Top 10 Best People Search Websites

Many days you might feel low or alone in life and it especially becomes harder when you’re away from home or lonelier in terms of family members. However, the second condition may not be the scenario from an Indian perspective but it’s a pretty diverse world with different people. May it be finding a life partner, a friend, or a family member, you might require a search engine or an app or website which holds benevolent information about other people within the search criteria. If you’re someone looking for something like this, today’s article will prove to be fruitful for you. Keep following up as we’ll be shedding light on some of best people search websites or apps which will help you in serving different types of people to connect with looking for something similar. But before starting with the list, let’s get to know their work process in brief.

Best People Search Websites

Best People Search Websites

Data brokers, a collective name for businesses that specialize in gathering, storing, and selling information, are what can be called the other name for people searching websites. People-finding websites may gather information from municipal, state, and federal public records as well as that published online on discussion boards and social media. They might also buy data from private businesses, such as different kinds of data brokers. Users can access the information for free on the sites, which may be financed by advertisements.

However, a lot of people search websites demand that you subscribe or buy a single report. Some could also provide several price plans, with more comprehensive background checks accessible at a premium. You might be shocked by how much data these sites gather and what can be found in a people search website report. The specifics will vary depending on the individual and the website, but the data that is offered about you, either for free or for sale, may include your:

  • Named, aliases, and prior names
  • The age and gender
  • Addresses both now and in the past
  • Roommates both now and in the past
  • Email and telephone numbers
  • Documents of one’s marriage, civil union, and divorce
  • People in the family, including parents, kids, and other relatives
  • Accounts on social media and other online activity
  • Profession and projected income
  • Political inclinations
  • Degree of education
  • Property histories
  • Criminal and civil records, including liens, judgments, and bankruptcies

You may perform a search on the website using your name or another piece of identifying information to see if your information is included on a people search site. Additionally, you may look for your name or other information on the internet generally. The websites could provide a few fundamental facts and might even list the contents of a pricier report. But even your own report could not be available in its entirety without costing money. Now that we have a clear idea about their working process, let’s start with the list.

1. Spokeo

Spokeo official website

Spokeo provides the basic search results which are free of cost. It includes information about the city, locations, state, people, age, relatives, and location of the person. Spokeo is best people search websites as the company gives access to 12 billion public records. Spokeo empowers users with correct up-to-date intelligent data about the People.


  • It is the best for locating years-old friends, relatives, family, and your loved ones.
  • It is very good and easily accessible & it offers basic search results for free.
  • It maintains billion of records of the corporate industry & when asked reports it in seconds.
  • It maintains all the old Historical records, Criminal records, etc.
  • It has an access to the deep web, and one can understand it by reading all essentials easily.

2. Truthfinder

Truthfinder official website. Best People Search Websites

Truthfinder is an extremely important and versatile service that provides a wide range of different background checks. It also provides a variety of public databases and is capable of extracting data from criminal records, business records including social media & more. Truthfinder tool has a few extra interesting self-monitoring tools to check that others may look up to you, beside it provides verification, sampling, screening, background verification, and pre-employment screening services.


  • It has a self-monitoring capability.
  • It acts as a factfinder that investigates criminal history, phone numbers, emails, property ownership, and education background history very efficiently.
  • Truthfinder helps you to search for a specific person so you can search for your lost ones.
  • It works on both Android and IOS and makes it easy to access the information of anyone who is a bit away beyond the city or even country limits.
  • Truth finder is one of best people finding websites in India as it provides the most accurate reports.

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3. Intelius

Intelius official website

Intelius provides informative services including background checks, property search, and reverse phone lookup making it a hit amongst best people search websites. It supports several charities and non-profitable organizations. Intelius makes it easy to know about your family & friends according to your need. Intelius is liked and used by millions of users as it searches millions of available public records very quickly hence it is a legitimate, accredited business with an A rating.


  • It searches are all private and completely confidential, users feel a sense of great safety here.
  • It provides 7 days of free cancellation so users can take their own decisions.
  • It helps in finding criminal records as well.
  • It is a reputable and secure way to find people.
  • It gives single report and subscription options.

4. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate official website. Best People Search Websites

Instant Checkmate is an instant checkmate public records search service that gives you the power to maintain online background checks instantly. It researches background demographic data, criminal records, and all other types of public records. The service provided by Instant checkmate is legal but it isn’t exactly a consumer reporting Agency, but rather it provides overall records of a person. One can immediately access the addresses, real age, arrest records, criminal records, etc., making it another of best people finding websites.


  • It provides a wide range of searches and provides accurate data.
  • It is very easy to access and flexible based on company needs.
  • Checkmate is available to both Apple and Android users.

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5. Peekyou

Peekyou official website

Peekyou is also one of best people search websites. It is a kind of online white pages site that helps you to reach your online networking pages, photos or websites, etc. It’s a people search engine site that helps you discover the important people in your life. It helps in many ways by searching for publicly available URLs, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Websites, social networking profiles, pictures, etc. Peekyou is a free people search engine site that provides you with an opportunity to locate anyone easily and also you can get details of their social media profiles and web links. It is a very popular people search service provider.


  • It’s a free people search engine.
  • The free search allows you wide access to find social links, photos, work history, and contacts.
  • The search engine offers you results from Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  • It is a safe search engine site and provides an ample amount of social media database.

6. Whitepages

Whitepages official website. Best People Search Websites

Whitepages is a service provider of online directory services, fraud screening, background checks, and identity verification for consumers, businesses, and big corporate houses. It has a large amount of database. Whitepages provides its services and huge data through ten mobile apps, seven web properties,, multiple webs, etc.


  • Whitepages is one of best people finding websites to keep tenant checks on record with proper details.
  • Whitepages works for both the IOS & Android app.
  • It’s a safe site working from last so many years and therefore it has several million customers who access this site.

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7. US Search

US Search official website

US Search, which has a pretty simple user interface that enables you to look up people by their names alone. All you need is the person’s name to use the excellent trial option it offers. The findings are more precise the more filters you set (state, zip code, etc).


  • It’s a well-established app that provides all the valuable inputs required for the problem.
  • It gives very fast results.
  • US Search has pretty good one-time price packages.
  • It is an easily accessible and trustworthy site.

8. Pipl

Pipl official website. Best People Search Websites

Pipl is another one of best people search websites. It is a fantastic option for organizations because it provides efficient and simple searches. Discover anyone’s contact information and social media accounts by starting with a free trial. Even an API service is provided by the business.


  • It’s a great boon for Research companies & corporate sector.
  • It has a high amount of accuracy, and almost every detail extracted is always true.
  • Pipl is one of the famous search engine sites and millions of people access it.

9. PeopleFinder

PeopleFinders page

PeopleFinder provides a variety of people-finding services. It has access to data on over 250 million Americans from over 6,000 different data sources and 120 billion public documents.


  • Although background checks are the main service promoted, there are other choices as well.
  • For buyers wishing to transfer homes, you may utilize an address lookup to discover not only who may have lived at a house but also the history of the property.
  • Searching through court records for everything from traffic tickets to arrests and other things is another option. You may do this by accessing a database of criminal records.
  • Before you even pick up the phone, you may identify callers by doing less time-consuming tests like a reverse phone lookup.

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10. Been Verified

Been Verified official website. Best People Search Websites

Been verified is a company that keeps background checks and is an app specialized for background checks. It provides criminal records, background checks, etc. It has a registered sex offender tracking app that uses the hype of augmented reality to locate sex offenders. It’s a boon search engine website for women who get offended by rapists for several reasons.


  • Been verified is a safe search engine site.
  • Its biggest merit is that it helps the public to reach sex offenders.
  • It helps you to recover the criminal record of the culprit and hence plays an important role in legal mortalities.


Every problem has many solutions. We hope almost most of these alternatives will definitely guide you for different purposes. These were some of the best people search websites that people usually approach most of the time due to their reputation amongst consumers developed through timely promotions and advertising. Hence these are the recommendations from our side with the most updated list. Hope this article added some valuable knowledge to your life. Do share your feedback and valuable suggestions in the comment section below and we will be back with another article with a new topic.

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