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19 Best StumbleUpon Alternatives

Among the most capable and potentially featured platforms for boosting content engagement and traffic was StumbleUpon, a social bookmarking website and a discovery engine. The basic idea behind StumbleUpon was to push curated websites based on its members’ personalized interests. This was done using a machine learning algorithm that considered what users liked to read, use and interact with most. Furthermore, allowing users to rate randomly discovered sites with a like or dislike button was a completely novel experience for them. Due to the company’s closure in 2018, its Stumble Button has been the most missed feature. Instead of causing injury, stumbling was a way for users to gather interesting data, meaningful information, and a variety of content as they stumbled through random websites. As the former experience is no longer available, we have come up with StumbleUpon alternatives that recreate the same feelings and memories. Let’s look at the list and find best StumbleUpon alternatives.

19 Best StumbleUpon Alternatives

Best StumbleUpon Alternatives

In this article, you will get to know about best StumbleUpon alternatives in detail.

Why did StumbleUpon Shut Down its Operations?

StumbleUpon had users who were all independent in choosing and saving their favorite types of content. In this instance, the software provided the end-user with the desired results while avoiding congestion for the stumbler. By clicking on Stumble, you’ll discover more relevant and perhaps less hyped and less discovered websites. This subsequently increased clicks and traffic on potential websites, ultimately favoring developers’ businesses as well. Ads played by StumbleUpon based on user’s preferences and likes also nourished many brands. What, then, made such a platform go out of business? As one of the first extensions released by Firefox and added to Internet Explorer in the early 2000s, StumbleUpon continued to expand business through plug-ins and websites by multiple folds in the years to come.

  • StumbleUpon eventually succumbed to competition from other much larger, more established multinational companies, who followed a similar fundamental idea and executed it faster with their websites, apps, features, and ultimately popularity.
  • A constant stream of bugs, crashes, and slow patches and updates created a feeling of distrust and an unpleasant experience for users.
  • The era was marked by pace, with products being developed faster than ever. New websites and apps were smooth during that time, had fast performance, offered reliable support, etc. Members who later left StumbleUpon complained about its slow response time and loading time, which was an unlikable factor, while most other platforms were flawless and quick.

As a result of all these impactful factors, StumbleUpon ultimately had to close its doors in 2018. Now, let’s look at some of Best StumbleUpon alternatives.

List of Best StumbleUpon Alternatives

Following we have given the list of best StumbleUpon alternatives.

1. Pinterest

home page of Pinterest

Based on my experience using Pinterest for the past few years, I can say that it will never leave you empty or disappointed. Under every hood of Pinterest, there is a pool of creativity. A visual search and find the engine that drives creative content creators and even businesses to publish content shaded by a photograph that appears in the search results. This website’s features are not limited by any means. Some of the highlights are:

  • A home feed with pins (posts), people, and businesses displayed over it to scroll through and watch.
  • It is used to find specific content, related posts, and ideas.
  • Look through the content people save and follow to discover ideas, trends, and profiles of people and brands.
  • Notification of brand-new creations.
  • Pin (bookmark) a post, Save, Share, Download the image.
  • Create an individual or group board to save different genres of relevant content under different boards for easy access.
  • Move pins across boards.
  • Browser extension for saving links and posts in the browser to the Pinterest profile.
  • Lens for visual scans and visual searches.
  • Available web page and Chrome extension.
  • Download: iOS, Android, Windows app, macOS (free)

2. Mix

Mix.com home page. 19 Best StumbleUpon Alternatives

StumbleUpon finally shut down its office and left its users saddened. As a result of its reign, however, its successor Mix.com emerged as a content engagement platform founded by the co-founder of StumbleUpon. With currently 41794 active content creators and curators and an increasing number, this app is meant to give users an integrated feel of multiple social media platforms. The heart and soul of creativity are education and contentment.

  • Huge collection of categories like Science, Travel, Sports, Interior design, Photography, etc. And topics to follow and interact.
  • Personalized interests’ collection of images, videos, articles, and everything possible from a genre.
  • Follow your favorite curators.
  • Hashtags for easy and improved reach.
  • Like, dislike, save and share posts feature.
  • App: Android, iOS (free)

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3. Pearltrees

Pearltrees website home page

Pearltrees is an interesting organizer that lets its users browse and organize diverse genres of creative content in various ways. It is easy for users to register. Referred to as one of best StumbleUpon alternatives, this website has slots for different collections and collaborations of data from the internet. All collections of users with standard links get connected.

  • Add written collections, and save web pages, images, files, and notes.
  • Available in a web browser and as an extension as well.
  • Additionally, it can be connected to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Public and private collections
  • Web clipper to easily and smoothly collect web elements
  • Editorial to add a description of individual collections
  • A Dropzone to temporarily store items before adding them to collections
  • 1 GB of free storage; Paid storage in 10 GB, 100 GB, and 1 TB
  • App support: Android, iOS (free)
  • Premium version available in three packages: Personal plan – US $1.99/month; Advanced plan – US $3.99/month; Professional plan – US $9.99/month.

4. Reddit

Reddit home page. 19 Best StumbleUpon Alternatives

American social content platform Reddit’s engagement, interaction, and discussion capabilities aren’t hidden any longer, yet the site’s creativity is astounding. Like Quora, being somewhat of a forum-style question-answer discussion platform, Reddit always has more to offer its users.

  • Free registration
  • Content includes images, videos, GIFs, written exclusives, polls, etc.
  • Posts under the categories of Best, Hot, New, and Top
  • Multiple accounts and an account switch feature
  • Upvote, Downvote, Comment, and Share features.
  • Hundreds of millions of communities are called Subreddits, managed by volunteers or moderators.
  • Add-ons like Reddit Enhancement Suite.
  • Comment counters, Typing indicators, Comment indicators, etc.
  • AMA (Ask Me Anything)
  • Awards in the form of Reddit coins.
  • Premium accounts are also available: US $5.99/month and US $49.99/year.

5. PinBoard


PinBoard is a personalized archive and bookmarking website that helps people save and keep track of links and bookmark pages on web browsers and social media platforms. The features of PinBoard include;

  • Light and simplistic UI.
  • Text-based design.
  • Visual Pinboard to discover, save and organize content.
  • Self-notes with no limitations on the length.
  • Private and public bookmarks.
  • Read-later bookmarks.
  • Full-Text search to search for specific words and phrases in a document.
  • Bookmarking arena.
  • Search by tags and tag bundles.
  • No advertisements and privacy issues, third-party content.
  • Auto sync of bookmarks from other bookmarking apps and platforms.
  • Import and export data in a wide variety of formats.
  • App: Windows
  • Website available
  • Price: US $22/year

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6. Jumpstick

Jumpstick's home page

Jumpstick is a platform that can be considered a re-imagining of StumbleUpon. This offers users a meaningful range of genres and fields to choose. Then Jumpstick searches, discovers, and produces a blog or article about relevant pages and websites based on the user’s field of interest. Moreover, its features include:

  • No rigidity in registering and creating a profile.
  • Topics/Fields like Architecture, Art and history, Design products, Film, Finance, Painting, Graphic design, etc.
  • Start Jumping resembles StumbleUpon’s one click to explore experience.
  • Users can upvote or downvote and share a page.
  • If the reader notices unauthentic or misleading information on a webpage or observes any violation, the website can be flagged and reported to the relevant authority.
  • Individual collections can be created.
  • Easy change of subjects from the Jumpstick bar.
  • Can perform unlimited jumps.
  • Availability: Web, Chrome extension

7. Dark Roasted Blend

Dark Roasted Blend website home page. 19 Best StumbleUpon Alternatives

No, we haven’t made a mistake, and this is not a website that picks, packs, and roasts fresh coffee beans for you. In keeping with its name and tagline of weird and wonderful things, the Dark Roasted Blend StumbleUpon alternatives let you explore ordinary and worthwhile websites from various perspectives. The website, or as they call it, the online magazine, focuses primarily on content related to art, travel, and technology.

  • Link Latte: a section filled with interesting content, including articles, blogs, videos, infographics, music, maps, and almost everything that renders knowledge.
  • Time slices: curated collections of illustrations, paintings, and art from every century and decade since Prehistory.
  • Biscotti Bits: All the cool and rare images.
  • Featured posts with excellent readability.
  • There is also a separate archive of posts made since 2006 on this page until the present.

8. Diigo

Diggo bookmarking app home page

As another social bookmarking app, Diigo has tools that allow users to study and research any specific topic and data. It allows them to perform all the basic functions in a safer, more secure version. The app is very stable and has a well-crafted user interface.

  • Add bookmarks and sites.
  • Highlight information and add sticky notes to pages.
  • Save links with descriptions.
  • Organize documents into multiple collections.
  • Add tags
  • Save and highlight PDFs and images.
  • Outliner and live annotation tool.
  • Personal Library
  • Store PDF to collect and organize information.
  • Available: Android, iOS
  • Web browser service and extension available.
  • Premium plan available – Standard: US $40/year; Professional: US $59/year

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9. Raindrop

Raindrop service home page

The Raindrop service combines phenomenally useful capabilities with a home for all your links and bookmarks, so you don’t have to worry about losing them. This brings up the ease of storing user data, not just links but also relevant content for users in a streamlined manner.

  • Dark Mode theme.
  • Full-Text search to search for specific words.
  • Edit titles and add descriptions.
  • Multi-real-time sharing and collaboration.
  • IFTTT integration connects different platforms. It has more than 2600 platforms.
  • Add tags and labels
  • Cloud Sync feature
  • It provides users with unlimited bookmarks, collections, and highlights.
  • Upload limit up to 100 Mb per month.
  • Preview articles, images, and videos.
  • Import and export files
  • Web extensions for Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox.
  • App support – iOS, Android, macOS
  • Premium: US $33.04/year

10. Refind

Refind app

More than just being one of best StumbleUpon alternatives, the Refind app is a learning platform that helps users create a database of web tags and add them to the saved web links. As stated by Refind, an improvement of 1% every day leads to a 37 times improvement over the course of a year, and they preach this by example.

  • Wide array of top-class genres like Marketing, Design, Psychology, Product design, Data science and machine learning, Data visualization, Fitness, and a lot more from various fields.
  • Five links are provided every day based on personalized interests
  • It allows you to save links.
  • Share on a single click
  • Web support
  • App support – Android, iOS
  • Paid plans – Monthly: US $9.99/month; Yearly: US $89/year; Lifetime: US $333

11. Tumblr

Tumblr home page

Tumblr is one of the well known and popular recommendations regarding content and best StumbleUpon alternatives. This micro-blogging platform, with a hint of most of the social media platforms, Tumblr, has been on its best verge since always. The combined Reddit plus Pinterest, and Instagram give Tumblr the heir for sharing images, GIFs, music, video, links, quotes, text etc.

  • Highly customizable profiles allowing the user to use custom design tools and choose theme, layout, fonts, colours and much more.
  • Custom create RSS feeds to help bloggers and brands.
  • Public profiles only.
  • Widget support.
  • Reaction to post feature.
  • Tagging capabilities.
  • Inbox and messaging.
  • Link to Twitter and Facebook for auto-sync of status and posts.
  • Scheduled posts that save time for posting plans.
  • HTML editing enables to customize the appearance of a blog.
  • Download: Android, iOS (free)
  • Web browser supported.

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12. Instapaper

Home page of Instapaper

Instapaper was developed as a bookmarking service to allow its users to store things like content from websites to be read later. It saves browsing content like articles, images, audio, GIFs, and almost everything that appears on a website. All that needs to be done is create an account on Instapaper, and you can save anything instantly with a single click.

  • Saves video, audio, images, and text from articles you find while browsing.
  • One-stop destination to create folders, save, read, and manage
  • Allows users to highlight and create notes on any article.
  • Offline reading is also supported.
  • API integration for third-party applications.
  • Multiplatform device support
  • Available: Android, iOS, Kindle, Web
  • Premium version: US $2.99/month and US $29.99/year

13. GGather

G-Gather website. 19 Best StumbleUpon Alternatives

As its name implies, GGather is a collection of links that can be browsed afterward. It also contains articles and blogs to be read later and images and videos to be watched later. These links have been added by the user. This is like a save-in-the-safe box that allows users to not just save but organize individual collections.

  • It has the feature of bookmarklets (In case you have no idea what a bookmarklet is, it is a bookmark saved in a browser that uses the capabilities of JavaScript commands already attached to it. It previews snippets without opening the website).
  • There are different styles of bookmark arrangement, like a text list, an image grid, or even both.
  • Users can provide a title and description for any bookmark and edit its URL.
  • Add multiple tags feature.
  • Customize thumbnails, and choose between auto-generated images by uploading an image of choice or by providing a URL to the image.
  • GGather annotations, edit notes, and ratings on any bookmark between 1 and 5.
  • When using a tag, there are no language or space restrictions.
  • Bookmark the library for easy access.
  • Special Viewer feature and embedded integration for other major platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Chrome extension also available.

14. Cloudhiker

Cloudhiker website. 19 Best StumbleUpon Alternatives

A bookmarklet is available for users to add websites to Cloudhiker after inspection, with over 9k websites integrated into 19 categories. Although there are flaws to it, such as the human inspection of websites, the ad-included service, and not being able to access a lot of websites. Even so, its users can potentially benefit from something that can be interesting and helpful to them.

  • Allow users to like sites, which can be viewed later.
  • Allows you to share verified sites to other apps, e.g. Facebook and Twitter.
  • Gives important to user’s privacy.

15. Digg

Digg web page feed. 19 Best StumbleUpon Alternatives

Digg is like a more sophisticated version of Google News. It is a news publishing and reading platform that delivers trending and interesting stories on the internet. Most importantly, it is for those who want to keep updated on daily affairs and better understand current affairs in various fields.

  • Clean and mobile-friendly UI
  • Digg Reader – to subscribe to favorite blogs and publishers
  • Allows the user to import Google Reader feeds and folders
  • Share news and stories
  • You can save on multiple platforms like Instapaper and Pocket.
  • Paperboy auto download feature
  • Voice-over support for visually impaired or blind people
  • Reading sync to save the last surfed website for accidental closures of the app.

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16. Papaly

Papaly home page

Papaly is a landing page with lots of personalization and customizations for enhancing the tab experience. A social bookmarking app that allows the user to organize regularly visited, useful and favorite websites into different boards.

  • Easy sync of search results and bookmarks from any platform.
  • Users can publish and share their board.
  • Public and private boards.
  • Pack and Unpack of current tabs feature to reduce clutter on the browser.
  • Social bookmarks for social media platforms.
  • Notes inside bookmarks.
  • Drag and drop search with bookmarks.
  • Customizable theme and colors.
  • Rename categories and links.
  • Chrome extension and Firefox add-on available.
  • Website support.

17. Discuvver

Discuvver home page. 19 Best StumbleUpon Alternatives

Discuvver is another StumbleUpon alternative with a concept and functionality similar to that of StumbleUpon. The instant hit and feel of stumbling across a useful website. This is what Discuvver follows. You can find links and ideas to more than 10 million interesting websites with just one click – Take me to a useful website!

  • No privacy concerns since only email addresses are used for registration.
  • Works simultaneously and smoothly across multiple devices.
  • Create lists and organize websites.
  • Unlimited storage for bookmarking websites.
  • Availability – Web

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18. URLRoulette

URL Roulette website

The time feels cruel yet slow; you want to tempt yourself with the illusion of pseudo-productivity under the hood, but deep down, it’s boredom. Well, not every day has to be productive, but that is a topic of discussion we can have in a subsequent article at some other time. Here, we are talking about URL Roulette, a link exchange service to fritter away time. The website requires you to paste the URL of any website you find useful. In return, this platform will redirect you to a similar website previously submitted by someone else.

19. Bored Hoard

Bored Hoard home page. 19 Best StumbleUpon Alternatives

Another get away with the boredom and introduce yourself with exciting stuff website is Bored Hoard. Just click on Visit a cool site and open your box to interesting random websites with its details and user ratings. There are reviews available too for each website so you know which one would be more appropriate, if not only cool.


The end of StumbleUpon with its founder Camp’s words and vision to start again with its upcoming project namely Mix.com emerged as a hope in loyal users and believers of the former parent website. Over time, the market has been flooded with capable and efficient alternatives. We hope that this doc could guide you on best StumbleUpon alternatives. If you have any queries or suggestions, then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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