-quality music and super extra bass.
  • It is extremely easy to carry boAt Stone 260.
  • Stone 260 comes with Bluetooth 4.1 transmission without the loss of audio performance.
  • This device has a powerful 1000mAh battery.
  • This speaker comes with a multi-function button and volume buttons that allow for an easy interface and ensure uninterrupted music.

5. Philips BT40BK/94 Wireless Portable Speaker

Philips BT40BK/94 Wireless Portable Speaker

Philips BT40BK/94 is the next one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 that you can use anywhere. This wireless speaker is easy to carry as well as powerful enough to provide you with superior-quality sound.


  • Philips BT40BK/94 has a built-in microphone for calls.
  • This speaker has a built-in rechargeable battery which is extremely powerful.
  • It has audio-in for easy connection to almost any electronic device.
  • This speaker is compatible with iOS, Android devices, tablets, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

6. boAt Stone 170

boAt Stone 170

boAt Stone 170 is another boAt product that is famously used for wirelessly enjoying music around home and other places. It is indeed one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 that can be used for up to 6 hours while enjoying a musical extravaganza.


  • With boAt Stone 170, you can enjoy HD immersive sound with full 5W of power.
  • Stone 170 is a compact and lightweight wireless speaker which has IPX6 water-resistant design.
  • It supports Bluetooth V5.0 and an SD card slot.
  • It also includes True Wireless Function that allows users to set up two at the same time.
  • After 4 hours of charging, Stone 170 runs for hours without any interruption.

7. Portronics SoundDrum

Portronics SoundDrum

Another one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 is Portronics SoundDrum. This portable Bluetooth speaker has powerful in-built stereo speakers with powerful amplifiers that offer an amazing quality of sound.


  • SoundDrum has powerful 2x5W speakers.
  • SoundDrum is also water and dust resistant.
  • The speaker comes with intuitive controls that help in quickly connecting and easily operating its buttons & ports.
  • Other features of SoundDrum include built-in FM, built-in mic, USB pen drive connection, and aux 3.5mm connectivity.
  • It offers 6-7 hours of non-stop music playtime with a 1800mAh battery.

Hence, these were the list of best Bluetooth speakers under 2000.

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Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1500

The last part of this doc consists of a list of some of the best wireless speakers that range under 1500. This list has some affordable yet good-to-use speakers that can help you enjoy music at home or on the go.

1. MI Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker (5W)

MI Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker (5W)

As the name suggests, MI Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker (5W) can be used for outdoor usage. This one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 1500 is a great device to own if you want really good audio output indoors as well as outdoors.


  • This small speaker is capable of running with up to 20hrs battery life.
  • MI Outdoor wireless device offers dynamic sound effects.
  • This speaker has a splash-proof design with an IPX5 splash-proof design.
  • Another feature of this speaker is a voice assistant which helps you in operating it hands-free.
  • It also supports Bluetooth 5.0 dual mode.
  • It takes about 3 hours to get fully charged.
  • Hard buttons are the only con of this device.

2. boAt Stone 180

boAt Stone 180

boAt Stone 180 is the next device that comes in the list of best Bluetooth speakers under 1500. This small wireless speaker offers a powerful 5W signature sound that can last for about 10 hours.


  • Stone 180 is a sweat and water-resistant device that supports IPX7 technology.
  • To enhance bass and for a stereo audio experience, users can connect two speakers using boAt Stone 180.
  • Stone 180 supports a full-range driver.
  • It only takes about 1.5 hours to get completely charged.

3. Zeb-fame

Zeb-fame. Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 5000

Zeb-fame is a Zebronics device that is without a doubt one of best Bluetooth speakers under 1500. This wireless device comes with volume control and produces scintillating sound even after being so compact.


  • Zeb-fame supports a 2.0 channel speaker.
  • Zeb-fame is USB powered.
  • Volume control option is also available with Zeb-fame.
  • This USB powered 2.0 speaker also supports an AUX input.

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4. boAt Stone 200

boAt Stone 200

BoAt Stone 200 is a mini device that can be wirelessly connected to Bluetooth devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers to playback collection stored on them. It is one of best Bluetooth speakers under 1500 with a powerful battery and great quality audio output.


  • Stone 200 delivers powerful sound for up to 10 hours after it is fully charged.
  • Stone 200 supports Bluetooth 4.1 transmission with no loss of audio performance.
  • It also supports integrated controls that offer an easy interface for users.
  • The charging time needed for Stone 200 is 4 hours.

5. boAt Stone Grenade

boAt Stone Grenade

The next and one of the last best Bluetooth speakers under 1500 is none other than boAt Stone Grenade. This high-fidelity stereo sound speaker works with full-range drivers that offer nonstop playback.


  • You can enjoy up to 7 hours of uninterrupted music with boAt Stone Grenade.
  • It is a water-resistant device with IPX6 technology.
  • Stone Grenade is equipped with 1.75” full-range drivers.
  • It provides an optimum wireless experience with Bluetooth V4.2.
  • Stone Grenade supports a 1200mAh lithium battery.
  • The charging time taken by Stone Grenade to offer wireless music on the go is only 2 hours.


This brings us to our guide on the best Bluetooth speakers under 5000 list. We hope that our doc was able to help you acquaint with some great speakers that are easy on the pocket as well as offer quality. You can let us know about your other queries or suggestions by leaving them in the comments section below.

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