List of Free Disney Movie Insider Codes

Are you someone tracking your insider points given by Disney from their movies? Then you would definitely be looking to grab most of the freebies available on their different platforms which can be unlocked through the insider points given by Disney through their movies. Well, many insider codes do work in such cases and if you’re also looking for some of them to boost the speed of your chase for these claims, we’re here to give out some of free Disney movie insider codes which may prove to be useful for you. But before listing the codes, let’s map out the story and strategy used by Disney through their insider points for their fans.

List of Free Disney Movie Insider Codes

List of Free Disney Movie Insider Codes

Disney’s marketing techniques are well known to all of us since earlier days. From off-screen to digital advancements, Disney tries to grab its audiences and consumers in every way possible which is very admirable. One such is the story of insider points. Your love of Disney, Marvel Studios, Star Wars, and Pixar films is recognized and rewarded through Disney Movie Insiders. Disney Movie Insiders allows you to collect points, access exclusive benefits for insiders, and redeem prizes. Joining is free, so become an Insider right away. There are several methods to accrue these points through billing or purchases made on Disney digital marketplaces, which will benefit you in the long run. For instance, purchase the most recent Blu-ray, DVD, and digital releases of films from Disney, Pixar, Marvel Studios, and Star Wars. You may also view upcoming releases and make reservations. Here are a few more info about earning the points.

  • As you watch qualifying movies and subscribe to Disney+, you’ll accrue points.
  • Rewards such as gift cards, memorabilia, posters, exclusive fan experiences, and more are redeemable for points, subject to availability.
  • You may earn points for your movie purchases on the move by scanning valid movie tickets and entering codes.
  • Connect your Disney Movie Insiders account to MOVIES ANYWHERE, Disney+, and participating ticketing partners to earn rewards for all the many ways you love viewing movies.

Follow the given steps to utilize the codes:

1. Open Disney’s insiders’ website and click on Enter Code.

click on Enter Code

2. Enter your Disney insider account Username or Email Address and Password and click on Sign in to proceed.

Note: If you don’t have an account, click on Create an Account to sign-up for a fresh account.

Sign in

3. Enter the Disney insider code in the popup to claim insider points.

The points will get added to your account which will reflect in the top left corner of the account section. Now, let’s give you free Disney movie insider codes to help fetch some real-time points.

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Free Disney Movie Insider Codes

Following are the list of free Disney movie insider codes with their respective points.

  • MAUI (5 points, expiration unknown)
  • VIBRANIUM (5 points, expiration unknown)
  • SOUL (5 points, expiration unknown)
  • 1920s (5 points, expiration unknown)
  • LANDONIS (5 points, expiration unknown)
  • ATTORNEY (10 points, expiration unknown)
  • CRITTER (10 points, expiration unknown)
  • MIRABEL (25 points, expiration unknown)
  • WORLDPRINCESSWEEK (10 points, expiration unknown)
  • ATHENS (10 points, expiration unknown)
  • CAPYBARA (10 points, expiration unknown)
  • LAUNCHPAD (10 points, expiration unknown)
  • CRUELLA (10 points, expiration unknown)
  • BURGERS (25 points, expiration unknown)

In-app Activities to Earn More Insider Codes

Here are the list of activities you can follow to earn more insider codes.

  • Install Disney Movies Insiders app & login (25 points, first time only)
  • Play Ron’s Gone Wrong B*Bot Designer (10 points, first time only)
  • Play Raya and The Last Dragon AR (10 points, first time only)
  • Play Pancake Milkshake: Ralph Breaks the Internet (10 points, first time only)
  • September Newsletter bonus gives you 5 points by opening the Disney Movie Insiders Newsletter page and logging in.

Newsletter page


These were some of the ways to score free Disney movie insider codes. As described earlier, Disney keeps launching various such campaigns which have many such hidden offers that can help you score plenty of insider points if tracked regularly. Hope we were able to help you out with the insider codes. Do share your valuable feedback in the comment section below and we’ll be back with another topic, until then, ciao.

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