21 Best Pastebin Alternatives to Share Code and Text

Who won’t remember Pastebin for its versatile feature of sharing texts and codes online with friends and other people effortlessly? Pastebin would save texts and share them with anyone through several clicks. Although it was all exciting a decade ago after which the website started getting occupied with all sorts of ads, making it irritating for the users, and the heat for it started getting cold. The creators also introduced a pro plan to work effortlessly without ads which became a big buzzkill for the users who had long used it good, all for free. There’s no denying that the layout of the website is pretty appealing but the feuds didn’t just stop there. Recent criticisms claim that Pastebin is not particularly user-friendly because it is for everyone and not just one type of texting as it was used earlier. But no need to worry, everything on the internet has its alternative born as fast as just after hours or a handful of days of the latter’s release. Today, we’ll be discussing some of the best Pastebin alternatives that can be considered and installed on your system, before we shoot towards the list, let’s first take a look at Pastebin to get a good idea of it.

21 Best Pastebin Alternatives to Share Code and Text

Best Pastebin Alternatives to Share Code and Text

In the middle of the 2000s, Pastebin appeared as a way to swiftly share code fragments with accurate formatting without disrupting talks. IRC chat rooms at the time were a lot simpler than modern chat programs like Discord or WhatsApp. A 50-line chunk of code would undoubtedly disrupt the flow of the discourse in such a setting. As a result, websites like Pastebin appeared, enabling you to paste a sizable piece of code complete with straightforward syntax and suitable style. Whenever you’re ready to share, you may post a link in your chat. The URL was only one line long, thus it was a great choice. Users still use services like Pastebin to share code when their IM application doesn’t provide the necessary formatting. Additionally, while requesting online support, you may utilize it to provide a sizable amount of debugging data. Hackers disclosing stolen data, including passwords, and lists of dark web connections are two more prominent uses for Pastebin. Despite being an excellent service, Pastebin.com is not known for its security and several of its functions are hidden behind a Pro subscription. Here are a few Pastebin alternatives for your consideration.

1. Ghostbin

Ghostbin page

If you truly want to write some code for a lovely interface, give Ghostbin a shot. It is a visually pleasing alternative to Pastebin’s code where the whole site’s interface is an interactive text field. This service does not need registration, CAPTCHAs, or advertising. The Pastebin website is simple and visually attractive. With the help of the free web application Ghostbin.com, you may create, upload, and communicate via text with individuals all over the world. It is a website that is comparable to Pastebin.com and offers all of the same features that Pastebin.com offers, in addition to some new ones. Developers mostly utilize the website to trade source code.


  • It supports online sharing and code sharing.
  • This tool works almost similarly to Pastebin.
  • It provides support for MarkDown.

2. Hastebin

hastebin page. Best Pastebin Alternatives to Share Code and Text

The UI of Hastebin is really simple and has only a few functional buttons, making it the simplest and one of the best Pastebin alternatives. Any content you paste may also be saved, and a share URL is provided for you to transmit it to someone else. There is no place for anything other than the paste area, unlike some of the other paste tools, therefore it won’t display adverts in any way. Even from a console, if you’d want, you can use Paste bin. It has been incredibly simplified. It even offers additional features. Your privacy is not, however, guaranteed by hastebin. Your data isn’t subject to any liability so you must thus paste at your own risk. But it stops search engine spiders from picking up your info. The storage period for pastes is 30 days. The network can also be installed with it.


  • It offers support for Javascript.
  • The tool has a command line interface.
  • Also, it offers syntax highlighting.

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3. ControlC

ControlC page

Tinypaste’s successor, ControlC, is one of the greatest tools for text sharing online. You may exchange texts with others, unlike the cod editors. There are several formatting options available as you paste a title into it. For example, you may bold, italicize, underline, or strikethrough your words, or you may also alter the color of the text. Enable code highlighting if you want to share your code. The fact that Pastebin-like recent pastes are not shown on the website is its strongest feature. Instead, none of the queries are accessible to Google or other users. To make a sharing link, you only need to paste the code. The website is also free of intrusive advertisements. However, complex capabilities like cooperation will need you to make concessions.


  • This tool protects your paste with a password.
  • It has a simple user interface and a simple-to-use website.
  • ControlC has the capability to incorporate YouTube videos.

4. Codiad

Codiad github page

Note: Codiad website is currently down. You can visit the GitHub page to know about more.

Codiad is an IDE framework, except it’s online! It truly functions as a tiny IDE framework since it uses few resources, operates on your server, and is a paste bin that supports more than 40 languages and 20 syntax color schemes. It also offers localStorage redundancy and, most of all, real-time collaborative editing. However, you need a server with apache2 and PHP5+ installed on it to use this IDE Framework but anyhow, it’s worth a try.


  • It has forty or more language support.
  • Also, this tool offers various features such as plugin archives, split-screen editors, clever auto-completion, redundant local storage, and sophisticated search tools.
  • It is one of the best alternatives with an excellent feature for looking for errors and alerts.
  • Codiad provides support for many users.

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5. Rentry


Rentry is mostly used as a written text Pastebin and does not focus at all on coding. Although you may still share code with it, its main role is as a Markdown text editor with Pastebin capabilities. It’s simple to use and lets you concentrate on writing. Before sharing, put it in the Text area and check the Preview to see how it will appear. If necessary, a brief review of Markdown is available under the How tab. Rentry can be a good alternative to Pastebin.


  • Rentry offers various features like assistance with MarkDown, in-situ preview, anonymity, a command-line environment, tab preview, note-taking, and microblogging.
  • It also allows users to publish and write without interruptions.
  • This tool is lightweight.
  • Also, you can host a website.
  • It allows you to use social bookmarks.

6. Ideone

Ideone webpage

Ideone is another strong contender. This one has a debugging and compiler tool online. More than 60 programming languages will be available for you to build and run live on the website. You can manage your code easily with it thanks to a tonne of amazing features that it has. Furthermore, using the website is extremely simple. Choosing a programming language and pasting your source code are the only steps required to get started. Additionally, with this one, sharing code is quite simple. The URL may be shared by simply copying it from the URL bar or utilizing its built-in sharing options.


  • Ideone offers to execute candidate-written code during the interview processes for hiring.
  • It has the provision for well-illustrated online programming courses.
  • By incorporating an interactive on-site coding playground into your blog, you may write about programming and technology.

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7. JSFiddle

JSFiddle. Best Pastebin Alternatives to Share Code and Text

JSFiddle.net is a website like Pastebin that allows users to test and display HTML, Javascript, and source code samples. On the internet, it’s also referred to as a JavaScript workshop that enables web developers to edit their code and see the effects immediately. The platform supports not just JavaScript and its variants, but also Rss and HTML codes. Additionally, it supports well-liked JavaScript technologies including AngularJS, ReactiveJS, and JQuery. You may easily share your code with individuals all around the world who can enhance it with the help of this platform.


  • Thirty or more JS libraries and frameworks are supported.
  • It allows for private fiddles and code snippets to be created
  • Easy teamwork is made possible with the Collaborate function.
  • Also, it offers assistance for the creation of fictitious AJAX requests

8. Codepad.org


Alternatively, you might use Codepad.org. You may use this one as well, and it’s another simple code-sharing tool.


  • A textbox and a checkbox for choosing programming languages are part of the user interface, which is simple to use.
  • A choice to make your paste public or private is also provided.
  • It functions as a straightforward collaborative tool as well as a web-based compiler and interpreter.
  • Your code will execute as soon as you paste it into the text box provided by Codepad.
  • Furthermore, it will provide you with a brief URL that you may use to send your code to others via email or chat platforms.
  • Numerous languages are supported by the website. The languages covered here are C, C++, D, Haskell, Lua, OCaml, PHP, Perl, and more.
  • Others won’t be able to change your code when you share a link with them, though. However, they can add comments to your code. So that you can consider recommendations.
  • Overall, the website is quite attractive and easy to use. Additionally, there are practically any advertisements on the website. Therefore, you will like using it.

9. Github gist

Github gist webpage. Best Pastebin Alternatives to Share Code and Text

Gist Github is a website that works similarly to Pastebin in that it allows you to create code snippets in any computer language and share them with the community.


  • There is a sizable collection of applications there that you may build and share with others on the GitHub network.
  • It is a Pastebin rival that offers all of the same tools and services as Pastebin in addition to some more features that make it more beneficial for programmers.
  • The Gist community allows users to access a constantly expanding library of source code for just about any purpose they can think of.
  • This platform allows users to upload more codes to help others.
  • Each of your Gists includes a link that you may easily publish on your website, in forums, in emails and any place else you can share a link.
  • Additionally, some forums allow you to embed code as examples. You may also directly paste the code entry into your website.
  • Gist Github is a powerful web-based service that makes it possible to develop and share code samples from almost any device with an internet connection.
  • Additionally, it has many vital features that make it stand out from the competitors.

10. Glot.io

Glot.io webpage

An open-source Pastebin alternative that supports 37 languages, including Swift, Python, and others, Glot.io lets you start coding in your chosen language.


  • You may also store, distribute, and fork snippets with this tool.
  • With the fork function, you can quickly copy and paste items while seeing actual code.
  • If you want to test it out or create an improved version, simply fork the item.

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11. JS Bin

JS Bin webpage. Best Pastebin Alternatives to Share Code and Text

JS Bin originally served as a debugging tool for web development and contains all the qualities that make a Pastebin perfect.


  • One of its most useful features, however, is the ability to debug Ajax requests, remotely display the result of your JS Bin, and create save code in real time.
  • Javascript and CSS are at the center of it.
  • It was created to assist individuals in testing their snippets using a straightforward debugging function.

12. ZeroBin

ZeroBin webpage

We can see that not all copy-and-paste websites are created equal. ZeroBin stands out as a free website that stresses anonymity and is comparable to Pastebin.


  • The Format menu at the top lets you pick Normal Text, Code, or Markdown. Write your text in the editor after that.
  • At the top, you’ll discover a variety of options for managing how you share.
  • The standard for the Expires column is one week, but you may change it to as little as five minutes or never.
  • After initiating the URL once and selecting Burn, the text will disappear.
  • To let other people remark on the paste, you may also select Open discussion.
  • To be more careful, you can use a password to safeguard crucial pastes.

13. Write.as

Write.as webpage. Best Pastebin Alternatives to Share Code and Text

You might also take a look at Write.as, which is one of the best Pastebin alternatives. The website enables quick text creation and publication.


  • Using the service, you can send SMS to anyone or create notes to yourself that you may read later.
  • Additionally, you may utilize the website to write an article and publish it in your blog or on your social network accounts.
  • The main purpose of Write.as is to eliminate distractions that you could experience when writing on other platforms.
  • It provides you with a serene setting instead.
  • In addition, using it doesn’t require registration or the creation of an account.
  • Visit the webpage, then just begin to write. Press the publish button when you are finished.
  • The majority of website features are completely free to use.
  • Additionally, the site is devoid of ads so you can concentrate on writing.
  • If you upgrade to the premium subscription plan, you will have access to features like rich-tech editing and the ability to start a blog.
  • However, the free version might be adequate if sharing messages with others is all you do.

14. Snippet.host

Snippet.host webpage

The is the next entry in this list. It describes itself as storing simple text and code snippets. However, it may also function as a Pastebin.


  • The website doesn’t really provide you with a tonne of options, but it is quite easy to use.
  • However, the website will serve your needs if you just wish to share code with others.
  • There aren’t many options in the website’s user interface. You receive the title and text box, for instance.
  • Additionally, you may pick from a variety of programming languages, make your paste public or private, and define an expiration date.

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15. Codepen

Codepen website

You may also check out Codepen. This is yet another of the top Pastebin substitutes and a well-liked platform for creating and compiling code online.


  • It’s really simple to share your code with other people.
  • It is designed particularly for all programmers and designers to support their learning and best-practice creation.
  • The website allows you to create test cases, launch websites, and do other tasks.
  • Additionally, a live preview of your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript scripts is available.
  • The website may also be used to display the creations you have made.

16. Textbin

Textbin webpage. Best Pastebin Alternatives to Share Code and Text

The TextBin comes next in the list of best Pastebin alternatives. This website functions pretty well and is quite similar to PasteBin.


  • The website is quite simple to use. Simply paste the text you want to share with others by clicking the +New Paste button.
  • It provides a fast method for sharing a code or syntax highlight for the code.
  • Additionally, a large number of programming languages, such as PHP, JavaScript, Django, Python, Ruby, and CSS, are supported.
  • You can encrypt your data via the internet, which is another amazing function.
  • You can also provide a paste expiration date. The paste will thus be erased once the limit has been reached.
  • Additionally, you can only distribute the paste to private individuals.

17. Paste FS

paste FS website down

Note: Paste FS website is down currently.

Text saving has grown tiresome recently and hence it’s Paste FS right here! Your private and public material can be saved here, including files, films, and other types of media.


  • Its unique feature is offering consumers limitless space which is unmatched. Because of this, you are free to share anything.
  • The website is encrypted with SSL technology to provide users the peace of mind that comes with knowing their data is safe and that any communications with the site are secure.
  • Use this just if you need to paste anything together with certain files because the sidebar ads could bother you for a short while and the website is weak in features.

18. NoPaste

NoPaste webpage

The well-known Pastebin substitute NoPaste is another option that can be considered. It is one of the best Pastebin alternatives. You can access a tonne of functions on the website, and it runs without any issues.


  • The website’s greatest strength is its support for a large number of programming languages. The sharing of all codes is thus made simple.
  • Additionally, you may show your code on a website by using the embed option.
  • The Pastebin function, on the other hand, is rather easy to use.
  • Copying your code and choosing a programming language is all that is required after which, click the Create button to copy the sharing link.
  • The website’s UI is also rather simple, and there aren’t many adverts there, making it a favorable choice.

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19. Paste-bin.XYZ

paste bin.xyz. Best Pastebin Alternatives to Share Code and Text

Let’s move forward with another worthy contender Paste-bin.XYZ. You may prefer this if you want an easy-to-use Pastebin substitute.


  • It is a simple service that makes it easy to quickly paste information online.
  • It is also very helpful for sharing documents, code, and other types of data online.
  • You can access most of the services you’ll need on the website, which has a straightforward user interface.
  • It does, however, run commercials. You won’t have any problems with them though because of how well they are located.

20. Hackology

Hackology webpage

Try out Hackology as well. It is also one of the best Pastebin alternatives. This one is a small, user-friendly, and encrypted online Pastebin that is completely free. You don’t disclose your pasting activity to the website. Furthermore, it is among the top Pastebin substitutes.


  • It uses AES 256-bit encryption to encrypt and decode data in the browser.
  • Since it doesn’t save any data, the server won’t remove your pastes. Then, just press the send button after pasting your text or code.
  • You’ll also get an immediate sharing link that you can send to other people.
  • You may optionally provide a time restriction for expiration in addition to that.
  • It can be configured to end in a day, a few hours, or never, for instance.
  • Additionally, you can immediately remove your paste by choosing burn after reading. However, functions like collaboration and editing are still missing.
  • Although there are no adverts, it is still a generally useful service.

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21. Dpaste.com

Dpaste.com webpage. Best Pastebin Alternatives to Share Code and Text

Dpaste.com is this list’s last entry of best Pastebin Alternatives. With its uncomplicated user interface and absence of adverts, this website is very easy to use.


  • A sizable text box, a title, and a syntax selection option may all be found on the page.
  • Many different programming languages are supported. Therefore, utilizing the site for code exchange shouldn’t provide any major problems.
  • Additionally, a delete feature is included. Because of this, you may specify a time restriction for your paste, and when the time limit expires, the file will be removed.
  • Although the website is quite simple to use, other visitors are not given the ability to feed updates.
  • Furthermore, they are unable to offer you any feedback. Therefore, if you utilize Paste, teamwork is rather difficult.


Although there are many such websites, the above were some of the best Pastebin alternatives that you would utilize for your teamwork as per the best of our knowledge. Do share your favorite alternatives if this article proved to be of some importance to you and also do share any other website that, according to you, should’ve been included. Also share your valuable feedback and what more topics you would like us to cover in the comment section below, until then, goodbye, and see you in the next one.

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