How Does a Bluetooth Speaker Work

Discover the magic behind the inner workings of Bluetooth speakers.

Bluetooth speakers have become increasingly popular due to their convenience and versatility. But have you ever wondered how these sleek devices work? In this article, we will explore the workings of Bluetooth speakers, revealing the technology behind their wireless connectivity and impressive audio reproduction. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of Bluetooth speaker technology.

How Does a Bluetooth Speaker Work

How Does a Bluetooth Speaker Work

A wireless speaker needs no wires to connect to a device. It can be set up with any compatible device. The technology used in Bluetooth speakers is the same as that of a car radio. It connects directly to the source of sound rather than needing wires. This also helps a Bluetooth speaker to be moved around easily and play even with the source is not near it. Therefore, to know how Bluetooth speaker works, you must first pair it with the device you want to connect it to (source of the sound).

Once the Bluetooth speakers are paired with the device, they will work just like wired speakers except for the way in which they receive audio signals. Let us look at how these speakers work in a detailed manner below:

  • Bluetooth speakers receive their audio signals wirelessly via Bluetooth.
  • The built-in amplifier receives the audio signal wirelessly via Bluetooth.
  • Further, Bluetooth protocols carry typical line-level signals easily. For instance, in wired setups, the signal demands amplification from a power amp before it can drive the drivers of a loudspeaker.
  • To work properly, a Bluetooth speaker must be connected to a device by pairing.
  • After pairing, a Piconet is formed by speakers and a digital audio device in which the audio device sends a signal to a speaker via Bluetooth.
  • On receiving the signal, the Bluetooth receiver passes through two key components.
  • One, the received audio signal is converted to an analog audio signal via a built-in digital-to-analog converter.
  • Two, the converted analog audio is then sent through a power amplifier.
  • After passing the signal through the driver, the driver produces sound waves that represent the audio signal.
  • Finally, the audio is converted to sound waves for the listener.

To know more about how a Bluetooth speaker works in detail, look at the points below to understand the signal flow from a Bluetooth device to a paired Bluetooth speaker to the listener:

  • A digital audio signal is played by a Bluetooth-capable device.
  • Next, the audio signal is encoded by a codec in the A2DP transfer standard.
  • This encoded audio signal is then used as a modulated signal.
  • Then, the radio carrier waves are transmitted between the audio device’s BT transmitter and the Bluetooth speaker’s BT receiver.
  • The A2DP encoded signal is then decoded back to the intended digital audio signal.
  • It is then converted to an analog format by a built-in DAC.
  • The built-in amplifier circuit then amplifies the audio signal.
  • This amplified signal then goes to the speaker drivers.
  • The drivers then convert their analog audio signals to sound waves that the listeners can hear.

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What is Bluetooth Speaker Used For?

Now that you know about the working of Bluetooth speakers, it is time to shed some light on where can you use these speakers.

  • Around the House: The best way to use a Bluetooth speaker is around the house. While you are working, exercising, or cooking, you can ditch the headphones and listen to music with the help of wireless Bluetooth speakers.
  • To Share Music: Using headphones to listen to music, especially during an event or a party can seem weird. Therefore, sharing the music you are listening to during a gathering can be made possible with Bluetooth speakers.
  • For Home Décor: Thankfully, advanced and new Bluetooth speakers are as good-looking as they work. Not only do they play music fluently but also look great as décor in homes.
  • Outside the Home: In case you are traveling somewhere, you can carry these portable Bluetooth speakers with you. They can even fit in a bag and be used when you go for a picnic, outdoor activities, or sports.
  • Hands-Free Phone Calls: The most favorable use of Bluetooth speakers is that these can be used for a hands-free phone call during business meetings or while multitasking at home.

How to Use Bluetooth Speaker

After knowing what is Bluetooth speaker used for, it is evident that it is a great gadget to have at home. If you already own a Bluetooth speaker, you can use it quite easily by pairing it with a suitable Bluetooth-compatible device. However, before you pair it with a device, you must put your Bluetooth speaker into pairing mode.

You can check the two different ways to pair your speaker and know how to use Bluetooth speakers:

  • Press and Hold the Power Button: The first method to pair your Bluetooth speaker is by using its power button. On turning off the speaker and then turning it on, many Bluetooth speakers switch into pairing mode. During pairing mode, the speaker also emits a sound.
  • Press and Hold the Pairing Button: You can also start using your Bluetooth speaker by pressing its pairing button. In many speakers, there is a dedicated button for pairing the speaker with a compatible device. You can find this button with the Bluetooth symbol on it and press it until the speaker emits a sound indicating Bluetooth pairing mode.

How Does a Bluetooth Speaker Work with My Phone?

If you are wondering how a Bluetooth speaker works with my phone, then you can do it easily by following a few easy steps to connect and use your Bluetooth speakers:

1. Switch on your Bluetooth speaker and press the Bluetooth button on it. The speaker will go into pairing mode and become discoverable by other devices.

2. Now, launch Settings of your respective smartphone.

3. Select Bluetooth in the Settings of your phone.

Select Bluetooth. How Does a Bluetooth Speaker Work

4. Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on.

5. Now, under OTHER DEVICES, locate and select the Bluetooth speaker you are trying to connect.

Under OTHER DEVICES locate and select the Bluetooth speaker

Once the pairing process is complete, both devices will be connected.

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How Do Bluetooth Speakers Work with Computer?

If you want to know how Bluetooth speakers work with Windows computers, then you can check the step-by-step instructions given below:

1. On your Bluetooth speaker, press the Bluetooth button to make it discoverable.

2. Now, on your computer, click on Show hidden icons icon.

Click on Show hidden icons icon

3. Next, click on Bluetooth Devices.

 Click on Bluetooth Devices

4. Next, select Add a Bluetooth Device option.

 Select Add a Bluetooth Device. How Does a Bluetooth Speaker Work

5. Click on the Add device button and pair it with your discoverable speaker.

Click on Add device

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How do Bluetooth Speakers Work with TV?

You can also connect your speakers to your TV. This will help you in enhancing voice quality as well as refine it. Especially for movie enthusiasts, connecting speakers to TV is a big win. To know more, check out the steps below:

1. Switch on your TV and launch its Settings to locate the Bluetooth option to turn it on.

Go to Settings on your TV

2. Now, turn on the Bluetooth speaker and press its Bluetooth button.

3. Indication of sound or light means that the speaker is in pairing mode.

4. Now, find the Bluetooth speaker from your TV and click on it to connect with it.

5. Once the connection has been made, adjust the volume and change its settings.

How to Choose a Bluetooth Speaker

Now that you know a lot about the speakers, it is time to find a suitable speaker. Choosing a good speaker can become a task as you cannot always try them before buying. You should also make sure that it meets all the requirements necessary for a good wireless speaker.

You can know how to choose a Bluetooth speaker with the help of the requirements listed below:

  • Before buying a Bluetooth speaker, make sure all the specification requirements are met.
  • The frequency response of the speaker must be wider to maintain and reproduce audio as it was intended. Usually, the frequency response must be between 100 Hz and 20,000 Hz.
  • The Bluetooth version of your wireless speaker must be the latest too. You should buy a wireless speaker with Bluetooth version 4 or better.
  • Drivers are also an essential part of your speaker. Therefore, you must start with a 40mm driver which is a good size. You can also go for bigger drivers like 58mm.
  • Along with a wireless connection, your speaker must also have an option for a wired connection that can help you with quick pairing.
  • You can also choose a speaker with a Micro-USB port which makes it possible to charge the speaker with a power bank too. So, look out for different charging styles too.
  • Your Bluetooth speaker must also have some enhanced features like pairing with multiple devices, multiple audio profile support, and others.


This brings us to the end of our guide on how a Bluetooth speaker work. We hope that our doc was helpful in guiding you well on how these wireless speakers work and how to choose a Bluetooth speaker. Please share your queries or suggestions with us by leaving them in the comments section below.

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