20 Best Free Karaoke Apps For PC

What could be a better pastime than chilling with your friends and siblings, and having an amazing singing session for the evening? For this, you need a good karaoke system with a free karaoke app for PC, a mic, and a good pair of speakers. When you think karaoke, you think of singing in sync with the beat and simply relishing a moment that’s worth it. That being said, you will get to know the key features of the best free karaoke software for Windows 10 in this article to pick the best one for yourself.

20 Best Free Karaoke App For PC revised

Best Free Karaoke Apps For PC

Any best free karaoke software for PC possesses basic features like

  • Lyrics on screen.
  • A catalog of free karaoke tracks.
  • Support for standard karaoke file formats like CDG, KAR, KFN, LRC, etc.
  • Key and tempo customization.

These features will help you enjoy, practice, and learn singing without any hassle. So get ready to turn your PC into a karaoke machine.

Best Free Karaoke Software For Windows 10

The article covers both free and paid software, some of the apps offer a free trial for a limited time. So without further ado, let’s get into the list.

Note: The information provided below is only for informational purposes. We do not endorse any third-party websites or apps for subsequent usage. User discretion is advised.

1. KaraFun Player

KaraFun Player | free karaoke app for pc

The KaraFun Player is one of the most well-thought and intuitive free karaoke software for PC that comes with the following features:

  • Music library: A library of over 53,000 songs from a variety of genres.
  • Key and tempo customization: You can customize the key and tempo or add lead and background vocals.
  • Offline sync: It doesn’t matter whether you’re out on the road or on an unplanned trip. You can save your favorite tracks offline and sing on the way.
  • Dual screen display: With a single click, you can enable an extra karaoke window that can be moved to an external monitor or video projector.
  • Versatility: Support for multiple formats, including MID, KAR, MPEG, CD+G, and more.
  • Save to favorites: You can store all the tracks you love in a single place to visit them later.

You can use the software for free, and if you want to unlock more features, you can buy a subscription for the Pro version for just $49/month.

2. Kanto Karaoke

Kanto Karaoke

Another intuitive free karaoke app for PC on the list is Kanto Karaoke. The software is designed for both professionals and casual users. With Kanto Karaoke, you get all the necessary features and exclusive features like:

  • Live performance: With this feature, you can view the track playing currently and the upcoming tracks – in real-time. Also, it lets you deliver uninterrupted performance and schedule it as well.
  • High-quality playback: The Integrated SoundFont helps boost and provide the best playback quality for MID/KAR files. In addition, you can modify the sound quality of a file by changing the SoundFont file.
  • MIDI Channel management: Under this, there are two crucial features. The first one is Midi Channels Config, which lets you view and turn any MIDI channel on or off. Another is Melody (CH4), which can turn off the melody track in an instant, thereby letting one sing on a clean backing track.

Kanto Karaoke offers a free version for Windows with a limited set of features. To enjoy more features, you need to buy the Professional Version for $69.95.

3. PC DJ Karaoki

PC DJ Karaoki | free karaoke app for pc

PC DJ Karaoki for Windows is a professional karaoke software with a host of features catering to modern karaoke venues and hosts. You get these exclusive features under the hood:

  • Singer Data Screen and Advanced Singer Management: This feature allows you to manage a variety of tasks for a singer. Such as typing their contact information, putting them on break, and managing the order of songs. Moreover, the Singer History comprises all previously sung songs, which you can access anytime.
  • Background Music Player (Buffer Music): The player included with the Karaoki software can start and stop the background music between singers and sets automatically, turning your buffer music automated. Also, you can create and save playlists for regular audio, which doesn’t fall under karaoke.
  • SongBookDB Integration: This particular integration lets singers leverage the SongBookDB platform, unburdens the pain of printing songbooks, and simply moves to an all-digital solution. Singers can send requests via the Internet to the PCDJ SongBookDB Plugin, and they can enjoy other bonus features of SongBookDB.

You can try PC DJ Karaoki via a free trial, and you can always buy the software to experience all its features. The Karaoki full version is available for just $99.

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4. Lyrx


Lyrx is modern and snappy, this is also one of the best free karaoke software for PC that’s built to comply with today’s karaoke jockey (KJ). Besides all your essential features for the best free karaoke software for PC, you get some exclusive features, including:

  • Singer/Song History: There is a section known as Singer History, which stores singers along with their respective tracks. In addition, it includes key changes when applied to the singer rotation list. The feature lets you easily consign singers and their songs back to rotation from history including elemental changes at future shows.
  • Robust music file browser: You can easily manage over a million files with Lyrx’s browser. You can do many things, including Importing folders from a hard drive, user playlists, tracks to a master database list
  • Party Tyme Karaoke partnership: This particular partnership opens up pitch-perfect HD karaoke for Lynx users, with a library of over 20,000 classic and brand-new karaoke songs.

Lyrx offers a free trial as well as an option to purchase the full version of the software for only $79.95.

5. KaraokeMedia Home

KaraokeMedia Home | free karaoke app for pc

A media player equipped with a variety of karaoke options, KaraokeMedia Home carries a clean and straightforward interface. Here’s a list of all the basic features you get with this free karaoke app for PC:

  • Play, pause, or stop the current track.
  • Perform search operations.
  • View song details, such as album, duration, artist, and more.
  • Perform recording operations using a microphone.
  • Adjust the recording volume.
  • Screen capture.

The KaraokeMedia Home freeware is worth trying out once.

6. Performous


Performous is a triple package with the benefit of karaoke, band games, and dancing – all in a single place. The software is ideal for those who want to do a quick karaoke session or have a super low budget. This means you don’t need special hardware to use the free karaoke software for Windows 10 – you can simply use your laptop’s mic to sing and play the guitar through your keyboard. Performous is free to download, and users have raved about the software being better than many commercial games.

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7. Karaoke One

Karaoke One

Karaoke One is a free karaoke app for PC with its main USP being users being able to karaoke singing to the hits of famous pop artists, such as The Weeknd, Kate Bush, Olivia Rodrigo, and more. In addition, songs are updated every month for free, and you can compete with people across the world to climb the global rankings. You can install one of the best free karaoke software for Windows 10 via the Microsoft Store.

8. Selectatrack Burner

Selectatrack Burner | free karaoke app for pc

This software enables ripping and burning CDG (CD + Graphics) discs in the comfort of your home. You can burn CDG karaoke discs on your laptop using MP3+G (MP3 + Graphics) karaoke files and any CD-R disc. To make things simpler, Selectatrack Burner comes with a built-in shop through which you can easily search, preview, purchase, and download MP3+G karaoke tracks. You can directly save them to your laptop, and further play them or burn them to a CDG disc. This is amazing software, and you can download it for free.

9. OkeOke.Net Karaoke

OkeOke.Net Karaoke

A good and simple karaoke software, OkeOke.Net Karaoke focuses on basic functions like support for essential karaoke media formats (MIDI, KAR, MP3+G, and more), being able to add cool effects to your audio, and recording your own songs. What’s more, you can use the app as a media management or VOD program too.

10. Karaoke 5

Karaoke 5 | free karaoke app for pc

Karaoke 5 is an easy-to-use free karaoke app for PC with a variety of basic features to get your karaoke sessions up and running. Here are all the features that come with Karaoke 5:

  • Use and store tracks of varying file formats.
  • Proper synchronization of lyrics.
  • Create MP4, MIDI, MP3 and K5 files.
  • Quick database searches.

Regular updates for the software are released through the official Karaoke 5 website.

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11. Sing-Magic Karaoke

Sing-Magic Karaoke

Sing-Magic Karaoke is a capable karaoke player which is also completely free for home and public use. Along with these benefits, you get a host of amazing features, including:

  • Change the color and font style of the lyrics, and more.
  • High-quality audio that matches the instrumentals of your favorite tracks.
  • A collection of over 30,000 song titles.
  • Adjust song speed.
  • Select from a variety of cool animated backgrounds.
  • Change a song’s pitch to sync it with your voice.

In addition, you get to enjoy blazing-fast karaoke downloads and an iconic bouncing ball designed to play with the rhythm of a karaoke track, and it bounces across the lyrics landing on the syllable to be sung.

12. Advanced Karaoke Player

Advanced Karaoke Player is one of the best free karaoke software for PC with an emphasis on music management. This translates to the fact that you can easily organize all your karaoke playlists. Moreover, the player supports major media (audio, video, and karaoke file) formats, such as ASF, AVI, CDG, DAT, MPG, MKV, MP4, RM, RMVB, VOB, and WMV. The software is free-to-try.

13. Safire

Safire is a free karaoke app for PC that can also function as a full-fledged audio player. With the app, you can create playlists, listen to your most loved tracks, and organize music files. There’s a karaoke effect that can automatically and effectively delete vocals from a song that’s currently playing.

14. Karaoke Player

You can easily transform your computer into a karaoke machine with Karaoke Player. This is simple software with an easy-to-operate interface, but the caveat is that it’s too bland to be dismissed. Moreover, navigation in the karaoke machine is easy with just a few keyboard commands, but the design is weak with a black-and-white interface. This reduces the fun of singing karaoke by a bit. Other than all this, the software has all the fundamental features of a karaoke app and is fun to use. Anyone who’s not tech-savvy will find the software convenient to use.

15. ARIA Karaoke PRO

You can eliminate the hassle of carrying a heavy, bothering karaoke machine system to your house parties with the ARIA Karaoke PRO app for Windows. The app comes with a built-in song store, known as KARAOKE LOCKER, through which you can download and purchase hundreds and thousands of karaoke tracks.

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16. KaraokeKanta

A karaoke software that consumes less storage than many other apps, KaraokeKanta is a player that can play standard MIDI and karaoke files (KAR). The software’s features include:

  • Extraction of a song’s lyrics as a webpage.
  • Changing the speed and music key of a song.
  • Display lyrics on the screen.

Overall, this is good software for your unplanned karaoke sessions.

17. Just Sing

If you want decent software that can assist you in your gigs and house parties, then Just Sing should be your go-to. Besides being a karaoke app, you can use it as a recording studio. This means you can connect your mic to your computer, and start recording yourself humming to your favorite tracks. Moreover, you can effortlessly add studio equalization and effects to your recorded files to give them a professional feel.

18. Walaoke

Walaoke is a dual-purpose player that can perform karaoke operations as well as play movies. With this app, you can create your music instead of waiting for a karaoke version of your song to release. Also, with separate color lyrics for male, female, and dual parts, sessions would be easier and more sorted.

19. Karaoke Player and Manager

With Karaoke Player and Manager, you can enjoy the perks of a karaoke player as well as a karaoke manager. This is one of the best free karaoke software for Windows 10 as it saves your video songs with numbers, which makes it easy to access them later without any hassle. In addition, the software is lightweight, and won’t consume much storage on your PC.

20. TunePrompter

An easy-to-use free karaoke software for PC, TunePrompter is a delight to use. With the software, you can export to iPhone, iPod, or QuickTime, easily sync music and vocals, and get support for MP3 files. The best feature of TunePrompter is that it searches for lyrics by itself.


We hope you liked our list of the best Free Karaoke Apps for PC with all their respective features. If you’ve made it to this very end, let us know which software you liked the most. Also, you can drop in your queries and suggestions in the comment section.

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