50 Best Free Android Apps in 2022

50 Best Free Android Apps of 2020

Are you looking to download some of the best free Android apps in 2022? Not all the apps from the Playstore are worth downloading. So here is a list of apps that deserve a place in your phone hand-picked by our team. 

The reason why a lot of smartphone users prefer Android phones has been its app ecosystem. The kind of variety of third party applications that you can download on Android phones is humongous. Be it apps from the Google Play Store or APK files; the combined numbers are large. The number of apps on Google Play Store alone is almost hitting 3 million-plus by now. For every need, you can get an app in seconds by searching for it for every convenience.

Every year new apps are released by developers, and some of them see great success. They all have different ratings and features, which is decided mostly by their popularity and success. There are two types of apps, based on which people generally search- Free applications and Paid applications.

Be it something as simple as an alarm clock or something as complex as the stock market exchange; you have apps available for all these things. If you simply own an Android, it opens you to a world of conveniences and opportunities.

This article is largely about the 50 best engaging, useful, and fun applications that you can install on your Android devices, free of charge in 2022. You will be surprised at how amazing these apps are and how easy they can make things for you.

50 Best Free Android Apps of 2021

50 Best Free Android Apps in 2022

Here is the list of the 50 best free Android apps in 2022:

#1. TikTok


Now that the year 2022 is largely marked by the Coronavirus pandemic and the need for social distancing, we all are at home and are finding ways to keep ourselves occupied. Well, you would be surprised at how popular the Tiktok app has become in the past couple of years. It is now a hub for influencers, YouTubers, and bloggers to showcase their lip-syncing and acting skills.

It is a fun form of storytelling with music videos and special effects that the young generation enjoys a lot. You can create and share videos on Social media platforms and your Tiktok account to gather a large fanbase and followers.

The app is great, with a 4.5-star rating available on the Google play store.

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#2. Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore

What is better than a free app? A free app that gives you access to more exciting free apps. Amazon App store is one of the largest stores of applications with more than 300,000 apps. It provides premium apps for free or at cheaper rates.

Amazon App store has its app, which can be downloaded without incurring any charges. It has a beautiful and straightforward interface, which makes it very popular.

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#3. GetJar


Another free app store that I would like to drop in this list is GetJar. GetJar is one such alternative that has been available even before Google Play Store. With more than 800,000 apps.

GetJar provides different games and apps and provides you with options of ringtones, cool games, and amazing themes that can be downloaded for free.

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#4. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder | Best Free Android Apps of 2020

This is a high-quality Android screen recorder with a stable, smooth, and clear ability to capture video screenshots. Be it video calls with friends and family or game streaming on your mobile phone or live shows, YouTube videos, or Tik Tok content, everything can be downloaded using this AZ Screen recorder on your Android.

The screen recorder supports Internal audio and ensures that all your screen recordings have clear audio. The application is so much more than just a screen recorder as it also has a video editing tool in it. You can create your own videos and customize them so well. Everything can be done with just a single Android screen recorder called AZ Screen recorder.

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#5. 1 Weather

1 Weather

One of the most awarded and appreciated weather applications for Android Phones – Weather 1. Weather conditions are expressed in the highest detail possible. Criteria like temperature, speed of the Wind, pressure, UV Index, daily weather, daily temperature, humidity, hourly chances of rain, dew point. You can plan days, weeks, and months with the forecasts that 1 Weather makes accessible to you with the app.

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#6. Go weather

Go weather

A highly recommended weather application- Go weather, will definitely not disappoint you. This is more than just a regular weather application; it will provide you beautiful widgets, live wallpapers alongside the basic weather information and climate conditions in your location. It provides real-time weather reports, regular forecasts, temperature and weather status, UV index, Pollen count, humidity, sunset and sunrise time, etc.

The widgets can be customized to provide a better look on the home screen, and so can the themes. Available as APK file and not on Google Play store.

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#7. Keepass2Android


Exclusively for Android users, this password management app has proved to be a boon for many users due to all that it offers for Free.. The app has great reviews on Google Play, and you will love the simplicity that runs behind it. It Is a safe one and looks after all your basic needs. Its success is mostly the fact that it is priced at nothing and that it is open-source software.

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#8. Google Chrome

Google Chrome | Best Free Android Apps of 2020

When the name Google comes in, you know that there is no reason even to doubt this browser’s goodness. Google Chrome is the most highly rated, appreciated, and used web browser in the world. This universal browser for Android devices and Apple devices is the Fastest and Secure one on the market!

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The interface cannot get any friendlier. The search results gathered by Google Chrome are so personalized that you barely have to spend moments in typing what you want to surf.

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#9. Firefox


Another popular name on the Web Browser market is the Mozilla Firefox web browser. The web browser gained large popularity and fame for its presence on computers. But Mozilla on Android is not something that you might be very familiar with people using. You might want to consider this as an option because of the super cool large variety of add-ons offered by the app.

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#10. Alarmy


Let us start this list with the Best, the most annoying android alarm clock in 2022. The more annoying it is, the higher the success rate it will achieve in waking you up. The app claims to be the world’s highest-rated alarm clock at a 4.7-star rating on the Play Store. The reviews for this app are too fantastic to be true!

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#11. Timely


One of the best on the Android Alarms market is Timely. This has made so much more out of a simple alarm clock that is extremely well designed and easy to set. The producers of timely promise a stunning user experience and also a beautiful waking up experience. Those who have felt that waking up is always a task should try out this app.

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#12. I Can’t Wake Up

I Can’t Wake Up | Best Free Android Apps of 2020

Lol, neither can I. Deep sleepers, here is another app to make sure you do wake up! With a total of 8 super cool, eye-opening challenges, this Android alarm app will help you wake up every day. You cannot shut this alarm until you have finished a combination of all these 8 challenges.

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#13. GBoard


This is an integrated application for the Android keyboard and the Google search engine. Being one of the most popular and greatly reviewed Keyboards by Google, it has everything you can expect from a third-party keyboard application.

The GBoard Keyboard Application allows you to search on Google without switching tabs on your phone.

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#14. SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard

The original android keyboard may not meet the smoothness and efficiency of third-party keyboard applications like SwiftKey Keyboard. It comes with every possible feature that one may expect of their keyboard.

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#15 TouchPal Keyboard

TouchPal Keyboard

The APK file for this Free android application can be downloaded from your browser.

The keyboard has categorized its GIFs well, which makes life easier! They offer around 5000+ themes, 300+ emoji’s, GIFs, Stickers, and smileys. The collection will not disappoint you.

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#16. Soft GBA Emulator

Soft GBA Emulator | Best Free Android Apps of 2020

For those hardcore game boy enthusiasts, android has a good set of APK files like Soft GBA Emulator. The gameplay is fast and smooth, without any lagging with all available key features that you will require to play your favorite retro games.

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#17. Retro Arch

Retro Arch

Another one of the same genres is Retro Arch. With a polished interface, this GBA Emulator claims to be the “front-end” emulator for Gameboy advance on Android.

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#18. Voice Changer- By AndroidRock

Voice Changer- By AndroidRock

Available on Google Play Store for download is this lightweight Fake calling app called Voice Changer. A stellar rating of 4.4 stars and great user reviews should reassure you that voice changer is one of the good ones.

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#19. Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder

Record and Choose which calls you to want to save, in unlimited amounts, as much as your device memory allows. However, this is not much of a prank calling app. But you can record calls from specific contacts and play them again later.

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#20. Google Fit

Google Fit | Best Free Android Apps of 2020

Even for fitness and health, Google has an application that qualifies as one of the best in the market. Google fit works in collaboration with the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association to bring you the best fitness standards, and the most reliable ones too.

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#21. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

Backed by one of the best names in the sports industry- Nike Training club is one of the best Android third party fitness and workout apps. The best fitness plans can be created with the library of workouts. They have separate exercises, aiming at different muscles- abs, triceps, biceps, quads, arms, shoulders, etc. You can pick from a variety of categories- Yoga, strength, endurance, mobility, etc. The timing of the workout ranges from 15 to 45 minutes, according to how you customize it. You can either go in for a time-based or rep-based classification of each exercise you wish to do.

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#22. Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club

This app is mostly concentrating on cardio activity outdoors. You can get the most from your runs every day with great music, to give you the right adrenaline pump. It coaches your workouts too. The app has a GPS run tracker, which will also guide your runs with audio. The app continually challenges you to perform better and plans out customized coaching charts. It provides you with real-time feedback during your runs, too.

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#23. Fit notes- Workout logs

Fit notes- Workout logs  | Best Free Android Apps of 2020

This simple yet intuitive Android app for fitness and workout is the absolute best in the workout tracker app market. The app has a 4.8-star rating on Google Play Store, which proves my point. You can attach notes to your sets and logs. The app features a rest timer with sound as well as vibrations. The Fit notes app creates graphs for you to track your progress and gives an in-depth analysis of personal records. This makes it a lot easier for you to set fitness goals. There is also a good set of smart tools in this app, like the plate calculator.

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#24. Zombies, Run

Zombies, Run App

This is a fitness app, but also it is an adventure zombie game, and you are the protagonist. The app brings you a mix of ultra-immersive zombie drama on audio, accompanied by adrenaline-boosting songs from your playlist for your runs.

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#25. RunKeeper


If you are someone who runs, jogs, walks, or cycles regularly, you should have the Runkeeper app installed on your Android devices. You can track all your workouts well with this app.

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#26. FitBit


We all have heard of the sports smartwatches that Fitbit has brought to the world. But that is not all they have to offer. Fitbit also has excellent fitness and workout application for android users, and iOS users called the Fitbit coach. The Fitbit coach offers personalized recommendations and gives feedback based on your logged sets and past workouts. Even if you just want to stay home and do some bodyweight exercises, this app will greatly help.

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#27. ASR Voice recorder

ASR Voice recorder

The voice recorder android app is one of the most popular and widely loved apps on the internet this year. You can record in multiple formats and use some other effect features too!

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#28. Android Stock Audio Recorder

Android Stock Audio Recorder

Free audio recording app for android phones. They offer easy recording with quick access and perfect added features such as audio formats and quick share on social media.

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#29. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser | Best Free Android Apps of 2020

To beat them all with a 4.7-star rating on the Google Play Store, we have the DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser. 

The browser is completely private, i.e., it doesn’t save your history to give you absolute safety and security. When you visit a page, it actually shows who it has blocked from taking your personal information. The app helps you escape ad tracker networks.

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#30. Brave Browser

Brave Browser

Another great privacy browsing app for Android that is free of cost. They claim to have unmatched speed, privacy by blocking tracker options, and Security. The app specializes in its blocking facilities, as it feels these pop-up advertisements eat up a lot of your data. They have a Brave shield facility to help you prevent data wastage and stop these data-grabbing advertisements.

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#31. Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge Browser

The Microsoft Edge, another big name on the Web market, has a 4.5-star rating and amazing reviews from its millions of users across the worldwide web. Although this app will provide you with a better experience on your PC, it will not disappoint you on your Android devices as well. It’s entirely free for download!

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#32. Textra


Very different from your other messaging apps, with loads of new features to spice up chatting is Textra. With tons of visual customization and features such as text scheduling, blacklisting numbers, and more, this is one of Android users’ best free apps in 2022.

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#33. WhatsApp

WhatsApp | Best Free Android Apps of 2020

For those who do not already have the most popular and widely used free messaging app- WhatsApp. This is the year you finally do it. Facebook recently bought it, and it keeps getting better with every update. They have a great array of GIFs, sticker options, and loads of emoji & animoji along with the basic features of file sharing and contact sharing on this highly popular messaging app. Video call and voice call options are available as well.

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#34. Hangout


Hangouts by Google is a messaging application that can be great for interface and the variety of stickers and emoji. It needs you to log in through your Google account for access. Nowadays, it is widely used for business meetings on a video call or official voice calls. But you can also “Hangout” with friends and family on this app. It is a great free android messaging app.

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#35. Blue Apron

Blue Apron

This is a great free Android food app. Making food at home thrice in a day is time-taking. But deciding the meal and gathering ingredients adds to the efforts that have to go into this process. This app solves all the issues. You can find food recipes here. You can just skip your trip to the grocery store and order all the ingredients that your dish needs with a blue apron. Manage your account, schedule deliveries, and save their yummy food recipes, all with one app.

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#36. CookPad

CookPad | Best Free Android Apps of 2020

This is another food application like Blue Apron. It offers a great variety of food recipes for those who love their kitchens. Add recipes, manage ingredient lists, and discover your culinary art skills with this great Android app called CookPad, all for free.

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#37. Untappd


A vibrant community of fresh brew lovers and beer enthusiasts can point you to a new world of beer discoveries and the nearest popular brewery in your location. Rate the beers you try and add tasting notes for other members with the untapped android app.

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#38. Yelp


It is always better to read reviews of a bar, restaurant, or any place you visit before you do. Yelp android app helps majorly with that. Quickly get to know what people actually think about the place and their experiences. This will help with better planning of your outings.

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#39. Nova launcher

Nova launcher

This is a free and best android launcher, smooth, lightweight, and super-fast. It comes with loads of customizations and numerous icon packs available for download on the Google Play Store.

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#40. Evernote

Evernote | Best Free Android Apps of 2020

This is a great free android utility tool for making notes in different formats. You can include images, videos, sketches, audio, and more. It is a very popular app that makes note-taking quickly accessible with a widget on your home screen. So you should install Evernote into your Android this year.

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#41. WPS Office Software

WPS Office Software

This is an all-in-one utility tool that you might feel the need for at some point in time. Compatible with all Microsoft tools, it majorly helps with documents and downloads, presentations, spreadsheets, and memos. Be it file compressing or conversion of format; the WPS Office software will be of great help with assignments and office work on your Android.

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#42. Xender

Xender | Best Free Android Apps of 2020

This is an Android file sharing app, which comes in handy and eliminates the needs for a USB cable. You can easily send and receive files to and from your Android and Personal computer with Xender. It is a lot faster than doing it via Bluetooth. Another such great app for quick sharing of files between two or more android phones is Shareit. Both these apps, Share it and Xender, are available for free on the Google Play Store.

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#43. Free Music

Free Music App

This application allows you to directly download MP3 music, directly to your Androids without any hassle. These songs generally require a charge in other music apps, but you will find them available for free. 

There is absolutely no limit on the number of songs you want to download, and you can easily search the songs by their names or the artist’s name on the app.

The quality of the songs that you download is not at all compromised due to their zero-price feature.

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#44. NewPipe


This Music download app is a lightweight, powerful YouTube client. It doesn’t utilize any libraries of Google or YouTube API, but it depends on YouTube for the required information to bring you the best music on your androids.

You can use this app on any device, even ones that do not have Google browser services installed.

A small space of 2 megabytes is needed to download this music application, make it super compact. It allows you to listen to videos while playing in the background, allowing you to multitask on your android. The download quality of music is impressive on the NewPipe Music download app. It even allows you to download YouTube videos alongside the music audios.

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#45. Y Music

Y Music | Best Free Android Apps of 2020

This good-looking, sophisticated Music Download app for androids, is definitely worth a try. The YMusic app allows you to download the audios of Youtube videos and also lets you play them in the background.

The formats that this app allows you to download in – M4A and MP3, with a great library user interface that makes your music experience enhanced.

The app allows you to manage your music files systematically.

This is not only convenient, but you’re also saving a good amount of bandwidth in the process because there’s no video load on your shoulder. The customizable interface of the app gives you 81 color options to choose from.

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#46. Audiomack


Another great free music downloading the app for androids that offers a wide range of genres, like Hip Hope, EDM, Raggae, R & B, Mixtapes, and Rap.

Users can easily stream or download music as they prefer. It acts as a platform for future music creators to share their content and talent with other music-lovers to appreciate. The Audiomack app has a clutter-free UI and brings you a systematic playlist creation.

The app is available for download on the Google play store. Their proprietory “trending” section shows you the latest albums, artists, and hit songs. You can go add-free on this beautiful music app, for just $4.99 per month.

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#47. PushBullet

PushBullet | Best Free Android Apps of 2020

The most highly recommended remote control for your Android device is Push Bullet. You can sync more than two devices to share files, exchanges text messages, and enjoy the experience. The tagline –“Your device is working better together.” Is absolutely fit for this application. 

We all know how fast you can type on a keyboard without straining your eyes. PushBullet allows one to send and receive text messages, address your notifications, follow up on games, google acquisitions all through your PC.

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#48. AirDroid


Here to delight a multi-screen life for you is AirDroid. One of the most popular applications for remote controlling your Android phone from your PC, it has all the basics in the most straightforward interface. Like the previous applications, this one also allows you to conjoin and control your devices through a USB cable or a simple WiFi connection. It will enable you to use your keyboard to type on your phone.

Their instructions are simple to comprehend while setting up, and you will be able to do the deed in no time. It provides an option to control your android device at home, or even inside Google Chrome, via a web browser.

The app enables you to transfer and share devices, take actions as soon as you receive a notification through your PC. Something super cool is that it can even allow you to remotely handle your phone camera in real-time with the PC.

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#49. Feedly

Feedly | Best Free Android Apps of 2020

If you are a neat freak, this free utility tool will organize all your news and information in a single place for you. This is an RSS reader app, with more than 40 million feeds, YouTube channels, blogs, online reading magazines, and many more to offer.

It is often used by professionals to grab opportunities by its throat with the fast and quick information on market trends and analysis of competitors and substitutes. It has integration abilities with apps like Evernote, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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#50. Shazam


It often happens that you hear a song in a public place or at a party and love it. But how will you know which one it is? The android application for music recognition called Shazam is the answer to that question. Music lovers can be fear-free and just hold down their android devices close to the source, and the app will accurately tell them the name of the song, the artist, and the album too. You can add the songs scanned by you to your playlist on Spotify or Google Music with just a single tap.

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These were the best free apps for android users to download in the year 2022. The Coronavirus has left us shook and feeling extremely unproductive, having to stay at home all day long. But these few apps can bring some spice into your life and also help you out with the great sense of utility they provide. The fitness apps here will also help you out with bodyweight exercises that you can do at home without any equipment.

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We hope that this article could come of use to the readers. Please drop in your reviews of the apps you used in the comments section below.

Also, don’t hesitate to mention some of your favorite apps for Android in 2022. Read 14 Best Android Apps to Download Paid Apps for Free here..

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