How to Play Old Nerdle Play

Nerdle, a Wordle inspired game is the new favorite of gaming enthusiasts around the world. Instead of alphabets, Nerdle deals with numbers, operations, and guessing equations. With its new and unique approach to jogging people’s brains, Nerdle has been applauded by many. So, if you want a break from FPS games and crazy battles, then you should give this game a try. When you first come across this game you might have questions like, is Nerdle difficult to play, or what are its rules? Well, not to worry! As we have discussed everything about Nerdle, from its rules to different ways to play this game in this guide. So, let’s get started!

How to Play Old Nerdle Play

How to Play Old Nerdle Play

An important thing to note, Nerdle offers only one new game daily, which automatically resets at midnight. Whether you go for the classic or the mini version, both options have unique daily challenges. For those who want to play games from previous days, this article will help you with how to play old Nerdle play. Keep on reading till the end.

Is Nerdle Difficult?

Yes, Nerdle is quite difficult as compared to its predecessor Wordle version. Since it primarily deals with numbers and equations rather than words, some people can find it daunting. This is also a good way of sharpening your mathematical problem-solving skills.

Quick Answer

To play Old Nerdle Play, just follow these steps:

1. Visit the official Nerdle website.

2. Click on the house icon and choose replay.

3. Choose a mode and date, then click on Play.

Nerdle Game Rules

If Nerdle is an entirely new phenomenon for you, then you might be wondering how this game works. To understand the game better, there is a set of rules that you need to understand first:

  • Every guess is a calculation.
  • You can use 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 + – * / or =.
  • It must contain one =.
  • There should be a number to the right of = instead of a calculation.
  • Nerdle applies standard order of operations. Accordingly, you need to calculate * and / before + and -.

Nerdle Rules for Colours

After each attempt on Nerdle, the color of the tiles will change according to how precise your guess was. This will further help you get close to the right answer. For instance, these are the three colors that you will see on Nerdle:

  • Green- The number is in the right place.
  • Purple- It is in the guess and solution but placed in the wrong place.
  • Black- It is not a part of the word

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How to Play Nerdle

Now that you know Nerdle rules for colours, you can begin with how to play Nerdle. For this, you can simply visit the official Nerdle Game website on your laptop or smartphone. You have 6 tries to guess the equation and all the tiles will turn green if you manage to arrange the winning answer.

How to Play Old Nerdle

Fortunately, you can play old Nerdle games on your smartphone or PC. For this, there are three methods listed below.

Method 1: Use Nerdle Replay

The easiest and quickest way to play old Nerdle games is via the official website. For this, what you need to do is:

1. Go to the official Nerdle website.

2. Click on the house icon at the top.

Click on the house icon

3. Scroll down and choose replay.

choose replay.

4. Next, choose a mode and date.

5. Once you are done, click on Play.

click on Play | how to play old Nerdle play

Method 2: Using Customized URL

If the main website is facing server downtime, then you need an alternative option. You can use a customized URL to play old Nerdle games by following these simple steps:

1. Open any browser on your device.

2. Copy and paste the following URL in the address bar.

3. Next, replace yyyymmdd with the desired date as per your preference to play old Nerdle games from a specific day.

replace yyymmmdd with the desired date

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Method 3: Using Wayback Machine

Another way of playing old Nerdle games is using the Wayback machine. Here is how you can do this:

1. Go to INTERNET ARCHIVE WayBack Machine website on your PC.

2. Copy and paste this URL in the provided space:

Note: Search to play challenges released before February 2022.

copy and paste | how to play old Nerdle play

3. Click on a date with available snapshots. It is usually highlighted with a colored circle.

Click on a date with available snapshots

4. Next, select the available Nerdle challenge.

select the available Nerdle challenge

Now you are all set to play Nerdle from any day you wish. Get ready to engage in fun and inquisitive math challenges.


We hope this article helped you understand how to play old Nerdle play. Now enjoy the classic Nerdle game by simply following the steps mentioned above. If you have any other queries or suggestions, you can always leave them in the comment section below. Also, let us know what you would like to read next as we keep coming up with new tech-related stuff.

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