How to Fix Phone Speaker Water Damage

Jumped into a pool and forgot your phone in the pocket? or maybe you got caught up in sudden rain. We all have suffered the misery of having a water-damaged phone. Even in water-resistant phones water sneaks inside to internal components, especially on speakers. But you can remove water from speaker and avoid water phone speaker muffled sounds. In this article, we will guide you to tested methods to remove water from phone speaker, show you how to fix phone speaker water damage and other similar issues. Let us get started.

How to Fix Phone Speaker Water Damage

How to Fix Phone Speaker Water Damage

If your phone fell on the water then, the water may damage the speakers. Following things will happen.

  • Generally, water gets trapped inside the speaker grills and remains there until forcefully ejected.
  • Water-clogged speakers produce a distorted sound and ruin the overall hearing experience.
  • If the water isn’t ejected out as soon as possible, some serious hardware damage may also be incurred.

Before rushing to your nearest service center, check out the below methods to remove water from phone speaker yourself.

Preliminary Steps

Follow these preliminary steps;

  • First things first, switch off the device and remove your SIM card, memory card, and battery (if it is removable)
  • Then, wipe the phone using a clean dry cloth (preferably a microfiber cloth).
  • Angle your phone in such a way that speakers face downwards and shake it very gently to remove water droplets on the exterior.

Now, follow the below solutions to fix phone speaker water damage.

Note: Do not connect the phone to a high speed or normal charger before all or most of the water has been removed.

Method 1: Use Third-Party App

Apple Watch has a water eject feature built into the device. When enabled, the feature plays a sound of a particular frequency to eject out any water droplets stuck inside the watch. Similarly, phone users can also play a tone to force water out of their speakers. The Android Play Store is flooded (no pun intended) with speaker cleaning applications providing users with a plethora of options to choose from and safely remove water from speaker.

Note: This feature is natively available on some phones. For example, if you are using an MIUI device, go to Settings > Additional Settings > Clear Speaker. So check your settings application for any similar feature/option before installing a third-party application.

1. Open your app launcher menu and tap on the Play Store/Google Play icon to open the application.

Play store icon. How to Fix Phone Speaker Water Damage

2. Type Speaker Cleaner in the search box and press search icon.

Searching Speaker cleaner in the search box.

3. You can choose to install any cleaner application based on the reviews and overall rating. We will be using Speaker Cleaner – Remove water & fix sound by Hoel Boedec which has over 1 million downloads for this tutorial.

install speaker cleaner. How to Fix Phone Speaker Water Damage

4. Once the application has been installed, tap on Open. Grant all permissions it requests for.

Speaker Cleaner - Remove water & fix sound app. Open option is highlighted.

5. Tap on Clean Speaker option and follow the on-screen instructions.

Speaker Cleaner - Remove water & fix sound app. Clean Speaker option is highlighted. How to Fix Phone Speaker Water Damage

6. Every speaker cleaner application, like this, will ask you to raise the speaker volume to maximum and place the phone upside down (screen & speakers facing down). Make sure your device is not connected to any headphones.

Speaker Cleaner Remove water & fix sound app Cleaning in process.

Note: The high-pitched beeping sound may irritate others around you, especially kids and animals, so be sure to play it in an empty room or when no one is around.

7. The app will now start playing a high-pitched sound for a predefined period and water droplets will start ejecting out of the speaker grill.

Repeat the process a couple of times to get rid of all the water from the speaker. After each cycle, you can play a few music tracks to confirm if the sound quality is back to normal.

If you think there is some water trapped inside the earpiece as well, then follow these steps to fix phone speaker water damage;

1. Download the Super Speaker Cleaner application by Lean StartApp instead.

install super speaker cleaner android app. How to Fix Phone Speaker Water Damage

2. Select the Earpiece mode, tick all the prerequisite boxes.

3. Tap on the green button to start the water-ejection process. Repeat the process in Mode 2 as well.

Super speaker cleaner app. Earpiece mode is highlighted. How to Fix Phone Speaker Water Damage

Note: iOS users can download Sonic tone generator by Von Bruno or visit Fix My Speakers to get rid of water from their Apple device speakers.

Fix my speakers website home page.

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Method 2: Keep Phone in Uncooked Rice

There is a lot of skepticism around this solution and if it aids in bringing a water-drenched phone back to life. While uncooked rice can absorb moisture, it is not confirmed whether it speeds up the process or the water naturally evaporates while the phone sits still. Nevertheless, It is an often recommended method to remove water from the speaker. Follow these points given below to fix phone speaker water damage.

  • Grab a container of uncooked or instant rice and lay your phone (switched off) inside the uncooked rice.

phone in uncooked rice

  • Let it sit in there for a couple of hours and then check if all the moisture has gone.
  • Instead of uncooked rice, you can also make use of silica gel packets, they are more effective in absorbing moisture.
  • Store your wet phone in a zip lock bag along with a few silica gel packets overnight and turn the device on the next morning.

Play a couple of tunes to check if the speaker output is still muffled. If not, then you were able to remove water from the speaker.

Method 3: Visit Service Center

Speaker cleaning applications will only be able to remove water that hasn’t reached deep inside the grill. If the sound playing from the speakers still feels a bit muffled, you have no choice but to let the water flow out/evaporate on its own.

  • Leave the phone (with speakers facing downwards) at room temperature for at least a day.
  • Do not use a blow dryer or harsh direct sunlight for this purpose, be patient with the process.
  • Visit your nearest technician or service center if the speakers continue to sound weird after letting the device sit for over 24 hours.


We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to know how to fix phone speaker water damage. You now understand how to fix phone speaker water damage and remove water phone speaker muffled sounds. Did we miss out on any method to remove water from phone speaker? If yes, let us & all the other readers know in the comments section below and help save our unreasonably overpriced phones from water damage.

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