18 Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

The internet is home to vast information that is present in bits and more. As much as it is easy to find information on the internet, it is as daunting a task to find details of the content that have been taken down from the world wide web. This lost information might be crucial for people especially in the corporate world who retain such data to keep up with their competitors. This is where Wayback Machine comes into the picture. It is a perfect tool to explore old content and other important information from the world wide web. If you are someone who has already used Wayback Machine and want to get acquainted with some Wayback machine alternatives then you have come to the right place. We have a suitable guide for you on the internet Wayback machine alternative that will inform you well about all possible options. From Wayback machine alternative free that can be used without paying any price to paid websites similar to Wayback machine that can be used indefinitely, we have got a lot of options for you today. So, without delaying any further, let us get to know about Wayback Machine and its alternatives better.

18 Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

Continue reading this article to know about the Internet Wayback Machine alternative in detail.

What is Wayback Machine?

Wayback Machine is a website of internet archives available on the world wide web. The website was founded in 1996. The main aim of the site is to allow people to access archived versions of websites. People can use Wayback Machine by typing in the URL, choosing a date range, and searching for the results. This machine helps users to access an indexed website’s history. It is majorly used by historians and researchers to maintain digital data. The website provides access to millions of people around the world. Wayback Machine helps in accessing digital content that is no longer available on the internet.

Where is Wayback Machine used?

  • To create strategic plans and evaluate rival businesses.
  • To learn about the progress of rivals.
  • To find information that is lost.
  • To view down-website content.
  • To capture, manage, and explore digital content.

Purpose of Wayback Machine

  • Lost Website Content: One of the main purposes of using a Wayback Machine is to retrieve lost website data. You can accidentally lose the content of your website which can be easily recovered with the help of Wayback Machine. It helps you get back any web content that has been deleted.
  • Down Website Content: Another major purpose for which Wayback Machine is used includes viewing the content of a down website. Even if a website is down temporarily, you can easily view its content. Wayback Machine helps in showing you multiple versions of the website which is down.
  • Keep an Eye on Competitors: Wayback Machine is a great tool for business owners as they can keep a check on their rivals and how they progress. Wayback Machine helps in analyzing the improvement of your rival’s website and what changes they have made.

Even though Wayback Machine is a widely used website and has everything that you might need to find, it still has some limitations. These include its slow processing and unresponsiveness which sometimes hinder the search process of a user. Therefore, we have listed some of the best alternatives to Wayback Machine that can help you perform the same functions, faster and more reliably on them.

1. Stillio


Stillio is the first internet Wayback Machine alternative that we are going to discuss today. Even though Wayback Machine tops the list when it comes to webpage archives, Stillio stands first in the list for reliably archiving screenshots of webpages. The website is known to catch screenshots at frequent intervals, for instance, daily, weekly, monthly, or as desired by the user. It helps to automatically capture website snapshots and archives and then share them with other users.


  • Stillio helps to manage your brands, track rivals, track SEO ranks, track trends, and verify advertisements.
  • It saves the user’s time as it takes screenshots at regular intervals.
  • Web pages can be easily archived with the help of Stillio.
  • Multiple URLs can be added at once in Stillio.
  • The URLs can also be filtered by domain with this tool.
  • The screenshots taken by Stillio can be saved to Dropbox.
  • Customization is possible in Stillio, for example, titles can be personalized to keep everything organized.
  • Stillio also helps to take a screenshot of the website’s geographic location by identifying the IP address.
  • The tool also allows you to use Google SERP to get information on rankings, ads, and search results.
  • You can also hide cookie popups, banners, and overlays in Stillio.
  • The screenshots taken by Stillio are erased after 36 months.


  • Stillio offers a 14-day free trial to users.
  • The basic plan of Stillio, Snap Shot starts at $29/month.
  • The Hot Shot plan costs around $79/month.
  • The Big Shot plan costs around $199/month.
  • The Top Shot plan costs about $299/month.

2. Archive.today


Archive.today is the next one in Wayback Machine alternative free list. Archive.today is known as a time capsule for web pages. It is an easy-to-use website that helps in creating a copy of the webpage. Similar to Wayback Machine, Archive.today is a free-to-use archive site with a simple database and index process.


  • The site is known to take a snapshot of a webpage which comes in handy if the original page disappears.
  • Archive.today provides short and reliable links to the record of any web page.
  • For better accuracy and easy access, it provides text and a geographical copy of the page.
  • The site can take a snapshot of the on-demand domain as well.
  • It helps to track website changes like price lists, blog posts, real estate listings, and more.
  • The pages that are saved in Archive.today do not contain any popups or malware.
  • It also supports heavy sites like JavaScript, visual-packed sites, and web applications like Twitter.
  • The best feature of the site is that it keeps different copies of the web page’s snap where the first one includes links contained in the original web page and the other includes a static picture of the page.
  • The text feature of Archive.today is powered by Google and Yandex.


  • The website is completely free to use.

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3. Internet Archive

Internet Archive. 18 Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

Internet Archive is the most used and one of the websites similar to Wayback Machine. It is the internet library for web results. Internet Archive is known to be the home of 690 million web pages that can be accessed easily. It keeps internet sites and cultural artifacts in digital form. Just like Wayback Machine, all the search results in the Internet Archive are free of cost.


  • It offers web results ranging from books, movies, music, software, websites, and more.
  • Internet Archive is a non-profit organization.
  • The website started its journey in 1996 and since then has stored millions of web pages.
  • Anyone can upload media to the Internet Archive from their free account.
  • The site offers universal access to digital books.
  • Internet Archive also archives television programs.
  • A single copy of the Internet Archive consists of 99+ Petabytes of server space.
  • The website is funded through donations and grants.


  • Internet Archive is a free to operate website.

4. Pagefreezer


Pagefreezer is the next one of the Wayback Machine alternatives that have been used extensively by people for the sole purpose of website and social media archiving. Founded in 2009, Pagefreezer makes archiving very easy with the help of cloud-based technology. It is a perfect tool for businesses and industries such as education, retail, finance, and telecom.


  • Pagefreezer helps in meeting data recordkeeping requirements for government use, financial services, education, healthcare, and public safety.
  • Pagefreezer consists of automated online data and it simplifies the early case assessment.
  • The website also comes in handy during legal matters as it gathers evidence from websites, social media, and other available online platforms.
  • The main features of Pagefreezer are data export, web-page comparison, digital signature, live browsing, and legal proof.
  • It maintains a complete record of your website.
  • Users can get real-time access to the content with Pagefreezer.
  • You can keep the track of activity for potential risks as well.
  • It is a great platform for capturing online conversations while monitoring potential risks.


  • Pagefreezer offers a monthly subscription plan of $99.

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5. DomainTools


The next internet Wayback Machine alternative is DomainTools which is best for advanced web archiving. DomainTools is one of the most authoritative sources of internet intelligence which was founded by Jay Westerday in 2002. While Wayback Machine is a focused website, on the other hand, DomainTools has two websites, Screenshots and Whois that offer access to historical data on the internet.


  • DomainTools helps in mapping the internet to detect and predict emerging threats.
  • It helps empower security teams to prevent, mitigate, and investigate in-process attacks.
  • You can easily detect newly discovered or active domains to anticipate campaigns.
  • It helps you to predict the risk level and threats from domains & IP addresses.
  • You can also view a website’s screenshot history to help you know how the design of the website has evolved.
  • It provides instantaneous capture and reporting of a domain activity.
  • It offers 97% internet coverage.
  • DomainTools is known to provide 200,000 observations per second.


  • DomainTools can be used for $99 per month.
  • You can also take a yearly subscription of $995.

6. Perma.cc

Perma.cc. 18 Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

Another Wayback Machine alternative free is Perma.cc which is a web archiving platform founded by Harvard Library Innovation Lab in the year 2013. The platform helps you to access permanent records of the websites. It is simple, easy to use, and is built & supported by libraries.


  • Perma.cc is a time capsule for web pages that is easily accessible by readers.
  • It offers a reliable link to an unalterable record of any page that is cited.
  • On capturing the Perma Link, the content and address of the original link do not change.
  • Users can delete the links within 24 hours of their creation.
  • URLs in Perma.cc can be inserted via blog or paper articles.
  • Perma Links in your citations keep you safe from link rot.
  • The platform also allows users to upload PDF files or images.


  • Academic institutions and courts can use Perma.cc for free.
  • Organizations such as law firms, non-profits, publishers, or individuals who are not associated with an academic institution or courts can use Perma.cc via paid subscription.

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7. WebCite


WebCite is a completely free-to-use platform that can be accessed by authors who want to cite web material regardless of the publication they are writing for. It is one of the websites similar to Wayback Machine which helps to preserve web pages permanently. Apart from authors, the website is also popularly used by editors, publishers, and academic scholars to use important materials and references.


  • One of the differences between Wayback Machine and WebCite is its detailed snapshots of author-cited references which are usually requested by publishers, authors, and readers and provided by WebCite.
  • Content available on WebCite is available in formats such as HTML, PDF files, images, and CSS-driven pages.
  • WebCite does not follow the web crawling approach.
  • WebCite content is easily accessible using its URLs.
  • The two formats followed by WebCite are Opaque and Transparent.
  • The opaque format can be used for a cited URL whereas Transparent format replaces URLs.
  • The platform indexes cited web pages, text, photos, and documents.


  • The website is completely free to access and operate.

8. iTools

iTools.18 Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

iTools is a well-known name that is considered while talking about Wayback Machine alternatives. This tool helps in providing complete information on a website. It is not just a website repository but a website analyzer too. It gives an insight into the popularity and traffic of the website.


  • iTools gives information on website contact information, Alexa rating, website traffic, data, reputation, and a lot more.
  • It is a single solution for repositories and analytics.
  • All the common website analytical tools can be found in iTools.
  • The website is extremely easy to use, even for beginners.
  • iTools provides information about a website in addition to its coding structure and screenshots.
  • You can also access the database of Alexa with the help of iTools.
  • It offers the latest tools, for instance, YouTube video search, paraphrasing, Google translates to the web, dictionary, and more.
  • It is a perfect tool for users who have SEO knowledge and want to dig deep into website statistics.


  • iTools is available to use for free.

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9. Yubnub


Internet Wayback Machine alternative that we are going to uncover now is Yubnub. Yubnub is a perfect tool for business-related information. The platform offers all the details about a website that is relevant to the business. It is an easy-to-operate website with a user-friendly interface that allows them to create and use commands linked to the web pages.


  • Extremely easy-to-use tool.
  • It works similarly to a search engine site, just like Google.
  • It is different from Wayback Machine because it lets users create and use commands that are linked to web services and pages.
  • The results take a few seconds to surface in Yubnub.
  • It is great for people who are new to the business and want to know details about their competitors in the market.
  • It helps you with details about the business that help you in branding.


  • Yubnub is a free-to-use tool.

10. Time Travel

Time Travel

Just like its name, Time Travel is all about going back in time and exploring how a website looked during that particular time period. Time Travel is indeed a convenient Wayback Machine alternative free tool that can be easily used. It is one of the best websites that will help you to find Mementos in web archives.


  • This tool uses Archive.today API in building the platform for web archives.
  • It offers a user-friendly design that is easy to operate.
  • Time Travel uses a whole range of servers to look for web pages.
  • It displays website content based on the time requested by the user.
  • The formats available on Time Travel are HTML, images, text, style sheets, and more which is not possible with Wayback Machine.
  • It provides a bar chart that shows checked and missing components.
  • Time Travel self-archives the web server content.


  • Time Travel is available to use for free.

11. Visualping

Visualping. 18 Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

Visualping is software that detects website changes. It is also one of the websites similar to Wayback Machine that notifies the user if there is a change on any website. Visualping is used by millions of users around the world because of the site’s simplicity and reliability.


  • Visualping only demands the URL of the page that needs to be monitored.
  • The platform also offers advanced settings to users that help to block certain elements or to introduce login credentials.
  • Unlike Wayback Machine, Visualping can crawl all sorts of websites including social media updates and password-protected pages.
  • It also helps in archiving the copies that help users to access all different versions.
  • It notifies the users with a screenshot of the change that is made to a website.
  • It is also a great tool for job hunting and house hunting.


  • The free plan offered by Visualping helps users with 5 pages per day.
  • Other plans offering a greater number of pages cost around $10, $25, $50, and $100 per month.

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12. MirrorWeb


MirrorWeb is another great choice when it comes to Wayback Machine alternatives. it is a great platform that offers digital archiving. Organizations can now meet their compliance and digital preservation needs faster with the help of MirrorWeb.


  • MirrorWeb captures, stores, indexes, and replays all content within easy to navigate SaaS platform.
  • The platform is also known to maintain permanent records of internal and customer communications.
  • MirrorWeb offers safe storage of data that can be easily retrieved when required.
  • It can also capture the content of heavy JavaScript-based apps or apps that are built using Angular, React, and others.
  • Apart from social media archiving, MirrorWeb also captures SMS, WhatsApp, and Telegram in real-time.
  • MirrorWeb also offers 24/7 support to its users.


  • MirrorWeb offers Starter, Standard, and Enterprise plans to use the website.

13. CachedView

CachedView. 18 Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

Another famous internet Wayback Machine alternative is CachedView. It is a Google cache browser for any page on the internet. CachedView uses multiple sources to archive websites.


  • CachedView enables users to access Google cache.
  • On using CachedView, the Google cached folder provides all the files that it has archived.
  • This single platform is home to three technologies, Internet Archive, Coral cache, and Google cache.
  • Cache files contain information in the form of URL, type of content, server response, server name, etc.


  • CachedView is a free-to-use website.

14. Resurrect Pages

Resurrect Pages

Resurrect Pages by Anthony Lieuallen is our next Wayback Machine alternative free tool. The platform is known to leverage Archive.org and other similar pages to bring the dead pages back to life. This Internet Wayback Machine alternative tool works with the Firefox extension.


  • Resurrect Pages is home to dead pages, broken links, and the scourge of the internet.
  • Resurrect Pages searches through Google cache, Internet Archive, WebCite, and archive.is.
  • You can easily access content from deleted pages or broken links.
  • This tool aids in looking at the competitor’s older versions of the website.
  • Unlike Wayback Machine, Resurrect Pages is only compatible with Firefox.
  • The quality and accuracy of Resurrect Pages depend upon the archive content it produces.


  • Resurrect Pages can be used for free.

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15. MessageWatcher

MessageWatcher. 18 Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

MessageWatcher also comes under the list of websites similar to Wayback Machine. Similar to Wayback Machine, MessageWatcher keeps records of copies of your website. It is a digital communications compliance and eDiscovery platform that is used by millions of users around the world.


  • It is extremely fast to use, intuitive, and provides reliable solutions for monitoring your company’s digital communications.
  • You can easily monitor your email, social media, websites, text messaging, and other digital collaboration platforms with its policy tools.
  • MessageWatcher also offers on-demand search, random sampling, data export, and automation to reduce risks.
  • The tool is used by construction, healthcare, global manufacturing, investment firms, and other companies in highly regulated industries.
  • One of the drawbacks of MessageWatcher is that only captures screenshots and not the full version of the website.


  • MessageWatcher is subscription-based and starts from $300 per month.

16. ChangeTower


ChangeTower is a name common amongst Wayback Machine alternatives that helps in monitoring your website in real-time. It is a powerful website change detection and archiving platform. Here are the features of this Internet Wayback Machine alternative.


  • ChangeTower offers functions like monitoring website changes, getting alerts, and archiving full history.
  • You can also set custom alert criteria to get notified about website changes.
  • Unlike Wayback Machine, ChangeTower alerts users by notifying them and creating snapshots of the modified pages immediately.
  • It only captures the snapshot of the page and not the full website which can be an issue for some users.
  • You can monitor any web page URL with ChangeTower.
  • ChangeTower offers you a detailed report on the changes encountered.


  • ChangeTower is subscription-based and costs around $299 per month.

17. Smarsh

Smarsh. 18 Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

Just like other internet Wayback Machine alternative options mentioned above, Smarsh is also a great choice if you are looking to monitor web and social media from a single dashboard. Smarsh helps to detect risk in your electronic communications before they even happen, it maximizes the scalability of supervision teams, and uncover all the strategic insights from large volumes of data in real-time.


  • Smarsh was founded by Stephen Marsh in 2001.
  • Smarsh is one of the best tools to use as supervision for emails, texts, and other collaboration platforms.
  • Smarsh provides companies with a better way to capture, store, and monitor their communications.
  • Smarsh tools securely preserve data and harness it for critical business insights.


  • Smarsh offers different prices according to the required services. Its basic plan starts at $10 per user per month.

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18. UK Web Archive

UK Web Archive

The last Wayback Machine alternative free tool for today in the list is UK Web Archive. Users can easily recover old or obsolete versions of UK websites. This platform collects millions of websites each year and thus is an updated website to go to.


  • Users can search the text of the websites and browse websites that are curated on different topics and themes.
  • The website targets events or areas of interest, subjects, and social media to archive.
  • Along with the coding content on UK Web Archive, you can also find text, HTML pages, images, and PDFs on the platform.
  • It is a great tool to search for UK websites.
  • It helps users to search the website as per themes and titles.


  • UK Web Archive can be used for free.


We hope that our doc on best Wayback Machine alternatives successfully helped you in providing a list of options that you can further explore and use for extensive internet search. Let us know which one of the above-mentioned options was a great pick for you. If you have any other queries or suggestions that you want to convey, drop them in the comments section below.

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