How to Use Chip Bot on Discord

Keep your Discord community jamming with the Chip Bot

Discord, a popular voice, video, and text chat app, can also play music, which sets it apart from other communication platforms. You did hear correctly! You can use the famous music-playing bot, chip bot, in the Discord app. Now, are you not aware of how to use chip bot Discord? Don’t worry! We will tell you how to add and use this bot.

How to Use Chip Bot on Discord

How to Use Chip Bot on Discord

Chip is a high-quality discord music bot with many advanced features. It is supported through Patreon and has premium versions for those wanting to upgrade. To use it on Discord is not quite a tough task. We’ll learn how to use it after learning what it is exactly in the upcoming section.

Quick Answer

Here are the steps to use Chip Bot on Discord:

1. Go to the Chip Bot website and click on Invite Chip and start listening!

2. Then, Sign in to your Discord account and select the desired server.

3. Authorize the Chip Bot to access your Discord account.

4. Confirm the Captcha and then choose the desired text channel from the server.

What is Chip Bot on Discord?

Chip Bot is a free, high-quality Discord music bot. It contains several features to enjoy music during your various Discord sessions.

  • It offers reliable playback, 24/7 uptime, volume controls, audio effects, Autoplay, and support for Spotify, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp.
  • It can be used to queue tracks, search for songs, and much more.
  • Chit Bot is rich in features with a lot of commands.
  • One of the best things about Chip Bot is that you can share your favorite music tracks with your friends and build a sense of community among each other.
  • It is also a great way to discover music which can help to create a more engaging experience overall.

Chip Bot website

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What are the Features of Chip Bot Discord?

Let us see some of the features of chit bot:

  • Reliable: It refers to its ability to provide uninterrupted playback 24/7. This means that once you queue up a song, it will always play without interruption or delay. In addition, the bot’s playback will always retain the same quality.
  • Audio-quality: Chip Bot offers high-quality audio playback. This ensures you will get a consistent, high-quality listening experience every time you use Chip Bot.
  • Control: You can set your preferred music style with the help of the control feature, as it gives the ability to control the music equalizer.

How to Add Chip Bot to Discord

It is a very simple process. Follow the steps mentioned for the same:

1. Visit the Chip Bot website on your browser.

2. Click on the Invite Chip and start listening! option.

Tap on the Invite Chip and start listening button

3. If prompted, Sign in to your Discord account.

4. From the ADD TO SERVER field, choose a desired server.

Note: Chip cannot be added or connected to your server without permission.

Choose a server. Keep in mind that Chip cannot be added or connected to your server without permission. | How to Use Chip Bot on Discord

5. Click on Continue.

Tap continue

6. Mark all the checkboxes.

Check all the boxes

7. Click on Authorize.

Click on Authorize. | How to Use Chip Bot on Discord

8. Next, verify Captcha to add the chip to Discord.

9. Go to the server and access the desired text channel.

Go to the server and access General Text Channel

10. Finally, you will get a confirmation from the Chip Bot for successfully completing the process.

Finally, you will get a confirmation from chip bot for successfully completing the process

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How to Use Chip Bot on Discord

Now, that you have added the Chip Bot, you are free to play the music according to your preferences. But let us figure out the detailed procedure. For that, kindly follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Open the Discord app on your PC.

2. Select the desired text channel from the left pane.

Select the particular server from the left navigation | How to Use Chip Bot on Discord

3. Connect to any desired voice channel.

Connect to any voice channel

4. Enter /play [track URL or name]. It helps the Chip Bot to request music.

 Type /play + a link to a song or song name, it helps the chip bot to request the music. | How to Use Chip Bot on Discord

Basic Chip Bot Commands

It is important to know the chip bot commands for a hassle-free music experience. Mentioned below are a few commands to consider:

  • /play [song]: It refers to playing a track
  • /play [URL]: It helps search for a song, album, or artist. It can also queue the tracks on a playlist
  • /pause: Pauses the current playing track
  • /clear queue: Removes all queued songs
  • /loop current: It loops the current song
  • /lyrics: Displays the lyrics of the current song
  • /queue list: It displays the song’s queue page
  • /replay: Replays the current song
  • /skip: It skips the current track and advances to the next song on the queue page.
  • /stop: Stops any music that is currently playing
  • /search: Helps in searching the song
  • /resume: Resumes paused songs
  • /forceskip: Forcefully skips the selected track

There are many more commands! These are just the basic ones that could be useful for anyone who is just starting off with the Chip Bot on Discord.

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So, this brings us to the end of our article. After reading this guide, we hope you learned how to use chip bot Discord. Let us know in the comments section below if you have any suggestions or queries. Also, you can convey what you want to learn about next.

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