10 Best Android Alarm Clock Apps in 2022


We aren’t kids anymore, so we definitely cannot expect our mothers to wake us up every morning in their innovative ways. As we have grown, so have our responsibilities. We have school, college, work, appointments, meetings, and so many other commitments to meet. The only thing we all fear is getting late in the mornings because your Alarm didn’t go off, and you overslept! 

The time for old fashioned alarm clocks has gone, and now most of us use our Smartphones to wake up every morning. Yet, some of us our such deep sleepers that even the default clock on our android phones have been rendered useless at times when it comes to waking up. 

But there is always a solution! There are so many apps on Play store that can be more effective than your default Android phone’s Alarm. They can be customized in ways that will definitely ensure that you wake up on time, every single day. They will surely get you where you have to be at the right time. 

10 Best Android Alarm Clock Apps in 2022

#1 Alarmy


Let us start this list with the Best, the most annoying android alarm clock in 2022. The more annoying it is, the higher the success rate it will achieve in waking you up. The app claims to be the highest-rated alarm clock in the world at a 4.7-star rating on Play store. The reviews for this app are really too amazing to be true!

The ringtones are so loud and they will drive you out of bed at 56780 kmph if you are a deep sleeper who has a hard time waking up to a normal alarm clock. If you are one who loves waking up to the gentle sound of the waves or the birds chirping, this app will help you do that as well!

The app has an innovative feature called Missions, where you have to perform a certain task once you wake up. This ensures the app that you are awake and also implies to wake you up from your siesta, completely. These missions include- taking a picture of a specific place, solving a simple/advanced math problem, taking a picture of the barcode, shaking your phone, almost up to 1000 times to switch the Alarm off.

It sounds extremely annoying, but I promise your day will start on a fresh note. Because every ounce of sleep that exists will go flying out of your body.

Some additional features of Alarmy include temperature checks, theme and background options, types of snooze options, setting alarms through Google assistant, and the Quick alarm features. The app has some features for preventing uninstall, and the phone turns off, which will make sure that you cannot fool the alarm and sleep off for another few hours.

The best thing is that the alarm goes off even when the app is switched off, and there is no battery drain that will result from the functioning of the Alarmy app on Android phones.

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#2 Sleep as Android (Sleep Cycle Smart Alarm)

Sleep as Android (Sleep Cycle Smart Alarm) | Best Android Alarm Clock Apps

A smart alarm such as Sleep As Android is what you need to install on your smartphones so that you cannot outsmart your way into sleeping more hours than you should. It also a sleep cycle tracker, apart from the amazing alarm features that we will be talking about now.

The app studies your sleeping patterns and wakes you up with a very gentle and calming alarm sound at the most optimal time. You have to switch on the sleep mode and place the phone on your bed, to activate the sleep tracker. The app is compatible with your wearable gadgets like Mi Band, Garmin, pebble, Wear OS, and several other smartwatches.

Just like the “missions” feature, this app also makes you do certain activities like puzzles, barcode CAPTCHA Scan, Math sums, sheep counting, and Phone shaking gesture activities to ensure that you remain wide awake.

Something super cool is that it has a sleep talk recording and helps you control snoring by snoring detection feature. The app also aligns with Philips Hue smart bulb and your Spotify Music app, to give your alarms an extra edge with good music and lighting.

The app has a 4.5-star rating on the Play store. You should definitely give this app a try if you are looking for a smart alarm and a great sleep analyzer to get your sleeping habits in control and manage them systematically.

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#3 Challenges Alarm Clock

Challenges Alarm Clock

The challenges the alarm clock is specifically for heavy sleepers. It operates on a very simple agenda, to be as loud, annoying, and frivolous as possible to wake up the deep sleeper in the room. The interface of this app is very simple and easy to use. 

Again, it provides the ability to dismiss the alarm through puzzles, selfie and pictures and some other challenges that you can actually have fun with, as soon as you get up and get going.

You can customize the challenges according to your own, and give yourself as many tasks as possible so that you cannot snooze the alarm and go off to sleep again. 

If you are a frown clown in the mornings, you should try the smile challenge, which challenges you to wake up every morning with a wide smile to give yourself a bright start to the day. It recognizes your smile before dismissing the alarm. 

You can customize the snooze button, and its duration to make sure that you don’t snooze it for too long for some extra sleep.

If these challenges are also not sufficient to wake you up and get you jumping out of bed, the “ANNOYING MODE” definitely will do the deed. This will blow out your brains with irritation, and force you to get right up. The mode will not allow you to switch off the phone or the app. 

The app is widely appreciated by its users and is available for free on the Google Play store. The paid version also comes with advanced features and is less than $1. 

The app has a great rating of 4.5-stars on the Google Play Store.

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#4 Timely

Timely app | Best Android Alarm Clock Apps

One of the best on the Android Alarms market is Timely. This has made so much more out of a simple alarm clock, that is extremely well designed and easy to set. The producers of timely promise a stunning user experience and also a beautiful waking up experience. For those who have felt that waking up is always a task, you should try out this app.

The app has a range of backgrounds and color themes that will warm your eyes when you wake up, and it is the first thing you see early in the morning. They also have hand-crafted designer clocks, that are not available anywhere else to turn your mornings into pure delight.

The app understands your gestures and does not require you to push any buttons. On turning your phone upside down, the alarm snoozes, and when you pick up your phone, the alarm noise reduces automatically.

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They have a stopwatch as well, which is simple and easy to use. You can use that feature for your workouts. They also allow you to set countdowns.

Like other apps, you can customize different tasks to be done, after waking up from the alarm. They range from math equations to fun mini-games.

The app is not just meant for your Android phones, but it is also available for your tablets. It is available on Google Play Store for download.

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#5 Early Bird Alarm Clock

Early Bird Alarm Clock

The highlight of this alarm app for Android are the various themes that it makes available to its users. Use themes that suit your personality, and choose from a large variety of backgrounds. 

Listening to the same alarm sound every day can be really boring and monotonous, and at times the same sound can make you so used to it that you don’t even wake up from it anymore!

That is the reason why the Early Bird Alarm clock uses a different alarm every single time. It shuffles the sounds randomly, or you can pick a specific one for each day. 

They have a set of tasks that you can perform after getting up. You can set the challenges according to your likings- scanning, voice recognition, or drawing. 

The app also keeps you updated on the weather forecasts in your notifications. So you don’t need a separate widget for that.

Side by side, it also acts as a reminder for any events that you might have logged into the app. The paid version of the app is priced at $1.99

Otherwise, the app has a huge fan following and also an impressive 4.6-star rating on Google Play store, accompanied by stellar reviews.

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#6 Music Alarm Clock

Music Alarm Clock | Best Android Alarm Clock Apps

If you are music lovers, who wish that their days begin and end with music, Music Alarm Click is clearly meant for you. If you want to play music selected by you from your playlist as an alarm every morning, this Android alarm app will set the mood for you.

The app has amazing funny ringtones and sound collections if you wish to set the alarm from their app. The alarm is loud and effective in annoying the deep sleepers. It has a unique Glow Space design, which is extremely appealing and unique.

The interface is otherwise simple and user-friendly. Like most other Android applications, this one will definitely not trouble you with adds every now and then. The app has a vibrate mode that you can customize, turn on or off and a snooze notification feature.

The Free alarm application for Android phones is available for download on Google Play store with a great 4.4-star rating.

It is definitely worth a try if you are into glow themes, and you wish your music to wake you up every day.

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#7 Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Of course, you have heard of Google’s assistant before. It practically listens to every single command of yours. Have you ever thought about using Google Assistant to set the alarm for you every morning?

Well, if not, you should definitely try it out! Google assistant will set the alarm for you, set reminders, and even open the stopwatch if you ask it to.

All you need to do is give a voice command- “Ok Google, set the alarm for 7 AM tomorrow morning.” And voila! It’s done. No need to open any application! It is definitely the fastest app to set the alarm on!

All Android phones now have Google Assistant by default nowadays. The app has a 4.4-star rating on Google play store, and allows you to set alarms so conveniently! 

So, it’s time to have a word with your Google Assistant, I guess?!

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#8 I Can’t Wake Up

I Can’t Wake Up | Best Android Alarm Clock Apps

Lol, neither can I. Deep sleepers, here is another app to make sure you do wake up! With a total of 8 super cool, eye-opening challenges, this Android alarm app will help you wake up every day. You cannot shut this alarm until you have finished a combination of all these 8 challenges.

So if you have given up on yourself and admitted that nothing on this planet can bring you back from your sleep, my friend, this app will give you a bright ray of hope!

These small games are to be played compulsorily! They include math equations, Memory games, setting tiles in order, barcode scanning, rewriting texts, matching words with their pairs, and shaking your phone for the given number of times. 

There is no chance that you wake up to the “I can’t wake up” alarm and sleep off again because if you fail the” Awake Test”, the alarm won’t stop. 

But since they don’t want to drive you absolute nuts, you can pre-decide and assign a number of permitted snoozes. 

There is a collection of songs and different sources for you to set music files as your alarms. 

The application is available for free download on Google Play Store with a 4.1-star rating. It has millions of users worldwide who depend on it dearly to make it to work on time every day. So maybe, you should too! 

The paid version of the app, with some super cool advanced features, is worth a small price of $2.99.

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#9 Loud Alarm Clock

Loud Alarm Clock

They have named this Android Alarm app for a reason! This super loud alarm click will slowly get you tumbling out from under your comfy sheets in no time! 

Especially, if you use an audio booster along with this alarm, you will be mind-blown by how annoying an alarm app can get to wake you up for a class on time! 

It is claimed to be the loudest alarm clock on the Google Play Store, with over 3 Million downloads and the best rating of 4.7-stars.

The app notifies you about the weather, allows you a selection of beautiful backgrounds, soothing to your eyes. Set a number of allowed Snooze number, so that you can’t keep doing that to complete your sleep. 

The app is extremely customizable, play random sounds each morning so that you don’t get too used to your alarm sound. If you want to set a specific song or tune to wake you up every morning, you can do that as well.

A small warning would be to please be careful with this app, that it may result in damaging your speaker over time.

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#10 Sleepzy

Sleepzy | Best Android Alarm Clock Apps

The Sleepzy app is not just an Android alarm app but also a sleep monitor. This smart alarm will also track your sleeping patterns to decide an optimal time to wake you up. It delivers sleep statistics and also has an in-built snore detector.

If you want to build healthy sleeping habits, the sleep monitor on the Sleepzy app will really help you out!

The app will wake you up during the lightest phase of sleep, to make sure that you have a fresh start to the day and not a drowsy one! Believe me or not, but the app helps you to sleep off as much as it does to wake you up! They have soothing and relaxing sounds in their playlists by default to put you to a nice long siesta. You can set sleep goals and sleep debt to optimize your sleeping habits and be more productive and fresh all day long.

The app records not only your snores but also your sleep talk if you want to know in case you actually do sleep talk!

The users have reviewed this app as an extremely smooth one, which relaxes you while you sleep and energizes you when you wake up! The Android alarm app hopes to make your mornings easier by waking you up at the right time and providing you with the right amount of sleep required by your body.

Other basic features like weather forecast and snooze settings are all available in the free version of this app.

Something disappointing is, that the paid version is steeply-priced at $39.99 with only a few add-ons advanced features like Soundtracking and 100% advertisement free.

The app is not meant for everyone, but you can maybe give it a try! It holds a decent rating of 3.6 stars on Google Play Store.

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Now that we have come to the end of our list for the 10 Best Android Alarm Apps in 2022, you can finally decide which one suits you the most.


These applications are available on the Play Store with free as well as paid versions. But generally, you would never feel the need to pay for an Alarm app, until and unless you unnecessarily feel like throwing money around for extra themes or add-free experiences.

Some apps which did not make it to the list but are still noteworthy, with good reviews are:

AlarmMon, Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers, Snap Me Up, AMDroid Alarm Clock, Puzzle Alarm Clock, and Alarm Clock Xtreme.

The apps are meant for both deep as well as light sleepers. Some of them provide a combination of sleep tracking and Alarm as well! So, we hope this list could find the answer to all your Android alarm needs.

Do let us know if you think we have missed out on any good Alarm Clock apps for Androids in 2022!

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Timely -used- to be one of the best alarm clocks, but it hasn’t been updated was in 2018 and it has been sunsetted by Google last year, meaning there’s no more syncing across devices (it straight up refuses to sync) and the alarm doesn’t work properly anymore either, as it gets hit by battery optimization.
    I’ll miss Timely, it has been my alarm for years upon years, but it’s time for a new one. 🙁

    1. Agreed! This is exactly why I ended up in this page looking for a new alarm app, because Timely has been malfunctioning and there’s no more updates or support for it. I used to love it, but now it’s time to find a new one that won’t fail me. I’m surprised they put it on this list!

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