31 Best Numverify Alternatives

If you want to open a website or create an app with a log in option, then it is maybe the best API to use. So, it is not a strange thing, that you are searching for Numverify. However, sometimes some people may ask if there are other alternatives, to Numverify. The reason can be anything, maybe they don’t like the interface, or the features it provides. So, if you are also asking this question, what are best Numverify alternatives? Then you don’t need to find any more as this is a complete article and all you need. That’s why read it till the end and we are pretty sure that you’ll know some of the best alternative. However, let’s first know, what is numverify?

31 Best Numverify Alternatives

Best Numverify Alternatives

Here, we have shown the list of best Numverify alternatives in detail.

What Is Numverify?

Numverify website

Made by an Austrian company, Numverify, it is an API, which helps you to verify numbers. So if you want to open a website or an app, and include a log in option, then this is one of the best API available in the market.

It is not only free, but also it has some of the best features in the premium version! Yes, this is the best thing. Freemium products give you power!


  • You will get 100 requests monthly.
  • It has RESET API support in over 232 countries.
  • It helps you to verify numbers globally.
  • It is free for lifetime.
  • Top companies like Huwai, ZOHO, and HomeAdvisor uses their API.
  • You have the option to go premium!

Some premium plans offered by them are as follows.

Starter Plan – For 14.99 dollars/per month.

Pro Plan – 59.99 dollars per/month.

Enterprise Plan – 129.99 dollars/per month.

Following are the list of best numverify alternatives.

1. Real Validato

Read Validato Website

One of the alternatives for Numverify is Real Validato. This API is also simple to use. However, we cannot say that Real Validato is the best one you can use, as there are other better options. This API helps you to clean your database, by helping you to figure out, which numbers are outdated, invalid, and which are not. This company claims to help reduce 20-25% of your sms marketing cost.


  • It provides solutions like phone lookup DNS lookup, gender lookup, and ZIP lookup.
  • It is not free, however, gives you 1000 validation lookup credits.
  • The base price starts from 10 dollars per month for phone lookup, DNS lookup and gender lookup. For ZIP lookup it starts from 8 dollars per month.

2. Abstract

Abstract Website. 31 Best Numverify Alternatives

Abstract is a number verify API which helps you to identify real phone numbers. It is also in some cases better than Numverify. There are some features which help you to build a more efficient organization.


  • Easily identify invalid and fake numbers.
  • It is a freemium API.
  • The basic plan starts from only 9 dollars, which is very pocket friendly compared to other options.
  • Over 1k+ Developers use this API.
  • Used by some of the top companies like Nokia, Accenture, and Google. Even an educational institution like Stanford also uses Abstract.
  • Supports 190 countries.

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3. Cloudmersive

Cloudmersive Website. 31 Best Numverify Alternatives

Cloudmersive is an all-in-one solution, which provides services like Drupal antivirus scanning, content moderation, Email verification API and many more. Phone number verification is one of their most famous solutions.


  • Easily Sign in with Google.
  • Cloudmersive’s API is highly scalable, it supports over 10 different languages.
  • You get 800 API calls per month, with no expiration.
  • With the free plan you get 1 call per second.

4. Numvalidate

Numvalidate Website

This API is powered by Google. If you want a cleaner user database, then this can be a perfect option for you. With the help of Numvalidate, you can now clear your database from fraud and validate real numbers. It is also one of best numverify alternatives.

  • It is powered by Google LibPhoneNumber, so you can have an idea of how safe it is to use this service.
  • Easily format phone numbers in E16 format.
  • The premium version is way cheaper than other options.

5. BulkPhoneLookup

BulkPhoneLookup Website. 31 Best Numverify Alternatives

This is one of the most used platforms for lookup phone number. If you want to find out if the numbers are real or not, then just upload the numbers and then download the output, yes, it is that simple! One of the USPs of BulkPhoneLookup is that it doesn’t require you to have any technical skills.

  • Easy to use, doesn’t require any coding knowledge to get started.
  • Have a very cheap price. So, it won’t give too much pressure on your pocket.
  • It also lets you use the demo to try out their services.
  • 24*7 support, helps you to work more effectively. Now no doubts or errors will make you wait.
  • 1000 lookups in just a few minutes.

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6. Phone Validator

PhoneValidator Website

Phone Validator is also a good site you can use.

  • This website is free.
  • It works with all major US cell companies.
  • Use bulk phone number lookup companies.

7. RealPhoneValidation

RealPhoneValidation Website

With the help of RealPhoneValidation check if it is a real or fake number.

  • Don’t have to sign in any contract. Pay only after using the services.
  • Use prepaid planes and get discount.
  • Use realtime phone validation.
  • Enables you to use bulk phone validation.

8. FreeCarrierLookup

FreeCarrierLookup Website

Now see what is the sim company of a number with FreeCarrierLookup website. For most countries their data is accurate, and you can look up phone numbers whether it is mobile base or landline.

  • It is a totally free service.
  • Easy to use, just enter the number and get details pretty quickly.
  • Great database for USA and Canadian phone numbers.

9. SearchBug

SearchBug Website. 31 Best Numverify Alternatives

SearchBug is also a good website to reverse phone look up service.

  • Verify phone numbers pretty easily.
  • Use API integrations for smooth and effective work.
  • Validate SSNs with SearchBug.
  • All in one service for your business.

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10. Phone Number Validator API

Phone Number Validator API website. 31 Best Numverify Alternatives

Phone Number Validator API is also a good choice if you want to validate phone numbers. You can easily buy it from the Zyla store.

  • An API for reverse phone lookup.
  • After signing up developer get personal API access key.
  • It is a free service with premium planes.
  • Get limited access to calls per month.

11. PhoneNumberMonitoring

PhoneNumberMonitoring Official Website

PhoneNumberMonitorong is a phone number validating website with a premium subscription. With this service you can easily check if the phone numbers are working, no matter if it is a landline, mobile or even call center number.

  • Get easy to understand call performance reports.
  • Now access the services 24/7.
  • Easy to set up service.
  • Don’t need longtime contract, use it on monthly basis.

12. ApiPhoneNumber

ApiPhoneNumber website

APIPhoneNumber is also a good site which helps you in bulk phone number validation. With this service, you can overcome Google Phone Validation limitations.

  • Easily verify global phone numbers.
  • Use bulk phone validation to save time.
  • Free with up to 450 names per month.

13. SpyDialer

SpyDialer Website. 31 Best Numverify Alternatives Used by famous companies like NBC Fox News, SpyDialer is one of the best reverse phone number search websites.

  • Featured on NBC, wikiHow, DailyDot.
  • It is totally legal.

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14. NumLookup

NumLookup Website

NumLookup is trusted by over 50 million users every month.

  • Get the owner’s full name.
  • Get the full telecom information like VOIP, which type of number is it, mobile or landline.
  • Get full street address.
  • Also get the family information after getting the street address.

15. Melissa

Melissa Website

Melissa is another in the list of best numverify alternatives. It is also a good site which you can use for many services.

  • Has over 38 years of experience.
  • All in one service for business needs.
  • Book a demo to experience their services.

16. EDQ

EDQ website. 31 Best Numverify Alternatives

EDQ or Experian is also a good site which you can use to make sure the number in your collection is real.

  • Well known service provider and an industry leader.
  • Get a free trial to experience Experian’s services.
  • All in one service, like phone verification, address verification, and email verification.
  • Flexible pricing.

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17. Fone Finder

Fone Finder website

Fone finder might not be the ideal modern website. However, it is not to overlook. Visit it to know more.

  • Reverse phone lookup for USA and Canadian phone numbers.
  • Free to use service.
  • Easy to use interface.

18. Phoneveri

Phoneveri website

Now search for phone numbers in bulk for absolutely free with Phoneveri. It is one of the best numverify alternative.

  • Use batch phone validation.
  • It is powered by Google’s phone number handling library.
  • Easy to use interface.

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19. Data8

Data8 Website

Data8 is a phone validation service that verifies phone numbers and landline numbers. With this service, you can even verify international phone numbers. It also has a 14 day free trial.

  • Get services like phone validation, address validation, email validation, and bank validation.
  • Free set up without any additional cost.
  • The prices are fixed.

20. Best Free Phone Lookup

Best Free Phone Lookup Website. 31 Best Numverify Alternatives

Without spending a dollar, you can lookup phone numbers and find who called you. Best Free Phone Lookup is one of the best services you can get to solve your problem as it is one of best numverify alternatives

  • It is totally free.
  • Over 100,000,000 records available.
  • It is updated every week.
  • You can easily share it with others.

21. Veriphone.io

Veriphone.io website

With Veriphone you can get 1000 free credits to lookup phone number. It is another one of best numverify alternatives.

  • Instantly validate a phone number’s validation.
  • Use their bulk validation to save time.
  • Easily find a phone number carrier name, and region easily.
  • 2k+ integrations available.

22. Esendex

Esendex Website. 31 Best Numverify Alternatives

Esendex is also a solution from where you can use services like SMS software, Voice Broadcast, Sms API and Phone verification.

  • Trusted by companies like Boeing.
  • All in one verification services, like SMS verification, voice broadcast, SMS software and yes, Phone verification.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Five-star rating in G2.

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23. Zlookup

Zlookup website. 31 Best Numverify Alternatives

It is another option to choose to know about a number and look up with a reverse number search to know if it is valid or not. Zlookup is an amazing site trusted by many.

  • It is a free phone number lookup service.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • It is a cross-platform website, you can access it from anywhere.

24. Telesign

Telesign Official Website

With this solution, you can earn your customer’s trust and make onboarding smooth. There are many services including SMS verification which Telesign provides. It is one of the best options for solving your problem, best numverify alternatives.

  • Trusted by companies like EA, and ByteDance.
  • Covered over 230 countries.
  • They have 35+ patents.

25. NeutrinoAPI

NeutrinoAPI Website

NeutrinoAPI provides you with many services. You can also use their API for phone verification.

  • Affordable planes.
  • Open a free account.
  • For paid accounts get 24/7 support.

26. Sync.Me

Sync.Me Website. 31 Best Numverify Alternatives

If you want to know about whether the person who is calling is a spam number or real, then Sync.me service can do that for you.

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27. 411

411 Website

With 411 reverse search any phone number. It has 3 more services and it is one of them.

28. CarrierLookUp

CarrierLookUp Website

It is one of the best numverify alternatives sites if you want to look at the carrier of a phone number. Use CarrierLookUp API to use their services as a developer.

  • Get 1 free lookup per day.
  • Email support for problems.
  • Get 100 lookups for 10$.

29. Scout.tel

Scout.tel website

Determine who is calling if it is a robot or a real human with Scout.tel.

  • Pay for only what you use, no monthly subscription.
  • Easy robocall detection.
  • Get geographical info.
  • They have truly dependable data.


MOCEAN website. 31 Best Numverify Alternatives

Want to reduce undeliverable messages? Then use MOCEAN. It is one of best numverify alternatives. It is an all-in-one service that helps your business with solutions like verification, integration, delivering messages to every country and Number lookup.

  • You can try it for free.
  • It is all in one service, with many solutions available.
  • Easily integrate with other services.

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31. SEON

SEON website

Discover more business opportunities with SEON. It is one of the best all-in-one solutions that can help you to look up phone numbers.

  • It is free to use for 30 days with premium plans.
  • Trusted by big companies.
  • It also has a free plane which is forever free.
  • Get a response within 24 hours.


We hope that this article helped you to solve your query in finding best Numverify alternatives. If you still have any doubts then don’t forget to use the comment section and we will be happy to help. Thanks for reading.

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