Tinder Rolls Out New Safety Features

Tinder Rolls Out New Safety Features

The popular dating app, Tinder rolls out new safety features, including an incognito mode to give users more control over their profile and the profiles they interact with on the platform. The new features are being launched globally on February 7, 2023, to mark Safer Internet Day.

Tinder Rolls Out New Safety Features

One of the newly introduced Tinder features is Incognito Mode, which is an upgrade from fully hiding your profile on the dating platform. Users will still be able to Like or Nope to profiles on their feed; however, only people who were liked by a user will be able to see their profile in the Tinder recommendations. Incognito Mode gives a user full control of their profile and who sees their profile on Tinder. Incognito Mode is being introduced as a premium feature and is only available for Tinder +, Gold, and Premium members.

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Debatably it is said to be launching a Block Profile feature on the platform that will allow users to avoid undesired profiles on the dating platform. When a profile will appear on your Tinder feed, you will be able to block them even before matching the profile. This feature will allow users to control who they want to interact with on Tinder. Users can also avoid relatives and colleagues with the Block Profile feature.

Another new feature that is in process of being rolled out by Tinder is Long Press Reporting, which helps a user report inappropriate behavior on the platform much more easily than before. This feature allows users to tap on an offensive message and launch the reporting pop-ups directly from the chat box. Tinder hopes that more people will report offensive messages on the app to make the experience safer for everyone.

Tinder is also updating the platform’s “Does it Bother You?” and “Are You Sure?” prompts to include more harmful language keywords and emojis. When a user receives a potentially harmful message on Tinder, a prompt appears; this feature allows the user to report such behavior as soon as possible. Similarly, the Are You Sure? prompt appears before a user sends a message that may be harmful. Now, Tinder wishes to add new keywords, phrases, and emojis that may qualify as harmful language to make the process safer for everyone on the platform.

Tinder is also launching a new campaign under the name of Green Flags. The campaign highlights the safety features that are provided by Tinder to users. As Tinder rolls out new safety features, it is being seen as an extension of Match Group’s recent efforts to make the dating experience safer for everyone.

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