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How to Play Gamecube Games on Android

Nintendo’s GameCube did not live up to developers’ and consumers’ expectations. Despite the console’s failure, the games developed and released on it left behind a legacy and have remained in demand for a lifetime. While there isn’t a huge base audience planning to buy the console, many are looking to play its games on phones. Meeting your demands, we are here to share with you how to play Gamecube games on Android devices. Let’s start.

How to Play Gamecube Games on Android

What’s more exciting than being able to relive retro games on modern devices? Hold on with us while we guide you.

Quick Answer

You can download and install GameCube games on your Android smartphone:

1. Download the game you want to play from a third-party source like Emulatorgames.net and extract the file.

2. Install Dolphin Emulator on your device, and add the game to the Emulator.

3. Customize settings and set up the controls and start playing.

Can You Play Gamecube Games on Android?

Yes, it is possible to play GameCube games on Android. Even though GameCube games are not available on Google Play Store, they can be downloaded from a third-party source and accessed using an emulator. have to use a third-party site. If you are ready to do that, then read the next part of this article to know how to play GameCube games on Android. The following are the steps that you would need to perform.

Step 1. Download GameCube Games

Playing console games on Android smartphones require cross-platform gaming and emulators make this possible. Dolphin Emulator is one of the widely anticipated emulators for running GameCube games. You can download and play the games on Dolphin Emulator.

1. Download and install Dolphin Emulator from Google Play Store.

Now is the time to download a GameCube game you want to play and add it to the emulator. There are different third-party websites from which you can download the game. For this article, let’s take emulatorgames.net as an example.

Note:  The information provided below is only for informational purposes. We do not endorse such third-party websites for subsequent usage.

2. Go to Emulatorgames.net.

3. Choose GameCube from the list of options.

Select GameCube from the options. | how to play gamecube games on android

4. Now, choose the game you want to download. In our case, we are downloading Legend Of Zelda The The Wind Walker.

Select the game you want to download

5. Now, tap on Save Game.

Tap on Save Game | how to play gamecube games on android

6. Wait for the process to finish, then unzip the file.

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Step 2: Emulate Game on Dolphin Emulator

After you have extracted the game files, it is time that you emulate them on your Android smartphone.

1. Launch Dolphin Emulator and then tap on Add Games at the bottom-right corner.

Open Dolphin Emulator and then select Add Game.

7. Search the game from the file manager on your device, then select USE THIS FOLDER.

 Search the game from your file manager, then select USE THIS FOLDER | how to play gamecube games on android

8. Now tap on ALLOW.

 Now select Allow.

9. Finally tap on the game to play.

Finally tap on the game to play | how to play gamecube games on android

That’s it. See, you just got to play GameCube games on your smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What system can emulate GameCube?

Ans. Dolphin Emulator can emulate GameCube games. It is available in one, Android, Windows (10 or newer versions), Linux, macOS, and Android.

Q2. What phone is good for Dolphin Emulator?

Ans. There are no specific hardware requirements mandatory to run Dolphin Emulator. However, you need a device that runs at least on Android 5.0 and or subsequent OS versions.

Q3. What is Dolphin Emulator?

Ans. Dolphin Emulator, as the name suggests is an emulating application for GameCube and Wii games.

Q4. How much RAM do I need to run Dolphin Emulator?

Ans. There is no such specified requirement for RAM mentioned by the developers. We would suggest at least a device with 4GB of RAM will do the work. Higher if possible.

Q5. Are emulators legal?

Ans. Yes, emulators are absolutely legal, and you can download the Dolphin emulator from Google Play Store. 

Q6. Is playing emulator games safe?

Ans: Emulator Games are downloaded from third-party sources. So, there is always a concern surrounding it. It’s always your discretion whether to run them or not.


Over the past few years, games have evolved to offer improved graphics, unbeatable framerates and smoothness, top-class integrations, and mesmerizing standards. However, there is always satisfaction in experiencing the games that took a major part of our childhood. With that intention, we present this article on how to play GameCube games on Android. We hope you like our attempt. Drop down your views and let us know which games you will play on your device. 

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