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16 Best Free Network Monitoring Software for Windows 10

Your network is comprised of a complex mix of hardware, software, and people. To compete in the ever-changing market for IT monitoring, server monitoring, and system monitoring software, new software, tools, and utilities are produced almost every year. We bring to you a list of the best free network monitoring software or tools for Windows 10.

16 Best Free Network Monitoring Software for Windows 10

15+ Best Free Network Monitoring Software for Windows 10

Following are some features of network monitoring software.

  • A network monitoring tool will provide you with a wide overview of the health of your network and assist you in identifying areas for improvement.
  • They enable you to monitor and manage your network effectively.
  • They assist the system administrator or network administrator in the monitoring of possible issues.

Choosing the best free network monitoring software and solutions for your environment and budget may be difficult with so many options. The following is a hand-picked list of the best network monitoring software. This list includes both free and paid open-source tools. So let us go through this free network monitoring tools for Windows.

1. OP5 Monitor

OP5 Monitor. 16 Best Free Network Monitoring Software

OP5 Monitor is a free network monitoring tool for Windows software based on Naemon, a derivative of Nagios. As a result, it works with all Nagios plugins. It is a server, network monitoring, and management software package based on the Open Source initiative. The OP5 Monitor shows the condition, health, and performance of the IT network.

  • It provides a single pane of glass view of your whole IT estate, allowing you to combine monitoring tools.
  • It provides you with a REST-API that allows you to automate tasks and integrate with other systems.
  • The dashboards in this network management solution are entirely configurable and interactive.
  • It also features accurate data collecting no matter what technology stack is used.
  • Automatic Self-Healing is supported.
  • The API makes integrating the data a breeze.
  • It has a good root cause analysis function.
  • For server and network monitoring, it visually provides all of your data in service level reports.
  • It keeps track of everything that happens in the server’s containers.
  • It allows you to scale all parts of your IT infrastructure.

2. Obkio


Obkio’s Network is a free network monitoring software and SaaS solution software that assists you in identifying and resolving issues so that you can provide a better end-user experience. It is one of the most effective free network monitoring tools for windows, providing 500ms real-time network performance updates.

  • It allows for continuous monitoring through the use of monitoring agents.
  • It allows you to test performance by exchanging synthetic traffic.
  • It provides monitoring from the point of view of the end-user.
  • It enables you to monitor firewalls, CPUs, switches, routers, and much more via SNMP device monitoring.
  • This SaaS program allows you to save data on the cloud, making it convenient and simple to use.
  • Every system, including Windows, Linux, Hyper-V, and others, may use the monitoring agents.
  • You can utilize plug-and-play hardware agents in situations where there are no IT servers.
  • It features decentralized monitoring between pairs of agents located in various places.
  • This network performance monitoring application displays historical data to help address previous problems.
  • It provides automatic speed tests for determining the health of a network.
  • Every minute, the user’s quality of experience (QoE) is assessed.

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3. Icinga

Icinga. 16 Best Free Network Monitoring Software

Icinga is a free and open-source infrastructure and service monitoring application. Icinga is a free network monitoring tools for windows software that changes and reports on the health of your IT environment.

  • It helps with service monitoring.
  • It can be used for both direct and SNMP monitoring.
  • Clustering and Zone Monitoring are both possible.
  • It comes with a variety of configurations and templates.
  • It employs several configuration tools, such as Puppet, Chef, and Ansible, to provide data to your system automatically.
  • It gives you access to a cloud-based network monitoring system.
  • The alert dependencies are displayed on the dashboard.
  • SMS, email, and mobile messaging apps are used to send the warnings.
  • It collects data efficiently and aids in debugging.
  • It gives you complete visibility into all systems and apps’ health, work, and performance.
  • It notifies you immediately if there are any irregularities in the system.
  • It produces, imports, and synchronizes third-party data from a variety of sources automatically.
  • It keeps track of a huge amount of data.

4. Network Bandwidth Analyzer

Network Bandwidth Analyzer

Network Bandwidth Analyzer is a multi-vendor network monitoring tool that lets you track the performance of your network. You can utilize the network more easily by detecting, diagnosing, and fixing network performance issues.

  • It detects, diagnoses, and resolves network performance problems quickly, decreasing network outages.
  • View IPv4 and IPv6 flow records with ease.
  • The Analyzer gathers all traffic data and turns it into a format that you may use to quickly monitor network traffic.
  • Support for VMware vSphere distributed switches, which allows it to filter out east-west traffic on individual hypervisors.
  • The process of determining the fundamental cause is sped up by simply dragging and dropping network performance metrics onto a shared timeline.
  • The Cisco NBAR2 is supported by the software, which gives insight into HTTP (port 80) and HTTPS (port 443) traffic without the need for extra probes, spanning ports, or other methods.
  • It allows you to easily define a schedule and receive detailed network traffic and bandwidth metrics.
  • This is one of the best free network monitoring tools for windows which monitors and manages wireless networks.
  • You may monitor the effectiveness of pre-and post-policy traffic levels per class map with CBQoS policy optimization.
  • This network performance monitor from SolarWinds is simple to use.
  • This Windows networking monitoring program has a variety of deployment options.
  • You can make network traffic reports that are tailored to your needs.
  • You may simply improve security by having visibility into harmful or malformed communication with port 0 monitoring.
  • Cisco NetFlow, Juniper J-Flow, sFlow, Huawei NetStream, and IPFIX flow data may be simply monitored to discover the applications and protocols that consume the most bandwidth.
  • If there is a change in the application traffic activity, it immediately displays alarms.
  • If the network monitoring software stops delivering you network performance statistics, you may easily set alarms.

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5. ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine OpManager. 16 Best Free Network Monitoring Software

OpManager is a free network monitoring software solution that spans the entire network. It lets you monitor network availability, traffic, and performance data for a variety of devices, such as routers, servers, and switches.

  • It allows you to keep track of the performance of multi-vendor network devices.
  • It has a real-time monitoring feature.
  • It actively manages physical servers such as virtual machines, RAID, storage arrays, and so on.
  • There are over 9500 monitoring templates built-in for network devices.
  • E-mails and SMS are used to provide you with advanced notifications and alerts.
  • You can customize your dashboard with over 100 performance widgets.
  • With your smartphone app, you can easily administer the network.
  • For all-in-one network infrastructure monitoring, contextual integrations are available.
  • It can monitor WAN/VoIP for jitter, packet loss, and latency effectively.
  • It has an automated troubleshooting option.
  • It comes with an SSL offload.
  • Mobile phones can connect to the network.

6. Auvik

Auvik. 16 Best Free Network Monitoring Software

Auvik is a cloud-based network monitoring software that is faster, easier to use, and gives you rapid insight into the networks you manage through automatic network discovery, monitoring, documentation, and more. This networking performance monitor application keeps you up to date with real-time network mapping and inventories.

  • Windows Server and Ubuntu Linux are both supported by the software.
  • This network performance monitoring application presents all of your operations on a dashboard.
  • When unexpected activity is detected, it promptly sends out an alarm.
  • It is a company that provides auto-discovery services.
  • Its lightweight collector takes only a few minutes to set up, and it quickly starts discovering network devices after that.
  • Both Windows Server and Ubuntu Linux are supported.
  • All activities are automatically backed up and can be retrieved in the future.
  • You may use any basic web browser to access it from anywhere.
  • Configuration management is included.
  • It allows you to create an unlimited number of endpoints.
  • A SaaS package is included with the software, which includes processing power and storage space for monitoring applications and system logs.
  • Secure SSH access is available via an in-app terminal.
  • It entirely centralizes network monitoring across various locations.
  • With its APIs, you may design complex processes.

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7. Network Configuration Manager

Network Configuration Manager

Network Configuration Manager manages configurations, compliance for routers, switches, and other networks. This software also saves time and improves network security and reliability.

  • With scheduled backup plans for routers, firewalls, and switches, you can ensure high network reliability and uptime.
  • You can improve operational efficiency by using the proactive drift management option.
  • You may enhance productivity and save time by using a network inventory tool.
  • Import current devices, regardless of device type, and have your device information updated automatically whenever it changes.
  • It’s a multi-vendor inventory management system.
  • It instantly fixes network problems.
  • It detects and exploits vulnerabilities automatically.
  • Other SolarWinds modules are compatible with it.
  • Most managed network devices can be configured automatically.
  • All network device settings may be readily viewed, deployed, tracked, and backed up from a single location.
  • Configuration updates are carried out quickly and without errors.
  • The configuration comparison option can help you spot variations in lines of code.
  • It keeps track of the configuration database, which will come in handy if you have any security issues in the future.
  • Manage the routers effectively and avoid security misconfiguration.
  • Create multi-device baseline configurations quickly and easily for a reference point.

8. Site24x7


Site24x7 is a dependable and steady network monitoring tool that provides information at the device and interface levels. It’s a DevOps and IT all-in-one monitoring solution based on SaaS.

  • It uses an SNMP-based network monitoring solution.
  • It keeps track of the health, performance, and availability of network devices.
  • It provides a complete network mapping with layer 2 maps, allowing you to see everything.
  • Custom monitoring, cloud-based scalability, dashboards, and other features are included.
  • It features a mobile version that is compatible with Android and iOS.
  • Network monitoring is carried out 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • It supports approximately 450 manufacturers, including Canon, HP, Cisco, D-link, Dell, and others.
  • It is one of the greatest multi-vendor network monitoring tools available, as well as a cloud-based network monitoring tool.
  • It provides real-time network monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Because of the high availability techniques utilized in the monitoring, there are no interruptions.
  • It’s a network that uses the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to detect anomalies right away.
  • It has a feature for root cause analysis.

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9. Datadog


Datadog is a monitoring program, which gives you end-to-end visibility into cloud and hybrid networks. It is in charge of network device performance management. It’s a cloud-based program that searches for and recognizes all connected devices.

  • It has a watchdog capability that automatically detects any network irregularities.
  • It allows you to see how your network is being used in real-time.
  • This network performance monitoring tool enables remote access to sites to be monitored.
  • It provides you with detailed information on its DNS performance.
  • Create and configure graphs, metrics, and alerts in seconds.
  • It has a user-friendly UI and 500+ vendor-supported connectors.
  • It displays all of the network’s modifications in near real-time.
  • The auto-discovery creates a topology map network.
  • It examines network traffic as it passes via applications, availability zones, on-premise servers, and other points on the network.
  • It immediately detects communication problems between pods.
  • It gathers information from SNMP devices.
  • It compiles information about performance from a variety of sources.
  • It makes troubleshooting easier by identifying performance dependencies.
  • You may easily check the health of traffic between any two app endpoints, such as IP, port, and so on.

10. Paessler PRTG

Paessler PRTG. 16 Best Free Network Monitoring Software

Paessler PRTG powerful infrastructure management features are well-known. Its user interface is quite strong, making it ideal for enterprises with limited network monitoring knowledge. This is one of the greatest free network monitoring software available, and it monitors your complete IT infrastructure utilizing advanced technologies such as SNMP, WMI, HTTP requests, Pings, SSH, and more.

  • It keeps track of all of your IT infrastructure’s devices, systems, and traffic.
  • It completely maintains and reports on all of the apps in your network.
  • It supports a variety of alerting methods, including SMS, emails, and third-party connections.
  • It keeps track of all the servers’ accessibility, availability, and capacity in real-time.
  • It has an auto-discovery feature that allows you to construct and manage a device inventory.
  • Live topological maps are accessible in a variety of forms.
  • It has a protocol analyzer that can detect apps with a lot of traffic.
  • Color-coded graphs of live data from your network monitoring system may be found on the dashboard.
  • PRTG does not require any extra plugins or downloads; everything is provided.
  • It is a simple-to-use solution for businesses of all sizes.
  • It uses SNMP to keep track of a wide range of devices.
  • There is a free version available.
  • Multi-site capabilities are supported by this free networking monitoring program.
  • It is made up of SNMP sensors that collect device health data.
  • You may check the device’s health information using the Ping function.
  • It has additional sensors to keep track of servers and apps.
  • With PRTG sensors that are independently configured, it monitors certain datasets from your database.

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11. Zabbix


Zabbix is a free network monitoring software. For monitoring servers and network infrastructure, this home network administration software is commonly used. Based on prior data, this tool can predict future behaviour. This free network monitoring software also displays indicators like CPU load, network utilization, and disc space use.

  • It allows you to easily track network bandwidth utilization.
  • It allows you to collect data in a flexible and extensible way for Windows.
  • It allows you to create custom reports, remediation procedures, and monitor data.
  • With the event correlation tool, you can reduce notification noise.
  • It also has a smartphone app.
  • It has a variety of alert delivery methods, including email, SMS, and jabber.
  • It enables you to execute remote instructions even while you’re behind a firewall.
  • Various methods and processes for metric collecting.
  • It begins automatically detecting networks that are hidden from Zabbix agents.
  • Both the protocol agent and the SNMP protocol are supported.
  • It comes with several ready-to-use templates.
  • It detects changes in the device setup automatically.
  • It forecasts network outages, bandwidth use trends, and much more.
  • It actively identifies network load abnormalities.

12. WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold is a network monitoring solution that protects you from the network edge to the cloud. It is one of the greatest free network monitoring software available, providing total insight into the functioning of your network devices as well as alerting you to any issues.

  • Layer 2 and 3 approaches are used in the WhatsUp gold finding and mapping application to generate comprehensive and customizable maps.
  • Your network’s connections are found and mapped.
  • It enables you to swiftly move between physical, virtual, and dependency perspectives, allowing you to quickly resolve problems.
  • It allows you to examine bandwidth use across networks, servers, and other devices.
  • It allows you to manage your AWS and Azure cloud infrastructures.
  • It delivers configurable and actionable dashboards.
  • It quickly locates and resolves network and server problems.
  • The program is simple to use.
  • This network administration tool enables you to make dynamic map modifications.
  • It allows you to optimize network traffic and bandwidth use.
  • When CPU and bandwidth thresholds are surpassed, real-time notifications are sent out.
  • Its straightforward procedures and easy customization help you decrease MTTRs.

13. Nagios

Nagios. 16 Best Free Network Monitoring Software

Nagios reports operating systems, servers, network devices, websites, cloud servers, and much more are all monitored and graphed with Nagios. This free networking monitoring software gives you a detailed picture of your IT infrastructure and how well it’s doing.

  • It provides the best monitoring server performance because of the strong Nagios Core 4 monitoring engine,
  • It has robust dashboards that you may use to keep track of information and third-party data.
  • You may provide your clients and team members the ability to adjust layout, designs, and preferences on a per-user basis using the GUI.
  • A customized overview of services, hosts, and network devices is available in the dashboard.
  • It generates automatic, integrated capacity planning and trending graphs.
  • Auto-discovery, auto-decommissioning, mass acknowledgment, and other functions are included in the infrastructure management.
  • It includes features such as configuration snapshots, which allow you to archive, save, and revert your configuration.
  • The integrated web-based configuration interface makes it simple to use.
  • Administrators can quickly monitor and handle network issues before they become huge disasters.

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14. LogicMonitor


LogicMonitor is a network monitoring software that monitors, alerts, and graphs the network and performance of your complete IT infrastructure from a single secure platform.

  • With their agentless and cloud-based collection, implementation takes only a few minutes.
  • You can resolve and display warnings in real-time using dynamic topology maps.
  • SD-WAN and cloud-based networks are supported.
  • It can track BGP sessions as well as OSPF adjacencies.
  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • LogicMonitor provides a comprehensive picture of the network, making it simple to browse and diagnose problems.
  • This network management tool has powerful visualization and configurable dashboard tools that let you rapidly understand your system, how it’s linked, and what problems are affecting performance.
  • It has over 2000 pre-built integrations with leading companies, allowing it to auto-discover any device on any network.
  • With dynamic topology maps, it may gain a better understanding of network traffic.

15. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor is a network performance monitoring tool that tracks device status via SNMP. A network topology map, which illustrates how your infrastructure is connected, may highlight any newly identified devices, apps, or services. It is also one of the best free network monitoring tools for Windows.

  • It can automatically detect network devices connected to your network.
  • Use the dashboard to keep track of all connected network devices’ availability and performance in one spot.
  • When an event occurs, the application will send you an email or a text message to tell you.
  • The visitor can see a complete list of active alerts organized by severity on the all active alerts page.
  • It was created with corporate and big networks in mind.
  • When an event occurs, the application will send you an email or a text message to tell you.
  • It supports SNMP monitoring as well as packet analysis, giving you more monitoring options than similar alternatives.
  • It contains auto-discovery, which generates real-time network topology maps and inventory lists based on newly connected devices.
  • It has some of the most powerful alerting capabilities that are also simple to use.
  • It allows you to personalize the dashboard’s appearance and feel by dragging and dropping widgets.
  • It was created with corporate and big networks in mind.
  • It includes auto-discovery, which creates real-time network topology maps and inventory lists depending on devices that join the network.
  • It has some of the most powerful alerting capabilities that are also simple to use.
  • It supports both SNMP monitoring and packet analysis, offering you greater monitoring flexibility than comparable solutions.
  • The NetPath function allows you to track packet transfers hop by hop, which can help you diagnose performance network issues more quickly.
  • The custom alerts system allows you to set trigger conditions for alerts.
  • It allows you to personalize the dashboard’s appearance and feel by dragging and dropping widgets.

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16. Checkmk

Checkmk. 16 Best Free Network Monitoring Software

Checkmk is another one of free network monitoring tools for Windows that can track network, server, and application performance. Because the network monitor may be used on both wired and wireless networks, it can be beneficial for monitoring activities on both wired and wireless networks.

  • Its basic package is free to use.
  • Checkmk Enterprise, a premium version of the system with an edition for managed service providers, is also available.
  • Agents are polled for status information by the Checkmk program. The replies are combined into real-time information on network capacity and readiness.
  • The dashboard provides network managers with a high-level view of all activities, as well as a variety of drill-down options for data on specific devices, both in real-time and over time.
  • The Checkmk package also includes bandwidth monitoring, which shows you where device and cable capacity are insufficient to meet demand.
  • It monitors network performance as well as bandwidth use.
  • It sends out alerts when there are issues with the gadget.
  • The SNMP system is used to query switches, routers, and firewalls.
  • SNMP agents will already be installed on all of your network devices, but they may need to be activated.


So, today in this article we learned about some of the best free network monitoring software and what are their functions so that these monitors can help us manage our network effectively. Let us know which network monitoring software you found the best by typing in the comments section below.

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