How to Fix Blurry Pictures on Android

With improving features, phones have been an integral part of our life. However, certain basic options like capturing photos or a memorable picture, if disturbed, can make us feel troubled. The answer to the question of how to fix blurry pictures on Android has been pounding on the Internet. Though most versions of Android have native AI-based editing features like skins and filters and allow you to adjust the slider to improve the sharpness of a picture, it might be difficult to take a perfect picture. In this article, we will learn the methods to fix blurred photo on Android.

How to Fix Blurry Pictures on Android

How to Fix Blurry Pictures on Android

The possible reasons why the photos taken may be blurred are listed as follows.

  • Improper Handling of Phone – Not holding the camera properly.
  • Improper Focus Setting – Old versions of the camera lack the auto-focus setting and the image may be blurred. In case of manual focus setting as well, the focus may not have been triggered.
  • Continuous Capturing of Photos – Taking pictures continuously without a gap or continuous movement while taking photos.
  • Insufficient Inputs – The camera lens may be unclean, which is, dust may have settled or fingerprints may be clouding the lens. In addition, taking pictures in dim light settings may cause the issue.

Method 1: Basic Troubleshooting Methods

Most times the issue may be due to improper settings or glitches in the phone, you can easily resolve the issue by trying any of the basic troubleshooting methods.

Note: Since smartphones don’t have the same Settings options, they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore, always ensure the correct settings before changing any. The said steps were performed on a Samsung Galaxy A21s phone.

1A. Focus Display on Camera

The first method on how to fix blurry pictures on Android is to focus on the picture display. You can either:

  • Tap on the camera display to focus on a particular portion.
  • Shake the phone and then take a photo.
  • Tap the phone against your palm to ensure that the camera is focused.

Focus Display on Camera

1B. Restart Phone

Restarting your phone can clear small glitches on the phone while taking pictures. You can learn the methods to restart your phone from the link given here.

Force Restart your Samsung Smartphone

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1C. Force Stop Camera App

Some issues in the Camera app and some suspended tasks may be major disturbances for capturing the picture. You can try to force stop the camera app and then restart it to clear the issue.

1. Open the Settings app from the app menu.

tap on the Settings app on the menu. How to Fix Blurry Pictures on Android

2. Tap on the Apps option.

Tap on the Apps tab. How to Fix Blurry Pictures on Android

3. Tap on the Camera app in the list.

Tap on the Camera app

4. Tap on the Force stop option at the bottom.

Tap on the Force stop option at the bottom

5. Tap on the OK option on the confirmation screen.

Tap on the OK option. How to Fix Blurry Pictures on Android

6. After the process is complete, tap on the Open option at the bottom.

tap on the Open option

1D. Adjust Quality

In some cases, the camera lens may be at fault. You can try adjusting the quality of the photo after capturing it and then save it to your device.

1. Open the Gallery app from the main menu.

Open the Gallery app

2. Select the photo in the Pictures tab.

Select the photo in the Pictures tab

3. Tap on the edit option (indicated by the pen icon).

4. Select the Effects option, choose any effect, and adjust the slider to obtain quality.

5. In quality adjustment features, adjust each option like Contrast as said earlier.

adjust each option like Contrast

6. Tap on the Save option.

Tap on the Save option. How to Fix Blurry Pictures on Android

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1E. Update Camera App

If your camera and your phone are outdated, the issue may occur. You can easily update the phone and all other associated apps by following the instructions in the link given here.

Apart from this, you can follow the instructions given here to update the Camera app specifically to fix blurred photo on Android.

1. Open the Galaxy Store app.

Open the Galaxy Store app

2. Move to the Menu tab at the bottom and tap on the Updates option.

Move to the Menu tab at the bottom and tap on the Updates option

3. Tap on the update icon next to the Camera app to update the app.

Tap on the update icon next to the Camera app. How to Fix Blurry Pictures on Android

Method 1F: Clearing Cache

Another option is to clear the cache of the camera app as said in the link given here.

clear the cache of the camera app

Method 2: Use Third-party Camera Apps

If the pre-installed camera app is not efficient to take pictures, you can try installing a third-party camera app like Camera for Android from the Play Store.

Use Third party Camera Apps

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Method 3: Use Photo Editing Apps

If an inbuilt photo editor is missing, you can install any third-party photo editing apps from Play Store and use them to fix blurred photo on Android.

1. Photo Editor

Photo Editor

To use the Photo Editor app, follow the instructions given as below.

1. Open the picture on the app and tap on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner.

2. Tap on the Edit option and then tap on the Sharpen option.

3. Adjust the quality of the image as explained earlier.

2. Pixlr

Pixlr. How to Fix Blurry Pictures on Android

Pixlr is an easy-to-use app with free and ad-free paid versions.

  • Add text (includes various font styles) to images, draw, apply filters, and add frames (adjust the photo to various sizes) for social media posts.
  • The Sharpener tool makes blur images look clearer but lacks online storage space and professional editing tools.

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3. Lightroom


Lightroom is an easy-to-use app owing to its simple UI and you can create accounts using Facebook, Google, or Adobe account.

  • Import photos and organize them into albums.
  • Masking Slider helps in applying a sharpening effect to a certain portion of the image.
  • Limited editing features and does not work using Layer Mode.


VSCO. How to Fix Blurry Pictures on Android

In how to fix blurry pictures on Android, VSCO is an app that helps to alter effects to a classical look and vice versa, and more.

  • Update filters and film simulations for users to get unique effects on photos, and use the sharpening tool.
  • Files may be blocked in the VSCO gallery while processing.

5. Photo Editor- Lumii


Lumii app provides photo-editing tools like image filters, text effects, adding layers, and use sharpening tools.

  • Separate layers and edit pictures using themes and background templates.
  • Adjust tonal curve of pictures but the free version has limited features and ad interruption.

6. PhotoEditor By BeFunky


BeFunky is an easy-to-use app and has powerful editing tools to fix blurred photo on Android.

  • 32 photo effects, collage maker, fun fonts, photo frames, overlays, and stickers.
  • Select the PHOTO EDITOR option to sharpen the picture, tap on the Edits option, and adjust sharpness using the slider in the Sharpen and Smart Sharpen (to enhance mid tones) options.

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Method 4: Use Blur Fixing Apps

The next method on how to fix blurry pictures on Android is to install any of the blur-fixing apps given.

1. Fix Photo Blur

Fix Photo Blur

Fix Photo Blur helps to easily fix blurred photo and preserve memories using this editing tool.

  • Uses advanced algorithms to enhance, clear and fix blurred regions, and fine-tune or adjust blur intensity using Fix Blur Slider.
  • Compare photos before and after alteration and tap on the View button to view original and fixed images on a screen.
  • Remove Chroma and Gaussian noise from blurry pictures.
  • Impacts the quality of the picture, that is, may leave a trail of unwanted noise in the form of grain or colored sparkles.
  • Read the guides to learn more about apk files and the method to install the apk file on the phone using the adb commands.

2. Remini-AI Photo Enhancer

Remini- AI Photo Enhancer

Remini- AI Photo Enhancer is used to enhance effects like facial features or sharp background of a picture.

  • Free version helps to fix up to 10 pictures and advanced unblurring capabilities are in the ad-free Pro version.
  • Alter even low-resolution and blurry pictures.
  • Create an account using email, Facebook, or Gmail, also create multiple accounts, and tap on the Enhance option. Select the picture and tap on the Use it button to create a task.
  • The final output is shown in a pane along with original as Before and After, the display size of which can be adjusted using the vertical slider.
  • Save and share modified files, and reduce noise and strange-looking pixels.

3. AfterFocus

AfterFocus. How to Fix Blurry Pictures on Android

AfterFocus is an answer to how to fix blurry pictures on Android. It helps to remove the blurry effect of pictures using the simple UI.

  • Edit pictures and use focus options like the Background Blur effect, smart focus area selection, etc.
  • Easy share feature to share pictures via emails and social media apps.

4. Snapseed

Snapseed. How to Fix Blurry Pictures on Android

Snapseed is a popular photo-editing app with several options to make the image perfect.

  • The Details feature helps in removing blur from photos, and the Sharpening option helps in adjusting the slider to increase sharpness.
  • Use the Selective Tool to adjust structure and contrast by selecting a part and moving it to a point to obtain professional-quality images.

5. PhotoDirector


PhotoDirector is an easy-to-use image editing app with various tools and effects.

  • Adjust the image globally using the sharpening tool and remove blur using Remove/ Clone tool.
  • Include special effects like overlays, and color casts, and combine them with other tools like Dehaze, HSL, and HDR.

6. Photo Editor Collage – FOTOR


FOTOR is an app with a dedicated community with tutorials and discussion forums and you can use it as said below to fix blurred photo on Android.

1. Editing tools in the EDIT option, select ADJUST option, choose the SHARPNESS option, and adjust using the slider.

2. Select the STRUCTURES option and use the Detail and Gradation options to increase and adjust quality.

7. Fotogenic: Face & Body tune


Fotogenic is a free app with basic editing tools and a simple UI. Follow the steps below to fix blurry pictures on Android.

1. Select the photo, tap on the P option, and choose the effect.

2. Select the DETAIL option and adjust all options.

8. Enhance Photo Quality

Enhance Photo Quality. How to Fix Blurry Pictures on Android

Enhance Photo Quality is used for sharpening and provides various tools to add frames to pictures and filters, and make color adjustments. It is an easy-to-use app but image quality may be disturbed if not properly used and has distracting ads.

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9. Photo Editor- Polish

Photo Editor- Polish

Photo Editor- Polish is a free app with paid Pro option, which can be used to add light flares and body modifications. Improve the sharpening tool by adjusting contrast but it hangs occasionally.

10. PhotoSuite4 Pro

PhotoSuite4 Pro

PhotoSuite 4 Pro is a paid app with photoshop editing tools using which you can set up layers and masks. You can make global adjustments and create a localized effect.

11. Photoshop Express Photo Editor

Adobe Photoshop Express. How to Fix Blurry Pictures on Android

Photoshop Express Photo Editor is a popular photo editing tool with numerous features for picture manipulation. The easy-to-use UI for intermediate and advanced users.

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12. GIMP


GIMP is a paid app to edit images of any quality but is not that effective.

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Method 5: Boot Phone in Safe Mode (Not Recommended)

Another method how to fix blurry pictures on Android is to boot your phone into safe mode and then use the camera app.

1. Long press the power button at the side and long tap on the Power off option.

Long press the power button at the side and long tap on the Power off option

2. Tap on the Safe mode option to enter into Safe mode.

Tap on the Safe mode option. How to Fix Blurry Pictures on Android

3. Open the Camera app and try clicking pictures.

Read our article on how to turn off safe mode on Android to learn the method to exit from Safe mode.

Method 6: Contact Technician

As a final resort, you can seek professional help to fix blurred photo on Android.

  • If the phone is within the Warranty period, you can send it for assessment.
  • Contact a Technician for repair.

Suggestive Methods to Avoid Blurred Photo

To avoid capturing blurred photos, you can adopt the following methods as given in the section.

  • Capture video in high resolution and lit environment.
  • Take multiple pictures after some intervals.
  • Select the correct mode: macro mode to shoot the long distant object.
  • Keep your phone steady while capturing and improving magnification using your fingertips.
  • Clean the camera lens before capturing the picture: microfiber cloth, do not use a cleaning agent, and rinse slightly with water only if it is waterproof.
  • Clean the screen using a microfiber cloth to remove grease film.
  • Remove the protective cover from the display (in the case of a new phone).
  • Clear Condensation in Camera Lens: Camera Lenses may prevent water ingress but air may be sealed in the gap when placed in a moist environment. You can either use the phone in a warm environment to let the water evaporate or contact a Technician and ask for assistance on how to fix blurry pictures on Android.
  • Remove Phone Case: Phones have cutouts for the camera but some may overlap the lens space and disturb the wide-angle setting.
  • Switch Camera (If Applicable): Switch to Selfie mode and then again to the Back camera. In the case of phones with multiple independent cameras, you can choose one with the appropriate focal length and a higher megapixel count image sensor.
  • Use Manual Mode (If Applicable): Manual or Pro mode enables you to alter focus with the on-screen focus wheel, use a faster shutter speed, and adjust ISO for low-light scenes.


The answers on how to fix blurry pictures on Android are given in the article. In the comments section below, you can post your queries and suggestions for us to answer.

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