What is Numverify API?

What is Numverify API?

Many people are attempting to profit from the fact that our society is expanding and becoming more connected with the technological improvements occurring. NumVerify is one such useful tool that companies should use in their operations. If you are being conned and losing valuable time due to bogus calls, NumVerify API is your buddy. It’s time to be ready to use NumVerify to fight back against the numerous scam callers and con artists waiting to waste your time. In this article, we’ll examine how does NumVerify work and how using its services might aid your company’s business. Continue reading to know about how to get Numverify API key. 

What is Numverify API?

What is Numverify API?

Numverify API website

It would appear that NumVerify is a service that validates phone numbers if one were to conclude anything about it only from the name. The REST API technology is used by the NumVerify service to access datasets for 232 nations’ numbering plans.

  • You may sort calls by the caller, including domestic and international calls, with the use of NumVerify.
  • NumVerify is a gift for businesses and startups trying to expand their networks and gathers useful data about their target market and digital demographics.
  • NumVerify helps these businesses outsource complicated procedures by providing them with convenient programming interfaces.

For all firms and businesses, NumVerify is a one-stop shop for getting fantastic insights about their user base and clients to support them in making wise business decisions. Before we start utilizing it, let us take a closer look at how does NumVerify work.

How Does NumVerify Work?

The NumVerify is a tool that verifies a phone number’s legitimacy and is compatible with around 232 countries’ phone number databases across the globe. Companies can use NumVerify’s services to cross-reference the number and find out further facts about the call’s origins. Utilizing the NumVerify API software’s services has several advantages. Numerous facets of phone number verification are handled by the NumVerify program.

  • Number validation is the main function offered by the NumVerify program. The program informs us if the phone number is active and legitimate.
  • It will also display the number in a clear number format clean of all special characters.
  • It will further display the countries’ dial prefixes and codes.
  • The program then informs the user if the number is national or international after confirming it.
  • If the country is one of the 232 that NumVerify has access to after identifying whether the phone number is local or international, the program may certainly offer the name of the country of origin.
  • The NumVerify program can determine the precise location from where the call was made after determining the nation of origin.
  • Even the sort of phone used to place the call may be determined by the NumVerify program.
  • It can detect whether the call has been placed through a landline, mobile phone, pager, satellite phone, hotline, special services line, and even toll-free line.
  • Many a time, the software will even be able to recognize the phone company in which the number is registered.

Note: The search results on the NumVerify program are presented in JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation, which is a format for displaying JavaScript object syntax, which is frequently used for information transfer in web applications. NumVerify will only show further results if the call has been placed from a country that it has access.

Hence, this is How does NumVerify work. NumVerify is a useful resource for learning about the user base because it offers extensive and accurate information about them. Let’s look at how to use NumVerify after understanding how the program functions.

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How to Use NumVerify?

It’s quite simple to use NumVerify; all you have to do is join up and get an API key from the provider. Let’s go into more detail about the procedures you must follow to use or validate the numbers.

1. Register in the NumVerify service.

Sign Up

2. After registering, you will be sent a special API access key.

Note: The API access key is necessary to use the NumVerify program. You won’t be able to use your account to validate the number without the API key.

3. On the Dashboard of your account, you will find a Search Box.


4. Simply, type in the number you want to search/validate into the Search Box.

5. Click on the Validate option.

All the details regarding the number will be displayed on your screen.

To do Reverse Search follow the given steps;

1. Start by typing the country code, then the number.

2. Click the Run button that’s visible next to the search box on the right.

A new webpage will appear, in JSON, with all of the information about the number you sought.

Searching for any number becomes very easy with the help of the NumVerify software.

How to get NumVerify API Key?

The most crucial tool is the NumVerify API access key if you want to find and validate numbers using NumVerify. You won’t be able to access the account without the API key. But how to get NumVerify API key?

To obtain the API key, all you have to do is create an account with the NumVerify program. Your specific API key will be produced immediately once you register for an account on the website and will be shown on your dashboard. Every user receives a special API key, therefore if you want to manage your account, you’ll need your key.

Cost of Subscribing to NumVerify?

There are a few packages with tools and features that are provided by NumVerify to utilize the program. The subscription plans will be shown on the screen when you create your account. Depending on your needs, you may select the pack and pay using online payment options.

The NumVerify offers 4 plans, Free, Basic, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

  • With the Free Plan, you get a total of 100 API requests a month at zero cost.
  • With the Basic Plan, you get a total of 5,000 API requests a month, number validation, and country, location, line type, and carrier detection at 14.99 USD per month.
  • With the Professional Plan, you get 50,000 API requests a month, number validation, and country, location, line type, and carrier detection at 59.99 USD per month.
  • With the Enterprise Plan, you get 250,000 API requests a month, number validation, and country, location, line type, and carrier detection at 129.99 USD per month.
  • You can even customize your plan depending on your needs and API request requirements per month.

With its affordable plans, you can easily distinguish between scammers and genuine clientele with just the click of a button, saving a lot of time. One of the greatest phone number identification apps on the tools, the Numverify app is incredibly user-friendly. Its extensive reach and database increase its usefulness and make a subscription desirable.


We hope that this doc could guide you on What is NumVerify API and how does NumVerify work. If you have any queries or, suggestions then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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