28 Best Discord Game Bots

Discord is a popular platform among gamers, who are always looking for free Discord bots that offer a great number of games to play with friends. With the help of free game bots on Discord, you can play puzzles, trivia, and much more. In this article, we will discuss a list of the best Discord game bots, that will help you select your new favorite hobby on the online streaming platform. Therefore, if you are looking for a good time on Discord with bots, this is the best guide for you.

best free discord game bots

Best Discord Game Bots

The list in the upcoming section contains the best Discord gaming bots that you can add to your servers. These bots can be added free of cost. There are many game bots and it is very difficult to add them all, so we have made the list containing the best bots to help you out.

What is GamesRob Bot?

Before we go into the list, let us discuss one of the best Discord game bots, the GamesRob bot. This Discord bot is added on more than 100k servers and contains more than six million commands. The games available in GamesRob can be played with friends and family. These games have a virtual currency that can be used to place bets in the games. Players compete with each other to earn this virtual money.

GamesRob Bot

Some more features of this game bot are:

  • The GamesRob bot has the ability to improve the interactions among users present on the servers.
  • The bot is equipped with a leaderboard feature that allows the players to view their performances.
  • These bots can be added to Discord servers from the official website of the bot.
  • Games available in the bot can be played on any platform or device if the bot has been added to the server.
  • It supports many different languages. Some of the languages that are supported in the GamesRob Discord bot are Australian English, Deutsche, British English, Spanish, French, American English, and many others.

Now that we know what a GamesRob bot is, let’s look at some of the best free Discord game bots that you can join for free.

1. Cricket Guru

Cricket Guru | best free Discord game bots

Cricket Guru is a great Discord game bot. Cricket is considered a gentlemen’s game and the Cricket Guru bot enables users to buy and sell players, claim rewards, and build a team. The user plays the game as a team manager and his job is to manage the entire team and its operations by keeping the team profitable. 

2. Wordle


Wordle has been bought by the New York Times. It is a web-based game that focuses on guessing a hidden word. The game sends a five-letter word each day to the player and they get six chances to guess the word. The difficulty level increases after each level. Wordle bot can be added to the Discord server as well. Since it is a multiplayer game, you must enter the name of the player you want to play with. Extra chances and extra words are not given for a single day.

3. TacoShack


TacoShack is one of the best Discord game bots. It is similar to real estate simulation games where the player has to build a whole city and then run the economy. In TacoShack the players are required to perform different tasks such as building and decorating a shack and hiring employees. A lot of franchises have to be launched to make plenty of money. The developer of this bot is very active and provides updates frequently. It is a great free Discord games bot. Keep reading to know more about what is the GamesRob bot and how to add it to your Discord server.

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4. Minesweeper Bot

Minesweeper Bot

Minesweeper is an old but classic game that most millennials enjoyed back in their childhood. The Minesweeper bot enables the user to play the game like in the old days. The player can choose the number and the dimensions of the mines. With this Discord bot, the player can invite their friends to join the game.

5. UltimateRPG


UlitmateRPG is a text-based game where the player has to go through quests and execute loots. In every loot, the players get different missions and they earn rewards on the basis of their performance. Dungeons can be explored as well and players can trade different items with their friends.

6. Virtual Fisher

Virtual Fisher

Players can experience fishing from their comfort zones using the Virtual Fisher bot. There’s no need to rent a boat and find a spot. The players can sell their day’s catch for points that can be used later to upgrade their equipment of the player. The leaderboard informs about the performance of players.

7. Naruto Botto

Naruto Botto

Naruto Botto is one of the best Discord game bots. If you’re someone who is a fan of Naruto then this game bot is for you. The bot enables the player to build fighters and buy gears according to their choice. There are more than 200 collectible characters in the game. The bot helps the players to participate in game giveaways, and track expenses. Continue reading to know what is GamesRob bot on Discord and how you can add it on Discord.

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8. Trivia Bot

Trivia Bot | best free Discord game bots

The Trivia bot is a Question-answer gaming bot that can be added to the Discord server. The players can enjoy the game in many patterns such as MCQs, True or False, and many more. The bot is very simple to use, a player just has to select the correct answer.

9. Soccer Guru

Soccer Guru

The Soccer Guru bot is an amazing bot for soccer lovers as it allows users to follow live matches around the globe. The players can build their own soccer team and can hold the position of Manager. This bot supports a virtual economy system.

10. Karuta


Before we further discuss what is GamesRob bot on Discord, let us mention a great alternative, the Karuta bot. Karuta is an anime character collection game where players can collect anime characters in the form of trading cards. The characters can be upgraded and customized by the players. It is advised to keep similar cards across all the servers so that the players can play with the same Karuta deck. 

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11. IdleRPG

Mining Tycoon

Just like UltimateRPG, IdleRPG is also a text-based game that can be played on Discord servers. Characters can be created by using race and caste and then sent for battles and trade. The characters can join guilds and interact with gods as well.

12. Dragon Bot Z

Dragon Bot Z

The Dragon Bot Z is one of the best Discord game bots. It adds text-based RPG Discord to the server. It is a multiplayer game in which the players can summon the characters from the popular Dragon Ball Z series. The players can train their characters, fight with their enemies, and can trade items with other players. It is a perfect bot for Dragon Ball Z fans.

13. PokeMeow

PokeMeow | best free discord game bots

The PokeMeow bot is a popular bot on Discord that enables players to catch Pokemon and trade them or use them for battles. The players have to complete the in-game quests for rewards and items. The bot enables the players to compete with each other on a global level. It is the best Bot for Pokemon lovers.

14. Mudae


The Mudae bot enables users to play a character-collecting game on Discord where they can claim popular characters and compete against each other. The characters can be traded with members as well. The bot helps in sparking the conversation between gaming members on the server. It is a Discord games-free bot.

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15. Rock Puppy

Rock Puppy | best free Discord game bots

The Rock Puppy bot includes some classic games such as ConnectFour, Truth and Dare, Trivia, Russian Roulette and Would You Rather. The bot can be used to play classic board games on the server so that the channel owners can know their members better.

16. Chess


The Chess bot is a simple bot that lets the user play Chess on the Discord server. The players can challenge each other on the server for a chess game. Players have to simply command the bot about the movement of the pieces. A new image of the board is created after every move so that players can plot their next move. Other members on the server have the opportunity to view the match since all the gaming is done on the servers.

17. GarticBot


GarticBot is one of the best Discord game bots. The Discord bot enables the users to play the Gartic Drawing game on Discord. The bot starts the game by drawing a picture on the server. Players have to compete against each other to see who’s going to guess what the image is. GarticBot enables the players to send their own pictures to others for guessing.

18. GamesRob

GamesRob | best free discord game bots

We have already discussed what is GamesRob bot, let’s now know more about this famous bot. This is a UNO Discord bot that adds other games to the Discord server such as Battleship, Hangman, Tic-Tac-Toe, Trivia, and Minesweeper. The bot can also add a Detective game in which the players must guess who is on the server as the Assassin. There are seasonal events in GamesRob like trick-or-treating helping the players to celebrate holidays on the server.

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19. Epic RPG

Epic RPG

The Epic RPG bot allows the user to play text-based RPG games where the players can level up. The players can earn weapons and sell the same to the server members. There are more than 15 dungeons and the dungeon bosses have to be defeated to unlock new features and commands. The players can check their profiles and inventories.

20. Discord Dungeons

Discord Dungeons

The Discord Dungeons is another great option. It enables the players to bring the Roleplaying Adventure to the Discord server. The game can be played on any platform or device. Although it is a single-player game, players can also share the game with their friends and family. While playing with friends the game allows you to compete and trade with other participants.

21. Counting

Counting | best free Discord game bots

The Counting bot seems easy until someone actually tries it. The counting can go to very high levels. It is a multiplayer game and the player has to send one number and the next player has to say the other number correctly if they fail the game starts with zero again.

22. BlackJack


The BlackJack bot is for players who prefer card games. The players can bet virtual chips in a few games. The game is based on luck and skill so don’t stress about winning all the time. Additional chips can be received by claiming more of them every couple of hours.

23. Tatsu


The Tatsu bot is one of the best Discord game bots. It enables the players to collect 100+ pets. The player has to build a house using more than a thousand pieces of furniture. Level of the player upgrades with each completed task. The game bot can be added to the server and can be played from any platform and device. It is one of the best free Discord game bots.

24. Bake.gg


The Bake.gg is for players who love cooking. In Bake.gg the player has to prepare and serve delicious pastries to the customers in order to level up. The main focus of the game is to build and grow the best bakery in the town. It is a free games bot Discord.

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25. Rocket Gambling Bot

Rocket Gambling Bot

To add a gambling mechanism to Discord, users can add Rocket Gambling Bot as it contains a collection of all the casino games in one place. The players can compete with their friends to get the highest score on the leaderboards. Earn achievements and experience points as you level up.

26. Isles.gg

Isles.gg | best free discord game bots

Build the most powerful island with Isles.gg. In the beginning of the game, the players are given a Fortress and a Canon and they have to perform various tasks to level up. Smart investments have to be made so that the island gets strengthened which will boost the economy. 

27. Mining Tycoon

Mining Tycoon

The Mining Tycoon bot is an economy-based game where the players have to set up their own mining empire and have to upgrade their tools to get rewarded. Loots have to be executed in the hope to find rare loot boxes. The game can be played on a Discord server.

28. DisGo

DisGo | best free Discord game bots

DisGo works just like the CSGO bot where players can open cases and capsules. The items can be sold back to the bot or the opened items can be kept in the inventory for later trade. Usually, skins are claimed and traded regularly. It is one of the best free Discord game bots.


In this article, we discussed what are Discord game bots and a list of the best Discord game bots, our personal favorites are Cricket Guru, Wordle, Epic RPG, and GamesRob bot. Let us know what are your favorite bots. If you have any suggestions or queries for us, please let us know in the comment section.

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