10 Ways to Fix Tinder Something Went Wrong 50000 Error

Tinder is a great place to find a partner if you are looking for a long-term relationship. Even if you are not, you can swipe right on a suitable match here. Although Tinder is known as one of the famous dating apps, it is still not devoid of some common errors. One of these errors on the platform is Tinder something went wrong 50000. If you are struggling with fixing this error, then our today’s guide on what is Tinder error 50000 will help you a lot. You will learn a great deal about error 50000, why it occurs, and different methods of fixing it. So, let us get started by showing you some easy ways of getting rid of this error code.

10 Ways to Fix Tinder Something Went Wrong 50000 Error

Ways to Fix Tinder Something Went Wrong 50000 Error

Here, you will get to know about the solutions to fix Tinder error code 50000 issue.

What Causes Tinder Something Went Wrong 50000?

Error 50000 on Tinder usually comes across when a user tries to log in to the platform. There are several reasons behind this error as stated below:

  • The Tinder server in your area is down.
  • Overloaded system.
  • Weak or unstable internet connection.
  • Outdated version of Tinder.
  • Corrupt Tinder app cache.
  • Interference by a VPN.
  • Corrupt files of the Tinder application.

Quick Answer

You can clear Tinder app cache data or update the app. If that doesn’t help, try updating the date & time format of your device by these simple steps: 

1. Open Settings on your phone and go to System management.

2. Select Date & time and change it to the correct format.

What is Tinder Error 50000?

  • Error 50000 on Tinder is an error message stating, something went wrong, there was a problem logging into Tinder, please try it again.
  • This is basically a login issue that can be encountered on any device.
  • This error could occur due to server issues, device problems, or in-app issues.
  • Error 50000 can also result from trying to log into Tinder with the wrong email address and password.
  • Users can also come across this error if their account is suspended or if they are trying to access Tinder from a country that is not supported by the platform.

How to Fix Tinder Error Code 50000

Tinder and its causes are for error code 50000 can be fixed by following some tested & tried troubleshooting methods as stated below:

Method 1: Wait for Tinder Server Uptime

The first and foremost method to attempt is checking for Tinder server status. Sometimes, due to technical issues or maintenance, Tinder can stop working. You can check Tinder servers by visiting the Downdetector website. This website will show you live feedback on the servers of Tinder and will report if any issues are found. In case the Tinder website is down; you can wait for its time up and launch the app again after some time.

Wait for Tinder Server Time Up

Method 2: Restart Phone

Tinder is not working properly, and resulting in Tinder something went wrong 50000 error can also result from overloading your device with programs or background apps. If so, restart your phone to fix minor glitches and errors. This will help you greatly in fixing the error as well, and if you want to know how you can perform this method, you can check our guide on How to Restart or Reboot Your Android Phone?

Restart your Phone

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Method 3: Troubleshoot Internet Connection

Apart from your device being free of background apps and other glitches, it must also support a good internet connection to repair Tinder error code 50000. A weak or unstable connection can stop you from logging into your Tinder account. So, refer to our guide on How to Boost Internet Speed on Your Android Phone and fix all network issues easily.

Confirm a Good Internet Connection

Method 4: Try Different Browser

It is also possible that the issues you are currently facing with your Tinder login are due to your browser. This method applies to Tinder web users trying to log into their account but being welcomed with an error code 50000. In this case, it is best if you can try a different browser. You can also check our guide on 10 Best Android Browsers for Surfing the Internet (2022) and find yourself a perfect browser to use Tinder without error.

Brave Browser

Method 5: Update Tinder App

If you know what is Tinder error 50000, you must also know that if the Tinder app is left un-updated, it can stop you from logging into your account. Therefore, update the app to the latest version to make sure you can use your account error-free. Android users can also refer to our guide on How To Automatically Update All Android Apps At Once and easily update their Tinder app.

Update Tinder App

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Method 6: Clear Tinder App Cache

To fix Tinder, something went wrong 50000 error; make sure that all the cache of the Tinder app is cleared. As much as the stored cache of an app is useful, it can sometimes build up and become corrupt. Therefore, you must regularly clean the Tinder app cache. To know more about how to do it, read our guide on How to Clear Cache on Android Phone (And Why Is It Important).

clear cache and data of android app

Method 7: Change Date and Time Settings

Date and Time Settings are another important triggering point for error 50000 in Tinder. If you have been getting the same error that has stopped you from logging in to your account, try to tweak your Android phone’s date and time settings and correct them if they have been set wrong.

1. Open your Android phone and tap on the Settings app on the home screen.

tap on the Settings app on the home screen.

2. Next, in Settings, tap on the System management.

tap on the System management tab. 10 Ways to Fix Tinder Something Went Wrong 50000 Error

3. Tap on the Date & time tab to open it.

Tap on the Date and time tab to open it

4. Now, change the Date & time format to its correct format.

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Method 8: Disable VPN

A VPN is a great option for those using Tinder from a restricted area. It is also a good way out for people whose Tinder account has been banned from a particular IP address. Even though a VPN is a preferred option to conceal your IP address, it can sometimes become intrusive and result in error 50000. Therefore, to fix Tinder error code 50000, disable VPN on your Android phone.

1. Open the Settings app on your smartphone.

2. Now, tap on the Other networks & connections.

tap on the Other networks and connections tab. 10 Ways to Fix Tinder Something Went Wrong 50000 Error

3. Next, tap on VPN.

tap on VPN

4. Now, tap on the VPN service.

tap on the VPN service. 10 Ways to Fix Tinder Something Went Wrong 50000 Error

5. Finally, in the next window, Disable or Delete the VPN profile.

Method 9: Reinstall Tinder

If the Tinder application files are corrupt or during installation of the app, it became corrupt; you would need to uninstall and reinstall the Tinder app to avoid Tinder something went wrong 50000 error. You can know about how to perform its reinstallation by looking at the steps below:

1. To uninstall Tinder, open Settings on your Android.

2. Tap on the Apps tab in it.

Tap on the Apps tab in it. 10 Ways to Fix Tinder Something Went Wrong 50000 Error

3. Tap on the Tinder app from the list of applications.

Tap on the Tinder app from the list of applications

4. Now, tap on the Uninstall option at the bottom.

tap on the Uninstall option. 10 Ways to Fix Tinder Something Went Wrong 50000 Error

5. Next, tap on OK to confirm the process.

tap on OK to confirm the process. 10 Ways to Fix Tinder Something Went Wrong 50000 Error

6. Then, launch the Play Store application on your phone.

7. In the search bar, enter Tinder.

8. Tap on it to select the Install button.

Tap on it to select the Install button

Finally, once the app has been installed, launch it and check if you can log into your account without the error code.

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Method 10: Contact Tinder Customer Support

Finally, none of the methods have come to your rescue in avoiding error code 50000 on the Tinder app; then you must contact Tinder Customer Support for professional help. You can discuss the issue with the support of Tinder which will help you in fixing the issue at the earliest.

Contact Tinder Customer Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What does error code 50000 mean?

Ans. Error code 50000 indicates an issue with the sign-in service of an app or website.

Q2. Can I log into the Tinder web page in case of error 50000?

Ans. Yes, if you are using the Tinder app and facing error code 50000 while logging into your account, you can try using the application’s web version.

Q3. Can resetting the Tinder password help out in fixing the error code 50000?

Ans. Yes, you can try fixing error code 50000 on Tinder by resetting your account password.

Q4. Why is Tinder giving me an error on my phone?

Ans. Tinder is giving you an error on your device because of a system overload.

Q5. Why is Tinder not working on my device?

Ans. Tinder is not working on your device; try checking the application servers online for downtime.


This brings us to the end of our guide on Tinder something went wrong 50000. We hope all your questions and doubts regarding error code 50000 were answered and you can fix the issue by following our troubleshooting methods stated above. If you have more queries for us or suggestions to give, then leave them below in the comments section.

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