27 Best Free Blog Sites

Content is something that adds value to the readers’ lives, and blogging sites give you a platform to influence or inform readers. Blogging platforms allow you a stage to express your brand’s thoughts, visions, stories, information, etc. You can write, create and upload your blog/ content here. Blogs help you to make an impact on the lives of people, or if you are a brand they help you in lead generation, sales to potential clients, informing about the brand, building relations within the industry, etc. To put your ideas on the internet publicly you need to know all best free blog sites. The below-given list of blogging sites is a platform where you can create a blog for free.

27 Best Free Blog Sites

Best Free Blog Sites: A Detailed Insight

The Blogging Sites given below are popular personal blog sites with features so that you can judge which one suits you the best to create a blog for free.

1. WordPress.com


WordPress.com is one of the most popular blogging sites with over a million users to create a blog for free. You can use the WordPress.com Blogging site for mostly any kind of blog. It is the most preferred free blog sites for students as well.


  • Users do not have to worry about hosting and security as WordPress.com provides for it.
  • It is an easy and simple-to-use platform.
  • Users do not need to remember to take updates as the site regularly does it for you.
  • WordPress helps the user with a domain name, hosting, and email all in one place.
  • WordPress.com gives the user access to a library of themes and plugins for absolutely free.
  • Users get a free subdomain of WordPress.com, users can also buy their personal domain names.
  • WordPress.com gives the user option to schedule posts.
  • It lets you build your own tags, and categories and moderate comments.
  • The content once posted on the site as a blog is not technically owned by the user if they are working under the subdomain, therefore the user might have a little less control.

2. WiX

Wix.com. 27 Best Free Blog Sites

WiX.com is a free website builder and is becoming one of the popular personal blog sites. It is used for making unique blogs.


  • Users get over 200 customizable themes and templates for blogging.
  • Wix lets users integrate their sales into the blogs.
  • Wix helps users with SEO optimization tools for the ranking of their blogs.
  • Wix gives less storage space which might not be able to hold the users’ images and videos.

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3. Wordpress.org


WordPress.org is an open-source Content Management System. It is the most popular blogging website for millions of users and for many reputed brands. It is the best solution for advanced users and businesses. You can create a blog for free using this website.


  • WordPress.org can be used for a variety of blogs, from personal blogs to corporate websites.
  • It is a versatile blogging platform as the user can access it from any device that has an internet connection.
  • Users get complete control over their site on WordPress.org, users can even edit their codes according to them.
  • Users get full ownership of their blogs and content.
  • Users get free access to themes and plugins, and they can even install more, customize, or hire developers for better themes, templates, and plugins.
  • Users can run ads on their blogs on WordPress.org to generate more revenue.
  • Users would have to pay for Web Hosting which could be expensive.
  • WordPress.org is a little tricky if you are a beginner, because of they would have to manage hosting, domains, and website by themselves.

4. weebly

Weebly. 27 Best Free Blog Sites

weebly is one of the best free blog sites because of its ease of use. It lets the users have e-commerce integration with the blogs.


  • It provides users with 40-plus templates for blogging.
  • weebly has an easy drag-and-drop user interface.
  • Weeble provides users with RSS feeds and makes it simple to share the blog on social media handles.
  • With weebly, you can moderate comments, monitor stats, and manage multiple blogs simultaneously
  • With the free plan the blogs would have a Weebly footer.

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5. ghost


ghost is an open-source and free platform to post blogs. It helps you create beautiful blogs easily and they are best suited for lightweight blogs. It is a great option for free blog sites for students.


  • ghost provides users with a minimalistic and aesthetic approach to blogging.
  • It provides the fastest speed for loading the blogs for visitors among all the other sites.
  • It provides the user with SEO optimization options for their blogs, so they could rank on google.
  • They provide users with a simple platform to format and revise their posts.
  • ghost lets you add code snippets in the blogs the user writes to customize and beautify them.
  • Users get a free library with themes and templates for uploading blogs and content. But the options are limited.
  • The company does not provide a lot of support to users who have free accounts.

6. Joomla

Joomla. 27 Best Free Blog Sites

Joomla is one of the best free blog sites and open-source CMS for publishing web content. It is a perfect solution for developers and coders who want to build a blogging website with no hosting charges.


  • Joomla provides users with free themes, templates, and extensions.
  • Joomla is a very simple tool if you have basic coding knowledge.
  • All the non-coders and developers can also learn with the wide range of tutorials available on the site, which makes it a great free blog site for students.
  • The free extensions available help you customize the blogs writ.
  • It helps the users with security as Joomla restricts unauthorized access.
  • Joomla can be a little slow at times.

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JIMDO is a good choice for beginners who are starting the blogging journey. It is a good option for free blog sites for students.


  • It provides a responsive design to beautify the blog.
  • Users can easily upload images and videos.
  • Users can also integrate forms into the blogs.
  • To ensure compliance with EU regulations, the platform provides GDPR-compliant pages
  • JIMDO does not offer SEO optimization.

8. LinkedIn

LinkedIn. 27 Best Free Blog Sites

LinkedIn is also an upcoming blogging site. Users can post blogs and content on LinkedIn Pulse. It is mostly used to share professional stories and insights with other like-minded professionals.


  • LinkedIn is a platform for business professionals so the users who post the blog can get quality comments from other people in the industry.
  • LinkedIn Pulse gives users the entire access to the network so the users’ connections can read, comment, and share the blogs.
  • Users can easily add images and videos to their blogs.
  • Users can also embed videos from YouTube.
  • With LinkedIn Pulse, the user can send their blogs to their target audience as well.
  • LinkedIn is a great platform because the content here ranks easily.
  • If the users’ connections have subscribed to the blogs LinkedIn pushes notifications whenever the user uploads new blogs.
  • The length of your blog does not matter that much here, even small blogs that get the message through can easily be accessible and ranked.
  • The features on LinkedIn are limited as the users cannot customize their blogs.

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9. Medium


Medium is a free and growing popular personal blog site to create a blog for free. It is best for the users trying to create a presence through content and build an audience.


  • Medium has a simple and easy-to-understand user interface.
  • Users can view the number of readers and the time spent on reading the blog by each reader.
  • Medium believes in appreciating people who are taking the step to post the blog, they have an in-built clap feature where the reader can show appreciation.
  • There is a high chance of the user’s content being read as it promotes the content on its homepage and social media.
  • Users put their stories on the blogs of well-known writers to gain some audience and popularity.
  • Medium helps the users earn money based on the views on the blog using the Partner Program.
  • Users can not customize the look of their blogs.
  • Medium is a less recommended platform if the user’s goal is to earn money.

10. Penzu

Penzu. 27 Best Free Blog Sites

Penzu is one of the best free blog sites. It lets the user post their journals as blogs. With over 2 million users it is one of the best free blog sites for students to write down their thoughts.


  • Penzu offers easy-to-use navigation on the website to create the blog.
  • It gives unlimited storage.
  • Penzu users enjoy rich text formatting.
  • Blogs are saved automatically.
  • Works smoothly across all devices.
  • Users can post multiple journals with the premium plan.
  • Penzu provides 100% privacy to the users.

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11. Tumblr


Tumblr is one of the popular personal blog sites. It is best for users who want to post free blogs quickly. Tumblr is mostly used for Microblogging i.e., posting small blogs.


  • Tumblr offers free themes and templates and the users can create custom these with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  • Tumblr integrates with a variety of apps from where you can add music, videos, images, forms, etc.
  • Users can also link their Twitter account to their Tumblr account.
  • To ease the users from remembering when to post the blogs they can schedule the time at which they want the blogs to go live.
  • Tumblr integrates with Facebook pages.
  • The site has a feature for the users to know what content brings the most traffic, Tumblr’s analytics give the users good traffic statistics for the users.
  • The major focus of Tumblr is on visual content
  • The ads running on the blogs do not bring revenue to the blog creator, but to the site.

12. contentful

Contentful. 27 Best Free Blog Sites

contentful provides a free and content-managed style of blogging. It is the most used site for developer teams that look for a CMS-based blogging style.


  • Users get a platform to write blogs and post them live on the internet.
  • Contentful provides the users with basic features, like the ability to create and publish blog posts, manage authors, and detailed analytics reports of the blog.
  • They follow a cloud-based approach so the users can scale easily.
  • Contentful lets you integrate e-commerce and ads into your blogs to generate more revenue for the users.
  • It gives the users a platform to even edit the pictures according to the blog.
  • Videos can easily be added to the users’ blogs through Contentful without having the need to upload them on a third-party app before.
  • It saves the users from loading-time slowdowns.
  • Contentful is a sticky site when it comes to navigating,
  • Users might need some coding and developer skills to get fully comfortable with the site.

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SQUARESPACE is a popular blogging website targeting artists and photographers with a visually pleasing blog.


  • Squarespace provides a range of layouts and customizable templates.
  • It provides users with a drag-and-drop tool to build aesthetic blogs.
  • It provides the users space to manage daily workflows with the team or client.
  • It tracks the analytics of how the readers are engaging with the content.
  • It helps users with SEO optimization.
  • Users can only access the free trial after entering their credit card details.

14. SilverStripe

SilverStripe. 27 Best Free Blog Sites

SilverStripe is a free blogging website. It is best used by users or businesses who are looking for a close alternative to WordPress.org and have some coding and developer knowledge.


  • SilverStripe is built for new bloggers and it is also a free blog site for students and that’s why it has a very simple user interface
  • The editor on the site shows the users exactly how their blog is going to look when its up and running
  • It helps the user with SEO optimization and also generates ranking and simple URLs for the user’s blog posts
  • SilverStripe believes in user reviews, thus the readers of your blog can leave a comment for the user.
  • It helps the user to meaningfully tag the blogs so that they are easier to find.
  • It lets the user upload photos and videos up to 500MB free on SilverStripe’s cloud-based media library
  • They provide the user with an RSS feed for the user’s blog
  • The site supports multiple languages except for English like Dutch, Danish, French, German, Spanish, etc.
  • It is not a very user-friendly site.
  • Users need to create their own plugins as third-party plugins are not allowed.

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15. Blogger


Blogger is one of the oldest and best free blog sites available to create a blog for free. It is a platform where users can create blogs for free without the hassle of hosting.


  • Users can use the free Blogspot.com domain provided by Google for their blogs.
  • Blogger has a simple and easy to access the user interface
  • Readers get dynamic views to read the blogs
  • Building a blog website is very simple as it can be done through the app.
  • Blogger integrates the users’ blogs with Google platforms like Analytics and Adsense.
  • Even with no knowledge of coding the users can customize and beautify their blogs.
  • Users get access to a variety of free and customizable templates.
  • Blogger provides users with simple access to embed videos from YouTube or their devices.
  • Blogger is a completely free website to post blogs, which lacks a lot of customer support.
  • There may be a few security issues.

16. webs.com

Webs.com. 27 Best Free Blog Sites

webs.com is a popular blogging website. It’s the best site for those who want an aesthetically pleasing blog.


  • Webs is an excellent tool for creating a good-looking, customized website via a browser-based interface.
  • It provides an elegant drag-and-drop interface.
  • The site is responsive on mobiles too because of the in-built mobile website builder.
  • Users can add social media widgets to their blogs.
  • With Webs you can get locally listed and ranked quickly.
  • Webs run detailed analyses to understand the traffic on blogs.
  • Variety of themes are made available.
  • It is search engine friendly.
  • Users could unlock more features with the premium plan like unlimited pages, storage, and password protection on the blogs.

17. strikingly


strikingly is one of the best free blog sites because of how easy it is to use.


  • Its editor is simple to use and allows the user to drag and drop to build the blog.
  • Strikingly works smoothly on almost all devices.
  • Strikingly has this amazing feature that lets the user add their contact details to the blog.
  • Users can easily share the blogs on social media.
  • Users can get detailed insights about how well the blog is doing.
  • Users should add a signup form to the blog so that the readers can subscribe.
  • They provide 24/7 customer support.
  • Storage space provided to free users is very limited.

18. Write.as


Write.as is a blogging platform for the users with a major focus on privacy and amazing user and reader experience.


  • Users get access to a variety of templates.
  • Users can easily share the blogs on social media.
  • It helps the user with SEO optimization and also generates ranking and simple URLs for the user’s blog posts.
  • Publishing the blog is very simple on Write.as.

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19. Drupal


Drupal blogging platform is an open-source content management system used for creating online content.


  • It lets users access thousands of themes and modules.
  • Allows the user to customize completely according to them.
  • Users can share content to various social media handles.
  • Works smoothly across all devices.

20. jekyll


jekyll lets the user create a blog for free. It helps the user to write blogs and build a static website for it.


  • It is a quick site to write and upload blogs
  • Users can import their content from WordPress here.
  • Users can easily share the blogs on social media.
  • It provides a free hosting service with GitHub pages.

21. postach.io

postach.io. 27 Best Free Blog Sites

postach.io is one of the popular personal blog sites. It is mostly for the users who use Evernote to store their content and want a free blogging solution.


  • There are a lot of customization options for the user.
  • Postach.io takes care of all the hosting needs of the user without the need for third-party services.
  • Users get great options to optimize the blogs.
  • By offering an easy-to-use blogging tool, Evernote competes with options like WordPress.
  • With Postach.io users are just limited to blogging.

22. Typepad

Typepad. 27 Best Free Blog Sites

Typepad is one of the best free blog sites that gives the user control over the design and process of the blog. It helps you create a blog for free.


  • It helps the user with scheduling the blog that is to be posted.
  • Typepad integrates with Google Analytics, PayPal, Bit.ly, etc.
  • Gives the user a variety of themes and templates to choose from.
  • It has an ad-free interface for better readability.
  • User can add social media widgets to their blogs.
  • There is only a 14-day free trial.
  • User gets access to very limited plugins.

23. Svbtle

Svbtle. 27 Best Free Blog Sites

Svbtle blog builder lets the user collect and compile ideas, turn them into blogs, and publish them when they are ready. Based on the way the user’s brain works, this blogging platform works in the same way.


  • Once the content is published here it always stays on the internet.
  • Allows the users to create and customize designs according to them.
  • Users can add hosted images
  • Users can embed videos from YouTube.

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24. HubSpot


HubSpot is a great blogging site that helps user link all their business tools together. Visitor data can be incorporated into email marketing funnels, sales pipelines, and customer support tickets.


  • It provides a hassle-free blogging experience.
  • Provides the users with different templates
  • HubSpot provides users with SEO optimization.
  • Premium plans are costly.
  • HubSpot may have an easy user interface but there are a lot of technicalities when it comes to linking the business tools with the blog

25. yola


yola is one of popular personal blog sites with over 12 million users. It is available in 6 different languages.


  • Users get access to a variety of templates.
  • Blogs are protected with passwords.
  • It is Search engine friendly which can get the users a lot of organic traffic.
  • Users can integrate the blogs with Google Maps, background videos, and Tumblr.
  • Users get unlimited bandwidth and amazing blogging and loading speed.
  • Users can only have the free trial till the first 3 pages on blogs.


LiveJournal.com. 27 Best Free Blog Sites

LIVEJOURNAL is used by over 16 million users to post their journals/ blogs/ content. It is available in multiple languages.


  • Users can easily upload videos, pictures, etc.
  • This platform lets the reader send both Public and Private messages to the blogger.
  • It is like a big community where users can find answers to various questions answered either via blogs or microblogs.
  • Most of the information and blogs you find on the site might be in Russian as it is a Russian Social Networking Service.

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27. edublogs


edublogs is a great blogging platform for education-related blogs. It is a good free blog site for students. It is a perfect site for college students and professors.


  • Users get access to a range of features, plugins, themes, templates, etc. that are specific to education.
  • Users can integrate social media, maps, fonts, tables, etc.
  • Edublogs provides users with full security and safety.
  • Storage space is limited to just 1 GB.

Pricing Plan

Price Chart for the above-mentioned sites that help the user create a blog for free.

Blogging Site Price Plan
WordPress.com WordPress Starter plan: $5/month

WordPress Pro plan: $15/month

Wix Combo: $16/month

Unlimited: $22/month

Pro: $27/month

VIP: $45/month

WordPress.org Price can range from $50 to $200
Weebly Personal: $6/month

Professional: $12/month

Performance: $26/month

Ghost Starter: $9/month for free themes and standard integrations.

Creator: $25/month for Starter features plus unlimited custom themes and more integrations.

Team: $50/month for Creator features plus priority support and higher usage limits

Business: $199/month for Team features plus unlimited staff users and advanced domain configurations.

Joomla Free
Jimdo Play: Free

Start: $9/month

Grow: $14/month

LinkedIn Free
Medium Subscription for $5 per month
Penzu Monthly subscriptions are $4.99

Yearly subscriptions are $19.99

Tumblr Free
Contentful Community: free plan

Team: Starts at $489 per month to $1,995 per month.

Enterprise: You need to contact Contentful for this plan’s pricing details.

SquareSpace Personal: $14/month

Business: $23/month

Basic Commerce: $27/month

Advanced Commerce: $49/month

SilverStripe Free
Blogger Free
Webs.com Starter: $ 5 .99/month

Enhanced: $ 12 .99/month

Pro: $ 22 .99/month

Strikingly Forever Free plan: Free

Limited: $12/month

Pro: $20/month

VIP: $59/month

Write.as Pro: $9 / month

Team: $30 / month

Drupal Free
Jekyll $120.00/year
Postach.io $5 per month
Typepad Plus: $8.95/month

Unlimited: $14.95/month

Premium: $29.95/month

Enterprise: $49.95/month

Svbtle $7 per month
HubSpot Depend on the features user wants
Yola Free: $0/month

Bronze: $5/month

Silver: $14/month

Gold: $26/month

LiveJournal 6 months approx 16.55 USD

12 months approx 23.17 USD

Edublogs Pro $39.95 per year


Understanding how free blogging sites and self-hosted WordPress work the most reliable way is to find the best blogging platform for your needs. Additionally, the decisions you’ll make will be influenced by your financial situation, the degree of customization possible, and how simple the software is to use. We have made an effort to include all the information about the best free blog sites to create a blog for free in this guide.

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