15 Best Soundboard for Discord

Adding a soundboard to Discord can greatly enhance the user experience, particularly for streamers who want to add an extra layer of excitement to their voice chat. With a soundboard, users can apply various voice modifications and special effects when providing commentary, making the overall experience more entertaining and engaging. This feature can be a great way to add humor. So, let’s discuss best soundboard for discord or by using an application we can say the best soundboard apps for discord.

Best Soundboard for Discord

Best Soundboard for Discord

Here, we have shown the list of the best soundboard apps for Discord in detail.

What is the Use of Soundboards for Discord?

Before getting to what are the best Soundboards for Discord, let’s discuss its uses. Soundboard apps for Discord allow users to play pre-recorded audio clips on demand within a server, serving a variety of purposes.

  • These apps can be utilized for entertainment, by playing funny sound bites or memes, adding a layer of fun to a server.
  • They can also be used to play background music while users chat, and create custom audio commands that can be activated by typing in specific words or phrases.
  • Podcasters can use soundboards to play background music or sound effects during a live recording session.
  • Gamers can use soundboards to play sound effects or music during gameplay, and for prank calls or making prank recordings.
  • Soundboards can also be useful in servers with a lot of members to make announcements, play alarms, or other sounds that can be useful to convey information.
  • They can also be used to personalize a Discord experience, for example, by playing a specific sound effect when a certain action happens.

What are Best Soundboard Apps for Discord?

Discord is a widely used communication platform that offers real-time chat and media-sharing functionality. It is mainly used by online communities such as gamers, streamers, and other groups for voice and text communication. The platform is accessible through a web application, mobile app for iOS and Android, and a downloadable desktop app for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Here is a list of the best Soundboards Apps for Discord:

1. Rythm 2

Rythm 2

Rythm 2 is an efficient and user-friendly soundboard bot that can be added to any Discord server. It can be used to add music and audio to the server, with a plethora of features that make it suitable for various purposes such as adding background music, playing funny sound bites, or creating custom audio commands. There is a reason it is considered as a best soundboard for discord.

  • It has capability to play music in various formats such as MP3, WAV, and OGG and the ability to play music from various platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify.
  • The feature of creating music queues, where users can add a playlist of songs that will play one after the other, ideal for background music or hosting a party.
  • An inbuilt volume control feature that allows users to adjust the volume of the audio playback.
  • It also has a feature to display lyrics of the currently playing song.
  • It has the ability to play audio in a loop or repeat a specific song or a playlist.
  • It supports multiple languages, making it accessible to users worldwide.
  • An advanced permission system that allows server administrators to control who can use certain commands.

2. iMyfone Magicmic

iMyfone Magicmic. 15 Best Soundboard for Discord

iMyfone Magicmic is a user-friendly soundboard application that enables individuals to play pre-recorded audio files through their microphone on the Discord platform.

  • This app can be utilized for various purposes, including playing sound effects, music, or other audio content in a Discord voice channel.
  • With its simple interface, users can effortlessly access and play their audio clips through their microphone.
  • Its key feature is the capability to play multiple audio clips at once, allowing users to create intricate audio compositions and soundscapes, making it an ideal option for those looking to make their Discord voice channels more immersive and engaging.
  • The app also supports hotkey functionality, allowing users to play their audio clips quickly without needing to open the app and navigate through the interface.
  • iMyfone Magicmic allows users to import and export audio clips, enabling them to share their audio clips with others and import audio clips created by others, making it particularly useful for creating a shared soundboard for a specific voice channel or community.
  • It also has the added benefit of being able to work in the background, meaning it can be used while using other apps, allowing users to continue using Discord and other apps while still being able to play audio clips through their microphone.

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3. Resanance


Resanance is a soundboard application that is designed for use with the Discord platform. It allows users to play pre-recorded audio clips through their microphone, similar to iMyfone Magicmic.

  • This can be used for a variety of purposes, such as playing sound effects, music, or other audio content in a Discord voice channel.
  • Resanance has the ability to play multiple audio clips simultaneously, allowing users to create complex soundscapes and audio collages, which can be useful for users who want to create immersive audio experiences for their Discord community.
  • Resanance also allows users to play audio clips from YouTube, which can be useful for users who want to play music or other audio content from YouTube in their Discord voice channel.
  • The platform provides an interactive interface where users can pick, upload and use sound clips – which can be filtered, layered, and arranged according to preferences.
  • Users also have the option to customize their own sounds with bits of their own voice or music, making it easy to create unique emotes to send as messages during gaming sessions.

4. SoundPad

SoundPad. 15 Best Soundboard for Discord

SoundPad is a computer program that enables users to create and play their own soundboard of audio clips. It is a simple yet powerful tool that can be used for a variety of purposes such as creating sound effects, playing background music, or even creating comedy skits. There is a reason it is considered as a best soundboard for discord.

  • The program is user-friendly and features an easy-to-use interface, allowing users to import audio files and assign them to different buttons on the soundboard.
  • It also allows users to create multiple soundboards for organizing audio clips into different categories.
  • SoundPad is able to trigger audio clips using hotkeys, enabling users to play audio without having to take their hands off the keyboard. This feature is particularly useful for gamers who want to play sound effects or music while playing a game.
  • The program also includes a feature that allows users to record their own audio using their computer’s microphone, which is useful for creating custom sound effects or recording one’s own voice.
  • The program also allows users to adjust the volume of each individual audio clip and add effects like fade in and fade out to the clips, giving more versatility to the program.

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5. Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish Voice Changer

Note: Using this app for fraudulent activities or to harass others is illegal and will not be tolerated.

Clownfish Voice Changer is a soundboard app that allows users to change the pitch and tone of their voice in real time, making it sound like a robot, alien, child, or even a celebrity.

  • It works with various communication platforms such as Skype, Discord, and TeamSpeak.
  • The app has a user-friendly interface and does not require any technical expertise.
  • With the built-in equalizer, users can adjust the bass and treble of their voice, and the speed feature can be used to make the voice sound faster or slower.
  • The text-to-speech feature can convert text to speech in different languages and voices.
  • It also has a variety of sound effects and pre-recorded voices that can be added to the call for some humor.
  • The app is available for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices.

6. VoiceMod

VoiceMod. 15 Best Soundboard for Discord

VoiceMod is a soundboard software that enables users to alter their voice in real time while communicating through a microphone.

  • It is compatible with various platforms such as Discord, Skype, TeamSpeak, and Twitch, and games like Fortnite, PUBG, and Minecraft.
  • The software includes a variety of voice effects like deep voice, chipmunk, alien, and robot, among others.
  • Users can also customize the pitch, speed, and volume of their voice, and add an echo effect to their voice.
  • The software also has a feature called Voice Maker which enables users to create their own unique voice effects. Additionally, it includes a feature called Voice Changer that can change the voice of a pre-recorded audio file.
  • The software is available for Windows and can be downloaded from the official website. It offers both free version and pro version with regular updates.

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7. Podcast Soundboard

Podcast Soundboard

A Podcast Soundboard is a useful tool for Podcast Hosts and Producers that allows them to add sound effects, music, and other audio elements to their episodes.

  • It typically features a digital interface with various buttons or triggers that can be used to play specific audio files.
  • The soundboard is designed to enhance the overall listening experience for the audience by adding a layer of sound design to the Podcast.
  • One of the key advantages of using a Podcast soundboard is the ability to create a more immersive listening experience for the audience.
  • Sound effects, music, and other audio elements can be used to set the scene, create tension and enhance the overall storytelling of the Podcast. For instance, a sound effect of a door creaking open can be used to add suspense to a horror story, or background music can be used to set the tone for a comedy segment.
  • Another benefit of a Podcast Soundboard is that it allows hosts and producers to easily add and change audio elements during the recording process.
  • Podcast hosts and producers can quickly and easily access different sound effects or music tracks to add to the episode.
  • This allows for more flexibility during the recording process and helps keep the Podcast’s pacing and flow consistent.

8. Soundboard


The Soundboard is a user-friendly tool that is easy to navigate, with a simple and straightforward interface that features a series of buttons labelled with corresponding sounds or phrases. There is a reason it is considered as best soundboard for discord.

  • Users can simply click on a button to play a sound, and the sound will continue until another button is clicked or the sound is manually stopped.
  • This Soundboard offers a wide range of sounds, including jokes, catchphrases, and popular memes. Some sounds are classic and timeless, such as the sound of someone breaking wind or a cartoon character.
  • A key feature of the Soundboard is its ability to allow users to customize their own soundboard, by uploading their own sounds or phrases and creating custom buttons to play them.
  • This feature is particularly useful for those wanting to use the soundboard for specific purposes, such as in a stand-up comedy routine or video project.
  • Additionally, this Soundboard is designed to be shareable, allowing users to share their custom soundboards with others via social media or email.
  • This feature is great for those wanting to share their unique soundboard with others or for those looking to collaborate on a soundboard with friends or colleagues.

9. Dyno Bot

Dyno Bot

Dyno Bot is a widely used soundboard that allows users to play a range of sound clips and effects from different sources.

  • It is specifically designed for Discord, a popular chat and voice communication platform utilized by gamers and online communities.
  • The soundboard can be easily integrated into Discord servers, enabling users to play sounds directly from the chat interface.
  • One of the key features of Dyno Bot is its vast collection of sound effects and clips.
  • The soundboard includes sounds from popular movies, TV shows, and video games, along with a selection of memes and well-known internet sound bites.
  • Users can browse through the library and select the sounds they want to play, or they can use the search function to quickly find a specific sound.
  • The soundboard is also highly customizable, with users able to create their own soundboard by adding their own sound clips and effects.
  • They can also set up different soundboards for different channels or groups, enabling them to have different sounds for different groups of users.
  • Users can set up custom commands to play specific sounds, making it easy to play sounds quickly and efficiently. That is why it is a part of the best soundboard apps for discord.
  • Dyno Bot also includes advanced features for power users. For instance, users can set up sound queues, allowing them to play multiple sounds in a specific order. They can also set up sound alerts, which will automatically play a specific sound when a certain event occurs.

10. Fredboat


FredBoat is a widely used soundboard among online gaming enthusiasts. It is a program that allows users to play a vast collection of sound effects, music, and other audio files in their games and chats. There is a reason it is considered as a best soundboard for discord.

  • The program has an easy-to-use interface that makes it accessible for anyone to navigate.
  • One of the key features of FredBoat is its extensive library of sound effects and music.
  • Users can browse through a wide range of genres such as electronic, rock, pop, and hip-hop.
  • The program also enables users to upload their audio files, giving them the flexibility to customize their soundboard to their preferences.
  • The program is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems and can be used in popular online gaming platforms such as Discord and Twitch.
  • This enables users to seamlessly use their soundboard in their gaming communities, making it easy to connect with others and share audio files. That is why it is a part of the best soundboard apps for discord.
  • FredBoat also has a built-in voice changer, allowing users to change the pitch and tone of their voice while gaming or chatting. This adds an extra layer of fun and excitement to the experience and can be a great way to stand out in a crowded chat room.
  • FredBoat has a built-in music player, which enables users to play music in the background while gaming or chatting.

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11. JN Soundboard

JN Soundboard. 15 Best Soundboard for Discord

Note: JN Soundboard doesn’t have an official site. It would be only available on Third-Party websites.

The JN Soundboard is a specialized device used in the entertainment industry for live performance and event production.

  • It allows sound engineers and technicians to control and manipulate audio during a live performance or event.
  • The soundboard typically includes buttons, knobs, sliders, and a mixer, which can be used to control volume, EQ, effects, and balance different audio sources.
  • It is a powerful tool that can quickly and easily adjust audio levels on the fly, which is particularly useful during live performances.
  • The JN Soundboard also includes various effects, such as reverb and delay, which can be used to enhance the overall sound of the performance.
  • Additionally, it can record and playback audio, which can be useful for live events, live streaming and reviewing or editing audio after the event.
  • It has a variety of inputs and outputs, which allows it to connect to a wide range of audio sources and devices.

12. Morphvox


Morphvox is software that allows users to alter their voice in real-time, using a microphone or any other audio input device. There is a reason it is considered as one of the best soundboard apps for discord.

  • The software is simple to use and offers a wide range of voices and effects, such as robotic, alien, cartoon characters, and different accents and languages.
  • The software is specially designed to change the pitch and timbre of the voice in real time, allowing users to create a wide range of voices and characters, and switch between them as needed.
  • Additionally, Morphvox offers various other features such as noise reduction and volume control.
  • This software can be used for online gaming, voice-over work, and online communication, such as video conferencing or voice chat.
  • It is an all-in-one software that provides users with the tools to create high-quality audio for any purpose.

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13. Vexera


Vexera is a tool that enables users to play various pre-recorded sound effects and audio clips.

  • It is commonly used in gaming and voice chat platforms like Discord.
  • The soundboard allows users to assign specific keyboard shortcuts to different sound effects, making it easy to play them during a gaming session or voice chat. That is why it is a part of the best soundboard apps for discord.
  • It also has a feature that allows users to upload their own audio files, giving them the ability to personalize their sound effects.
  • The ease of use and customization options make Vexera a great tool for enhancing the overall gaming or voice chat experience, as well as for other purposes such as podcasting, music production, and streaming.

14. Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer. 15 Best Soundboard for Discord

Note: Voxal Voice Changer doesn’t have an official site. It would be only available on Third-Party websites.

Voxal Voice Changer is a powerful software that enables you to manipulate your voice in real time. With this program, you can easily change the pitch and tempo or add various effects to your recordings or microphone input.

  • It offers a wide range of effects such as robot, alien, echo, and chorus, which can be applied to your voice.
  • The software is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, making it versatile and easy to use with different applications like online games, VoIP programs, and video editing software.
  • It features a built-in equalizer that enables you to create custom voice effects.
  • You can also save the voice recording to your hard drive in different file formats.

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15. MEE6


MEE6 Soundboard is a feature-rich bot for the Discord chat platform that allows users to play pre-recorded sounds and audio clips in a voice channel.

  • The bot can be configured with various sound effects that can be triggered by users through specific commands.
  • This bot is popular among gaming communities as it allows players to add sound effects to enhance the gaming experience.
  • It can also be used for other purposes like creating memes or for fun with friends.
  • The bot is highly customizable and users can add their own sounds to it.
  • It can be used in conjunction with other Discord bots for even more functionality.


We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to understand the best soundboard apps for Discord. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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