17 Best Free Domain and Hosting Sites

Maya Angelou once said there is no greater agony for someone than keeping a story untold. Indeed, writing provides a beautiful escape, and what can be better than starting your blog? However, things can get tricky if you are new in the business. Terms like free domain and hosting sites can bamboozle your mind. Your mind must be wondering how to find a free domain and hosting for WordPress without losing your sanity. Fortunately, this article will help you dodge the bullet.

17 Best Free Domain and Hosting Sites

Best Free Domain and Hosting Sites

In this article, we have shown the list of free domain and web hosting sites for WordPress.

Does Free HTML Hosting Exist?

To your surprise, free web hosting has been around for quite some years. It is a great alternative for small to medium-scale business owners and beginner entrepreneurs who have just stepped into the industry. For them, paying for services that they can get for free does not sound like a good idea. Moreover, they lack the expertise and knowledge of fully-fledged businesses.

Therefore, free hosting provides them with a wonderful opportunity to get things done. Most importantly, they can check the features, reliability, and authenticity of any service provider without risking their money. Instead, all they need to do is browse the official website, sign up for registration, pick a plan, and get started almost instantly.

Although the more the merrier sounds comforting, it is essential to point out a few concerns. Considering the free aspect of the domain and hosting services, one must be aware of their drawbacks. For instance, free web hosting imposes limitations on several aspects including bandwidth limit, storage, emails, etc. so once the user exhausts his/her limit,

1. InfinityFree

Infinity Free

InfinityFree has been providing free HTML hosting services for more than 10 years. This copper-bottomed company prioritizes uptime like none other. Consequently, you get high availability of up to 99.9% Uptime (impressive, right?). Simply enter your email address and create a password to sign up in the blink of an eye on the official website. With a customer base of four lakh, you rest assured that this website hosting site is worth a try.


  • InfitnityFree was tried and tested to offer the fastest hosting on the internet.
  • It does not impose restrictions on the number of websites hosted by having unlimited storage.
  • Users get freedom from annoying advertisements that often ruin the website’s aesthetic.
  • You also get free SSL to keep the connection between the server and the browser encrypted.
  • It offers up to 25 domain extensions for users to pick and choose their unique subdomain.
  • This free hosting is valid till the last breath as InfinityFree is lenient with its period.

2. HostPapa

HostPapa. 17 Best Free Domain and Hosting Sites

If you know anything about free HTML hosting, you must have heard about HostPapa. HostPapa also offers a knowledge base for novice website builders. It is one of the most popularly renowned free domain and hosting site providers with tons of positive and happy reviews on the internet. One thing that makes HostPapa a worthy contender in this list is that it provides one-on-one sessions with specialists to remove any obstacle a customer faces.


  • The entire PapaSquad is active 24/7 to help you reach your goals while tackling any potential issue.
  • It offers Shared hosting ($2.95/month) and WordPress Hosting ($2.95/month).
  • HostPapa lets you drive your business on the online platform with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • This free HTML hosting service provider guarantees 99.9% Uptime.
  • It also lets you transfer your existing domain to run everything on its super-fast and reliable servers.
  • HostPapa also comes with a fully-fledged control panel and free domain and setup with no hidden costs.
  • It lets you host one website and provides free domain registration on its basic website.
  • HostPapa’s Protection Power automatically runs daily security scans to eliminate threats and malware.
  • Its Premium Wildcard SSL certificate keeps hackers at bay and prevents your data from falling into suspicious hands.
  • It also restores previous versions of the website using backups in case of unforeseen events.
  • The Basic pack is for $8.95/month, plus for $10.95/month, Pro for $10.95/month, and Ultra for $17.95/month.

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3. ByetHost


ByetHost is a fully-fledged hosting service provider that comes packed with impressive features that will blow your mind. It is one of the best free domain and hosting sites for WordPress. Here you get the experience of more than a decade combined with the expertise and knowledge of specialists in the field. This website hosting service has great support for its users with its ticketing system. Moreover, this free hosting network consists of 24 crore Xeon web servers, mail servers, SAN, and FTP servers.


  • ByetHost provides ad-free hosting web hosting services to all its users.
  • You get to select the subdomain name of choice for your website.
  • ByetHost provides a unique in-built VistaPanel, carefully engineered to exercise better control.
  • It offers 1 GB disk space and allows 50 GB transfer every month.
  • You also get an online file manager, 5 MySQL databases, query stats, and PhpMyAdmin.
  • Users can resolve their queries at any hour of the day with ByetHost’s 24/7 support system.
  • The all-new Automatic Script Installer feature allows you to install major scripts including WikiWig, osCommerce, MyLittle Forum, and Zen-Cart.

4. Porkbun

porkbun. 17 Best Free Domain and Hosting Sites

Porkbun is for people who want to get their hands on services and features carefully structured by one of the world’s reliable domain teams. The company claims to rank at the number one position in terms of registration and renewal price costing. Porkbun has static hosting facilities like CSS, HTML, etc.; and an easy WordPress option that gives you a great hosting environment on WordPress. It has a dedicated tool for you to add social media links to promote your other platforms. It is budget-friendly (and free too), trustworthy, and everything a beginner requires. It is a must-try if you are searching for a free domain and hosting site for WordPress.


  • Porkbun puts out high-performance hosting options ranging from WordPress to PHP, Static Hosting, Cpanel, and Sitebuilder.
  • It offers a 15-day trial period to new users.
  • With the free WordPress package, you get an ad-free experience, a 64 MB memory limit, and a disk space of 5 GB.
  • Most Porkbun plans offer unmetered bandwidth and limited or unlimited FTP accounts accordingly.
  • It also bestows a free SSL certificate and tech support for maximum satisfaction.

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5. HyperPHP


Unlike other similar providers, HyperPHP allows free domain transfers from another hosting. Moreover, you can also use its free technical assistance during the process to avoid mishap of any sort. But the list does not end here. HyperPHP is managed by iFastNet which is the same company that manages ByetHost and InfinityFree. The company offers high bandwidth and great sub-domain options. The control panel used by HyperPHP is Vista Panel which helps in the good management of your website with free Email and FTP add-on domain. Its services are fast and are not affected by any server failures as usually happens with single-server hosting.


  • HyperPHP’s free hosting comes with 1000 MB of Disk Space.
  • With its Control Panel, you can take the driver’s seat to manage everything efficiently.
  • This free hosting service provider also offers MySQL databases and PHP Support.
  • It always uses clustered servers for maximum availability.
  • You also get FTP File Manager and free subdomains.

6. Bluehost

Bluehost webpage

If you think web hosting keeps you in deep water, Bluehost will help you float in the air. Its all-in-one dashboard helps you create, execute, and manage everything effortlessly and is probably one of the best free domain and hosting sites for WordPress. This also makes everything easily accessible. It is the officially recommended free domain and hosting for WordPress. Their free plan includes an abundance of features that come in handy for a user launching their website


  • Bluehost offers an extensive range of themes and plug-ins to help users boost their website’s appearance.
  • It offers shared hosting ($3.61/month), VPS ($22.47), and a unique dedicated plan ($81.23 ) to accustom to varying requirements.
  • Bluehost helps you manage moderate to high traffic with up to 10 GB of Disk space and unlimited bandwidth.
  • You also get a free SSL certificate, CDN, File Manager, and FTP account.
  • Bluehost users can enjoy up to 99.9% Uptime for unbelievable availability and negligible downtime.

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7. Wix

wix. 17 Best Free Domain and Hosting Sites

Wix is your one-stop shop for creating websites with no limits. It is one of the easiest-to-understand website builders with a quite simple interface. Wix gives users the freedom to experiment and let their creative side overcome its super handy hosting features and advantages. Here you can create, design, and manage the website of your dreams with minimal disruptions. But it has some drawbacks like you will have to work under the subdomain of Wix and Wix has the right to put advertisements in your domain.


  • 500 MB disk space and bandwidth (sadly, not unlimited).
  • Its cutting-edge technology with unique branding helps in creating a star from the scratch.
  • You get 99.9% uptime and peace of mind that the website is always on the run with stable and secure networks.
  • Unlike the rest, Wix runs its web hosting services on a global CDN so that the visitors are automatically redirected to their closest server for fast loading.
  • It is Advanced Security Monitoring safeguards your data with the highest unbreachable security standards using SSL.

Note: Users can switch to Wix Premium Plan to increase their cloud storage up to 50 GB and get unlimited bandwidth.

8. AwardSpace


AwardSpace is a great free hosting site that has an experience of being around for eighteen years in the market. It comes with data backups, 100 email accounts, spam protection, and much more in budget-friendly packages. It has on its website some good WordPress tutorials and WordPress hosting solutions. It has a magnificent support team that is available for your service 24/7 which makes it a great choice to launch your business idea. You can go for free hosting, WordPress hosting, shared hosting, semi-dedicated hosting, VPS cloud hosting, and more in one place. AwardSpace has a three-step website hosting process which includes a simple signup, your choice of CMS (content management system), and there your website is good to go. So, it’s a 2-minute 2-step process.


  • Awardspace users get unlimited disk space to get things going with no obstructions.
  • You also get a free SSL and HTTPS certificate.
  • With Awardspace’s unlimited monthly traffic, you can transfer any amount of data hassle-free.
  • Some Awardspace plans offer up to 10 websites and 2 free domains for life.
  • The 30-day money-back guarantee and 99.9% Uptime feel like the cherry on top.
  • AwardSpace’s basic package with $0/month lets you host two websites.
  • It also possesses unlimited disk space, monthly traffic, and 24/7 support for 365 days.
  • You can also upgrade this basic package to premium with AwardSpace’s Web Pro Plus at $6.65/month and Max Pack Plus at $9.99/month.
  • Here you have the all-time favorite 30-day money-back guarantee to try and test everything without spending a dollar.
  • This free web hosting service provider ensures 100% ad-free hosting and free subdomains for all customers.
  • One-click CMS installer might seem untrue but AwardSpace makes it possible.
  • It also offers a free website builder and one-click CMS installer to get things done in a minute.

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9. x10hosting

x10hosting. 17 Best Free Domain and Hosting Sites

x10hosting comes in the top search results when we google free website hosting. It is packed with blazing-speed networks, top-notch hardware, and premium software to turn your dreams into reality. It is a great website for those users who are involved in digital marketing as it has got some great SEO tools to upgrade your website ranking. With an intensive period of more than a decade, x10hosting knows how to stand firm on what it claims. Accordingly, you get a stable, secure, and high-performing web hosting service. The control panel that it offers in the free version is DirectAdmin whereas in the premium version, you get cPanel support.


  • The infinity hosting package is equipped with unlimited bandwidth, databases, storage, FTP, and several websites.
  • X10Premium covers everything from moving files and data
  • It offers a minimum 99.9% Uptime every month with SLA for maximum customer fulfillment.
  • Its long-term hosting plans are deprived of hidden fees and unnecessary deposits. Thus, you only pay for what you get.
  • The Monthly plan starts from $6.95/month, $5.95/month for 1 year, $4.95/month for 2 years, and $3.95/month for 3 years.

10. Google Cloud Hosting

google cloud hosting

Google Cloud Hosting is a google free website hosting service that comes with a 12-month free trial. What google does is provide a user 300$ monthly credit which is enough to last a year. With the support of Google, this platform becomes a great place for a novice blogger to start with. A user can use this hosting service to launch any type of website and it also offers WordPress on the google computing engine. With the free service, you get a domain name, and a business email address and the best thing is you can set up online ads.


  • It offers various features such as one domain name, Google 24/7 support, unlimited storage, and smart analytics solutions.
  • Google Cloud Hosting is an open-source content management system.
  • Also, it easily handles low to medium traffic.
  • Pricing: you get $300 credit for free when you start your account after that only pay for what you use.

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11. Hostinger

hostinger. 17 Best Free Domain and Hosting Sites

Hostinger is the fruit of your endless hunt for a free domain and hosting site. It is an ideal choice for small to medium businesses. The company works with the trust of more than twelve lakh website owners. Hostinger offers three hosting options which are web, cloud, and WordPress. This service provider includes free data migration within 24 hours and plans flexible for your business. The protection and security of your website rest assured with technologies like DDoS, CloudLinux, etc.


  • Hostinger pairs unmetered traffic with unlimited free SSL.
  • It automatically runs weekly backups to recover the previous version of your website.
  • Its 100 GB SSD Storage pairs well with the allowance of 100 websites with Hostinger.
  • Users can also register a unique personal domain or set up a business email address (strictly professional) with no hidden charges.
  • Hostinger lets you host your website in various server locations including Singapore, India, Brazil, the USA, and the UK.
  • Premium Web Hosting at Hostinger starts at $1.80/month and contains 20+ impressive features worth each dime.

12. Squarespace


Squarespace is one of the free HTML hosting sites that provides a user a fifteen-day free website hosting trial. It is a great website hosting service for those who lack technical skills and are in utter need of a great professional website. Squarespace has got some great features that are worthy in modern times where websites need styling and pleasant to eyes tools like putting a story, sharing news, categorizing products, and easily customizing your past posts. The most cherished feature of the website builder is that it has inbuilt SEO tools guides in the website itself that help maximize the chances of your website being in the top search results.


  • The site offers beautiful templates and web designs.
  • Also, it provides built-in analytics tools to track traffic & trends.
  • Squarespace offers easy connections to social media channels.
  • You can also use the mobile application to edit website content.
  • Pricing is available in three versions: Personal (16$), Business (23$), and Commerce (27$).

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13. 000webhost

000webhost. 17 Best Free Domain and Hosting Sites

000webhost is a user-friendly alternative for people who find technology a mind-numbing occurrence. It is one of the best free domain and hosting sites for WordPress. It helps you get started with account activation in just a few clicks. It offers a user two active websites simultaneously under a single web hosting account. But there are some limitations on the user to access the second website where one must do a certain task. 000webhost boasts twenty-three lakh users and its website also offers good knowledge about PHP and how to use the free website builder without having any technical knowledge. In other words, you do not need to be a pro when all you need is google free website hosting.


  • Every package option comes with different features to cater to multiple diverse requirements at once.
  • 000webhost has several free subdomains for people who have not registered their domain yet.
  • It guarantees 99% Uptime with all packs.
  • 000webhost’s free pack also limits bandwidth to 3 GB and 300 MB of disk space.
  • The free web hosting plan also has an Auto Installer feature to make your life much simpler with over 50 script options.
  • It also offers 1 FTP account.
  • 000webhost frees you from sharing credit card details to get things without costing an arm.
  • Its servers offer DDoS protection to all users.
  • 000webhost offers different package options including Premium Shared Hosting ($ 6.28/month) free web hosting, Single shared hosting ($3.98/month), and business shared hosting ($7.85/month).

14. SiteGround


SiteGround is renowned for the fastest web hosting all over the internet. Using its cutting-edge technology and features, you can upgrade your online presence within minutes. Interestingly, this is a WordPress-recommended hosting provider. SiteGround is a great choice if you are searching for a free domain and hosting site.


  • Here you get a website builder, SSD storage, unlimited email accounts, and a 1-click installer all at once.
  • The available web space at SiteGround ranges from 10 GB to 40 GB while the traffic remains unmetered for all.
  • Daily backup is another great advantage for SiteGround users as they can function peacefully.
  • SiteGround is also equipped with free CDN, professional email, WAF, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The most basic StartUp package starts at $14.99/month, GrowBig is for $24.99/month, while the ultimate GoGeek is $39.99/month.

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15. Freehostia

freehostia. 17 Best Free Domain and Hosting Sites

Freehostia is a cluster hosting platform that conducts load balancing to distribute heavy traffic across multiple servers effectively. Freehostia’s free plan called Chocolate provides a user abundance of features that comes with reliability and great customer support. With its headquarters in steadfast, USA, you rest assured that your website is running round the clock and there are no issues with user’s website servers. Freehostia boasts that its cluster platform is way faster than other one-server hosting platform solutions. It takes on the task of free web hosting to another level with its fully-fledged features and capabilities.


  • Freehostia is designed to work with almost every major web application including PrestaShop, WordPress, and 50 other options.
  • Users can utilize over 250 MB of disk space combined with 6GB monthly traffic.
  • A carefully planned and engineered web application installer comes free with its most basic package option.
  • It allows 6GB monthly traffic with its free cloud-hosting chocolate plan.
  • All this is accompanied by SSD Data Caching, enterprise-grade ZFS storage system, and instant account activation.
  • Freehostia also ensures to provide no-ad satisfaction to avoid divergence of attention on the website.
  • At Freehostia, Virtual Private Servers are for $6/month, Semi-dedicated ones are for $29.95/month, and Dedicated Servers are only for $40/month.

16. Free Hosting


Free Hosting lives up to its name with 100% free domain and hosting sites for WordPress as long as it thrives. free hosting boasts the use of cPanel which is debatably the industry’s leading web hosting control panel. cPanel allows you abundant features that help a user to easily navigate their website and use the features like creating email accounts and setting up hosted websites. InfinityFree has almost 170 predesigned templates that reduce a user’s hassles to create a perfect design for their website. You can also switch it up for Paid hosting if that is what your business demands.


  • It allows users to host their domain names even if they are registered somewhere else.
  • Beginners without a domain can pick one at fairly competitive rates with free hosting.
  • free hosting makes unmetered bandwidth a stone’s throw for people.
  • It is compatible with several web applications including Apache, Linux, WordPress, and so on.
  • FreeHosting’s Control Panel makes management possible from any corner of the globe.

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17. Weebly

weebly. 17 Best Free Domain and Hosting Sites

Weebly is another search result when you google free website hosting. It functions quite like Wix with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder. With a great customer success team, you rest assured about any hurdles that you face while building your website. It has got features that can help you build your website on your terms and styles like custom fonts, parallax & reveal, custom HTML, Video background, and image editor. Weebly’s mobile application helps you to easily track your website’s data and performance. It is an excellent website for those looking to go into digital marketing because of its features like SEO tools and AdWords credit.


  • The support team is available 24/7.
  • The site offers various features such as a one-click SSL certificate, excellent site speed, an easy domain transfer facility, and easy-to-use tools.
  • The pricing is available as a free version, Connect (US 5$), professional (US 12$), Business (US 25$)


We hope that this article could guide you smoothly in your search for the best free domain and hosting sites for WordPress etc. Leave your queries or suggestions in the comments down below and let us know which option you picked.

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