21 Best Freelancing Websites for Beginners

Freelancing has become a new trend. It unties you from all the restrictions of a full-time job. The growing technology has led to the growth of immense freelancing opportunities for beginners as well as experts. One such growth is the emergence of freelancing websites for beginners. Being a freelancer has its equal share of advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking out for trying your hands on freelancing, we have got you. In this guide, you will learn about best freelance websites for beginners data entry and other fields.

21 Best Freelancing Websites for Beginners

Best Freelancing Websites for Beginners

In this article, we have given the list of best freelance websites for beginners and their pros and cons in detail.

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is being a self-employed professional who works on a project or contract basis. As a freelancer, you can choose your working hours, payment, and field of work. These fields include data entry, editing, graphic designing, software and web development, sales and marketing, social media management, content writing, audio and video transcription, ICT, virtual administration, and a lot more.

What are Freelancing Websites?

Freelancing websites for beginners are platforms that offer various opportunities in terms of self-employment. It is one of the easiest ways to earn money for beginners. Users must create their profile on the website and start searching for jobs. Each website has a different set of job categories available. Some cater to a particular type, whereas others offer jobs in various fields. Read the full article to learn about the best freelancing websites for beginners.

How to Choose the Right Freelancing Website

You must consider the following factors while selecting the website:

  • Pick the websites that offer skill-based job categories.
  • Get to learn the functioning of the website.
  • Read all the terms and conditions of the website.
  • See the forms in which customer support is provided.
  • Compare the service charges of the websites.
  • Take a look at the payment modes.
  • Check website reviews and get in touch with people already practicing freelancing.

List of Best Freelancing Websites for Beginners

Here we bring you the list of best freelancing websites with some details. Further, in the article, we have discussed the websites in detail, their features, and their pros and cons.

Websites Categories Charges Subscription
Fiverr Multiple 20% Free
Toogit Multiple 8% Free
Upwork Multiple 20% Available
Indeed.com Multiple Free
PeoplePerHour Multiple 20% Free
Naukri.com Multiple Free
Axion Data Services Data Entry Free
Freelancer.com Multiple 20% Available
Truelancer.com Multiple 10% Available
Hubstaff Talent Multiple Free
Smart Crowd Multiple Free
Flexjobs Multiple Available
Toptal Multiple Free
Guru Multiple 9% Available
DesignHill Designing Free
LinkedIn Multiple Available
SimplyHired Multiple Free
ServiceScape Writing, Designing, and Translation 50% Free
99designs Designing 15% Free
Solid Gigs Multiple Available
Hiresine Multiple Free

1. Fiverr

Official website of Fiverr

Fiverr is a huge online portal that offers freelancing opportunities in various fields data entry, content writing, video production, lifestyle, programming and tech, digital marketing, etc. You can get started by building a well-done portfolio. Some features of the website are:

  • It provides the provision of filters for service options, budget, and delivery time.
  • Services at Fiverr start at $5.
  • A registered freelancer here is called a Seller, and a service is called a Gig.
  • As a seller, you can fix your price according to the quality of the gigs.
  • They have multi-currency support.
  • Transactions are carried out using Paypal or Cards.
  • It provides a space for the sellers to share ratings and feedback.
  • It is a platform for small businesses, medium businesses, and organizations.


  • Fiverr has a huge number of categories to choose.
  • It is spontaneous and user-friendly.
  • It ensures the safety of financial transactions.
  • Also, it allows sellers to charge for revisions.
  • It enables free registrations for freelancers.


  • Sellers are charged 20% of their project as service fees.
  • Sometimes, there are issues of payment delay.

2. Toogit

Official website of Toogit

Toogit is the abbreviation for Top Online Gurus for Instant Technology. It is the best freelance website for beginners data entry, web and software development, marketing, writing, graphic designing, and much more. This website is found by career expert and Influencer Nishant Agarwal in 2015. Let’s have a look at the features of Toogit:

  • This is a trusted and easy-to-use online platform.
  • It provides all professional means that exemplify project milestones, communicate with the employer, share files, set tasks, and payment agreements.
  • Its smart freelancing feature helps you get the job according to your interests.
  • It is suitable for small businesses, medium businesses, and organizations.


  • Also, the website has smart freelancing and instant connect features.
  • It provides the application of the ESCROW payment protection system.


  • Toogit charges 8% of each project of the freelancers.
  • Being a huge platform, it requires a lot of time to set up a profile and sell.
  • Its track record is unreliable, as it is still a relatively new website.

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3. Upwork

OPfficail website of Upwork

Upwork is one of the best freelancing websites for beginners, offering all levels of experience. It was previously known as Elance-oDesk. This website finds you the best job opportunities through its powerful search engine. Upwork includes fields like IT and networking, accounting, data science, translation, and much more. The users can either narrow down or broader their search results accordingly. You can set up your profile and add an introductory video explaining your skills and capabilities. The features of Upwork are as follows:

  • It provides a work diary.
  • Upwork works on four levels: Entry, Intermediate, Expert, and Top Rated.
  • It provides an intuitive working portal for freelancers.
  • Upwork is meant for small and medium businesses.
  • It only has web-based support.


  • Freelancers can choose from a huge number of job opportunities.
  • You are assured about the payments.
  • Upwork provides API for payment protection, tracking progress, and developers.
  • They have alleged clients who pay the freelancers competitive rates.


  • There is heavy competition among freelancers for the same projects.
  • Upwork charges 2%–20% of the worker’s payment according to their work experience.
  • Your profile is only visible when you get good reviews.
  • You can only get short-term jobs on Upwork.

4. Indeed

Official website of Indeed. 21 Best Freelancing Websites for Beginners

Indeed is a job portal that can be used as a freelancing website for beginners. It is available in twenty-eight languages and used in more than sixty countries. It is a source of thousands of companies seeking applicants to join in every field. The search engine used in Indeed.com works like the Google Search engine. You can search among various jobs to match your skills and experiences. Some feature of this website includes:

  • Indeed.com offers free and premium job postings.
  • It is used globally and consists of an in-built resume builder.
  • It is best suited for small businesses, medium businesses, and organizations.


  • Indeed provides job notifications via e-mail.
  • Applicants are hired on a large scale.
  • It provides a mobile-friendly application.


  • Free jobs lose sight as new jobs are added frequently.
  • There is high competition because of the vast number of applicants.

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5. PeoplePerHour

Official website of PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is one of the best freelancing websites for beginners. It was launched in 2007 to link freelancers and businesses. It is used in more than eighty-nine countries and has been one of the longest-running freelance services in the UK. It offers work opportunities in fields like technology and programming, writing and translation, graphic designing, digital marketing, social media, and much more. Here we have listed some of the features of the website:

  • PeoplePerHour contains 15 job categories.
  • Setting up a profile is free on the website.
  • New members are required to get approval from the site administrator.
  • The website consists of an instant messaging feature.
  • The website charges 20% for every project.
  • It provides a money-back guarantee and anti-fraud protection.
  • PeoplePerHour has 24/7 customer support.


  • This website can lead to loads of potential work globally.
  • You can choose your working hours.
  • PeoplePerHour also provides a mobile application.
  • It comprises programs that can help you create automated invoices.
  • The jobs listed are based on the location of the user.


  • You can face heavy competition because of the vast number of freelancers.
  • You cannot be assured about job security.
  • You can only apply for a limited number of jobs per month.
  • The review of new accounts takes time; in some cases, it does not get approved either.

6. Naukri

Official website of Naukri

Naukri is one of the websites where you can work as a freelancer. It is an online platform started by Sanjeev Bikhchandani in 1997. It is the best freelance website for beginners data entry and multiple other job fields. This job portal allows you to upload your resume on your profile. You can search through various opportunities through the search bar on the website. Some of the features of Naukri are mentioned below:

  • Naukri consists of a job assistant who can guide you through your queries.
  • It has a wide range of employers and job posts from beginner to expert.
  • A registered user can avail of various benefits.


  • Naukri provides a mobile application for convenience.
  • It is easy to use.
  • You can get frequent job updates.
  • Recruiters personally contact the freelancers.


  • As there are many job applicants, it is likely to be very competitive.
  • There are many cases of login errors by users.

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7. Axion Data Services

Official website of Axion Data Services

Axion Data Services is a website that is meant for data entry. It can be one of the best freelance websites for beginners data entry jobs. It was founded in 1996 by Allan BBandell. Some of the features of Axion Data services are:

  • Data entry, data verification, and data research are carried out by Axion Data Services.
  • It is only available for US-based residents.
  • They assure excellent services.
  • At Axion, they follow a specific set of instructions for every service to rectify errors.


  • Freelancers get paid every two weeks.
  • Jobs at Axion are long-term.
  • They are accredited and rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.


  • Axion hires only US residents.
  • The job openings seem to be very rare.
  • Registrations are paid at Axion.

8. Freelancer

Official website of Freelancer. 21 Best Freelancing Websites for Beginners

Freelancer is one of the best websites if you are looking to begin working as a freelancer. It consists of job categories like website development, research writing, graphic designing, article writing, accounting, data entry, and much more. It is used globally in 247 countries. Now, we will see the features of Freelancer:

  • Freelancer requires the applicant to set up a profile and search for the jobs that suit them.
  • It provides the users with a mobile app that helps them frequently collaborate with the employees and get job alerts.
  • The site charges 10% of the earnings for some projects. Otherwise, it charges 20% for the services.
  • It consists of safe payment with Milestone Payment System and 32 currencies support.
  • A 24/7 support system is available.
  • Multiple languages include Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and more.


  • It provides free job postings.
  • It is easy to communicate.
  • Additionally, it allows tracking project progression.


  • The website has a complex user interface.
  • The mobile application is slow and has glitches.
  • There are instances of scam businesses on the website.

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9. Truelancer

Official website of Truelancer

Truelancer is another great option for beginners. It was founded in 2014 by Dinesh Garg. This platform is said to be very quick and safe. It is one of the best freelance websites for beginners data entry and admin, IT and programming, mobile application, customer support, and service. Other features of Truelancer.com are:

  • Truelancer charges the freelancers and offers five membership plans. These plans are Free, Intro ($1/month), Basic ($5/month), Pro ($10/month), and Plus ($48/month).
  • The project fees vary accordingly from 3% to 10%.
  • It provides more than 7000 services.


  • It has a simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • You can manage your projects using your mobile.
  • It has a dedicated support team.


  • It is difficult for beginners as experienced freelancers are most likely to be selected by employers.
  • 8%–10% of the payment is deducted as a service charge according to the membership plan.

10. Hubstaff Talent

Official website of Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is a website that supports freelancing for beginners in various fields like data entry, development, marketing and sales, content writing, business consulting, and much more. It was founded in 2012. It is used in 28 countries. It consists of a specific set of features that makes Hubstaff Talent unique in its way. These features are listed below:

  • Time tracking feature includes time tracking software, online timesheets, and time reporting.
  • Employee monitoring includes employee tracking software, GPS location tracking, and productivity.
  • Workforce management involves employee scheduling and payroll and invoice tracking.


  • More than 50 jobs are added weekly.
  • It is easy to sort jobs according to the pay rate or other categories.
  • You can chat with employers; explain to them your strengths and capabilities.


  • Jobs at Hubstaff Talent are low-paid.
  • You can only apply for jobs if you have a public freelancer profile.

11. Smartcrowds

Official website of smartcrowds. 21 Best Freelancing Websites for Beginners

Smartcrowds is one of the best among the best freelancing websites for beginners. It was previously known as VirtualBee. It is mainly popular for its remote job opportunities. It is a free and secure website. It consists of various job categories. Let’s dig in to learn more about Smartcrowds.

  • To begin, the freelancers are required to register as a member.
  • Some tests are conducted to evaluate the typing speed of the candidate.
  • This evaluation is done in 3 parts.
  • The jobs are notified in the e-mail.
  • The payment is based on the number of keystrokes ranging from $0.20 to $0.80.


  • Smartcrowds is available globally.
  • It is a genuine and reliable website.


  • Job opportunities are limited.
  • The payment system is not very clear.
  • It is not suitable if you are looking for a long-term job.

12. Flexjobs

Official website of Flexjobs

Flexjobs is another website that offers plenty of remote jobs in various fields like content writing, administration, transcription, and more. It was launched in 2007 by Sara Sutton. This website claims to offer career coaching, premium skill tests, and remote courses. Let’s have a look at the key features of Flexjobs.

  • Flexjobs allows the user to search through job openings using keywords.
  • You can only see all the job openings if you have a paid subscription.
  • Flexjobs offers full-time as well as part-time.
  • All the jobs on the site are verified.
  • To use Flexjobs, you need to have paid subscription that varies from $1.35 to $9.95 per week.


  • Flexjobs only caters to reliable jobs.
  • Customer support is available for help and navigation.
  • This website has a skill-testing feature that enables freelancers to brush up on their career choices.


  • Flexjobs appear to be expensive for freelancers.
  • Some of the jobs available here are also available on other free websites.

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13. Toptal

Official website of Toptal

Toptal is one of the best freelancing websites for beginners. It bridges the gap between highly qualified freelancers and companies. This website was founded in 2010. It offers a wide range of services like web development, web designing, graphics designing, financial consulting, project management, etc. Freelancers are required to qualify through a five-step screening process to work with Toptal. Let’s get into the details of Toptal:

  • The screening process includes comprehensive English evaluation to project assessment.
  • After the screen, only the top 3% are picked.
  • If you fail, your application is put on hold for a few months.
  • It consists of a feature for time tracking and invoicing called the time tracker.
  • Toptal offers Cards and Paypal payment options.


  • Reputed companies like Shopify and Airbnb recruit staff from Toptal.
  • The website has programs for time-tracking, receiving payments, and invoicing.


  • Getting through the selection process is quite rigorous.
  • Freelancers seeking small-scale jobs may find it difficult to survive at Toptal.

14. Guru

Official website of Guru

Guru is considered the best freelance website for beginners data entry, programming and development, design and art, sales and marketing, writing and translation, and other fields. Guru was founded in 1998. It enables users to easily create profiles on websites and seek jobs by sending bids to clients. Some of the features of the website include:

  • The availability of both short and long-term job opportunities.
  • Payment can be received via different modes like Cards, Paypal, and wire transfers.
  • Payments are made securely with SafePay protection.
  • A paid membership plan is available, which provides other benefits.
  • Guru charges 9% of the earnings per project.
  • The website offers API for protected payments, developers, and progress tracking.


  • Guru consists of SafePay, which ensures safe payment and timely completion of gigs.
  • The job lists are categorized according to their specifications.


  • There are instances of fake jobs on the website.
  • Guru has a complex user interface, making it difficult for the user to navigate the job posts.

15. DesignHill

Official website of DesignHill. 21 Best Freelancing Websites for Beginners

DesignHill is a website for freelancers whose interest lies in the creative field. Employers hold designing contests to select the desired applicant. DesignHill was founded in 2014 by Rahul Aggarwal and Varun Aggarwal to inspire creative freelancers globally. It includes services like a catalog, website, blog, label and logo designing, and much more. This website allows freelancers to create portfolios and establish a rapport with their clients. Some of the other features of the website are:

  • DesignHills enables freelancers to create their stores and sell products globally using business card maker and profit calculator tools.
  • Payment is supported via Paypal and Payoneer.
  • A print shop is available, where t-shirts are designed and sold.
  • They offer graphic design gigs, designing contests, a print shop, logo making, DesiginHill studio, and customized clothing.


  • DesignHill has a reliable support team on chat.
  • They do not charge any service fee for freelancers.
  • It allows you to create an online store.


  • It exclusively caters to freelancers who are designers.
  • There are seven days for revision from the client’s end, which might result in extra work.

16. LinkedIn

Official website of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking website that is used to build a professional network across the world. It is a reputed platform that allows you to create a profile and share experiences, education and work history, skills, etc. It consists of a huge array of full-time and freelancing opportunities. Some features of this website are:

  • LinkedIn allows you to share public posts that create engagement on your profile.
  • You can browse LinkedIn posts to find freelancing opportunities.
  • You have to use keywords to find appropriate results.
  • You can find job opportunities in various fields like designing, content writing, data entry, and much more.
  • It also offers learning courses if you sign up for a premium account.


  • LinkedIn helps you connect with professionals on a one-to-one basis.
  • It keeps you updated with current trends in the work industry.


  • You need to be on your toes to have an impressive and professional LinkedIn profile.
  • As many professionals are already there, it is difficult for freelancers to stand out among them.

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17. SimplyHired

Official website of SimplyHired

SimplyHired is the best freelance website for beginners data entry, marketing, and other various categories. It is a website that puts together all the job opportunities available on the internet on a single page. Unlike other freelancing websites, it does not list the job categories. Users are required to search through the jobs using keywords to find a suitable one. Some of the features of SimplyHired are:

  • You can narrow down the search results by entering the location details.
  • It gives direct links to the companies, making it easier for users to find the required details.
  • SimplyHired is accessible without a profile. Nevertheless, signing up allows you to use various tools like a resume builder and salary estimator.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface.


  • Users get job alerts via e-mail when they are interested in a particular field by applying.
  • This website helps in professional growth with the help of inbuilt resources.


  • It is difficult to get recognized in a large crowd at SimplyHired.
  • Since it is a free website, there is always a risk of getting scammed.

18. ServiceScape

Official website of ServiceScape. 21 Best Freelancing Websites for Beginners

ServiceScape is one good option if you are looking for freelancing websites for beginners. It was founded in 2000 and caters to fields like writing, translation, editing, and graphic design. The working process of the website is slightly different from the others. The users do not need to send bids. Instead, they wait for work orders from the clients. Here are some features of the website:

  • ServiceScape allows easy interaction between freelancers and employers over conference calls and messages.
  • Payment is credited every month via Paypal, Gusto, or check.
  • Freelancers can fix their payment structure based on hours or projects.
  • It charges 50% of the project as a service charge.


  • ServicScape allows you to choose your pricing structure and working structure.
  • It enables easy communication with clients.


  • The service charge is very high compared to other websites.
  • Freelancing opportunities are limited to only four categories.

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19. 99designs

Official website of 99designs

99designs is a global creative portal that allows clients and freelancers to come together. The website was founded in 2008. You can find categories like logos, website and app designing, business and advertising, clothing and merchandise, art and illustration, and much more. Some of the features of the website are:

  • Freelancers are required to create a profile stating their particulars and work experience.
  • The 99designs team reviews your profile and ranks you at a designer level. The visibility of the profile depends on the level.
  • The platform offers a wide range of creative jobs to choose.
  • It charges $100 as an introduction fee, and the service charge varies from 5% to 15%.
  • Freelancers get paid via Paypal or Payoneer.


  • Payment modes are safe and secure.
  • Freelancers become a part of a huge creative community.
  • It is basically for skilled designers.


  • It charges introduction free along with the service charges.
  • It is challenging for beginners to stand out.

20. Solid Gigs


Solid Gigs is another best option if you are looking for best freelance websites for beginners data entry, designing, writing, programming, and more. It was founded in 2009. You can only reach out to the job list when you sign up. Some of the features of Solid Gigs are:

  • Freelancers can only sign up with a monthly or annual subscription.
  • The subscription charges are $35/month and $252/year.
  • Solid Gigs brings you all the freelancing opportunities together.
  • It sends jobs from reputed clients that match your skills and interests over e-mail.
  • It consists of tools, templates, spreadsheets, and scripts that can be downloaded.


  • It requires minimal effort to search for jobs.
  • The website provides a comprehensive guide that helps freelancers learn to interact with clients and fix the pricing.
  • You can try the website for free and cancel the subscription within 7 days if you don’t like it.


  • The subscription is expensive for beginners.
  • The website doesn’t ensure safe payments; it just works as a connector between freelancers and clients.

21. Hiresine

Official website of Hiresine. 21 Best Freelancing Websites for Beginners

Hiresine is also a very good option if you are looking best freelance websites for beginners data entry and other fields. It is a reputable portal for trying hands-on work-from-home opportunities. It was launched to bridge the gap between employers and employees. Let’s look at some other features of the website:

  • Hiresine is fast and safe.
  • It works both online and offline.
  • Jobs can be applied from anywhere.
  • It offers both full-time and part-time jobs.
  • You will be paid based on the number of hours worked.


  • You get paid timely.
  • Also, you will be guided throughout the project.


  • The website is full of ads.
  • The available link is misleading and redirects you to the same page repeatedly.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Freelancing

The following are the advantages of freelancing:

  • Freelancing allows you to work on your terms.
  • You can decide your working hours and payment structure.
  • It enables working in the comfort of home.
  • It saves time that otherwise is spent on traveling.
  • You can sign up for multiple projects at a time.
  • You can select the clients you want to work.
  • Freelancing regulates growth at the right pace.
  • Also, it maintains work and personal life balance.

The following are the disadvantages of freelancing:

  • There is no certainty of work and payment.
  • Freelancers need to be on their toes in search of work and clients.
  • Freelancing lacks discipline and structure of work.
  • It leads to an isolated life.
  • Freelancers are devoid of the perks of full-time employees.
  • There are instances of scam businesses on certain websites.
  • They have the burden of paying self-employment tax.

How to Create an Impressive Profile on Freelancing Websites

Although it is easy to create a profile on these freelancing websites, creating an impressive one makes you stand out from the crowd of freelancers. Here are a few tips that can help you build an outstanding profile.

  • Always write specified headings and not generic ones.
  • Upload a profile picture that looks professional. One with a white background is always preferred.
  • Ensure you are not adding skills that do not relate to work. Only write about relevant skills.
  • Write short and crisp sentences while explaining yourself and your work experiences.
  • Try to add keywords that help in the visibility of your profile.


Each of the above websites varies in terms of its functioning method, services, service charges, subscription plans, etc. Therefore, freelancers must consider all the factors before signing up for a gig. We hope this guide helped you find the best freelancing websites for beginners. Please share your queries or suggestions in the comment section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn next.

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