23 Best Live Service Games

Live-service games as the name suggests is a company’s or developer attempt to update games that have already been launched few years back. But it does not only confine to old games but even newer and one of best live service games such as Fall Guys which has gained a unimaginable spot in list of best live service games. These are also called live service games because of the fact that they are multiplayer and new content is added to these games on a regular basis. The necessity of these updates in live service game lie in the loyal crowd base of a game that want to enjoy the experience for a long period of time.

23 Best Live Service Games

Best Live Service Games

Some gamers do see live service games in a bad light, but it so happens only in those cases where the true potential of a game to attract audience is not realized in a proper manner. Also, it is a great path to continue a game’s legacy further. Thanks to technological advancements and the live-service operating model, developers can now produce games with a wider size and scope.


apex legends webpage

APEX LEGENDS is on the top of list of best live service games. It was originally released in the year 2019 and since then it has garnered at least a 100 million registered players. Apex Legends comes in category of battle royale games and has a usual storyline as seen in this category. Mission is just to be the last man standing in an arena with nearly 60 players. Your team consists of three players, and you got to choose one of legends at start which does come with some special abilities. Moreover, with the launch of its mobile version and regular new updates, its popularity is confirmed to go up in near future.


FALL GUYS webpage. 23 Best Live Service Games

FALL GUYS might be one of the latest addition to this list of best live service games. It was released during the pandemic in year 2020 and quickly became one of the most cherished hobby during covid lockdowns all over the globe. It falls under the category of battle royale games but in a cute way. After its initial stardom the gamer base has quite declined but with launch of new season and a completely free platform the numbers are expected to go up eventually. But whatever may be the popularity it is still a must try for all those peeps who want to spend some fun time with their friends.

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FORTNITE webpage

A creation of Epic Games FORTNITE was released in year 2017 which is on top of List of best live service games. It is one of the most popular battle royale game even though the popularity has decreased a little bit in recent years. Fortnite has come a long way from its original Save the World edition to changes made as a live service game. This change also has been great in maintaining the craze by launching new characters and other features of the island itself.

4. HUNT: Showdown

HUNT: Showdown webpage

HUNT: Showdown was originally released in the year 2017. The game in itself has too many features that segregate it from other cliché battle royale games to provide gamers with top notch capabilities that is expected out of any hardcore multiplayer live serve game in this segment. Hunt: Showdown definitely has some different style than its expected contenders like call of duty and Fortnite which makes it a must try for any gamer.


FINAL FASNTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn webpage

FINAL FASNTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn is a Square Enix creation released in August of 2013. It is an online role-playing game with a multiplayer interface. The game in itself is journey of as long as 1000 hours which are spent doing countless activities with a large base of gaming community. With most of the Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games losing ground in this category, Final Fantasy XIV is doing great because of the constant events and new changes made in the latest quests which makes it quite worthy of best live service games.

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DESTINY 2 webpage. 23 Best Live Service Games

DESTINY 2 is the second installment of the game with same name released in the year 2017. With the original being released just a few years back there is an abundant base that still prefers the original providing it place in list of best live service games. With a looting and shooting as its premises the game has a lot to offer because of its great gameplay hour span and immersive visuals. With the latest witch queen update this looter-shooter game is expected to attract a new and fantastic gamers base which would help the destiny legacy to grow exponentially.



ROCKET LEAGUE was released in the year 2015 by one of the most renowned game developers named Epic Games. The game has come a long way from being just a time pass activity while getting bored from other mainstream battle games. Now the Rocket League has developed into a perfect looter and shooter arena, but the feel of the original has remained the same. The live service edition can be given a chance if it suits your taste.


LEAGUE OF LEGENDS webpage. 23 Best Live Service Games

LEAGUE OF LEGENDS was released in October of 2009 and has since then gained a massive amount of following. All this is because of the reason that it has a wide audience base in the western countries. Moreover, there has been a constant tussle between game developers to churn out new challenges and new characters to the League of Legends arena. This has also greatly helped in developing new versions of the game keeping the caravan going at same pace.

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STAR WARS BATLLEFRONT II was originally released in the year 2017 and was initially very slow in gaining ground because of its monetization policy. The reasons for this stunted growth and backlash from the fans of its original version of Star Wars Battlefront was the locked characters and other props in game. Therefore, the comeback of the game was initiated by the developer Electronic Arts by removing any monetary barrier between while using a new character in the game giving it a spot in list of best live service games. That is why the rise of Star Wars Battlefront 2 was steady and slow and not an overnight success.



RAINBOW SIX SIEGE is a Ubisoft Montreal creation which was released in the year 2015. It is a tactical team-based shooter game that is available for PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows. The game lets you play the role of both attacker and defender at times who have to complete respective duties. Cooperation is the topmost priority to complete various missions where end is only destruction.

11. Overwatch

Overwatch steam curator page

Overwatch was released in May of 2016 and is a online multiplayer game. The game is based on the premise of First Person Shooter (FPS) which is developed by Blizzard. Overwatch steady success in this arena is majorly based on the constant updates and the developers urge to keep players on their toes. Cherry on top is the new seasonal events that doesn’t let its audience base get bored. This has also been the reason of maintaining a loyal base that has too supported its newer version we are going to talk about in article ahead.


OVERWATCH 2 webpage

OVERWATCH 2 was the installment waiting to enter the shooting game market since long. With the original gaining a high value in gaming scene, it came out in October of 2022. The game hasn’t lost the feel of the original and therefore is worth adding in list of best live service games. Moreover, the addition of smooth and easy to use game contents makes it even more suitable for new age gamers that want to try out an appreciable creation at its time of release. There is obviously an added common feature as seen in most modern battle games is that you can play it with strangers as well as friends.

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13. COUNTER-STRIKE Global Offensive

COUNTER-STRIKE Global Offensive webpage. 23 Best Live Service Games

COUNTER-STRIKE Global Offensive was originally released in August of 2012 making it one of the oldest contenders in this list. It is a multiplayer tactical game and follows the first-person shooter niche. Counter-Strike is one of the most well known of games in this category. With the storyline so simple yet so interesting that too with your friends, the game has become the most played game by cult gamers. Counter-Strike was developed by Valve & Hidden Path Entertainment and still gets updates from the same.

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14. NO MAN’s SKY

NO MAN’s SKY webpage

As the name of this game suggests, NO MAN’s SKY doesn’t have any niche which makes it an action-adventure survival game if one were to summarize it. Because of its cross platform interface, you can do abundant activities with your friends. The idea to advance is in collecting resources through a bunch of interesting activities that include combating in different planetary systems, exploring a large variety of flora and fauna, finding useful props that could help you in future battles etc. No Man’s Sky is a great choice in case you have abundant time and want to immerse a new game environment that too available in most of the gaming consoles.


CALL OF DUTY: WARZONE webpage. 23 Best Live Service Games

CALL OF DUTY: WARZONE is another battle royale game released recently in year 2022. It is one of the most addictive addition to the Call Of Duty franchise that is available for almost all latest gaming consoles including Xbox One and PS4. The changes made by developers in Call Of Duty: Warzone were particularly concerned with inculcating some of the aspects of other famous battle royale games like Fortnite. This strategy of including the best from its rivals came out in its favor by helping the franchise rise above again. Moreover it was able to take out the game from its bad experience with release of Black Ops 4.

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A creation of Grinding Gear Games, PATH OF EXILE has come a long way with gaining ground in action role playing game since its release in the year 2013. Known as the successor of Diablo 2 in popular culture, it has achieved quite success by navigating in this category to launch all new gameplay encampments keeping the journey interesting. The gameplay includes exploring caves and dungeons to collect loot and battle with new enemies on every quest. Path of Exile is a great choice from this list of best live service game in case you are searching for free game without any hidden charges or locked characters.

17. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact webpage

Genshin Impact is an Action role playing game developed and published by MiHoYo in the year 2020. One of the most interesting thing about it is its availability on Android as well as iOS . Taking place in a fantasy world the game has basically four characters one of which you can choose to be, but this can be easily changed at the time of a battle. Every character has some different kind of capabilities which can be used in combination to create more impact on the enemy. Genshin Impact is a great choice in case you are an anime fan.

18. Grand Theft Auto Online

gRand theft auto online webpage

Grand Theft Auto Online is a creation of Rockstar North in the year 2013 falling in category of multiplayer action-adventure game. While the name doesn’t even need a mention because of its immense popularity in all these years. Grand Theft Auto Online is based in the fictional city of Los Santos situated in USA. The idea behind is to operate as a criminal and do all that is required to make him reach the top. What keeps the game interesting are tasks such as heists. Moreover the availability of all sorts of vehicles to drive and fly makes it a lot more engaging.

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FORZA HORIZON 5 is one of the latest addition to the Forza Horizon franchise with its release in year 2021 by Playground Games. The game does an amazing job in giving you controls of your super car as soon as you enter the racing arena. Moreover, the Forza Horizon 5 has the largest racing map ever with quite different environments including volcanoes, deserts, and forest. The cars too have become quite customizable with players being able to make Engine and drivetrain changes giving it a position in list of best live service games.

20. DOTA 2

DOTA 2 webpage. 23 Best Live Service Games

DOTA 2 was released in the year 2003 and is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game. It was developed and published by Valve. The game is basically divided into two teams of five players each who have to guard and defend their area. DOTA 2 has one of the largest eSport base as millions of professional players come flocking in for a competition every year. With many regarding DOTA 2 as the best video game they have ever played, it has definitely not lost any ground in this segment.

21. Sea of Thieves

Sea of thieves webpage

Sea of thieves is an action-adventure game that was released in the year 2018 on Windows and Xbox One. It was developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios. While receiving some backlash for its shorter gameplay, Sea of thieves was able to gain ground being a live service. Thereby the constant updates from its developers were very much able to resuscitate it and increase its gamers base in years to come.

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WARFRAME webpage. 23 Best Live Service Games

Released in the year 2013, WARFRAME is a free to play third-person shooter multiplayer game released in 2013 by Digital Extremes. Since then the game has been progressively released on almost all well known gaming consoles in Market. Warframe has taken its inspiration from Dark Sector, another work on the same developers. The idea behind is the Dark Sector rise in the live service arena. This has been quite fruitful as the game was able to develop a loyal community of gamers. Moreover, the absence of any kind of paywall has made it highly accessible to the new users.


WORDLE webpage

WORDLE is one of the latest addition to the live service arena with its release in the year 2021. It was developed and published by Josh Wardle and is a crossword puzzle game. Wordle performed quite well with its release and was able to gain enough recognition in past two years allowing it in this list. It might not be the kind of game that you might be searching in the live service arena but a sparing a few minutes for this much accessible creation might be a good idea.


We hope that this doc could guide you on best live service games. If you have any queries or, suggestions then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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